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RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan on the Return of Wu-Wear

When it comes to the world of fashion music is one of the biggest influences when it comes not just to people’s personal style but for the direction, fashion is moving in. One of the largest impacts that music has had on fashion was the rise of hip-hop. You can go all the way back to rappers like Slick Rick and Big Daddy popularizing over the top gold chains that were literally things only your favorite rappers could wear to groups like the Wu-Tang Clan popularizing Clarks Wallabees and Ralph Lauren’s Polo Snow Beach collection. Groups like the Wu-Tang Clan didn’t start dressing like this because of their new found money from rising through the ranks of the music industry they dressed like that because it was how they always dressed. There is something different in terms of the connection between the musician and his audience when the person listening is able to reflect how they connect with the culture. They are able to portray this in what they wear and when it is easily attainable for the listener that bond grows even stronger.

There were band tees dating back to the late 60s and early 70s that allowed a fan of a certain musical group or act to show their friends that they attending a show or went to a certain stop on the tour, but nothing that just showed that they were down with the group and the movement they were starting. Wu-Wear, the clothing line started by RZA and many other members of the Wu-Tang Clan, revolutionized this idea and perfected it in a way that would inspire many other rappers and groups to follow suit. Wu-Wear was started in 1995 after the success of the Wu-Tang Clan’s debut album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). The clothing line was carried at stores all over the country and was a huge source of income for the entire Wu-Tang Clan, even allowing them to open their own separate retail locations in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Norfolk. Wu-Wear allowed the fans of the Wu-Tang Clan and just those that followed street fashion and street culture to get down with the Wu-Tang Clan’s movement and show their support for the group out of Staten Island. Although Wu-Wear folded in 2008 it has left a huge impact on the culture surrounding hip-hop designed and inspired clothing lines.

Today with the resurgence of 90’s hip-hop culture into the mainstream it’s only right for the return of Wu-Wear but marketed in a way that nobody would’ve expected, it’s being promoted through an event at Barney’s. The fact that Wu-Wear is coming back in a fresh new way at Barney’s, with updated designs and the focus of not just promoting the group but being on trend while still being able to respect its origins is incredible. This just goes to show you that the rich culture associated with hip-hop and rap music has ascended more than just music. Hip-hop today is regarded as one of if not the most popular genre of music today and it shows with everything around us. Barney’s which is a luxury department store that no one, not even RZA, would’ve imagined his Wu-Wear line rolling out a ten-piece collection exclusively for them is just another mark of how hip-hop music and fashion today really go hand in hand. This gives many older hip-hop heads a chance to reminisce on the early days of the Wu-Tang Clan and can cop and rock a piece of the new Wu-Wear while still allowing the younger generation to get introduced to the Wu-Tang Clan in a whole new way.

Point Guard Russell Westbrook Collaborates with Barneys

Russell Westbrook, point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team might just be a modern day Renaissance man. More than just a basketball star, the 25-year old athlete is taking his talents into the fashion world by collaborating with Barneys New York. The Fall collection, called Westbrook XO (Exclusively Ours) Barneys New York will be available in stores this July.

The California-bred athlete turned into a fashionmister as he got older and earned enough money to really explore the fashion world. He names some of his favorite labels as Givenchy, Naked & Famous, and Rick Owens.

He tells Women’s Wear Daily: “I wasn’t able to buy things when I was younger, but now my fashion game has expanded.” Expand it did. The athlete is now known for his eclectic, bold fashion statements off the court with his signature bold patterned shirts, lensless glasses, and fitted trouser pants.

The fashionmister admits he is certainly not an outfit repeater. “I never wear the same shirt twice. Maybe I’ll wear jeans more than once. But some of the things I wear are loud, so once I wear them, that’s it. I give them away to friends or family,” he tells WWD.


Point Guard Russell Westbrook Collaborates with Barneys
Point Guard Russell Westbrook Collaborates with Barneys – Photo: Courtesy Photo

Westbrook will be sharing some of his stylish pizazz in his exclusive collection containing over sixty pieces. The looks include sportswear, eyewear, leather accessories, footwear, luggage, and denim. The athlete has partnered up with labels including Nike, Del Toro, Marcelo Burlon, Naked & Famous, Selima Optique, Globe Trotter, and Want Les Essentials de la Vie. Barneys executive vice president for men’s wear, Tom Kalenderian quoted in WWD said they “chose they designers because they were experts in their field and there was a natural fluidity with Russell’s style and taste”

Westbrook told WWD that he was “very involved” and “hand-on” in selecting the items of the collection, which Kalenderian attested to. He said Westbrook was “very accessible and stayed close” and “everything was very collaborative.” The collection will be shown later this month in Paris.




Barneys Launches New iPad App – for all you shopaholics!

Barneys just launched their new online shopping platform for the iPad, a new shopping app. Its online shopping, but on the go, part of the progressive mobile technology. You don’t have to sit by a computer anymore to search the items you like. Barneys now comes with you wherever you may be heading.

You can do almost anything you would do at the brick and mortar luxury retailer. You want to search for shoes, you can get shoes, dresses, you can get dresses, and you could also search the most bought items to see what fashions are trending. It can also show you related items, things which would fit with what you already want to buy (placed in your cart). So no more asking the salesperson “what top do you think would go good with these shoes? The app can show you that with one click.

But for shoppers that prefer the personalized treatment that a Barneys Personal Shopper offers, the recommendations and the one-on-one individualized attention to your own sense of style. The Barneys iPad App lets you book an appointment with a personal shopper, tell them what you are looking for and when you are coming in. It takes the hassle out of looking for a salesperson at the store, or trying to reach someone to get that desperately needed appointment. Just choose the person, the date and the time and it’s all set. No labor intensive work needed. It’s shopping and retail for the modern age. Online, and on the go, but with a personal touch too.