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Ryan Seacrest Selling $50 Million worth of menswear this year

Ryan Seacrest is a man of many talents, he spends most of his time working for all sorts of companies and gigs. But as of recently, Ryan Seacrest has a new career in mind. As of recently his fashion brand called Ryan Seacrest Distinction, a menswear brand he launched four years ago, has recently been growing at an increasing rate.

The busyness of it keeps me on my toes, there is no room for error,” he tells BoF. “Since I’ve moved to the East Coast, I actually get more sleep than I’ve ever gotten before.”

Ryan Seacrest Distinction brand is set to hit $50 million in retail sales this year. Seacrest is focusing more time this year on his fashion line because of his love for fashion. He first started to take notice of fashion when he enjoyed smart tailoring after he started hosting American Idol 2002. He then made friends with Burberry’s Christopher Bailey, who made his custom suits for multiple events.

Seacrest knew not everybody could afford Burberry though, “I wanted to [create] something that provided that same sort of feeling to people when they would put it on,” he says. “Something that was accessible in its price point, that really was made of great quality, for the guy who had an eye for detail.”

Macy’s and Seacrest have become crucial partners over the years with Macy’s giving plenty of suggestions for Seacrest and his line. “Guys could specifically reference his style, what he wore, and that was an important element for us to venture into this partnership,” says Macy’s group vice president and fashion director for men’s, Durand Guion. Macy’s saw Seacrest’s brand as an alternative to bigger brands but that can still compete with quality and price. “How can we start to inject that next level of coolness into the clothing — a space that historically can be very block and tackle, very serious, very subdued?” Guion adds. “We knew there was already a shift happening.”

Coast FIFO miner creates his own men’s gym wear brand

One coal miner was told he would no longer have a steady income of 17 years in less than 3 years. Craig Holzigal was faced with the challenge of looking for a new career, but  he and his brother, Matt Holzigal, suddenly had a bright idea that they hope will become successful as their sole focus.

The duo created Smashing Fibres, a men’s gym and streetwear apparel label, which will be soon launch on Jan. 5th, three years after Craig Holzigal received the unfortunate news. Holzigal commented:

“It was a big, big shock and I still have moments where I struggle to fathom (what happened). I was there for 17 years, not just 2, so it wasn’t an easy transition. Going from a secure income that you know will stop is hard. But going down this road is exciting.”

The duo considered several business ideas before they decided to settle on a clothing brand, which they say can fill a void in the market. The past 12 months the brothers have consistently been designing, planning, testing and setting up their business.

“We’d always spoken about doing something together for years, we just didn’t know what,” Matt said.

“And we ended up doing research without knowing it. We’d look at what males were wearing in the gym and it was either high-vis stuff straight from work or not knowing what to wear.

“The women’s range is massive, but males all over the shop,” he said.

The name of their brand is rooted in their youth when they would say, “let’s go smash some fibres,” which is equivalent to saying let’s hit the gym or pump some iron.

“We were very picky with how we wanted the product to feel and we sent a fair few products back,” Matt said.

Now seven products including tees, singlets and shorts will be available to the public on Jan. 5, and the brothers say the products are easily worn in the gym or even on a casual day going to a coffee shop.

“It gives guys a versatile product that will last. It is a nice clean design that you could throw on with a pair of jeans and wear to the pub,” according to Matt.

Public School drops out of New York Fashion Week

During the recent changes made to the New York Fashion Week’s official schedule, Public School designers Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow have announced they will skip showcasing their new Fall 2018 collection in February. The designer duo has made the decision to drop out and have already made plans to launch a “new direct-to-consumer concept” this upcoming spring.

This past year, Osborne and Chow have been keeping the entire fashion world full of excitement with their creative and dazzling fashion week. Back in April of 2016, they had a fashion show for Public School collection off-calendar, showing close to menswear and pre-collection schedules in December and June. Public School also combined their men’s and women’s and made a co-ed show for a number of collections.

“The company will focus on refining its own product assortment, delivery cadence and restructuring the organization, including making new hires,” said a spokesperson for the brand in an official statement for Fashionista.

This isn’t the first time Osborne and Chow have thought about new ways to approach fashion weeks as more and more New York brands struggle to find a new way to increase their consumer-facing productions.

Michael Kors going cruelty free

Michael Kors has recently announced they are becoming cruelty-free. Michael Kors has recently said he plans on going cruelty-free which will kick into full effect by the end of December 2018, with plans already starting to begin now to slowly phase it out.

The American luxury brand, in the past had featured models wearing luxurious fur coats down the runway in the past, has joined the growing list of fashion companies who are looking to alternative methods in creating clothes after coming under severe pressure and criticism from animal rights activists.

“This decision marks a new chapter as our company continues to evolve its use of innovative materials,” said John D. Idol, Michael Kors’ chairman and chief executive, in a statement.

“Due to technological advances in fabrications, we now have the ability to create a luxe aesthetic using non-animal fur,” added designer Michael Kors. “We will showcase these new techniques in our upcoming runway show in February.”

Gucci has been the most recent brand, prior to Michael Kors, to please on dropping fur from its collection back in October, joining other brands such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Armani, which have all recently gone fur-free.

With big brands switching to fur-free, there still is a predominant use of fur being used in the collection, according to Fur Information Council of America spokesperson Keith Kaplan. Kaplan adds, “Nearly 70 percent of major designers included fur in their Autumn/Winter 2017 collections.”

“In the pre-Fall 2018 showings currently underway, fur continues to maintain a major presence, because innovative new techniques in fur processing and production allow designers a breadth of creative possibilities unmatched by any other textile,” said Kaplan. “Designers and consumers also recognize the value of fur as a natural and sustainable product, as well as the artisanal craft skills that make each fur piece unique, [which is] especially important as consumers become more aware of the environmental and social costs of mass-produced fast fashion.”

The announcement came soon after animal rights activists interrupted Kors’ speech back in June, where he was giving a speech in a packed theatre at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of art. Over 20 protestors ended up taking the stage and balcony, shouting and playing sounds of animals being killed for fur, which ended up shutting the event down for approximately ten minutes.

Diane von Furstenberg chief executive officer Jonathan Saunders leaves brand

Jonathan Saunders has resigned from his position as chief creative officer of Diane von Furstenberg. The Scottish designer only held the position since mid-2016 but quickly left his stamp on the brand, from mixing up the fabrications and silhouettes of the clothes to even updating the very label inside of them. Saunders was responsible for all product categories, as well as store design, Web design, and marketing.

Saunders said in a release, “I am grateful for Diane’s support and for the opportunity of guiding this iconic brand. I am so proud of everything we have accomplished in the past 18 months. I thank the incredible team for their dedication and support, and will continue to be a friend and admirer of the brand.”

Saunders became the very first chief creative officer of the company, an award given to him because of his more than 12 years as being the head of his own label in the U.K. By the time Saunders got to the brand, DVF had was already one of America’s most established contemporary brands.

Hours after Saunders’ left, von Furstenberg told WWD, “This is a changing world and a disruptive world where you really have to be modern. As a family, we decided that we are willing to face that and follow that…. First of all, Jonathan was here for 18 months and he was completely and totally free. He had a completely clear palette. And I am very happy that I made that decision because he has had an impact on many things and whatever he did, some of that heritage will last. I really want that. Now it is a matter of using his heritage and the heritage of the brand.”

While the brand did enjoy growth in relevance there was some instability behind the scenes. Six months into Saunders’ tenure, the company’s CEO, Paola Riva, left. And earlier this month, von Furstenberg announced that she planned to hire an investment banking firm to help the brand sell an equity stake.

“I am so thankful for Jonathan’s beautiful work and the effort and dedication he has put into DVF in the last 18 months,” Von Furstenberg said in a statement. “He will leave an important and lasting heritage to the brand.”

Target to launch mens line

Target has recently geared up and is prepared to launch a men’s apparel line. Target has always been geared towards women because they make up 55 percent of the chain’s core customers. Target has decided to make this move in order to boost their revenue which has taken a substantial hit in recent months over a misguided food move, a hacker attack, and the competition Amazon.com Inc has been bringing.

“Target has always had this fashion-forward reputation for women — why not for men?” said Candace Corlett, president of WSL Strategic Retail in New York. “They’ve had men’s clothes before, but I don’t remember any of it being interesting. What have they been waiting for?”

the retailer has unveiled Goodfellow & co., a line of stylish everyday shirts, pants and shoes. The brand has prices way cheaper than J. Crew while their styles are up to par with fast fashion companies like H&M. More than 80 percent of the assortment is also available in big and tall sizes.

Target is beginning to reach out to men with ads in GQ magazine and during televised football and baseball games. They are hoping to lure guys like Andrew Hart,23, an analyst in Dallas, who shops at stores like J. Crew and Banana Republic and said he “would never buy clothes at Target,” damning it as “both less stylish and lower quality.” So far, the Goodfellow brand has had a positive impact on Target with sales more than 10 percent than previous Target men’s offering.

“The market has changed and so has the guest,” said Tritton, who joined Target in 2016 from high-end department store Nordstrom Inc. “More men are purchasing clothes and they are more discerning. So it was time for us to do something new.”

“These men grew up very differently from their fathers,” Corlett said. “Their moms had jobs and if they needed new jeans, they went and bought them. They are shoppers and they are getting married to women who expect them to be shoppers.”

The store is still said to be aiming towards the women since they do make up the majority of their sales but they are definitely making a bigger push towards menswear. Target has also said they are aiming to come out with an additional adult beverage that go beyond craft beer, more specifically tequila or Bourbon.

Justin Timberlake’s favorite new shoes

Justin Timberlake has had a couple of style eras over the course of his career. When he was a part of ‘NSYNC, he was rocking the blond curly hair and all denim-everything trend. When he went solo, he took some of Pharrell’s skate sensibilities and took it into his own form by rocking beanies, graphic tees, baggy jeans, and sweatbands. Around 2006 though he was rocking a 3-piece YSL suits with sneakers. Then turned around and made a song about his admiration of Tom Ford suits.


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But after the suit & tie era ended Justin Timberlake has been spotted sporting an everyman kind of casual look. But besides this Justin Timberlake has taken a liking into the Visvim FBT’s, a sneaker that has a rich sneakerhead history because of the price tag and the number of predominant names they have been seen on.

The shoe is a type of sneaker-moccasin hybrid that is considered to be Visvim’s signature product, the show debuted a year after Visvim’s launch in 2000. The sneakers were inspired by a pair of shoes worn on the cover of an album by the Fun Boy Trio and over the years has had many different models that come in suede, full grain leathers, and corduroy. Timberlake favorite pair so far has been the classic brown suede pair.

The FBT’s are nowhere near cheap, the shoes usually range from $600-$800 retail. The pair Timberlake rocks are currently going for around $600, the pair he wears are a little different from other versions of FBT’s because of a small red bead on one of the ties that connect the suede collar to the shoe’s proper upper. No one is exactly sure what brought Justin Timberlake to the coveted shoes but he could of have drawn inspiration from the likes of Eric Clapton, John Mayer, and Kanye West, who have been seen wearing the shoes.

Dwyane Wade shows offseason lifestyle

For people who have always dreamed of what a life of an NBA player looks like off the court now have a chance to get a glimpse of one particular player. Facebook Watch has recently just released a new five-series docu-series that is circled around NBA champion and Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard Dwyane Wade. The series is following Dwyane Wade around during the offseason before he began his new season with the Cavaliers. The series is titled “BackCourt Wade” and premiered yesterday on November 20, 2017 and will air every Monday.

The series is jammed packed with some very memorable moments that fans can look forward to. Some of the moments include Wade traveling to Paris and Milan for Men’s Fashion Week, doing some golf practicing, caring for his precious dog and a sneak peek on what goes inside during Dwyane Wade’s business such as his Way of Wade brand and Wade Wine labels.

#FBF at the Hall of Fame with some of the GREATS!!! Swipe left!

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“I’ve enjoyed partnering with Facebook to share some of my off the court moments in this five-part series,” Wade said in a statement. “I’ve worked hard to continue to play the game of basketball, build a successful business with my team and enjoy the opportunities with my family and friends that life presents when you are willing to put in the hard work. I hope by sharing some of these candid moments that it helps inspire others to follow their dreams, take risks, challenge yourself to get through life’s obstacles, and take the time to appreciate and enjoy the life you work so hard to build.”

With Wade entering his 15th season as a professional basketball player, his mentality will certainly be different and it can be seen in the show and his interest which include fatherhood, fashion, family, and his business branding.

The new series featuring Wade is one of the few newest series Facebook is hosting featuring star athletes. The other sports-related shows Facebook has been “Ball in the Family” which is centered around Los Angeles Laker’s point guard Lonzo Ball and his talkative dad along with his two younger brothers, and the show starring Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch called “No Script with Marshawn Lynch”. These abundant shows complement the websites growing coverage of the sports world.

You can view the trailer for the series below.


A look into Dwyane Wade’s Off-Season as he travels the globe for Fashion Week, visits China for his annual tour, builds his business portfolios and prepares for his 15th season on the court.

Posted by Backcourt on Thursday, November 9, 2017

Steve Aoki dressing up his fans

Steve Aoki is a well-known DJ who has been nominated for two Grammys. Aoki is a man also famously known for throwing cakes at his fans during his performances called, “caking”. But Aoki has recently tried something new amongst all the things the constantly moving artist does.

Steve Aoki is a multi-hyphenate artist who tends to spray Champagne at his fans. Steve Aoki is best described as a long-haired, bearded-tattooed and a Las Vegas lover. Aoki is the son of the late Benihana restaurant founder Hiroaki “Rocky” Aoki. Steve Aoki is an icon known for his EDM scene, being based out of the Hakkasan Nightclub at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Aoki found Dim Mak Records in Los Angeles, where he once called home growing up in Newport Beach, in 1996.

“I never thought of myself as a DJ,” Aoki said in the 2016 Netflix documentary “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead.” “I always thought of myself as a promoter and record label guy.”

Aoki was at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills on a mid-October evening after a video shoot and a stop by his hotel. Aoki, who is 39 now, was wearing distressed jeans and a white graphic shirt under an oversize green-and-and-black-check flannel shirt.

“Today is a really big day,” he said about the Saks event he was hosting in celebration of the arrival of his Dim Mak Collection men’s streetwear line. “The soul of what I do has always been based on music, but I’m always going to follow my passion and interests in fashion equally. It’s just a whole new wheelhouse. … It’s like nurturing a second child.”

“When you’re in a band, you have to make those T-shirts,” he continued. “So, I was making T-shirts for my bands when I was 15, 16 years old. … I learned how to play guitar. I learned how to write a song. I learned how to screen my first T-shirt. Through the course of doing that, I got more and more interested in fashion. … Music and fashion are all part of the same culture and lifestyle.”

Steve Aoki has been very successful with his music career that he’s financially stable enough to be able to pursue a fashion project and other things. “I’m all in,” he said. “I’m not saying all of my money is in it. I’m just saying my mind is all in, and it’s an incredible journey. … The DIY spirit never left — but now it’s a little bit more expensive.”

Fashion is a new way for Aoki to get into his creative spirit in new ways and to reach his fan base. “Instead of doing music collaborations,” he said, “we’re doing fashion and art collaborations.”

Steve Aoki released a new album this year called, “Steve Aoki Presents Kolony”. This past Friday Aoki with Lauren Jauregui called “All Night”. Aoki also has his schedule full of highly regarded shows at festivals and clubs all around the globe.

Aoki is pretty popular on social media as well boasting 5.7 million Instagram followers, where Aoki constantly posts pictures capturing his most adrenaline filled moments like stage diving into the crowd.

Through fashion, Aoki is setting himself up to reach a bigger audience.  Aoki started his men’s indie-rock- and skate-culture-inspired streetwear line, Dim Mak Collection, in 2014 as a way to help him grow his brand.

“The dream is to do a collection,” Aoki said. “You get to that point. You’re, like, ‘OK, I’ve done the T-shirts. I’ve done the hoodies. I want to immerse myself in cut and sew. I want to immerse myself in the full array of what fashion is.’”

Dim Mak Collection, was previously only being sold in Japan, the streetwear label had its North American debut this year at New York Fashion Week: Men’s. and this upcoming season it will be carried by select Saks Fifth Avenue stores, that includes Beverly Hills, and also online.

Russell Westbrook’s new unisex streetwear brand

Russell Westbrook love for fashion goes beyond other celebrities who use their image to try to create their own line of fashion collections. Kris Van Assche and Kim Jones mean something to the famous NBA basketball player for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Last Month Westbrook released a book with Rizzoli called “Style Drivers” that also included cover art by Ray Pettibon. The book talked about style evolution and the designers and personalities who inspire last year’s NBA MVP.



Westbrook has finally designed his own collection titled “Honor the Gift”. Westbrook’s new collection did not drop with Barneys New York, a company he has regularly worked with, nor did he decide to introduce the new streetwear brand in Paris where he visits often for Fashion Week. Instead Westbrook chose to showcase the brand in a body shop in Oklahoma City. It was held at Penn Automotive on 2104 NW 39th Street Last weekend, and hundreds of fans were outside for hours waiting to be the first people to get a look at the new line which is said to be “unisex streetwear”. According to an official release, the “Honor the Gift is a brand of self-belief and dedication to honor the gift ‘he’ has given you, shaped into different product offerings that represent a personal promise to challenge all and achieve greatness no matter what hardship”.

Launching it in OKC (Oklahoma City) was a good move for Westbrook who has been with the cities team since he was drafted back in 2008. Launching it in OKC gives the diehard fans to be the first customers to shop the line, and he has told Vogue that he doesn’t want to stray away from his daily job.

“My humble beginnings started here,” he told Vogue. “I’ve been conceptualizing the idea [for] many years and felt it’s time for me to launch my own brand with my own messages. Honor the Gift is a brand of self-belief and dedication to honor the gift ‘he’ has given you, shaped into different product offerings that represent a personal promise to challenge all and achieve greatness no matter the hardship.”

@honorthegift Coming soon……..

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“Street wear has always been about comfort. I wanted a collection that both males and females can get into.”

Westbrook’s collection includes some neon shirts, stripe sweatpants, racecar graphics, and more “caution: and construction symbols. Westbrook said all of his collection was inspired by “vintage automotive [design] and a sense of danger”.

The full collection can be shopped online that will open up on November 22nd at Honorthegift.co. Pop up shops will also be scheduled soon so keep an eye out for those as well.

Steve Aoki talks fashion and movement

Steve Aoki is a musical genius who literally never stops moving. Aoki plays over 200 shows a year around the world and loves to be moving constantly. Aoki loves movement in both the travel sense and body sense.

“My life is movement,” Steve Aoki told AOL Entertainment at the ASICS ‘I Move Me’ campaign launch at Public Hotels recently. “Everything we do is based on that fluidity. Music is all about connecting with people, but in order to connect with people you have to move with people. One of my favorite things to do in life — and I can’t see the train stopping anytime soon — is touring. When I do over 200 shows a year around the world, it can be daunting. But I love it.”

“The spirit of that movement is in my DNA,” Aoki continued. “I’m not the kind of guy who puts his feet up on the table to chill and watch TV while eating a bag of chips. That’s not me — I can’t do that. I need to constantly have action, mobility and movement.”

Dark Knight ? @officialbelaire

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Steve Aoki will never stop not moving. Aoki works out every single day and can’t bear to sit still. During a day off after a radio show in Maui, Aoki connected with a professional surfer and spent all day learning about foil surfing rather than just relaxing by the beach. During another off day in Las Vegas, Aoki went skydiving off a helicopter over The Strip.

“When I have a day off, I’m thinking, ‘What bucket list item can I fulfill?'” he said.

It’s these exotic adventures that Aoki does that inspire his DJ work. Aoki refers to himself as a ‘walking sampler” and tends to document the things around him where he is. It could be taking pictures, audio samples, or notes. Aoki is always leaving for something to ignite the imagination inside his brain to create even better music.

“I realized that my creative outlet isn’t just one linear idea,” he says. “Going into the studio is one, but so is going out and building a fashion collection with a brand like ASICS. There are so many different ways to find your output, so I just follow my intuition and feelings.”

“All of the fleeting moments that pass you by, those are the things that are the blueprints of your next product,” he added. “If you don’t take notice of that, it’ll just go away. It’s like a dream.”

Aoki has always had a passion for fashion and it’s been very clear recently. Aoki says that fashion has “always been my blood” and even after many collaborations with athletic brands in the past, his new collaboration with ASICS is what really has him excited.

“ASICS wanted to give me a voice,” he said about his “I Move Me” campaign. “It wasn’t just about a name or a face. I wanted to add so much to the fashion sensibility, and working out on a daily basis is something I already do every day and promote on social media. I was already going in that direction, and ASICS wanted to give me the infrastructure to just do me. It was perfect.”

Mr. Porter’s New Mr P. collection

After being the go-to for catwalk fashion such as Givenchy, Balenciaga, and Gucci while also the go-to for luxury brands like Berlutti, Brunello Cucinelli, and Tom Ford for the past seven years, online menswear brand Mr Porter is finally adding a new label to their endless roster of more than 400 brands. Its very own collection called “Mr P.”.

“We want men to take the clothes and make it their own thing instead of copying what the catwalk says,” says Olie Arnold, Mr Porter style director. “That’s what most men do anyway.”

Their new collection is a mix of always available items called Essentials. They are those hard to find classics men are constantly going back to, as well as a good mix of forward fashion with their drop of five limited-edition capsules that will be on target with current trends. They will also be looking to men’s trendsetters of the past and present for inspiration that will be developed by their design team.

“We’re all product nerds here and really love menswear,” says Olie Arnold in a phone call from home base in London to Hollywood Reporter. “We all geek out when something new comes in. So we started to see some gaps and then you start to add up those gaps.”

Every man has got to have denim in their wardrobe and luckily Mr P. includes selvage jeans and an up to date trucker jacket priced at $290 that is made at a specialty Japanese factory. “We couldn’t launch a brand without great denim. A bunch of us sat in a room and we brought in our jackets and said what we liked and didn’t like about each one,” Arnold says. “We thought about the fit of the jacket so, along with things that are quite classic, we brought it up to date. It fits slightly shorter, but it’s just a nuance.”

The team also paid special attention to creating the best white cotton shirt. Their version cost $200 and has a slim fit to it, but it’s not as skinny as other designers have their own. “It fits in all the right places. I can’t tell you how many protos we went through. The tail is long enough so that when you tuck it in, if you raise your arms it doesn’t come out in the back,” he says. “And it has a ‘bluff’ collar, without topstitching so it’s really clean. A lot of people say a white shirt is a white shirt, but I disagree.”

Mr Porter admires the male style icons, as you can tell by just looking at their site and seeing the number of photographs they have. They tend to pattern their mini-collections after notable men, they were inspired by London’s 60’s era that had the likes of artist such as Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon.

“We really like storytelling and evoking a reaction and emotion in our customer is important,” says Arnold. “We want to talk about what makes them iconic and these young men were wearing the same kinds of clothes as their fathers but starting to mix everything up.”

The Mr P. collection has prices ranging from $75 to $1,120 with their most expensive piece being a black aviator jacket. The line quality is around the same as any other elite fashion label under Mr Porter. “We wanted to make sure the quality is more attainable and we’ve really stretched to get best fabrics and best manufacturers,” Arnold says about the line which will primarily be made in Italy, with certain items coming from Portugal and of course their denim from Japan.

Mr P will be launched next week with a campaign shot “real men” by photographer Sefan Heinrichs in cities like London, Paris, Copenhagen, and Berlin.

Unpaid laborers are adding extra tags to Zara merchandise

With fast-fashion becoming a growing trend all across the country, there has also been a serious concern other the ethical values of the brands. Zara has recently been a brand under fire for not paying their workers’ wages that have been on hold for almost three months.

Zara makes around $69.8 million in annual sales and has around 2,200 stores worldwide. Highly considered one of the most successful fast-fashion companies. Amancio Ortega, the owner of parent company Inditex, is the world’s richest man.  But there have been times when the brand was caught not always making their revenue on a clean slate. The Associated Press reported on November 3 that shoppers in Istanbul are finding unexpected tags inside Zara merchandise claiming, “I made this item you are going to buy, but I didn’t get paid for it”.

Turkish workers who are employed by the third-party manufacturer Bravo are the ones saying they are owed three months’ pay after the company shut down overnight. It is reported that these same employees are walking into stores and manually attaching these tags to the clothes in Zara, hoping the customers who read their notes to help convince Zara to compensate their lost wages. Zara did not respond to the Associated Press when asked about the controversy. This has not been the first allegation casting light on the labor workers at Zara’s factories. Project Just reports that only 1 to 25% of Inditex’s traced facilities pay a living wage.

This isn’t the first time Zara has been under fire for an unethical move and it might not even be the last.  Zara on multiple occasions have caused major environmental damage, ripping off fashion designers, and refuse to address the conditions of their own factories.  The Spanish brand had even been sued for poor working conditions and accused of using slave and child labor. During the Syrian crisis, the brand was also accused of exploiting the Syrian refugees as young as the age of 15. An incident even occurred that was arguably the icing on the cake for the brand to fix its bad practices. There was a dress bought in Connecticut sore that had a dead rat sewn into a seam of a dress. Equal Times writes, “Zara is a company that would rather pay fines than rectify its bad labor practices”.

Just last month Inditex published a press release saying that its dedication to working with the International Labor organization to “[enhance] labor conditions at all levels of the garment sector value chain”. In response to the news though, Inditex spokesperson told The Independent, “Inditex has met all of its contractual obligations to Bravo Textile and is currently working on a proposal with the local Industrial affiliate, Mango and Next to establish a hardship fund for the workers affected by the fraudulent disappearance of the Bravo factory’s owner.”

“This hardship fund would cover unpaid wages, notice indemnity, unused vacation and severance payments of workers that were employed at the time of the sudden shutdown of their factory in July 2016. We are committed to finding a swift solution for all of those impacted.:

Zara has, on multiple occasions, promised to look into incidents and never seem to claim responsibility for the actions of its third-party factories. The company has yet to do anything to fix the flaw-filled system they pioneered. The response they give is just like any other fast-fashion company would say to defend their reputation. When smaller companies like Everlane can successfully run a fashion brand that has ethical work conditions and fair labor wages, it makes you wonder why a giant company like Inditex, which makes around $27 billion annually, can’t seem to solve their own labor crisis.

Kroger launches its very own fashion line

With other large supermarkets, such as Amazon and Wal-Mart, expanding their target audience with its own apparel, Kroger, the largest US supermarket chain, decides its time for them to jump on the experiment. Kroger is said to be planning on releasing the clothing line in fall 2018.

The launch of the apparel line is set to make the collection available in 300 stores, including the Fred Meyer and Kroger Marketplace locations. The US supermarket says it will be “playful, simple, and uplifting”.

The collection is set to sell “modern lifestyle” clothes that are intended for kids and adults.  The fashion line will be called “Our Brands”. The line will focus on activewear and basic essentials. Kroger’s says they are “clothes to truly live life in, and look good doing it.”

Robert Clark, the vice president of merchandising, said, according to a statement released, the brand “gives Kroger a chance to inspire and connect with our customers, offering effortless style every day.”

“This launch of Our Brands fashion will re-invigorate Kroger’s apparel line,” Robert Clark said in Friday’s release. “We will be able to serve our customers across the country, the inspiration they are looking for, which translates into an immense opportunity for growth in sales, share, and loyalty.”

Competition has become even more intense since Amazon.com Inc has started to expand into Kroger territory forcing the brand to find new ideas to keep up to date. It is said that most new Whole Foods customers were once former Kroger loyalist. This increase began after Amazon took over Whole Foods. Even European grocers like Aldi and Lidl plan to open more stores in the United States which will add even more pressure to supermarket chains that are affiliated with Amazon. Lidl itself has launched an exclusive line with celebrity designer Heidi Klum that will more than likely expand Lidl even more across the United States than it already has begun to.

Kroger has already been under enough pressure giving the fact that share values have dropped almost 40 percent this year. But the shares climbed 2 percent after this clothing apparel was announced. Food deflation and discounts has made the sales decrease and the profit margins to be almost nonexistent.

Opening their own clothing line could be the boost Kroger needs. Private labels have sometimes proven to be a money maker. A report on October 27 on Investor’s Business Daily addressed the private label trend, calling it “a bounty waiting to be innocently discovered online as modern shoppers ditch old-school name brands and seek out stuff that’s cool but cheap.” The fashion line is part of the company’s “Restock Kroger” plan.

“As part of our Restock Kroger Plan, having Our Brands be a strong, vibrant growth vehicle for Kroger is a top strategic priority,” said company spokeswoman Kari Armbruster.

Kroger is investing into more technology as more and more shoppers are doing their purchases online. The company has even opened up a restaurant as well. Kroger is even considering selling their convenience stores that generate around $4 billion in sales.

Kroger soon might be the go-to place for your daily groceries and clothes for your average days of the week.

KYLE drops shoe collection with UGG x Footaction

KYLE recently announced he will be the head figure for a UGG x Footaction collection. Footaction will be the only place you can score these surprisingly cool UGGs meant for a cool laid-back guy.


West Coast rapper KYLE had the breakout track “ispy” hit number 1 on Billboard’s Hot Rap Songs chart and was even featured on its way up on Billboard Hot 100 with the song hitting its prime at number 4.


If KYLE had to describe his own style in one word it would be California. The 24-year-old rapper grew up in a small surfer city called Ventura which is located in southern California. KYLE stated in a Billboard article that UGGs were the go-to shoes in Ventura.


“In my community, the surfers were looked up to as the coolest people, you feel me? It wasn’t the football players, it wasn’t the super thugged-out dudes, it was the kids who knew how to surf and all of them were rocking UGGs,” he tells Billboard Style, “so for a surf town, it represents the cool.”

“I really love how versatile the UGG styles are,” he said of the unexpected collaboration. “I’m a dude from California and I can rock Ugg any day. It was dope to be able to partner with UGG and Footaction on this campaign.”

“I’ve always loved UGG, I’ve always shopped at Footaction and I felt like it was really something that was actually a part of my childhood and my life,” he says, “when I got the opportunity, I was mad excited. It just made perfect sense.”

“With a shared California heritage, unique sense of style and jovial spirit, KYLE represents the true essence of UGG,” says Andrea O’Donnell, president of fashion lifestyle of Deckers Brands, who is the parent company of UGG’s.

The campaign was shot by a well-known photographer who goes by the name of Chris McPherson. McPherson took the shots for the campaign when KYLE was in New York City filming his debut acting career in Netflix’s new series called “The After party”, which is also featuring fellow artists like Wiz Khalifa and French Montana. The campaign follows KYLE throughout The Big Apple, exploring some famous landmarks like Central Park and Times Square, all while wearing UGGs.

When asked about the campaign shots for the collection in an XXL article he says, “It was really dope! The campaign was actually shot in reflection to how I actually felt in New York. I’ve never really spent more than a day in New York and that was the first weekend of me being in New York because I was shooting a movie. They had me doing a lot out of tourist stuff for the campaign. As a California kid locked in the city, I like going around doing all this awesome stuff. So, I got to do a lot of stuff that I always wanted to do in New York like seeing the Statue of Liberty and stuff like that and they just documented the whole thing, which was really cool. So, they really captured KYLE’s first trip in New York.”


KYLE is set to perform at ComplexCon this weekend in Long Beach for his very first time. At the event Footaction x UGG will be hosting “Kyle’s Place” which will be a visual experience that uses his own music that will portray a way fashion and music create something bigger.

The campaign styles will be including three new colorways of the brand’s lace-up Neumel Chukka model. Most of the shoes in the collection will have a variety of color-blocked varieties and even some waterproof versions as well. The collection will also still include the signature Classic Toggle hi-top slip-on boots that the brand is famously known for. If you want to get a pair of the shoes they are already available online and at select Footaction and UGG stores worldwide.

Christopher Bailey to leave Burberry by the end of year

Christopher Bailey, president and chief director of Burberry, will be handing off the reigns of the brand by 2018. The decision was announced today on a statement by Burberry.

Bailey was arguably the reason Burberry went from a collection of check-lined trench coats to a global luxury brand. The British designer began his tenure at Burberry 17 years ago, taking over as creative director in 2004 then being named chief creative director in 2009 but has been with the brand since 2001.

British culture was the man inspiration that helped Bailey reinvent Burberry and its style of clothes. This could be seen by how he filled the front rows and ad campaigns with British people, from models to actors and even singers.  Bailey was also always on top when it came to change up the house’s iconic trench coats and its military outerwear.

Bailey has helped make the brand’s signature Nova Check pattern as ubiquitous as Louis Vuitton’s “LV” and Coach’s intertwined “Cs”. His role at Burberry has propelled the brand into a digitally savvy brand while other brands are still trying to catch up.

In the statement released on Burberry’s website (http://Burberryplc.com) they stated as follows, “As Burberry begins the next decade of its journey, Christopher has concluded that after 17 years it will be the right time for him to pursue new creative projects. Christopher will remain President and Chief Creative Officer until 31 March 2018, when he will step down from the Board. He will provide his full support to Chief Executive Officer Marco Gobbetti and the team on the transition until 31 December 2018”.

Although as Bailey’s resignation may seem as a major hit to Burberry’s future, it might a step in the right direction. Burberry has been statistically late when it comes to fashion. They underperformed the FTSE 100 index a good portion of Bailey’s tenure as CEO. With that being the case, the timing is still terrible considering the past six months Bailey was showing a return to his regular form, with some stellar collaborations and a superb show at London’s Fashion Week in September.

The company is said to already be on the search for a successor and people have speculations to believe that it can be Phoebe Philo, who has worked with Gobetti in Celine. Also in the running is Gosha Rubchinskiy, who Burberry collaborated with earlier this year.

Chris Bailey said, “It has been the great privilege of my working life to be at Burberry, working alongside and learning from such an extraordinary group of people over the last 17 years. Burberry encapsulates so much of what is great about Britain. As an organization, it is creative, innovative and outward looking. It celebrates diversity and challenges received wisdom. It is over 160 years old, but it has a young spirit. It is part of the establishment, but it is always changing and always learning. It has been a truly inspiring place to work and the decision to leave was not an easy one. I do truly believe, however, that Burberry’s best days are still ahead of her and that the company will go from strength to strength with the strategy we have developed and the exceptional talent we have in place led by Marco. I would like to thank all my colleagues as well as Sir John Peace and the Board for all their support and faith in me over the years.  I am excited to pursue new creative projects but remain fully committed to the future success of this magnificent brand and to ensuring a smooth transition”.

UNTUCKit set to open first New Jersey store

Untucked shirts have become a growing trend among the fashion world but one entrepreneur took the style to a different level. Chris Riccobono is the founder of UNTUCKit and has recently opened his first ever New Jersey store this past Wednesday at the Mall of Short Hills. The new store will be his 18th store for the brand that was created in 2011.

Riccobono went to Don Bosco Prep in Ramsey where wearing your shirt untucked got you a detention. Riccobono now has the chance to wear his shirt untucked everywhere he goes. He’s turned the subtle fashion style into his fast-growing brand.

UNTUCKit got going as an e-commerce brand, selling shirts that were specifically designed to be untucked. Now 7 years later the brand has branched out sweater, shoes, and shorts. The fashion brand has even included a women’s line also sporting the untucked style shirts. Riccobono plans to even add a kid’s line come November 2. All the shirts range from $68 and $98.

After Riccobono went through all his schooling, Don Bosco in 1997, Providence College in 2001, and then Columbia University in 2007, he felt the need to start a business that sold quality shirts that are the perfect length to be left untucked. He says, “getting the right length is the key to a good-looking untucked shirt”.

Riccobono and co-founder Aaron Sanandres are riding the wave of the casual trend in menswear. Tim Bess, a men’s fashion trend analyst for the Doneger Group believes the brand came at a perfect time.  “we’re definitely in a comfort-driven cycle in fashion right now, and there’s nothing more comfortable than having your shirt untucked.” Bess says.

Riccobono believes that most of their sales will continue to come from online shoppers, however, he believes physical stores can push the brand to the next level.

“we’ll always stay e-comm focused – that will always be 80-plus percent of our business”, he continues, “But in order to grow to where we want to be, which is a billion-dollar brand, you need to be in brick-and-mortar”. “there are a lot of men who won’t buy without touching or feeling the product.” Riccobono says.

Brick-and-mortar stores for UNTUCKit will reach out to a wider audience for the brand and can provide a place for the company to test the response of consumers to some of their new products. According to Marshal Cohen, chief retail industry analyst for the NPD group, he believes that UNTUCKit is doing well because they are “building the product the way the consumer wants it”.

UNTUCKit stores range from 1,200 to 1,500 square feet. So far, the brand has stores in places like Soho and even at some of the biggest malls like King of Prussia and Mall of America. Three more stores are scheduled to be introduced next month in Manhattan. The company plans to have around 25 stores by the end of the year and even plan to go international like Canada or England.

Untucked shirts have become a growing trend in the past couple years that even other companies are trying to sell their own design. Amazon.com, for example, has a “No Tuck” category in their men’s catalog. Riccobono says the competition doesn’t worry him, because of the aggressive marketing he’s had since creating the brand. He’s done ads across all platforms to take the lead in the growing market. Riccobono states, “we’ve become the authority in how to wear the shirt untucked”.

Old Spice saying “Goodbye forever – I hope to never see you again” – A must watch hilarious video…

Not many brands are able to get the attention they yearn for. If a brand’s commercial goes viral accumulating over 1.6 million views within a day, you know they are doing something right or wrong perhaps? Either way, you are getting the attention and brand recognition and thats the point.  Old spice commercials seem to do a very good job getting our attention with some sense of humor, although sometimes over the top.  In this video featuring Terry Crews,  it show how saying “Goodbye forever—I hope to never see you again” to an old friend is so much easier now with the new Old Spice face-shaving machines.