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Luxury brands step up their game with custom clothes

In recent news, a handful of luxury brands have been adding a new tool to their clothing, which is allowing customers to personalize their recent purchases. Brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry, Gucci and Louis Vuitton are taking part in the new idea with more brands to follow in the near future.

At the new Polo store in London, they have a whole floor dedicated to customization involving items like embroidered patches and monogrammed blazers. Similar ideas are occurring at other luxury stores. At Tommy Hilfiger, shoppers can customize any item in the store. At Burberry, they make it possible to monogram a scarf. Gucci lets you apply designs to jackets. Louis Vuitton allows customers to initial luggage.

According to a research study done by Deloitte, one out of three consumers were interested in personalized products, and 71 percent of them were ready to pay a premium for the addition. Around 15 percent of the survey takers were willing to pay a 40 percent increase in price for such customization.

Tammy Smulders, global managing director of Havas LuxHub (the media group’s division dedicated to fashion, luxury and lifestyle business), commented on specialization:

“Luxury consumers are increasingly expecting products that feel special and distinctive to them, such as monogrammed iPhone cases from Chaos Fashion. Equally, brands are using technology and data to segment their customers and provide the right kinds of products, services and brand communication.”

Technology will continue to drive this trend, according to José Neves, founder and CEO of online retailer Farfetch:

“Customization will be the next revolution in luxury. We wanted to find a way of offering luxury and bespoke products to an audience that’s increasingly knowledgeable about style and quality.”

Deloitte’s research shows that the labels who don’t end up using such elements risk losing revenue and customer loyalty. “Brands are transforming how they interact with current and future customers to provide personalized brand experiences that make people feel special,” says Smulders.

Luxury brands are being forced to take notice of the number of consumers willing to spend extra money to customize clothes, and they must begin to explore the on-demand aspect of personalization.

Burberry shares experience biggest drop in over five years

Burberry shares have taken their biggest plummet in over five years last Thursday after investors didn’t feel confident about the new strategy Burberry was making to propel the brand into a “firmly luxury fashion” business.

Marco Gobbetti, the official chief executive since July, told Burberry investors that the brand would “sharpen” its brand and elevate profit margins to match those of Gucci and Hermes. They would do this by selling more expensive leather goods, such as their $1,708 Bridle handbags.

The city has been unsettled by the multi-million spending being done by the new look Burberry. Burberry said that it is expecting to spend between $197 million to $211 million next year and could also spend up to $276 million during their “medium term”.

The company has reaffirmed that it is still going ahead with their cost-cutting plan to save around $150 million over the next five years, but the majority of those savings will end up going towards its huge investment program that will take at least two years to make a “sustainable” return. The Burberry shares have since decreased on this news, going down by 198p, or 10p, to $23.57.

Gobbetti, who joined the Burberry team from Celine, has announced that Burberry would “re-energize’ its business by remodeling stores to “enhance our luxury services” and getting rid of some of their “non-luxury” wholesale and retail locations. Burberry has said it will face a $20 million loss that will come from store closures without saying exactly how many stores are getting shut down.

The new strategy has scared some shareholders away who have seen a similar shift happening in rival brand Mulberry who made a fatal move to increase the prices of their handbags, which ended with cutting off the majority of their customers and preventing the brand from growing.

Lucas Solca, head luxury analyst at Exane BNP Paribas said, “metamorphosis isn’t necessarily straightforward” because Burberry’s reputation didn’t come from high-end goods but rather their trench coats. Mr Gobbetti stated that Burberry’s “evolution” was coming from a “position of strength”.

“We are already playing in the luxury space, this is not a movement upwards because the brand is already not that accessible… Our trench coats are £2,000, our leather handbags are not $400 (£305), they are $1,000 (£762)” said Gobbetti before also saying that their rivals could charge 50pc more for a regular polo shirt.

Burberry’s new shift in a different direction came just a week after Christopher Baily, their last creative director, announced he would be leaving the brand after 17 years of working alongside the fashion company.

Gobbetti said the search to replace Bailey would “impact the phasing” of his new strategy.  Some analysts have questioned how Burberry could announce a new brand identity while they are still missing a long-term creative director could lead the way for the new shift.

Phoebe Philo, Celine’s designer, is still speculated to be the front-runner for the prestigious role. ““I think finding someone with the same creative vision as Christopher Bailey is impossible but it will be a question of finding someone with the creative vision for Burberry’s next decade,” said Gobbetti.

Burberrys; new strategy was announced alongside a first-half result which showed a 26pc rise in pre-tax profits to $168 million and a 4pc increase in sales to $1.7 billion.

Christopher Bailey to leave Burberry by the end of year

Christopher Bailey, president and chief director of Burberry, will be handing off the reigns of the brand by 2018. The decision was announced today on a statement by Burberry.

Bailey was arguably the reason Burberry went from a collection of check-lined trench coats to a global luxury brand. The British designer began his tenure at Burberry 17 years ago, taking over as creative director in 2004 then being named chief creative director in 2009 but has been with the brand since 2001.

British culture was the man inspiration that helped Bailey reinvent Burberry and its style of clothes. This could be seen by how he filled the front rows and ad campaigns with British people, from models to actors and even singers.  Bailey was also always on top when it came to change up the house’s iconic trench coats and its military outerwear.

Bailey has helped make the brand’s signature Nova Check pattern as ubiquitous as Louis Vuitton’s “LV” and Coach’s intertwined “Cs”. His role at Burberry has propelled the brand into a digitally savvy brand while other brands are still trying to catch up.

In the statement released on Burberry’s website (http://Burberryplc.com) they stated as follows, “As Burberry begins the next decade of its journey, Christopher has concluded that after 17 years it will be the right time for him to pursue new creative projects. Christopher will remain President and Chief Creative Officer until 31 March 2018, when he will step down from the Board. He will provide his full support to Chief Executive Officer Marco Gobbetti and the team on the transition until 31 December 2018”.

Although as Bailey’s resignation may seem as a major hit to Burberry’s future, it might a step in the right direction. Burberry has been statistically late when it comes to fashion. They underperformed the FTSE 100 index a good portion of Bailey’s tenure as CEO. With that being the case, the timing is still terrible considering the past six months Bailey was showing a return to his regular form, with some stellar collaborations and a superb show at London’s Fashion Week in September.

The company is said to already be on the search for a successor and people have speculations to believe that it can be Phoebe Philo, who has worked with Gobetti in Celine. Also in the running is Gosha Rubchinskiy, who Burberry collaborated with earlier this year.

Chris Bailey said, “It has been the great privilege of my working life to be at Burberry, working alongside and learning from such an extraordinary group of people over the last 17 years. Burberry encapsulates so much of what is great about Britain. As an organization, it is creative, innovative and outward looking. It celebrates diversity and challenges received wisdom. It is over 160 years old, but it has a young spirit. It is part of the establishment, but it is always changing and always learning. It has been a truly inspiring place to work and the decision to leave was not an easy one. I do truly believe, however, that Burberry’s best days are still ahead of her and that the company will go from strength to strength with the strategy we have developed and the exceptional talent we have in place led by Marco. I would like to thank all my colleagues as well as Sir John Peace and the Board for all their support and faith in me over the years.  I am excited to pursue new creative projects but remain fully committed to the future success of this magnificent brand and to ensuring a smooth transition”.

Are You Ready for Fall? Well, here are the Best Boots to Own!

Finally! The leaves are about to change, the wind will become a bit brisk, and everything is going to be pumpkin spice flavored. It is time for you to get new boots for this fall season. Well, lucky for you all the best boots have been listed for this 2017 fall season!

The first boot to buy is the chukka. This boot is known as the desert boot as well. Chukka boots are one of the best forms of casual footwear that can resemble class. The 2017 fall colors, for this boot, would fit into the traditional earth tones or the purely bold colors. Tod’s offers one of the best chukka/desert boots, and it can be purchased at Tods.com for only $545.

Next is the brogue boot. You know how the brogue was one of the best shoes for a man to own during this past spring/summer season? Well, vamp up your style with the brogue boot. This boot is a great transition from the summer footwear you have been wearing, to the essential fall footwear needed due to weather changes. It will appear extremely similar to the ordinary brogue shoe but a bit taller. To buy a quality pair of brogue boots you can purchase a leather brogue boot at Burberry.com.

From season to season, the Chelsea boot continues to rise in popularity through multiple fashion trends. This is another boot that transitions from summer to fall with an effortless style and a fashionable look that can be worn with numerous outfits. It can be worn in a formal or informal event. For this fall season, the most popular color is the army green in suede. To purchase the Wyatt 30 Chelsea Boot by Saint Laurent for $945 follow the link ysl.com.

The lace-up boot allows you to have an edgy vibe to your 2017 fall boot collection. This boot has a Rock n’ Roll sense, but resembles the same feel as the Chelsea boot. It tends to be much dressier than a combat boot, and can be worn in a wide range of preferable attire for numerous occasions. Outfits can range from suit and tie or to casual jeans. If wearing jeans with the Balenciaga lace-up leather ankle boot try wearing black or white jeans to make it a statement piece! You can purchase these boots at matchesfashion.com.

As popular fashion trends continue to revolve around the 90s, the combat boot is a staple to this 2017 fall fashion season. To embrace a punk-rock moment, try the Dr. Martens Vintage 1460 8-Hole boots in Oxblood Quilon drmartens.com.

Hopefull, these five boots can help complete your 2017 fall boot collection! Who knows what is in store for the 2017 winter footwear trends!

Wild Style: Plaid Dress Shirts

Plaid, the family of patterns that Scotland invented and America fell in love with, has had a swell of popularity in the past decade.  It has ridden the workwear trend to new heights of ubiquity, and one can scarcely walk down the street of a major city without seeing men wearing coats in buffalo plaid, sport coats in Prince of Wales plaid, flannel shirts in traditional highland tartans.  At this point, you probably have at least one casual shirt in plaid, perhaps several.  There is a frontier that is not always explored in the world of plaid, however, one that still intimidates the average office worker: the plaid dress shirt.

It is not so wild an idea, if you think about it: plaid is a pattern, fundamentally no different than stripes or gingham- technically, gingham is a plaid.  A plaid can be imposed on any article of clothing you desire, including dress shirts.  A plaid dress shirt is a great way to add a note of adventure into your office attire.  It can enliven your presence at meetings, make you stand out among your peers, highlight you at job interviews.  Moreover, plaid can allow you to match colors in ways previously unheard of.  A color that appears in a few thin lines of your plaid dress shirt can be picked up by your tie to harmonize your work wardrobe.  You could even match a color in your shirt to your socks, if you’re feeling particularly bold.

The important thing is not to juggle too many patterns at once.  If you are wearing a plaid dress shirt, keep your suit plain, in a neutral color like gray or navy; the purple and blue plaid shirt from Barney’s shown here could also look nice with a brown suit.  A darker shirt, like the black plaid from Burberry, demands a contrasting lightness of color, a blue or even, in the summer, a white.  On the other hand, a dark plaid can work with a dark suit and dark tie, the pattern keeping the outfit from looking like a blackout.  A word of caution: when you wear a plaid dress shirt, you must be on top of your game.  With a look this daring, you’re sure to get attention.