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Dyed Denim: Beyond Blue Jeans

The designer denim craze that has so gripped the world of fashion has transformed the way we think of jeans.  What used to be workwear has been dressed up, shaped up, prettied up, and thrust into the spotlight as a wardrobe staple on par with the navy blazer- indeed, jeans and a blazer are now recognized as an excellent evening staple, a state that used to be considered heresy.  In the rush to upscale blue jeans, however, there is one option that is sometimes overlooked: who said jeans have to be blue?

Denim can take on many garment dyes; indeed, as cotton, it is highly suitable to a broad range of colors.  We therefore recommend that you go beyond blue.  An easy way to start is with a pair of white jeans, a great substitute for white chinos in the Spring and Summer.  If you don’t want stark white, consider an off-white pair like the ‘wheat’ color sold by J. Crew.

There’s more to dyed denim than white, however.  Denim most enjoys dyes of bold, dark colors, such as black, gray, and even burgundy.  At the same time, it can take the lighter shades, such as the aforementioned white and even khaki or stone.  If you have the resources, don’t hesitate to experiment with different colors of denim.  Treat these jeans like a pair of colored chinos or corduroys, but with the added edge of their rough exterior.  Pair them with a scratchy tweed sport coat, a marled sweater, and some desert boots, and you have the perfect outfit to spend a night out on the town with.  Or you can go hiking, if you feel so inclined.  You are wearing jeans.

22/4 shows fall/winter 2014 Collection

This collection is all about color blocking and fabric blocking. What stood out the most from this collection was the grayish blue and burgundy suit. This color block combo features burgundy pants, and the jacket has burgundy suit sleeves. However, the rest of the suit jacket except the sleeves is a grayish blue tone, and instead of two buttons in the middle there are two off center straps holding the jacket together. On the left lapel there is a navy blue floral accent to show off even more fabric texture. It can be a new take on modern buttons perhaps. Another really interesting outfit is the tuxedo where in place of the regular cummerbund it’s leather. Contrasting fabrics, and yet still being formal at the same time.  A fall/winter collection isn’t complete without fur though. It’s a very luxurious and noticeable fabric that is used as both the highlighting material and as a contrasting addition. It’s highlighted in its use as the full back and shoulder material in the new half wool and half fur overcoat. The cream colored fur seems like a lion was conquered in the wild, and used as warmth on the body. That same material was also used as an accessory fabric as a collar for a white sweater. Keeping warm and looking good has never felt softer and more enjoyable than with fur.