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Fun Pants

At this point, just about everyone has heard of Nantucket Reds, the famous symbols of Eastern privilege now a key element of preppy, Ivy League style across the country.  What is perhaps still unknown is just why Nantucket Reds, and their brightly colored fellows, have gained the status they enjoy.  Why do pants in faded pink command the discerning eye of old money?  The answer, at least in part, is that bright colors and outrageous patterns signify the dress of someone who doesn’t need to be sober in their tastes.  It’s a bit like Mark Zuckerberg coming to work in his sweat pants, though far more stylish.  Those who live solely on inherited wealth can afford to flaunt traditional standards of business dress or casual attire, as they will not be penalized for it the way lesser men would.

One way to take this devil-may-care aesthetic to the next level is to wear fun pants, available all year round in various colors and fabrics.  Fun pants are usually, though not always brightly colored; they can be chinos, corduroys, sometimes a more exotic fabric such as moleskin.  What distinguishes them is their embroidery: they are festooned with small prints stitched into the exterior of the pants.  These are called ‘critters’ traditionally, and they can take a variety of forms.  There are pants with ducks, anchors, turtles, lobsters, golf clubs, candy canes- the possibilities are endless, especially in the modern times.  You can find them in colors ranging from navy blue to bottle green, from nantucket red to sunflower yellow, so you’re sure to find a shade appropriate for your circumstances and the spirit of the season.

Fun pants are advanced style- this should be obvious.  Like the Eastern elites who initiated them, they should only be attempted if you have reached an unimpeachable point in your personal style.  The way you dress should be beyond reproach, and you must have the confidence to carry them off.  Keep your upper body simpler: opt for a solid shirt and either a navy blazer or a roughly textured sport coat, perhaps something in tweed.  You can be a bit more creative with your tie.  Again, confidence is key.  If you are going to echo the style of the Roosevelts and the Vanderbilts, you must have some of their swagger.