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Are Criquet Shirts for You?


If you haven’t checked out Criquet Shirts, you’re missing out. Founders Billy Nachman and Hobson Brown started this brand after wearing collared shirts to an all-boys school growing up. This quickly became their signature style, yet after some time they had either lost their favorite polos or they had been worn out. After this sad occurrence, the duo decided that they wanted more control and began designing shirts by creating the combination of sustainable designs, being environmentally friendly, with the classic preppy look.

$75 Available at Criquet Shirts

This brand now has great golf shirts and polo’s along with button downs and sweaters for great style year round. If you’re just looking for a casual day look, definitely try on of their Classic Pique Polo’s, available in a variety of colors. Their Players Shirts are also a great option for a day just hanging out with the guys playing poker. This style is slightly more casual than the classic polo.

$85-$115 Available at Criquet Shirts

For a chilly fall day, check out their Cashmere Sweaters, which will keep you warm and stylish. Looking for a date night style? Don’t worry, they have button downs that come in short and long sleeves so you can look your best no matter the weather. Criquet also designs shirts for boys as well as hats and visors.

Love the polo style? Check out this brand and find your new favorite shirt today.

Images: Via Criquet Shirts

The Coat

There are certain elements of a gentleman’s style that so perfectly harmonize form and function that they become an unquestionably essential part of his wardrobe, no matter his own peculiar circumstances.  Every gentleman, for example, needs a navy blazer.  Every gentleman needs a pair of gray woolen pants.  Every gentleman needs at least one polo shirt.  And every gentleman, no matter where he lives or what he does, should at some point invest in a coat- a proper coat.  Even if you live in a typically warm climate, even if your job does not involve you spending much time outside, there is going to come a point in your life when you will need the practical and sartorial advantages a greatcoat provides.

The greatcoat, also sometimes referred to as a topcoat, is typically made of wool, cashmere, or some blend of the two, though it can also be made of cotton, alpaca, camelhair, or in some luxurious cases, vicuña.  It typically stretches from the shoulders down to the middle of the thigh, though some older, larger models will be found that hit at the knee or even lower.  It can be single or double-breasted, and it can have collars that range from shawls to notch lapels to peak lapels to even the rare Tautz lapel (someday we shall explain the Tautz lapel).  It ranges in color from charcoal gray to black to navy to camel.  It can be close-fitting, though it is typically sized to fit under a suit jacket or a sport coat.

The great benefit of a coat is that it does its job perfectly while making a FashionMR look impeccable.  It is heavy, long, and thick, so it keeps you warm even in the coldest of conditions.  At the same time, it generates a remarkable silhouette that flatters nearly every shape.  It emphasizes your shoulders and makes your torso a pair of long straight lines that stretch perpendicular to the ground; the angular shape that results is unshakably masculine.  Since its invention, the greatcoat has been worn by every stylish man at one point or another; it reached its zenith in the 1930’s, when royalty like the Prince of Wales and celebrities like Cary Grant sported it to great effect.  Yet the coat never went away- it remains useful, and stylish, now and always, a true menswear classic.

Style Experiment: the Double-Breasted Cardigan

When the world becomes too predictable, when your options become too easy, it’s time to crank up the Difficulty setting.  FashionMisters shouldn’t be cautious if they’ve built their wardrobe well- if you have the basics down pat, if you’re doing well with your color mixing and your pattern matching, you shouldn’t be afraid to throw something into the mix that makes people stop and look.  Enter the double-breasted cardigan, a stylish exclamation point to a winter wardrobe.

Simple enough: the double-breasted cardigan is a sweater that fastens across the middle like a double-breasted jacket or coat.  Like a double-breasted sport coat, it buttons at one side as one breast folds over another, and two sets of buttons run down the front.  Unlike a typical double-breasted blazer, double-breasted cardigans are often capable of buttoning all the way up, their buttons functional and able to lock in the warmth generated by their cozy knitting.  They’ve been seen with a variety of collars, from a polo collar to a shawl collar to a simple flat collar.  It is a newer item, gradually emerging in the past few years, but of course drawing inspiration from the rise of double-breasted suits on the runways.  It has grown into a luxury item, and as such, it is made of high-quality fabrics like merino wool, cashmere, and lambswool.

As mentioned before, the double-breasted cardigan is a statement piece.  It is still fairly uncommon, so if you wear it, prepare to be noticed.  That said, don’t go overboard.  Treat it like a normal cardigan and wear it as part of a smart casual ensemble.  A pair of corduroy pants wouldn’t be out of place, though the greater formality brought on by double breasts means you could wear wool pants as well.  We would recommend some kind of collared shirt underneath, whether this is a true dress shirt or a flannel shirt for extra warmth.  It’s a perfect solution to the question of home entertainment wear, and if you’re lucky enough to snag one this holiday season, we suggest you not be shy.