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Ilaria Urbinati gives dressing tips for dapper men

The old saying that behind every strong man is a strong woman holds true in this situation. For red carpet walkers such as Bradley Cooper, Donald Glover and Armie Hammer, the woman behind them is not their significant others but celebrity stylist Ilaria Urbinati.

The A-list stylist has quite the clientele, and this holiday season she has decided to share some insightful tips courtesy of W magazine. She has done her best to give great advice to those men out there who want to look their best during the holidays. Urbinati’s best piece of advice is to have fun, and when in doubt you “can’t go wrong with a little fair isle.”

W: Biggest difference between styling women vs men?

Urbinati: The politics of dressing men couldn’t be more different than those of women where you’re always just chasing that “one” sample dress. With men, it’s more about working within the parameters of men’s style rules while trying to break out of them just the right amount.

W: Best advice for men dressing for a holiday party?

Urbinati: You can’t go wrong with a little fair isle as long as it fits right. Do go easy on the plaid, though it’s great under a suit. Don’t be afraid of a little color. Do embrace velvet. Do go hard on the tweeds, cashmeres, and herringbones. Don’t forget, as goes for the rest of the year, it’s all about the fit.


W: Most flattering silhouette on a man?

Urbinati: A slim two button peak or notch lapel suit will never be wrong. A nice shoulder doesn’t hurt especially for winter. Unlined is great in the summer


W: Ideal men’s holiday party outfit?

Urbinati: For black tie, a velvet suit is gorgeous. For a more casual affair, a wool or tweed suit with a Christmas sweater or plaid shirt nails it.


W: Best men’s accessories to pair with a party look?

Urbinati: I’m really into men’s jewelry right now. David Yurman makes my favorite men’s gold chains and gold rings. The bee or lion rings are my faves.

Leica for Men

It’s typically a stressful situation when it comes to buying the perfect gift for men. That being said, one of the most popular accessories that has been on Vogue UK’s must have travel list is the Leica camera. Being purely a digital camera, the Leica was built with the precise needs of professional photographers in mind, which adds to its coolness.

Leica gets it so right. Their design inspired by its 35mm cameras from the golden age of photography. It is one of the smallest full-frame cameras that offers excellent handmade quality, impressively easy handling, extreme robustness, excellent image quality and perfect matching of all its components.

The retro-chic camera has been the accessory of choice for the celebrity class on red carpets, film sets and vacations. “If celebrities are going to be seen with a camera, for better or for worse, Leica does lend a certain cachet,” said Michael Holve, a professional photographer on Long Island who runs a Leica enthusiasts’ blog.

In recent years, Daniel Craig, Brad Pitt, Louis C. K., Miley Cyrus and many other celebrities have been seen toting Leicas.

Leica Camera
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Why socks are every men’s best accessory…

Socks are like the footnotes at the bottom of the page of your favorite novel. You can read about the nouns, the descriptive adjectives and the verbs making the nouns come alive but the real substance, the real meat of what the words mean are down below; just like socks with every day wardrobe choices. Most 9 to 5 jobs have a rather bland feel. The walls are grey, the cubicles are grey and your mood is grey. A colorful, perfectly patterned offsetting sock can be the perfect remedy.  To break the conservative funk, men are turning more and more to bold statements socks that put a creative twist on their day.  Another way to describe this new accessory is that socks are like lingerie for men. If you want you can be the only that knows there under your pants… but when you walk or cross your leg as you sit you can give a little peak of what you’ve got underneath. According to Askmen.com/ Burton (2013), “women wear sexy lingerie under their everyday clothes to give themselves that boost of confidence they need…it might be what’s under her attire that’s got her in a good mood.” (p.1)

The craze is truly infectious. Robert Kardashian in October of last year launched his new line of playful socks, the Arthur George Collection at Neiman Marcus. According to the New York Daily News, “Everyone wears the same sort of conservative uniform,” Robert Kardashian says. “This is a way to personalize my work wardrobe.” (Pesce p.1). Love it or hate but the newest additions to the men’s fashion arsenal are socks.