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7 Guilt-Free Cocktails for the Summer – Number 4 is a MUST TASTE!

Carving out your beach body with tougher workouts and new diets? Don’t forget
to factor in the calories that you’re drinking as well! Here’s 7 alcoholic beverages with
lower calories, so that you can still enjoy night life this Summer.

1. Champagne. A typical 4 oz glass of champagne has only 85 calories! That’s
nearly 100 calories less than a beer!

2. Skinny Mojito. Making sure no syrups are used, and that diet Sprite or club soda
is mixed instead of regular Sprite can give you a Mojito as low as 75 calories.

3. Vodka and diet soda. Remember that a serving of regular soda is 170 calories
without alcohol. Instead, mix a diet Coke with a flavored vodka – Cherry or Vanilla taste
the best. Choosing diet soda can not only give you a mixed drink under 100 calories but
also give a greater buzz.

4. Skinny Cosmopolitan. A regular Cosmo is 212 calories for only 4 ounces!
Instead, have Raspberry vodka with club soda and a splash of cranberry juice – it tastes
the same but only has 115 calories!

5. Gin and Diet Tonic. Most people don’t realize that tonic water has 124 calories
in a serving. Adding in the 85 to 100 calories in a shot of gin (or any hard alcohol) gives
you a drink over 200 empty calories. Diet tonic or even seltzer water gives the fizz
without the carbs and added sweeteners in regular tonic water.

6. Bloody Mary. While more of an acquired taste, most of this drink contains
tomato juice, giving you Fiber, Protein, and Calcium! At 125 calories, this drink is a great
choice for dieters because it provides nutritional benefits!

7. Skinny Appletini. Typically 250 calories, this cocktail can be as little as 100
calories if mixed with a diet mixer.