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Designer to turn Flint water bottles into clothes

With Flint, Michigan still in the midst of a water crisis, there has been a severe increase in water bottles. With so many empty water bottles in one place, one designer had a great idea to turn them into fashion.

The Flint water issue has been a problem since 2014. During that year, the city of Flint decided to get its water supply from the Flint River. The water wasn’t being properly treated right to prevent pipe corrosion which caused lead to be infused in the water supply for the majority of the city.

The state is required to give each Flint resident 14 bottles a water a day. Flint has a population of approximately 97,000, which can lead up to 1.3 billion water bottles that are handed out per day. That can lead up to an abundance of plastic and most are never recycled.

“It’s about something that is empty, like a water bottle, fulfilling the potential of jobs and manufacturing that has also been lost,” Chin told FOX 66 News.

Artist Mel Chin, a Houston, Texas native, has started the project Flint Fit. Chin who also helped the Fundred Dollar Bill project to eliminate lead poisoning in children, has teamed up with Detroit native designer, Tracy Reese (known for designing a dress for Michelle Obama that she wore at the Democratic National Convention in 2012) and the Queens Museum in New York City to create raincoats, swimwear, and other accessories out of the recycled water bottles, which was reported by the Flint Journal.

“This is a prototype of a big triangle of association of creativity and just the will of people.” Chin said while speaking to local media on Monday, October 30 at the St. Luke N.E.W. Life Center.

According to mlive.com the water bottles are being collected from homes, community centers, and other locations. They are then being sent to Greensboro, North Carolina where they will be turned into fabrics and thread by the company, Unifi Inc. The fabrics will end up back in Flint where members of St. Luke’s N.E.W. Life Center sewing program will create the patterns designed by Reese.

A fashion show is said to be held in New York City in April 2018 which will then be followed by a show in Detroit.

“This project would only work with the people in this city,” Chin added. “Having the people finish all of the designs in Flint is what makes this a very amazing opportunity.”

Laura Raicovich, executive director of the Queens Museum, said she admires the way artists like Chin “can contribute to the transformation of the really tough issues that we face as a society.”


Menswear Brands and Sites Worth Shopping

Admittedly, sometimes closets face a lot of neglect, and over time it develops its own label homogeneity. It’s never a bad thing to throw in some new players, every once in a while.

Here are eight brands to add variety to your line-up.


The brand name translates to “Global Citizen.” It promotes a socially motivated lifestyle, empowering communities worldwide. Oh yeah, and they also have pretty nice clothing.


Need Supply Co.

A beautifully curated space located in Richmond, Virginia, Need Supply mixes renown brands with independent designers from the U.S. and foreign soil.

The credo: “a well designed product can have a very real and tangible effect on our everyday lives.”


Band of Outsiders

When you have a former hollywood agent as the creative face behind a brand, you can surely expect unique takes on American classics. The high end clothing label based out of Los Angeles is known for its modern yet defiant looks.



With outstandingly huge product line offerings across menswear – over 60,000 independent brands and own label – ASOS has no shortage of sartorial goodness. The online fashion retailer stands as one of the UK’s largest.

All Saints

Ruth La Ferla, of the New York Times, describes the brand’s identity as having a

“brooding aesthetic… built on the fusion of modern technology and the crudely mechanized cosmos of the late Victorian age.”

If that doesn’t pique your interest in the British retailer, then it’s a fairly good thing the list doesn’t end here.

Credit: Steve Russell
Credit: Steve Russell


Priding itself on well-made and aesthetically classic products, UNIONMADE is an independent menswear shop offering top of the line brands in casual and fine clothing.


Rogue Territory

As another menswear brand coming out of California, Rogue Territory caters to the person interested in the subtleties. It separates itself through its handcrafted quality that is almost reminiscent of a bespoke fit.


Wings + Horns

The young menswear label is a Canadian project that attributes much influence not only to its home landscape, but also to the Japanese’s approach to details. Given its deliberate thought to fabrics, it’s no wonder the brand has made itself quite popular in the world of men’s fashion.

Barneys Launches New iPad App – for all you shopaholics!

Barneys just launched their new online shopping platform for the iPad, a new shopping app. Its online shopping, but on the go, part of the progressive mobile technology. You don’t have to sit by a computer anymore to search the items you like. Barneys now comes with you wherever you may be heading.

You can do almost anything you would do at the brick and mortar luxury retailer. You want to search for shoes, you can get shoes, dresses, you can get dresses, and you could also search the most bought items to see what fashions are trending. It can also show you related items, things which would fit with what you already want to buy (placed in your cart). So no more asking the salesperson “what top do you think would go good with these shoes? The app can show you that with one click.

But for shoppers that prefer the personalized treatment that a Barneys Personal Shopper offers, the recommendations and the one-on-one individualized attention to your own sense of style. The Barneys iPad App lets you book an appointment with a personal shopper, tell them what you are looking for and when you are coming in. It takes the hassle out of looking for a salesperson at the store, or trying to reach someone to get that desperately needed appointment. Just choose the person, the date and the time and it’s all set. No labor intensive work needed. It’s shopping and retail for the modern age. Online, and on the go, but with a personal touch too.

Valentino – Men’s Paris Fall/Winter 2014/15

This is what the gentleman wears. Their interpretation of formal and professional attire is outlined in this season’s collection. Taking otherwise basic clothing and designing various patterns and prints to form a more casual look is what formal is becoming nowadays. Take a two piece suit, use the jacket to pair with jeans and you have a casual night time look. In Valentino’s case, take a cream colored pea coat and remove the buttons to get their new casual pea coat. Works the same way for warmth on a non-windy day but now it just looks and feels more relaxed and casual. The same goes for their navy and gray rugby striped design. It’s almost like an accessory to your everyday clothes. Providing the look of a pea coat, half the functionality and double the casualness. The sense of color is never lost even on a gentleman.

Wearing a wool burgundy two piece suit is always as classy in a professional setting as it is relaxed away from the cubicle. A little more risqué is their two piece camouflage herringbone wool suit, whereas as original as it is there has to be no fine line for a dress code to be able to pull this off. But once it’s on the cameras will not only find you but you will be looking for them as well. Herringbone patterns were a staple in this collection. Used in everything from suits to coats and even as partial designs in combinations on various pea coats. Going from relaxed to formal and back to relaxed was the route of this collection with basic duffle coats in cream and blue colors. Gray and cream pea coats that had owl and hawk prints starting with the wings on the sides and the body of the bird stretching to the back of the coat and if there was no design print then the there was a varied type of vent on the jackets back ranging in size from waist high to a full shoulder height vent that almost separated the coat and made it a formal cape. Valentino is all about the luxury materials and designs and nothing says that more than the use of purple leather in a double breasted pea coat. With shoulder epaulets, a button appliqued chest flap, belt buckle wrist epaulets and to finish off the look gray wool lapels with the purple leather collar and a rear horizontal shoulder vent. The most formal and yet casual collection comes from one of the top designers. If casual Couture is the new “it” then “it” is already here.