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David Beckham and co. sit front row at Victoria Beckham’s Fashion Week show

Victoria Beckham’s line was set to show at New York Fashion Week, but it wouldn’t be a proper event without her family sitting front row to watch in awe. David Beckham and three of the kids, Romeo, 15, Cruz, 12, and Harper, 6, all attended the James Burden Mansion on Manhattan’s Upper East Side as Victoria Beckham showed off her Autumn/Winter 2018 collection.

After the models were done, Victoria Beckham walked out to greet the crowd in an all-black ensemble and also gave every one of her family members a quick kiss.

The whole family was sporting looks. David Beckham, who just launched a soccer team in Miami, went with a classic black suit and tie, and the two sons wore long coats. The daughter was rocking a more stylish look with a white dress and burgundy coat, with her hair in two French braids.

The only one missing from the family event was Brooklyn, 18, who moved to New York to study photography. Despite the absence of the oldest child, both parents gave him a shout out on their social media pages.

David Beckham opens new Kent & Curwen store with his family in London

David Beckham was joined by his wonderful family as he attended the opening of a new store for the label of which he is now a co-owner and helped relaunch.

The Essex man has become one of the most influential male fashion figures in the industry, and it’s starting to rub off on his children– especially his 15-year-old son, who was supporting his father by wearing one of the brand’s jackets.

Beckham has worked with the brand since 2015 and was able to relaunch it with Irish designer Daniel Kearns last year.

The England soccer star was even accompanied by his mother Sandra Beckham and his sister Joanne, who recently became a new mother with her partner Kris Donnelly. They had a daughter named Penny.

To celeberate the launch of the new store, located on Floral Street, Beckham hosted a lunch. He managed to maintain a British feel with a menu full of pie and mash followed by sticky toffee pudding.

David Beckham brings grit to London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week has long been an event to help find a new style for British manhood. For the past two decades, David Beckham has been the poster boy given his mainstream masculinity. Kent & Curwen, a brand that was recently brought back to life on Savile Row in 1926, has been a partner of David Beckham since 2015 when he became an owner.

Kent & Curwen worked with photographer Perry Ogden, who photographed the book Pony Kids. He posted his images along the walls of its autumn/winter 2018 collection. The images were shown in the new store on Floral Street, and while the images seem a bit odd for a menswear brand, they worked well with Beckham’s type of pedigree. Beckham is a man with some grit behind him.

The brand’s new direction is different from their first impression with Beckham, one which was more suited for Savile Row. The clothes that were designed by creative director Daniel Kearns had a college feel with striped knitwear, duffel coats and checked jackets. The new look is one that suits Beckham now more than ever. There are bomber jackets and t-shirts with “no guts, no glory” written on them. Other repeated motifs on the pieces included the rose and the three lions crest.

Beckham praised Ogden’s experience, way of shooting talented kids and accurately portraying them in pictures:

“That’s what the brand is about. It’s very multi-generational. I can go in the store and find something great and my 15- or 18-year-old kid can go in the store and find something great.”

Beckham believes his contribution is significant, especially in Asia where Kent & Curwen have stores including 100 in China alone. “I think what I bring to this is I am very British, I did wear the three lions for 15 years,” said Beckham. “Having the relationship in Asia that I have, the popularity that I have, it helps.”

Varsity jackets are back

Varsity jackets were the best thing to happen for a while until we got overfilled with them. But recently with the weather coming back, there seems to be a drive for people to bring back iconic outwear, which is making a surprisingly major comeback. With that being said one of the outwear piece that is standing out is the varsity jacket.

Those sporting the varsity jacket once more are some of the biggest superstar names. The likes of David Beckham and John Legend have been spotted bringing the hot trend back again. A varsity jacket is a good staple piece to finish off the right look.

David Beckham was spotted wearing a flashy Louis Vuitton blue varsity jacket with some sleek white sleeves. The Louis Vuitton logo was prominently displayed on the chest and left arm. The jacket may quite well be out of most people’s price range, costing around $2,700. But there is no doubt this jacket has sparked in interest in many to brush the dust off of their own varsity jacket sitting in the closet or even go out and by a newer one.

With David Beckham being more of a standout with his jacket, John Legend quietly did the opposite. Legend was seen moving around with a black/gray/white varsity jacket that was missing a standout branding mark on it, but with upon further investigation, it was clear the jacket was Saint Laurent.

A good varsity jacket can take a nice outfit into a great outfit. With the year being 2017 most of the jackets are very colorful and are easy to match with anyone’s personal style taste.  A varsity jacket is sporty, preppy, collegiate, and has a relaxed feel to it.  The jackets can range from some of the cheapest to some of the expensive depending on the color scheme, look, and brand, but there is always a varsity jacket out there for everyone. There is a reason why the varsity jacket can make countless comebacks without ever going out of style.

Dad Bod or Athletic Body?

Over the past year, society’s 20-35-year-olds have battled over which body is more attractive. Buzzfeed and major news agencies alike have published articles supporting the “Dad Bod” while there are countless articles throughout the Internet showing us mostly nude, very defined muscular males with washboard abs from around the globe. So which one is right for you? Well, I’ll let you decide that in the end, but here are some advantages and disadvantages to both.

The Dad Bod

According to Urban Dictionary, Dad Bod is defined as, “A guy who has kids and was once in shape and still has guns that can crush beer cans but also with a belly that says I drank those beers and I can eat 6 slices of pizza in one seating.” Used in a sentence, “Check out all those chicks all over Mike’s dad bod at the pool (top definition). Others describe it as “softly round,” while others describe it as a person who possesses laziness.

It is generally found in males who have started a family and find it acceptable to let themselves go (for a lack of better words). They generally drink and eat what they want. Maybe they hit the gym here and there, but their primary focus is continuing to provide food on the table and financial and emotional support for their family. On the flip side, a man who has this body type and is single may not exactly turn heads while out running errands or at the bar. The assumption will be that that man is taken because if he weren’t, he’d be working a much better body THAN that.

So just who has the stereotypical dad bod? Actors such as Leonardo Dicaprio, Jason Segal, and X Factor UK judge Simon Cowell all were rocking it before it was cool. Those individuals not only have the audacity to flaunt what they’ve got but also are the icons for those in love with the dad bod.

The Athletic Bod

Urban Dictionary’s top definition for athletic is, “Body type characterized by a lean, sinewy, muscular physique (NOT scrawny, but not muscle-bound like a bodybuilders’ or obese). Despite the name, many non-athletes have athletically shaped bodies due simply to a healthy lifestyle.” They are in no way “athletically challenged.”

What does that mean? Well, for starters it means you have defined muscles to accompany a lean build. Some relate the words sexy, cute, amazing, hot, strong and perfect to a man that has an athletic bod. Females and gay men alike will more than likely turn their heads when a man with the “perfect physique” walks by them.

Actor Zac Efron, professional soccer player David Beckham, and NFL star Colin Kaepernick all have the stereotypical athletic body. They no doubt turn heads every time they go somewhere, not only because of their endless amounts of money but also because of their physical body appearance.

There is some dedication involved to obtain a “Dad Body,” such as drinking beer, showing up to the gym about once a week, paying incredibly close attention to sports, and making sure your family is well taken care of. Likewise though, the athletic bod requires a large amount of attention to eating right and exercising. So which one is for you? There are advantages to both. There is no doubt about that.

Image via Flickr/Health Gauge, resized

David Beckham Launches New Swim line with H&M

The football [soccer] icon, David Beckham is back at modeling and he is  the face of his own H&M’s men’s swim line this summer.

This man is no stranger for being in the limelight for his modeling, being the face of many ad campaigns from Armani to his own line. In the 2000’s, David Beckham became the man to sell the underwear, and women appreciated every second!

The smaller line of swimwear for H&M, was unveiled in London this past week and was definitely the party to attend with everyone from Ellie Goulding to Liam Payne from One Direction in attendance.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, the line has everything from solid to variations of color for board shorts, swim shorts, and trunks ranging from $25 to $34. It’s definitely a small price to pay to be rocking the fashion forward Beckham’s line. For the curious fashionMR., the line goes on sale May 22nd! Beckham is hoping to have the line be classics for men.

The seasons hair styles and trends

Every season, different haircuts become the new it cut. This year it’s the Pompadour style that is back with celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, and Ryan Gosling all showing off the sleek backed style. Now that spring is here and summer is right around the corner, new haircuts will be plentiful for the next couple of months. Everyone will want to look as groomed as possible and be as hot as the upcoming season. So here is a rundown of the most common haircut trends these seasons.

Modern Pompadour – This is the new trend this year. Sleeked back haircut with volume making the person look more professional, serious and mature. A lot of stars are currently styling their hair this way and all thanks to JT (Justin Timberlake) for not only bringing sexy back but bringing the modern pompadour back as well.

Crew Cut – A short hairstyle with just a little length on top so you can style it in any direction. You won’t be spiking the hair up because it is short after all. But with the little length on top and some product in the hair, it can be a clean professional look for the office and the summer heat.

The Right Haircut – This is a pretty simple and classic look, you simply apply product to your hair and comb it up and back from the hair line over to one side. It’s not a comb over because you aren’t trying to hide any baldness, it’s a very simple classic look that works for almost anyone if the hair is not a buzz cut and has some length.

Spiked – This style had been around for decades, long before Hollywood got a taste of it. Rockers styles their hair this way before and now it evolved into basically hundreds of versions. There is the short spiked, long, spiked, bed head spiked, even so kids and dogs are being named spike. This is still a favorite style of teens and younger generation because it gives them some attitude. A shorter spiked hair is more versatile than a longer style because it can fir both work and play. Different variations of the spiked haircut do include faux-hawks which were made popular by David Beckham. Had extremely short hair on the sides and some length on top. While the modern renditions feature extra hair on the sides and a little less attitude with styling.

Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience hairstyle
Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience hairstyle