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Bella Hadid makes special appearances during Paris Men’s Fashion Week

Palestinian-American model Bella Hadid was at Paris Men’s Fashion Week walking the streets in a mix of fashion-forward outfits and was even seen with Hollywood stars like Josh Harnett and Robert Pattinson.

Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld and Pattinson saw the model on the front row of the Dior Homme show who made many headlines with her sharp black suit and lingerie.


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The 21-year-old model, who is the face of Dior Beauty and almost always seen with Kendall Jenner, wore a pair of the label’s new trainers, Dior Homme Runners. According to some media outlets, she thus committed a somewhat rare fashion faux pas.

Hadid posted her praise for the Dior show on her Instagram, which has 16 million followers: “seriously stunned to see your work move in real life, Kris. thank you for having me, big big honor.”

Dior Homme looking to take over the millennial market

Dior Homme did something very unexpected during their show in Paris last week. Before the show, there were hundreds of teenagers shrieking in joy at the site of Twilight actor Robert Pattinson, but that wasn’t the most bizarre thing to happen.

The show started off with a series of slim black suits in single and double-breasted models. Then, the show took an unexpected turn with baggy ravers’ jeans, short-sleeved t-shirts layered over longer sleeved versions and the repeated heavy-metal motif that was etched on rucksacks and bomber jackets. The motif was even seen shaved on the sides of the models’ hair.

Most of the models varied in age, and not just in the 20s range. The theme for the show was “Forever Young,” a reference that dates all the way back to the 1984 Alphaville song.

The designs seemed to appeal toward a new set of customers while also bringing up the past for others. More evidence that Dior was trying to court the millennial market surfaced when Bella Hadid wore a pair of the label’s new trainers, Dior Homme Runners, on her Instagram page.

Fashion Free Land

Dear Reader,

Did you ever wonder how fur would look on you? Did you ever wonder if thongs are really just for women? Or if pink is really a taboo? If you have, then you haven’t been to the fashion world.

When you wonder, you never know. Keep that in mind.

As we witness designers loosing all inhibitions on the runways, it is only fair to join the ride. So if you are into hairnets as Riccardo Tisci, strut it all the way out.

For Spring 2015, the menswear collections included it all. If you wanted to formalize the mood with a childish touch of stripes, proceed to Dior Homme.

via nowfashion.com
via nowfashion.com

If you are starving for tailored, churchy and monochrome strictness Givenchy is open 24/7.

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via givenchy.com

And with Hedi Slimane’s continuous rock ’n’ roll indulgence, you don’t have to fantasize about your favorite rock star, you can be one.

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via hedislimane.com

So this season and proceeding forward, don’t understate your desire to wear what was sewn for you. But, you have to always keep in mind that size does matter and always choose the perfect one for your body.
On a lighter note can you imagine yourself wearing a backless shirt or perhaps a dress?


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