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The Top Shoes Every Dapper Gentleman Should Own

Are you ever thinking about how you can upgrade your shoe game? Well do not worry about a thing because there are numerous shoes that are essential to a man’s wardrobe. The average American man only owns twelve pairs of shoes. If you had to choose the top twelve what would they possibly be? This is the answer to all of your questions with the top twelve shoes you need to purchase to upgrade your style to a whole other level.

The first type of shoe that is needed is a pair of brogues. These shoes are considered a workhorse shoe that can almost coordinate with anything. These pair very well with jeans and suits!

Image via Flickr/Soul 2 Amor

For certain occasions, these shoes can be worn to range from formal events to business meetings that relatively possess conservative business attire. The best recommendation for purchasing a quality pair of brogues would be at us.burberry.com. Black Cap-Toe Oxfords are the second essential shoe that resembles quality for dressier occasions. The best occasion to wear these at is during a suit and tie event. You can shop for these at matchesfashion.com to buy a pair of oxfords by Ami.

The next shoe is the perfect dress boot for the suited and booted attire. This tends to appear less formal but has a modern casual style. Lanvin features the remarkable Grained Leather Chelsea boot, which you can buy today at matchesfashion.com. Another top shoe to own is a casual boot. These shoes are a main essential to have when the weather is harsh or if you are just in the mood to have a slick street style vibe for the day. Go on and buy a pair of Dr. Martens at drmartens.com to purchase the Vintage 1460 Boot! The last boot of the collection of twelve that you need is the desert boot. This is the type of boot that is not considered a sneaker or a dress shoe. It provides proper and casual attire for multiple occasions. The Oakwood Suede Desert Boot can definitely be for an everyday outfit. Follow the link to add to your collection clarkusa.com.

The plain-toe derbies are the type of shoe that you need for a mildly formal/casual occasion. This shoe is not overbearingly dressy but not simply casual. Honestly the best place to buy a pair of plain-toe derbies is from Dsquared2’s Missionary Lace-Ups at dsquared2.com.

Image via Common.Wikipedia/Graeme Bartlett

Penny Loafers allows you to have a classy and sophisticated type of shoe that shows a sense of luxury of a young dapper gentleman when bought by a high-end fashion brand such as GUCCI. So buy a pair today at gucci.com so you can stay GUCCI and look fly!

A minimalist sneaker is perfect when worn as a neutral color, which will coordinate with everything for occasions such as the office, the bar, weekend events, etc. Buy the Achilles Low Gummy sneakers by Common Projects at endclothing.com. Another sneaker would be the technical sneaker that is wonderful for any daily tasks such as running errands. The Gel Lyte III by Asics endclothing.com is a great pair of sneakers to throw on to do your everyday duties. Lastly, a classic throwback sneaker has to be in your collection. Obviously these are needed for all the right reasons so buy the Old Skoll Vans at vans.com to rock your throwbacks!

Image via Common.Wikipedia.org/simplyykelly

The espadrilles are a classier look and upgraded style other than wearing a simple pair of flip flops. Try the espadrilles in black canvas by Saint Laurent ysl.com. To wrap up all of the essentials, the most needed would probably be a pair of house slippers. It is perfect for lounge wear with a simple style that allows you to unwind at the end of a long day and stay comfortable once taking off one of the eleven pair of shoes listed above. Try a pair from L.L Bean at llbean.com.

Hopefully this helpful shoe game collection resolves any issue for your next purchase!

Shoes: Try these Pair of Extravagance

In this country of extravagance and excess, it’s easy to find an expensive, over-the-top pair of shoes. The recipe is rather simple. First, find a pair of high quality shoes. Then, cover it in expensive metals (preferably gold, silver or platinum). Lastly, take a handful of high carat diamonds, paste it all over the shoes and slap a high price tag on it.

But truly expensive pair of shoes are made with love, passion and a healthy dose of quality; not a pair of loafers covered with 24 carat diamonds (Nick C. I’m talking to you). Often made by luxury brands like Salvatore Ferragamo or Louis Vuitton, the prices rarely exceed $10,000. But, they are tastefully designed and sold at a price that will make you feel like you just got your money’s worth. Some designs may have some gold or diamonds, but they are subtle and difficult to spot from a distance.

Moro Monk Strap by A. Testoni
Made with alligator skin, the Moro Monk is a labor of love. Meticulously put together, these shoes are made to be durable yet soft and comfortable in any weather condition. Testoni also offers an option to add a gold, diamond encrusted buckle.

via Fast Life Luxury
via a.testoni

Manhattan Richelieu by Louis Vuitton
Also made from alligator skin, Manhattan Richelieu is put together using complex stitching methods and subtle designs expected from a $10,000 pair of shoes. It even comes with a discrete LV badge on the side of the shoe.via Louis Vuitton


Stefano Bemer Bespoke Shoes

If you are looking for a pair of shoes made just for your spoiled feet, Stefano Bemer bespoke shoes should be your first choice. Taking about 4 weeks to put together, each pair is specially built to match every curve on your feet. Customers can choose hides from a large collection of common and exotic animals (sting-ray and hippopotamus being just a few).

via Stefano Bemer
via Stefano Bemer


Aubercy is a family owned, high-end shoe brand based in Paris. Much like Stefano Bemer, they offer bespoke services to perfectly match the customers feet. With impeccable craftsmanship and dedication to absolute perfection, these shoes will mostly require a kidney or two.

via Aubercy
via Aubercy


Rapiécés Reprisés by Berluti
Put together with supple and high quality leather and inspired by Andy Warhol, Rapiécés Reprisés are for the gentleman committed to the high style. The shoes are made with complex stitching methods and finished with great scrutiny. Made in small quantities, they are truly a symbol of status.

via Rapiécés Reprisés
via Rapiécés Reprisés