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New Balenciaga kicks take over the fashion scene with bizarre look

Typically, only athletic brands try their hand at the unusual shoe layout. A flexible knit body attached to a basic sole creates the new sock sneakers. But as of lately many luxury companies have tried to create their own style of the shoe, trying to sell it to the more fashionable side of the spectrum, but none have been as successful as Balenciaga has with their new Speed Trainers.

Balenciaga’s Speed Trainers have recently have been on the market for some time now and it’s been a surprise by how well they have done, considering it is basically a sock glued onto a sole. Speed Trainers have taken the fashion scene by storm with the model hitting it big since it was released. Speed Trainers are available in a number of different versions and cost roughly between $595 to $695.

The Speed Trainers are in a completely different era compared to their more traditional styled shoes such as the Triple S sneaker. But the sneakers weren’t the only stop for Balenciaga. They recently also released booties and pumps with the sock-like frame which retail around $995.

The fashion trend has become so popular that most fashion chains have adapted the shoe into their own collections. Brands like Zara and Free People have their own take on the shoe sneakers and have them for considerably less. Even Dior has challenged the Speed Trainers with their own revamped sock like sneaker. The B21 sneaker by Dior looks relatively similar to Balenciaga’s take and cost just as much.

Although no luxury label is selling as hot as Balenciaga is with their speed trainers. Speed Trainers are so high in demand that they are virtually sold out everywhere and continue to do so with every restock. You would be considered lucky to even get a knockoff pair of Speed Trainers. Speed Trainers are now available in multiple styles such as: triple black, turquoise, white, prune, and even an IKEA version.

The bizarre shoes have been seen on the feet of celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Hailey Baldwin. Even rappers like Future have been caught wearing the comfortable shoes. The booties and pump versions have also been seen on the feet of Kourtney Kardashian and Rihanna.  As unconventional as they look it seems like everyone, even the A-list celebrities, have taken a liking in the shoes.

“It’s undeniable how comfortable they are”, says Brian Trunzo, senior menswear editor at WSGN. But not everyone has taken a liking in the shoes. Kicks on Fire wrote, “I may not know fashion, but I do know I would not rock these regardless of who or what brand made them”. Even so, it seems like not being for the new fashion trend isn’t the popular opinion amongst consumers seeing how every brand has dipped into the strange shoe market.

Balenciaga has taken a page straight out of brands such as Nike and Adidas, who have been working with this style of shoe for ages. Nike has been experimenting with this dating back as far as 1979 with their Bermuda shoe. Adidas arguably has been on top with their fly knit technology with the likes of their shoes such as NMD, Tubular, and even the one of the most popular shoes Yeezy 350.

In recent studies, Edited has found that the market for Sock-like sneakers has increased by more than 220% among luxury labels and has only been a 20% of discounts on 5% of new arrivals indicating that there will be plenty of time for full price sales.

For more information and looks of the shoe visit, http://balenciaga.com. Keep a look out for the bizarre shoes. There certainly isn’t any indication for the trend to die down anytime soon.

How a Tudor Fabric Watch Strap is Made

Here at FashionMR, we’re fans of awesome watches and the lengthy processes it takes to make such quality timepieces (helps us try to make sense of some of the ridiculous prices). So, it’s obvious for the team to go “gaga” over this video.

Posted by Tudor Watches, it documents the steps taken to make a fabric strap. While pretty antiquated, the straps are carefully put together by a loom. The video goes on to show the clever harmony between physical hands and mechanical devices working in unison. It is definitely worth the look if you’re a fan of Tudor or Nato watch straps.


The Man: Accessorizing Your Look…

One of the hottest trends out there for men right now is accessorizing your look. Whether it’s to go into to town to grab a bit to eat or to a formal soirée; accessorizing the basic pieces that you are wearing will catch some welcomed glances. In the accessory closet for men the list continues to grow with fervor and intensity. Sooner than later without accessories you’re going to run out of different looks and probably become bored with your wardrobe.  

When it comes to accessorizing it seems that women most often take the crown because they have more opportunities. They have purses, extravagant hair pieces, oversized sunglasses, necklaces and the earrings to match. These details have always separated the merely well-dressed from truly stylish mind. Gentlemen, we know matching and looking put-together every day can seem daunting, however, it is easier than you may think.  There are more accessories than I am going to mention but here are a few that are a bit different.

The tie clip: This invention is absolutely awesome, on those chilly windy mornings, the last thing you want is your tie flying up in your face, or when your meeting with your boss ran through lunch, your stomach growling, and you wolf down your food; you don’t want your tie to become doused in ketchup, mayonnaise or whatever else. The clip conveniently clips the tie to your button down for the simple refined look. Style wise, the tie bar can come in an assortment of colors and designs to match or offset your tie or dress shirt.


Bracelets: Depending on the day and the purpose you want your bracelets to be dignified and simple but have some flash if warranted. For a beach day, perhaps some double braided anchor bracelets to go with the nautical theme. On one hand should be your time piece and leave the other wrists to experiment with different bracelet combinations.

Pocket Squares: Everyone can dress themselves in fine tailored suits but, many times they forget to polish off the look. This is were pocket squares come into play. A clever and classic way to finish off your suit and tie combo, and a very nice way to add a bit of flare to your outfit. This is definitely a must have accessory for anyone who wish to take their suit game to another level.