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Rare Sneakers Take the Forefront at Milan Men’s Fashion Week

It’s no secret that when it comes to men’s fashion today footwear, especially sneakers, have a huge impact on the culture today. From designers like Virgil Abloh reimagining ten of Nike’s classic sneakers, which many of them eclipse the thousand dollar price range on the second-hand market, to him becoming the head artistic director to Louis Vuitton, the two worlds are merging. The world of rare sneakers and streetwear coming side by side to become just as coveted as high-end designer clothing just proves how much the culture is shifting. This change has been made clear in many recent fashion weeks by just observing what the crowd and models are wearing on their feet. This most recent Milan Men’s Fashion Week was no different for you could have seen a plethora of rare sought after sneakers on the feet of attendees and models.

This most recent Milan Men’s Fashion Week you were able to witness not just sought after sneakers from brands like Nike and Adidas but also from designer brands like Louis Vuitton and Dior. The fact that you are able to see designers like Raf Simons and Alexander Wang collaborating on sneakers with Adidas just shows that fashion is bridging the gap between the street and the high end. But also with high-end designer brands coming out with stylish almost sport-inspired sneakers like the Louis Vuitton Archlight, you can really observe the true influence of sneakers on fashion.

Sneakers in fashion today is something that doesn’t just bring together fans of streetwear and fans of high-end fashion but brings together two different generations of those who enjoy fashion. You see many important designers and artists today you have a strong connection to Jordan Brand and their classic retro sneakers. You can see the artistic director of Dior Kim Jones constantly in exclusive Jordans not just from his friend Virgil Abloh but rare collabs like the Jordan Fragment One. You may also see the inspiration that Jordan has had on other designers for their own sneakers. You can see this inspiration in many forms whether it is Yves Saint Laurent’s high-top court sneaker that takes many cues from the Jordan One shape and classic colorways to Fear of God’s Jerry Lorenzo taking many similar points of inspiration into his Basketball sneaker.

Whether many in the world of high fashion want to believe it or not the culture is shifting. It is shifting in a way that displays subcultures like sneakerheads taking a major lead when it comes to their inspiration on the world of fashion. Whether it be that these old school sneakerheads are the ones that are influencing high fashion today or that high fashion designers are just taking cues from this culture who has people lining up every week for a pair of shoes just based on their exclusivity. There is something satisfying to many if you have a pair of shoes that the person next to you on the street wasn’t able to acquire not because of the price tag but because you simply worked harder and you can see this at this most recent Milan Men’s Fashion Week and you will see it at many fashion weeks to come.

The Importance of Men’s Body Positivity

As body positivity for women continues to expand every day for women on the internet, in stores and just in everyday conversation the conversation hasn’t necessarily shifted towards talking about body positivity for men. While more and more plus sized women break into the world of fashion and modeling the landscape is still not set for plus sized men to make their push into the forefront. When it comes to covers of magazines and runway shows this most recent New York Fashion Week incorporated a decent amount of plus-sized women’s models the men were somewhat nonexistent with only about one being featured for Asos. Asos already has a section of their website dedicated to plus-sized men and women and are taking strides in giving them fashionable options without shaming them for their bodies.

The importance of men’s body positivity when it comes to fashion is that in the fashion you want clothes that will fit cleanly and look good overall different types of body types, because you are marketing not just to people who are into fashion that are thin. A lot of people personally struggle with coming to terms that the fashion they may love and admire may not be something they can never wear. When you create a collection or a product most designers want whoever appreciates their art and image to be able to purchase and wear their product. This isn’t always the case though when it comes to high fashion designers who mostly model their clothes not just after women that are far thinner and taller than the average woman but for men that have unachievable body standards. For men, I feel it comes in a much different light than for women but male models usually consist of two different body types lean and muscular or just very thin. This becomes an issue for plus sized men when they are online and in-store shopping because they see a product on the rack or on a website and immediately know that this garment will not drape over their body the way the designer intended it to.

The whole stigma that comes with being plus sized in the world today is one that can be very degrading for people. It is something that will affect one’s confidence and the way they try to portray themselves too the world and the least they deserve is to feel confident and comfortable in the clothes they wear. The responsibility of promotion of a positive outlook on plus-sized men and women comes on that of the designers, magazines and clothing companies to find a niche for these people who still definitely have a huge voice and impact on the world of fashion. What companies like Asos providing fashion-forward options and opportunities to not just plus sized women but men even including them in their fashion week runways is something a lot of companies should take notes from. It’s going to take the effort of not just one company to change the outlook on plus-sized men in fashion and just body positivity for men in general, but I think with the trend of body positivity when it comes to women things are moving in the right direction.

Simone Porte Jacquemus set to launch men’s line

Simon Porte Jacquemus has finally revealed his new professional challenge that he has been hinting at on his social media: the launch of his very own menswear line.

The designer announced the news at his Paris fall show by taking a bow in a sweatshirt that read “New Job L’Homme Jacquemus” at his women’s ready-to-wear show.

He won’t be presenting his first creations until Paris men’s fashion week in June, and it has yet to be determined if he will have a show or a presentation for the line.

“I see the Jacquemus man as I see the Jacquemus woman: it’s a sincere story,” Jacquemus told WWD:

“I didn’t do men’s until now because I didn’t feel the need to do men’s and I couldn’t imagine it. I fell in love and I started to imagine that the Jacquemus man exists. I did Jacquemus women’s for my mother, and while I’m not saying that the men’s collection will be all about my boyfriends, it will still always be a love story.”

The designer has used social media as the main outlet for communications since he launched his brand in 2009 after dropping out of fashion school due to his mother’s death (Jacquemus is her maiden name).

Since then, Jacquemus has become one of the most talented young designers on the Paris stage.

Jacquemus has predicted that adding a men’s line would change the mood of the brand. “This is going to change Jacquemus a little in the sense that it’s much more forward-looking, because there is a lot of melancholy in the women’s collections, for obvious reasons,” he said.

Designer label Preen launches collection

Preen, the catwalk label designed by the husband and wife duo Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi and worn by the Duchess of Cambridge and Gwyneth Paltrow, has finally launched a collection which has quickly become London fashion week’s most affordable collection. Prices start at 65 p.

Preen’s collection only has around 6 styles or pieces. It is made in the shape of a postage stamp as a six-stamp collection celebrating 20 years of the brand.

The first-class stamp features the red Finella dress which was worn by the duchess on a royal tour of Canada. The “Power Dress” that first made the label well-known is shown on another stamp.

Preen left the super tight bandage dress behind about a decade ago and has ushered in new calf-length hemlines and looser fabric that have dominated modern fashion aesthetics.

Anti-fur protester crashes London Fashion Week

PETA and anti-fur protesters have become a presence at many Fashion Weeks over the past couple of years, but none of the demonstrators made it inside to the actual show. At Mary Katrantzou’s show at London Fashion Week, one anti-fur protester actually made it into the building and onto the runway.

As shown in the video, the protester was escorted off the runway as models continued to walk down it. What made the situation so ironic was that the Mary Katrantzou show was actually fur-free.

The most wearable trends from men’s fashion month

Every season there are styles that are meant to be outspoken and bold, but this is not the attire we expect to see on an everyday person. We’re here for the most wearable ongoing trends of this coming season.


The fact that plaid was everywhere in the AW18 show in Paris indicates that you should be wearing it this autumn. Balenciaga had long plaid overcoats and patchwork plaid streetwear.

Corduroy Trousers

Corduroy trousers were the worst thing as a child, but lately, designers can’t get enough of them. During the Milan show, there were hundreds of versions of corduroy on the runway. Even streetwear brands like Palm Angels were getting in on the corduroy action.


Leather has always and will always be around, but this year it was a sight to see, ranging from knights and armor inspired leather at Les Hommes to the luxury leather at Berluti. Leather was worked into jackets, pants and even on some shirts. There was also a smaller theme of leather paneling and detailing among the lines.


Proportion was a big thing for all designers, and this year we saw tons of new ways to shape clothes to make a statement. The biggest trend for this was oversized coats outerwear and knitwear. Oversized might be the way to go next winter.

Dior Homme looking to take over the millennial market

Dior Homme did something very unexpected during their show in Paris last week. Before the show, there were hundreds of teenagers shrieking in joy at the site of Twilight actor Robert Pattinson, but that wasn’t the most bizarre thing to happen.

The show started off with a series of slim black suits in single and double-breasted models. Then, the show took an unexpected turn with baggy ravers’ jeans, short-sleeved t-shirts layered over longer sleeved versions and the repeated heavy-metal motif that was etched on rucksacks and bomber jackets. The motif was even seen shaved on the sides of the models’ hair.

Most of the models varied in age, and not just in the 20s range. The theme for the show was “Forever Young,” a reference that dates all the way back to the 1984 Alphaville song.

The designs seemed to appeal toward a new set of customers while also bringing up the past for others. More evidence that Dior was trying to court the millennial market surfaced when Bella Hadid wore a pair of the label’s new trainers, Dior Homme Runners, on her Instagram page.

Dolce & Gabbana’s show catches eyes at Milan Fashion Week

Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana put on an extravagant cat walk show on Saturday with a regal-inspired men’s range, and it even featured some high-profile names from social media.

The show, titled “King’s Angels,” featured tailored suits and patterned lapels with gold embroidery and happened underneath a huge crown.

The Italian powerhouse has turned to millennials as their target market and used a number of promising names to show off its latest collection at Milan Men’s Fashion Week.

Internet icons like Kevin Chaplin, grandson of Charlie; Dylan Jagger Lee, son of Pamela Anderson and drummer Tommy Lee; Paris Brosnan, son of actor Pierce; and Christian Combs, son of P. Diddy, were all on the catwalk.

They were also joined by Neel Visser, who has 2.7 million Instagram followers, Vine star Cameron Dallas and musician Austin Mahone.

The Italian designer Giorgio Armani, 83, already showed off a collection for his Emporio Armani streetwear brand with a full unisex show.

Jimmy Choos makes royally attractive men’s shoes

Jimmy Choo Creative Director Sandra Choi showed the new 2018 men’s collection on the first day of Milan Men’s Fashion Week. The collection was very unique to past Jimmy Choo collections. Sandra Choi was able to give a little insight on her inspiration for the collection:

“We looked at royalty and how they dressed, 16th-century dukes in feathers and organzas and pleats and draped pearls. They could do that to assert their authority. But at the same time, we’re living now in 2018, so let’s just pull it back a bit. Jimmy Choo is not afraid to load up, but it’s about knowing where to put things, what finish to use, what details to pick out.”

Choi took elements from past history but turned it into a more approachable and relatable model for the market. A highlight of the collection was the Baldwyn, a boot-sneaker hybrid. The shoe featured a translucent rubber outsole that was set under a more classically shaped rubber midsole, and the upper half was lizard-print calf leather and tortoiseshell patent.

“For me, the over-arching theme at Jimmy Choo is always about glamour,” said Choi, adding that when it comes to men’s, she tends to be more careful when she makes decisions. “The key is to know where the limit is.”

Arsenal soccer player Hector Bellerin criticized for appearing at London fashion week

Hector Bellerin, Arsenal soccer player and fashion admirer, was caught rocking a look that consisted mostly of Fear of God and a pair of white Balenciaga Triple S sneakers at the same time the soccer player’s team was losing to a smaller club in the FA Cup.


A post shared by Héctor Bellerín (@hectorbellerin) on

The 22-year-old right back star was hit with plenty of backlash from fans over the Spain international’s obsession with fashion. Just three pieces from his outfit cost $3,594.63 which is more than the average monthly wage in England. Bellerin attended the fashion show with his girlfriend, Shree Patel, who wore a similarly outstanding outfit.

The Arsenal defender frequently posts on his Instagram showing off his newest threads, and many supporters are starting to question his passion for soccer. His appearance at a fashion show didn’t help the fact that his team was officially knocked out of the FA Cup due to a 4-2 loss to Nottingham Forest.

Below are some supporters’ responses on Twitter:

“Professional model, used to be a footballer who had so much promise… quite sad.”

“Already prepping a fall-to career Hector?”

“@HectorBellerin would you please take a break from fashion and concentrate on football.”

“I don’t know if you’re seeing it but our team is in tatters. All the recognition and fame you have is because of football and right now you aren’t exactly justifying it.”

When she replies to the DM ?

A post shared by Héctor Bellerín (@hectorbellerin) on

“Stop taking pics that make you look like a k*** and start playing for the team again.”

Vivienne Westwood collection stands out at London Fashion Week Men’s

Vivienne Westwood and Craig Green were two of the best names on Monday’s schedule, also known as the last day of London fashion week men’s. This meant a guaranteed show for the best British creatives.

A normal Vivienne Westwood show is always different from the rest of the fashion week, and her latest collection was no different. To begin with, there was no fashion show, but there was a two-minute and 45-second video that was shot mostly at night or backstage that starred character models, Westwood, an EU flag and sandbags.

Westwood’s theme this year was military style. The message the models kept repeating was “don’t get killed.” The 76 year old designer always manages to put beautiful pieces behind her slogans. The collection put military history with texture and focused more on the color. Westwood’s iconic princess coat was unisex for this collection in big camouflage print, tweed and undyed wool.

The whole collection consisted of belted coats, loose trousers, two-piece suits and draped gowns. Westwood promoted unisex styling for reasons that have to do with helping with the environment.

“You all know what I’m up to – I use fashion as a vehicle for activism to stop climate change and mass extinction of life on Earth,” she said.

David Beckham brings grit to London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week has long been an event to help find a new style for British manhood. For the past two decades, David Beckham has been the poster boy given his mainstream masculinity. Kent & Curwen, a brand that was recently brought back to life on Savile Row in 1926, has been a partner of David Beckham since 2015 when he became an owner.

Kent & Curwen worked with photographer Perry Ogden, who photographed the book Pony Kids. He posted his images along the walls of its autumn/winter 2018 collection. The images were shown in the new store on Floral Street, and while the images seem a bit odd for a menswear brand, they worked well with Beckham’s type of pedigree. Beckham is a man with some grit behind him.

The brand’s new direction is different from their first impression with Beckham, one which was more suited for Savile Row. The clothes that were designed by creative director Daniel Kearns had a college feel with striped knitwear, duffel coats and checked jackets. The new look is one that suits Beckham now more than ever. There are bomber jackets and t-shirts with “no guts, no glory” written on them. Other repeated motifs on the pieces included the rose and the three lions crest.

Beckham praised Ogden’s experience, way of shooting talented kids and accurately portraying them in pictures:

“That’s what the brand is about. It’s very multi-generational. I can go in the store and find something great and my 15- or 18-year-old kid can go in the store and find something great.”

Beckham believes his contribution is significant, especially in Asia where Kent & Curwen have stores including 100 in China alone. “I think what I bring to this is I am very British, I did wear the three lions for 15 years,” said Beckham. “Having the relationship in Asia that I have, the popularity that I have, it helps.”

Menswear brands to recognize for the upcoming fashion week

As more and more top brands are opting to combine their menswear and womenswear shows and presenting their full collections during the busier womenswear season, the official menswear schedules have taken a toll and lost big fashion house names. London is now without Burberry and J.W. Anderson; Paris lost Balenciaga and Saint Laurent; Milan no longer has Gucci; New York missed out on Calvin Klein and Coach.

Even with the sparsity of superstar names this season, there will be no lack of talent. With such changes increasing, a new wave of menswear brands is set to benefit. As big brands leave, lesser known brands gain the space, time and attention. There are a number of menswear brands to take notice of before it’s too late: GmbH in Berlin, Grace Wales Bonner and Charles Jeffrey in London, Feng Chen Wang and Xander Zhou in China, and Avoc and Y/Project in Paris. These brands will soon become the future of men’s fashion.

The GmbH brand launched in 2016, and within a couple of months, the Berlin brand was shortlisted for the LVMH Prize. The brand will be showing in Paris for the second time on Jan. 16.

Charles Jeffrey recently had success at The Fashion Awards and will have his second standalone show at London Fashion Week Men’s. Grace Wales Bonner single-handedly brought the ideas and issues that surround black masculinity to the front of her LVMH Prize-winning label. Her next collection is set to debut tomorrow in London.

Avoc is a brand that has recently won the ANDAM Award’s Creative Brand Prize. The gender-neutral brand will show during Paris menswear week and is set to collaborate with Nike later in the year.

Xander Zhou has been on the London menswear schedule since the week emerged. Y/Project has grown its stockists almost 500% in over three years. The brand is set to show in Paris as well. Feng Chen Wang has opted to show in New York for its menswear show this season.

Tinie Tempah goes from top charts to top shows

Tinie Tempah top floor of his studio in Holland Park is covered in clothes and paper sketches. Tinie Tempah has went from being a well-known musician to becoming a well-known fashion icon. Tempah released his first collection for What We Wear.  Tempah has been an ambassador for LFWm since its launch back in 2012, a time where Tinie Tempah believes was pivotal for men’s fashion.

“I think 2010, 2011, there was a lot of press about how British men were becoming more fashionable. ‘Metrosexual’ was the term being used around the time,” he tells the BBC.

“Since then, more men have been paying attention to their fashion. To be honest, I still think there’s a lot more women paying attention to what they wear, how they wear it, how it looks, who the designer is.”

“But we’re started to seeing a new generation of young people who are very savvy, more into their brands.”

“Most people who are shooting music videos, they’re styled to some degree, there’s some thought about what they’re wearing, how their hair is styled. All of that, to me, is fashion.”

“Even a fashion show itself wouldn’t be right if there wasn’t any music. I think there’s a really close relationship between the two.”

“I’d say it was from about nine or 10. I come from a Nigerian immigrant background, my parents had us here, and my Mum, on top of having three or four jobs, she always believed in having a side hustle, and one of those was actually going and buying fabric,” Tinie explains.

“She’d go over to Switzerland or Italy, bring it back and sell it to other women from the local community.

“In Nigerian culture, a lot of the women like to make their own dresses and wear them to weddings, so she’d buy all these different materials, and once in a while she’d let me go with her.”

“From there, I started to understand and have a bit of a passion and knowledge for fashion and textiles in general.”

Tinie’s enthusiasm eventually encouraged to him become a prominent figure in the fashion circuit, working closely with the British Fashion Council.”

“I remember just saying to myself one day, ‘I can’t come to another Men’s Fashion Week for the sixth year running, being this guy that knows fashion, being this guy that’s a clothes horse for most of these designers, and not make a contribution myself,'” he recalls.

Paris extends men’s fashion week to six days in 2018

Paris is now extending its Men’s Fashion Week from five days in January to six days, starting in 2018. The schedule change was made among the increase of big fashion designers leaving the New York show in order to find bigger stages. This year, the menswear shows will start on Tuesday, January 16 adding a numerous amount of new arrivals, and will be ending in January 21, according to the schedule released by French fashion’s governing party, Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode.

The opening day for Paris Men’s Fashion Week brings will have three new additions, Palomo Spain, Parisian label Nïuku, and GmbH collective. Dunhill London is also set to present its newest collection in Paris this season on the final day of men’s fashion week.

A big missing name is the French capital brand Balenciaga, the brand has decided to skip out on menswear and is going to stage a coed show for both menswear and womenswear in March, during Paris’s womenswear Fashion Week.  Vetements is currently on the way in on the list for Paris Men’s Fashion Week. The label has yet to be currently featured on the official schedule.

Paris Men’s Fashion Week: Provisional schedule

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

17:00 ― Palomo Spain

18:00 ― Nïuku

19:00 ― Namacheko

20:00 ― GmbH

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

10:00 ― Julien David

11:00 ― Off-White

12:00 ― Facetasm

13:30 ― Icosae

14:30 ― Lemaire

15:30 ― Y/Project

16:30 ― Walter Van Beirendonck

18:00 ― Haider Ackermann

19:00 ― OAMC

20:00 ― Valentino


Thursday, January 18, 2018


10:00 ― AMI Alexandre Mattiussi

11:00 ― Issey Miyake Men

12:30 ― Rick Owens

13:30 ― Angus Chiang

14:30 ― Louis Vuitton

15:30 ― Sean Suen

16:30 ― Boris Bidjan Saberi

17:30 ― Yohji Yamamoto

19:00 ― Dries van Noten

20:00 ― Pigalle Paris


Friday, January 19, 2018


10:00 ― Junya Watanabe Man

11:00 ― Maison Margiela

12:00 ― Ann Demeulemeester

13:00 ― Juun J.

14:00 ― Acne Studios

15:00 ― Hed Mayner

16:00 ― Cerruti 1881

17:00 ― Comme des Garçons Homme Plus

18:00 ― Alexander McQueen

20:00 ― Berluti


Saturday, January 20, 2018


10:00 ― Sacai

11:00 ― Etudes

12:00 ― Avoc

13:00 ― Thom Browne

14:00 ― Andrea Crews

15:00 ― Dior Homme

16:00 ― Wooyoungmi

17:00 ― Balmain Homme

18:00 ― Henrik Vibskov

19:00 ― White Mountaineering

20:00 ― Hermès


Sunday, January 21, 2018


10:00 ― Officine Générale

11:00 ― Lanvin

12:00 ― Agnès b.

13:00 ― Sankuanz

14:00 ― Rynshu

15:00 ― Enfants Riches Déprimés

16:00 ― Paul Smith

17:00 ― Christian Dada

18:00 – Dunhill London

19:00 ― To be confirmed

20:00 ― Kenzo ― AFP-Relaxnews

Vetements to join Paris Men’s Fashion Week

Demna Gvasalia is continuing to surprise the Paris fashion calendar and has decided to experiment with new runway timetables for his Vetements brand.

WWD has been the first to confirm that Vetements plans to stage its next coed show, for the fall 2018 season on January 19th during Men’s Fashion Week in Paris. The details about the timing and venue could not be learned.

In the past, Vetements has shown their men’s and women’s collection together during the couture show, but last season the label skipped the runway in favor of doing a showroom presentation.

The brand Vetements was founded in Paris back in 2014, now the company has launched itself onto the fashion scene with bold shows. A couple of the shows have been hosted in the most bizarre places like the basement darkrooms of a seedy gay club, and a shabby Chinese restaurant. These types of location have helped spread the streetwear trend and brought forth a breaking approach to fashion based on garments rather than the seasonal themes.

Last year the brand made an official switch from its show from the ready-to-wear schedule into the couture week, then soon after a guest member of the Chambre Syndicale de la haute Couture, forged a path that American brands such as Proenza Schouler and Rodarte followed. Men’ Fashion Week in Paris is scheduled to run from January 17 to 21.

Men’s fashion at Heineken Lagos Fashion Week

The Heineken Sponsored, Lagos Fashion and Design week this year was astounding and riveting. It was themed “Shaping Fashion’s Future” and it took place at Eko Atlantic, Lagos.

The show absolutely put the African fashion industry in a standstill with how the fashion showcases showed plenty of new and fresh collections. The fashion shows were met with bigger crowds than normal and they came with an even bigger appetite for fashion. Although there was a diverse collection for men’s fashion, there were a couple collections that didn’t quite sit right with the crowd. Maxivive’s menswear and Clan’s class collections had some remarkable pieces that more than likely will never go out of style.

Even with the clothes setting off fireworks, the runway was also focused on pageantry and entertaining the crowd. Designer Mai Atafo combined every factor together during his collection. His designs were fun, versatile, and just plain amazing, but the closing dance was arguably the best part. The People of color collection was by far the boldest. It was filled with daring and beautiful colors. Overall with this collection there was a very playful and laid-back vibe.

The men’s collection was more so a mix and match type of fashion show, showing the audience some ideas on the wearability and styling options for each outfit.  Fashion overall has evolved into a new era where accessories are everything. A lot of the models wore sandals, homegrown trainers like xeexs, and a variety of them were showing off long beaded necklaces over their outfits.

The shoes from the attendees also were making a statement of their own. The shoes worn really showed off the personality of the owner. Slips on were running amok and the more fashionable men paired them with bold looks.

Noble Igwe, Denrele Edun, and Denola Grey really displayed their ‘bad boy’ side of fashion. The Sound Sultan, Enyinaya Nwigwe, Bovi, Bryan Okwara, Yomi Casuals all showed up with class, with little or no persona attached to their plain but outstanding outfits.

What followed the fashion show was also just as spectacular. The Heineken ‘Live Your Music’ party was the after party for the Lagos Fashion and Design Week.  The party kicked off with Dj Big N and Dj Neptune playing the best hits from Nigeria’s biggest artist to really set the tone for a really extravagant night of music.

Do-2d-tun had a special feature that night called the ‘takeover’ session. This special segment provided the guests an opportunity to ‘live their music’ as the crowd had the chance to vote for their favorite songs through the Heineken ‘Live Your Music’ wristbands they wore.  The songs with the highest votes were played in real time for the Dj set. The headliner of this amazing music event was none other than Jidenna. Jidenna played all his hits like ‘Classic Man, ‘Little Bit More’, ‘Particular’, and even premiered his newest single ‘Boomerang’.

For photos of some of the best looks go to, http://allure.vanguardngr.com/2017/11/mens-fashion-at-heineken-lagos-fashion-and-design-week/

First ever indigenous fashion week held in Canada

Cultural appropriation has been a very controversial topic now more than ever in a very torn America. Finally, there has been an event that correctly displays indigenous culture and its people. But the first ever event of its kind, happened in Canada.

Since we began wearing clothes, there has always been a meaning behind most of our garments. Whether it be a necklace or a shirt, fashion has always been meant to portray a story. And that is exactly the style of Canada’s Aboriginal people. Being one of the oldest civilizations on earth, their traditions and native costumes have been used in ways that have been considered inappropriate by the community.

A few months ago, the first ever Indigenous Fashion Week was held in Vancouver, Canada. It was created by the First Peoples as a reclamation of their long-lasting heritage. Aboriginal style has been around for around 14,000 years and has been used a good amount in mainstream fashion. Native patterns and headdresses have marks all over pop culture and across hundreds of fashion magazines. Not many people realize the designs and styles have hardly ever been used correctly.

“Cultural Appropriation is a touchy subject”, founder of label EMME, Korina Emmerich says, “While I don’t feel it comes from racism, I do feel it comes from a place of ignorance. So, I urge people to do their research”.

Held in July 2017, the inaugural Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week was created as a way to show consumers, who want to wear native style clothes, how they can wear it respectfully while also buying it from First Nations designers. The event was over the course of four days and showcased Aboriginal designers and models.

“I think Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week is incredibly important to highlight Indigenous designers”, Emmerich says, “Many designers today are inspired by Indigenous regalia, but often miss the mark on representing it in an appropriate and respectful way”.

Many of the VIFW collections paid tribute to the designers’ heritage and homelands. They accomplished this by using a mix of natural materials and traditional handicraft methods with a contemporary aesthetic.

Emmerich was one of the more established artist showcased at the Indigenous Fashion Week. The designer competed in the U.S ‘Project Runway’ and was shown at Mercedez Benz Fashion Week in New York.

Esquiro was another established fashion designer as well. She Creates contemporary designs using traditional techniques with recycled textiles and ethically sourced wool, fur, and leather. She is one of the few Canadian Aboriginal fashion designers who has international attention. Recently she became the first native designer to be a part of the first fashion show on the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

“Opportunities like this are things that a girl from a small community, like myself, could never dream of”, Esquiro says.

In menswear, Curtis Oland is the name that sticks out. Having been named ‘top emerging talent’ at last year’s Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, Oland gets most of his inspiration for his Lil’wat First Nation heritage.

Culture appropriation, for the time being, will be a touchy subject but with events like these kinds will surely help non-indigenous people to understand and respect the cultures. The VIFW was a huge success and there are plans already to make the event annually.



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As the seasons transition, we find ourselves scrounging for the next best items to own to wear proudly and continue to be the most stylish guy. Below you will find a list of items that you need to purchase for this autumn.

First is the off-white shade Wrangler Wild Wash Vintage Design T-shirt. This shirt is perfect for street wear! It is a simple graphic T that you obviously need so follow the link Wrangler.com. Another is the River Island Mid Blue Faded Ripped Jimmy Slim Tapered Jeans. Oh man… that is one long name for a pair of jeans! Anyway, these jeans resemble a 90s style fit with a white washed look. It features multiple rips as well. Here is the link to purchase a pair RiverIsland.com. The Primark Camouflage Backpack features the next century camouflage at a reasonable price. Follow the link Primark.com to retrieve your newest backpack!

Next is the H&M Nylon Bomber Jacket. This is the perfect jacket to transition throughout the season. It is a very lightweight jacket; so follow the link H&M.com to purchase your jacket for the 2017 Fall. The collaboration of RNLI X Finisterie features items that include fisherman knits, beanies, and waterproof jackets. The positive affect happens when you purchase an item. 10 percent of the sales are donated to charity!

Image via Flickr/ Daniel Pimley

The Fimex MKI Aluminum Watch is the next best thing to own this season. This watch is the reinterpretation of the Mik-W-46374B TimeX from 1982. It features a military aesthetic with a sleeker and slimmer band. Here is the link to purchase one for you End.com. Another pair of jeans to own would be the G-Star Raw Motac 3D Slim Jeans. These jeans were specifically constructed for mobility and comfort. It features 3D ribbed panels along the calf and back of the knee. To own a pair here is the link g-star.com.

Obviously, shoes need to be purchased for this upcoming season. The Adidas Originals EQT Support Boost 93/17 has the most ground breaking contemporary design to date! Here is the link Adidas.com to purchase a pair for you. You already know that you will not be disappointed in this wise purchase. The MKI Miyuki Zoku Pink Printed Cotton Top is another shirt to buy. It has a very updated design that runs up the sleeves. Here is the link harveynichols.com.

To carry all of this stuff you are about to purchase you need a stylish bag. The Sandqvisk Apollo Backpack that has a sleek style for durability and practicality. Here is the link sandqvick.net so you can carry all of the necessities! Again, you can never have enough shirts so the Beams Plus Camp-Collar Printed Shirt will be a great purchase. This shirt resembles a 80s theme by the print-blocking technique pattern throughout the shirt. Here is the link to buy it mrporter.com.

Topman featured black checked jogger pants. These joggers are extremely fashion forward that are as comfortable as ever! Here is the link Topman.com to keep looking stylish but comfortable as ever! Lastly everyone just needs to purchase the Boohoo Man Nasa Cap. Everyone needs a hat… so there is the excuse to buy it boohooman.com!

These are some of the top essentials to own right now especially during the change in the seasons. Hopefully, you find some of these products to fit your personality and can represent your style!

Dress Code 101: The New Rules to Know

The typical dress attire has changed in multiple aspects. These helpful tips will allow you to update your formal attire to be the best-dressed man! Numerous dress code rules that were established throughout previous decades are vanishing or loosening right in front of our own eyes. This allows each man to create easier and more appropriate outfits for dressier occasions. As street wear, sportswear, and gender fluidity continue to rise across numerous collections, it becomes known within the mainstream fashion.

One of the dress codes that have changed revolves around coordination and color appropriation. The old dress code consisted of different shades of grey, navy, and black. The new revamped style allows men to coordinate with layers of different colors and patterns. In this new generation of style code, a tie has become optional as well. A simple T-shirt and jeans can be just as appropriate for the office for certain occasions.

In the olden days, wedding suits were known to be a plain solid dark color. By bringing color into the man’s wedding attire, this allows character and sensibility. The combination of styles, silhouettes, and ascents are now a factor within the fashion of men at weddings.

Remember the good old nightclub days, when you had to wear black dress shoes? Well, those days are gone! Now, a simple white tennis shoe is appropriate for the nightclub or evening event scenery. This shoe allows a versatile array of options as it can coordinate with countless outfits.

Back in the day, crew necks were for the day to keep casual attire, as collared shirts were worn to evening events to resemble formal attire. In the 21st Century, a contemporary-casual is the norm that allows men to create multiple combinations, which can be worn during the day or night for any occasion. Basic necessities consist of tailored trousers, plain crew neck T-shirt, loopback sweatshirt, sneakers, and a casual bomber jacket.

Gender fluidity continues to influence multiple brands, which is a major step in the fashion industry this decade. Recent trends that have crossed over into men’s fashion have consisted of embroidery, looser trousers, sliders, and round sunglasses.

Jogger pants in the past were known to be worn only around the house, to do errands, or go to the gym. Now, they can revamp an entire outfit by adding street style to the pieces. Adidas and Louis Vuitton have partnered with Supreme to work on luxury sportswear items that can be worn during any casual occasion.

Hopefully these helpful new rules allow you to revamp your style into the 21st Century!

Ermanno Scervino Shows During Milan Men’s Fashion Week – Fall/Winter 2014-15

via theskinnybeep.com
via theskinnybeep.com

Multi-functionality describes was what was shown here by having an individual pattern and fabric being used with various designs and outerwear. That concept embodied the different materials that included wool, leather, fur and the luxurious yet under-utilized velvet. Each design, pattern and material usually had three different versions to show its multi-functionality with different styles. The show opened with a gingham pattern that featured white gingham wool trousers with a gingham shirt, tie and a gray and black gingham wool double breasted pea coat. Flowing with the multi-function theme that same patterns was also worn in a two piece wool suit with the same colors and pattern combination and a leather weekender bag that included the gingham pattern and design. Prince of Wales patterns were also used in various pea coats, scarfs and fedoras displaying the pattern’s versatility. However, designs and patterns weren’t the only cross-functional pieces in this collection. Colors and fabrics were also used in variations to show options for materials. Blue was a widely used color that varied from navy to royal and used as both the prime color and accented trims.

via www.theskinnybeep.com
via www.theskinnybeep.com

Blue puffer jackets walked down the runway with black fur linings and with royal blue wool lining as well. Including jackets that were reversible, so depending on where you were going and the weather that day. For the elegant look, it would be the blue wool as the outer shell and if it rains then reverse it and have the royal blue nylon on the outside to stay dry. Blue was also used as an accent trim with a houndstooth cardigan. The cardigan had the blue outline trim that also featured a horizontal stripe at the base paired with a blue and gray wool scarf. Leather made a crucial appearance being made into leather pants that were paired with royal blue wool blazers, pea coats and in their own set of double breasted coats that also included a motorcycle jacket. The most luxurious material of the night was shown at the end because the best is always saved for last. That material was velvet. Used in a two piece suit with both single and double breasted renditions, an overcoat and trouser combination and the best of all when velvet is always a hit, with a velvet shawl collar tuxedo combination featuring silk lapels. The show ended with all the models wearing capes of the previously shown designs and fabrics. Even further expanding the collections versatility, style and functionality which showed how a single material and color can be transformed into the needed style. Ermanno Scervino is someone you should definitely look out for.



New York Fashion Week S/S 2015 Street Style Day 2

Day 2 of Fashion Week was all about the blue. Whether it was dark, navy or bright blue many FashionMisters were wearing blue suits.  Unisex fashion was also very prevalent, skirts don’t only have to be for women. To add masculinity, they were paired with a sports jersey and a shirt and a bolo tie.


What is a FashionMister?
“Someone who isn’t afraid of fashion.”

FashionMR Fashion Week6JPG

“It’s all about the blue suits.”


Here are our favorites for day 2.



Antonio Marras at Milan Men’s Fashion Week

via uomo-moderno.com
via uomo-moderno.com

An ode to fine tailoring, master sewing techniques and a tribute to his father was how this show started for Antonio Marras. The collection was filled with mixing fabrics and subtle colors into singular pieces with touches on modern design and flare.

The collection started with a white polka dot pattern on a deep navy suit combination and followed by a white shirt with a print of his father in a pinstripe suit. That was the start of the tribute from the son, which was shortly after followed by a double breasted coat that featured two different color block and fabric combinations with the chest and sleeves.

The tailoring was so detailed that on that piece it was possible to see the stitch line as one fabric changing to the other. Further showing fine design techniques was a jersey cardigan which transitioned from a gray color to a charcoal blue plaid pattern.

Turtle neck sweaters had various designs and patterns including rugby stripes both in regular and cropped versions of the same design while Fair Isle patterns in sweaters brought some history back into the collection with a traditional feel.

The tribute didn’t stop there because almost every design had some sort of pattern, fabric combination, print or modernization of a classic design from the past. That included having suit pants conceptualized from a sporty fabric held up by drawstrings instead of belts. An original makeover for a design that has been the norm since it can be remembered.

Two pieces stood out because of the fabric combinations with one of them being a cropped leather motorcycle jacket that had pinstripe suit sleeves. However, the most intriguing item from this collection was a double breasted jacket that included three different materials. With a felt fabric going to a glen plaid wool and ending with a white shearling.

The ultimate homage didn’t come from the clothing though in this show, it came when all the tailors sitting behind their sewing machines stood up and put on their still torn and unfinished blazers and walked out down the runway. A fitting end to a tribute collection from son to father.

via uomo-moderno.com
via uomo-moderno.com




Damir Doma show Fall/Winter 2014 during Paris Fashion Week

Fabric blocking and patterns come together in this collection. Wool and nylon make an overcoat that is a very modern take on a timeless classic. Having a four button design takes you back some years and then using nylon as the main sleeve fabric moves you to the future some years too.  Redesigning the notch lapel was a great touch, by folding over the collar with the extra wool exposed gives the notch lapel a new and third dimension that isn’t seen in today’s suits or coats. Another design concept is the loose thread stitching of the pants and jackets, by doing that it seem as if the items aren’t fully sewn. It’s just loose extra material that adds dimension. A lot of the designs also give the impression of being in a forest because of the stitching patterns that resemble tree barks. The various textures and fabrics that are compiled are true experiments and futuristic designs. But coming next season the future will be here.

Dries Van Noten shows Fall/Winter 2014 during Paris Fashion Week

Bold describes this collection and no other word should come close.  Bold pink, then purple, then blue, after that yellow and finally mellows out to hunter green and gray tones. Some patterns belong in “Tron” while others are just the ones that your teenage child would love to have. Dye and acid washed shirts with pants, both in pink and purple. The most basic crew neck purple sweater had gray horizontal dye stripes patterns. Can’t wear that to the office any more, but it would definitely look great with a gray pair of pants or jeans during the weekend. This collection surely turns neck, and the one piece that will turn the most necks is the item that will keep your own neck warm. The scarf, made from various dyed furs like yellow, blue, gray and hunter green, it’s as if a fox tail was around your neck. Now that would be a great story for the weekend.

Tillmann Lauterbach shows Fall/Winter 2014 during Paris Fashion Week

 His collection should be classified as a notch above the rest. Well not a notch as in a class, but in regards to lapels. Using various coats ranging from Mac (Macintosh) to bomber jackets that feature white shearlings on the outside as opposed to the norm. His collection is full of color, and void of color at the same time if that’s possible. His white, gray and black color blocked leather jacket with wide notch lapels really makes it easy when choosing what color jacket to wear. Just choose that one and chances are it will coordinate with anything you have on. His sweaters are unique too, having a grey wool sweater with black color spots bleeding through also having a horizontal wool knit pattern around the neck and sleeves. Well if you aren’t one that likes to be in those gray areas, how about a black wool, with blue leather sleeve sport jacket. However, the most unique piece that walked down the runway was a gray, black and white horizontally patterned and color blocked faux suede anorak, with a rolled up second outer layer that was held together by a yellow metal and cable knit belt in the back. Something to almost end the show with a wow factor.

John Richmond shows Fall/Winter 2014-15 during Milan Men’s Fashion Week

The standout in this show were the shoes and the blazers. They had the most unique and intricate designs, styles and colors. Embroidery was a big part of this collection that included Asian inspirations, geometrical shapes, and song lyrics. First off, to start the show with red soled shoes set the tone for the whole event. You start wondering what will come next and what colors will I see? So you look for colors and see fabrics like a gray and purple shaded fur bomber and waistline jacket. Coloring the stage again comes a red leather asymmetrical zippered motorcycle jacket with a geometrical pattern of a half circle resembling a sunrise or a half moon depending on your mood and outlook. Paired with black trousers and red patent leather monk strap shoes. Wanting more red comes a red checkered coat that had a black velvet collar, flap pocket details together with matching trousers and another pair of red soled shoes. In between all the reds and leathers, there were numerous blue leather and suede loafers with cross designs that accented the dark look and gave a light blue skies feel and also featured were white shoes that contrasted the leather jackets and pants. Leather was used in various designs being the focal point and being the accenting detail as part of a down jacket with leather sleeves, or when used as the centerpiece in a complete black design involving a chevron leather blazer that has wool patch pockets and sleeves with black leather monk strap shoes having metal cross details. One of the finer fabrics, silk, was used in a variety of ways being introduced with a black bomber jacket having a print of a crying female angel statue surrounded by fully bloomed red roses. That same print design was used with a silk shirt and a neoprene sweater showcasing the print applications to various fabrics. However, when it comes to fabrics, velvet is one that you either love or hate.

John Richmond used velvet as both accents with collars and trims but mainly as one of the main components of a look with numerous velvet pants. His silver velvet two piece suit really portrayed what velvet could do in the right environment. Gray is nice, silver velvet is for the bold though. Another look that was for the bold was a leather jacket with diamond studs and his white silk x-ray shirt with python embroidery applications on the sleeves. When it comes to being bold, just saying it is only half the battle. Wearing and doing something bold is the other half. The boldest piece in the whole collection was also the last item showcased. It came in the form of a traditional black dinner blazer. Only this dinner blazer had Lou Reed lyrics embroidered all around the jacket. Front, back, shoulders, sleeves. The only parts that were left untouched were the lapels, the collar, and the silk besom pockets. Although it would have been so much more bold if the lapels were embroidered too. In the end John Richmond gave us a collection that showcased numerous bold colors, designs, patterns and stitching details along with fabrics that otherwise most would not dare to wear. Maybe bold will be the new subtle and in that case this collection would still be bold.

Raf Simons & Sterling Ruby shows Fall/Winter 2014 during Paris Fashion Week

 This one is just a complete “you have to see it to love it philosophy.”  The items here look like an art project, but the debate is by whom? First it feels as a journey through a punk rock culture with sweaters being made from a single knit fabric then having more than three other knit design patches sewn onto it creating the variation in colors and depth. It’s a collaboration or art in its most simplistic form. The coats in this collection are the epitome of originality and simplicity. With a plain trench coat being redesigned by adding sewing patches of various fabrics and materials like velour, multiple knitted colored fabrics all in distressed cut forms shows the imagination for simple yet unique design. It then becomes a psychedelic feel with the colors and patterns changing to more of a dyed design style using galaxy and planet prints in the coats and t-shirts. Ending with an art show or colors and patterns on wool canvases, by using the overcoats and adding various geometric style patterns of colored tape, sewing in various fabrics and adding prints of pictures. That once plain and basic wool coat, became a masterpiece of color and fabric blocking art.