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Paris Fashion Week gets dark at Givenchy

The red carpet has finally moved on from the time’s up blackout, but there have recently been some interesting pieces in the Givenchy and Elie Saab collections during Paris Fashion Week.

Claire Waight Keller, Givenchy designer in her sophomore season, has taken over the reins for Riccardo Tisci with a different mood, taking her inspiration from the 80’s Berlin. She turned the halls in the Paris Palace of Justice into a dark and moody maze, with models walking down in big curtains of black, slate and blue as spotlights hovered over them.

Waight Keller took inspiration from David Bowie, Stranger Things and Noomi Rapace. Waight Keller started the show with louche faux furs cinched with patent belts before turning on the sharp-cut dresses that would fit right in Germany ’83. Pencil skirts and oversized animal prints followed right behind, with both men and women in shiny trousers.

The men’s looks were mostly tailored, with the exception of the puffy white coat. The oversized equipment handled bags that were carried by the men will most likely cross over.

Fall Trends For Men

Givenchy Fall/Winter 2015
Givenchy Fall/Winter 2015
Hermes Fall/Winter 2015
Hermes Fall/Winter 2015
Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2015
Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2015












Temperatures are getting cooler. Our favorite jeans, long sleeves, sweaters, scarves, and hats are being brought out from deep down in the closet. The question is, are those pieces from last year still trendy? More than likely with a couple adjustments, they are. Here are some tips when putting your looks together for fall fashion which is approaching rather quickly.

Scarves: If you are wearing a rather simple, sophisticated outerwear look, use a bold colored scarf to make it stylish. Hermes did exactly this in their fall 2015 menswear fashion show. Wearing a gray suit with a statement scarf is a must-have for fall and winter collection.

Dismantle Your Suit: If you have plans after work and you need to dress casual, make sure you wear the right pieces for your workday. If you plan on wearing your gray suit, make sure to wear either a simple, solid color dress shirt or a patterned one. This way when work is done, you can take off the jacket, undo the top couple buttons of your shirt, and look like a stylish gentlemen. For instance, choose paisley, plaid, polka dots, something that will make you stand out in the right way. When it comes to stripes, if you have a pinstripe suit and undershirt with stripes the same width, rock it. Givenchy did exactly this in his Fall 2015 Menswear Collection.

Patterned Suit: If you’ve got one that is easy on the eyes, yet intriguing, rock it this fall. However, do make sure it’s full of neutrals and not full of pastels (Do note that shades of red should be in your wardrobe as well). Fall is the season for neutrals and that’s exactly what Louis Vuitton presented.

Knits: These were in style last fall, and are yet again in style this fall. Top designers around the globe are making traditionally feminine knitted pieces and making them stylish and trendy for men. What is that piece exactly? A skirt. Givenchy used various knitted skirts paired with a pant leg and jacket in the 2015 fall collection. It’s something every man should consider and see if he can pull it off.

One last tip for my men out there, facial hair is great. However, even though it is considered “No Shave November,” I would advise you to at least trim it so it looks nice, and not straggly and food-filled like a caveman’s.

Images via Imaxtree

Givenchy’s School Backpack

From the tribal complexions of Spring/Summer 2014, to influences from the Bauhaus art school, the graphic collection presented by Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy is the product of combined diverse inspirations. Tisci’s executions reveal a raw, street vibe to the collection, portraying the gang/thug style. The label’s Fall/Winter 2014-2015 pre-collection encompasses a bold mix of urban culture and features.

The Black Abstract Portrait Backpack is the latest Givenchy accessory that is being admired widely. With its multicolor mural with an ethnic street vibe vibrant stamp, the backpack surely defines the urban look.

Givenchy has had major success with the line of backpacks that include: Madonna Backpack, Givenchy Black & Yellow, Givenchy Airplane Backpack, and Givenchy Black Bambi Print Backpack.

via ssense.com
via ssense.com


Fashion Free Land

Dear Reader,

Did you ever wonder how fur would look on you? Did you ever wonder if thongs are really just for women? Or if pink is really a taboo? If you have, then you haven’t been to the fashion world.

When you wonder, you never know. Keep that in mind.

As we witness designers loosing all inhibitions on the runways, it is only fair to join the ride. So if you are into hairnets as Riccardo Tisci, strut it all the way out.

For Spring 2015, the menswear collections included it all. If you wanted to formalize the mood with a childish touch of stripes, proceed to Dior Homme.

via nowfashion.com
via nowfashion.com

If you are starving for tailored, churchy and monochrome strictness Givenchy is open 24/7.

via givenchy.com
via givenchy.com

And with Hedi Slimane’s continuous rock ’n’ roll indulgence, you don’t have to fantasize about your favorite rock star, you can be one.

via hedislimane.com
via hedislimane.com

So this season and proceeding forward, don’t understate your desire to wear what was sewn for you. But, you have to always keep in mind that size does matter and always choose the perfect one for your body.
On a lighter note can you imagine yourself wearing a backless shirt or perhaps a dress?


Photo via Linghao

Fall for Fall Trends

The clothes have been displayed and now it’s about time to get them bodied. During the F/W 2014 fashion display shows around the world, fashion designers weren’t shy to overstate the importance of empowering the boldness in men’s fashion wear.
From Saint Laurent’s rock’n’roll collection to Lanvin’s the ‘80s never died themed pieces, the runways kept throwing the perfect punches. While Kenzo and Mihara Yasuhiro got technical with colors and prints, Hermes opted for the edgy monochrome escape.
You name it, you saw it!
Mid summer is the perfect time to establish your fall wardrobe. Taking a glance at your favorite brands will allow you to execute the smart shopping. With sales being up to 70 percent in most boutiques and stores, you will find look a likes for the price you like. With Riccardo Tisci’s Givenchy pattern sweatshirts as an example, don’t be shy to take a trip to Zara to find a similar piece.
Not only did Givenchy have fun with sweatshirts, Acne Studios, Christopher Kane, Dolce & Gabbana, and Lavin participated.
Leather stood solid among designers and having said, the perfect and most sustainable piece of clothing that should be added to the list is a leather jacket. Almost all designers accessorized their outfits with a perfect leather jacket, please imitate!
And finally, while some men dismiss animal print, some take it to the runway. Bold of the boldest Olivier Rousteing invited leopard and zebra prints to the Balmain collection. So why shouldn’t you?

Givenchy – Men’s Paris Fall/Winter 2014/15 Review

You see the inspiration behind the design front and center. The pink international basketball court inside a round fence. So the first thought is where is the ball? Then the models start walking out about a minute after the music starts and you find the basketball which you were searching for. It isn’t rolling around, or tucked away in some corner, it’s everywhere. The Givenchy designs are about basketball. From the fabrics used to the colors and patterns of the clothing, basketball is on his mind and now on everyone else’s. There aren’t any skinny pants here. Everything is loose fitted and relaxed. The materials are more sports related and are high quality sports attire. Loose fitted trousers with over-sized color blocked pocket appliques was what was noticeable right away and throughout the show. The colors fabrics and designs were all basketball related in some way. Even on a black leather pants and jacket combination the pants had brown basketball colored leather color blocked pocket appliques. Sticking with those colors there were numerous single rugby stripe appliques both to the biceps of shirts, sweaters and on the backs of various coats ranging from pea coats to puffer jackets. However bringing the true inspiration of basketball to the collection was that numerous pants, shirts and jackets had actual basketball prints on the sides and front and center. There were also abstract colors and design prints throughout the collection and they still reverted back to the basketball theme because either the colors were or it was an item like an abstract print tank top.

Givenchy also used fur in various ways throughout the collection and of course the fur was of brown and orange shades which by now we know reminds us of basketball. The fur pieces were used in various ways also including being wrapped around the neck resembling a towel, and a grey fur tank top with an orange, white and black outline. Everything here reminds us of basketball and that it is an international game. Nothing says that more than being an inspiration to a seasonal collection. This was best shown with a basketball print polo shirt with a mesh sweater made out of basketball netting nylon. That’s wearing what you love, and the love of basketball was the inspiration from the beginning.