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Models carry own heads for Gucci show

It’s a given that fashion insiders have long been jaded about the fashion week festivities. Most can say they’ve seen it all or notice it’s been done before, but that can’t be said about Gucci’s most recent fashion show.

Gucci’s show, besides the grandparent’s clothes, was unique and different. The show featured a couple of models carrying their own severed heads down the runway.  There has been no clear indication as to why and how they decided to add this to the show, but it sure did draw a lot of attention.

The show even included a model carrying a baby dragon down the runway, for which we still don’t know the reason. Nonetheless, the show was creatively put together and you can give much credit to Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele.

Luxury brands step up their game with custom clothes

In recent news, a handful of luxury brands have been adding a new tool to their clothing, which is allowing customers to personalize their recent purchases. Brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry, Gucci and Louis Vuitton are taking part in the new idea with more brands to follow in the near future.

At the new Polo store in London, they have a whole floor dedicated to customization involving items like embroidered patches and monogrammed blazers. Similar ideas are occurring at other luxury stores. At Tommy Hilfiger, shoppers can customize any item in the store. At Burberry, they make it possible to monogram a scarf. Gucci lets you apply designs to jackets. Louis Vuitton allows customers to initial luggage.

According to a research study done by Deloitte, one out of three consumers were interested in personalized products, and 71 percent of them were ready to pay a premium for the addition. Around 15 percent of the survey takers were willing to pay a 40 percent increase in price for such customization.

Tammy Smulders, global managing director of Havas LuxHub (the media group’s division dedicated to fashion, luxury and lifestyle business), commented on specialization:

“Luxury consumers are increasingly expecting products that feel special and distinctive to them, such as monogrammed iPhone cases from Chaos Fashion. Equally, brands are using technology and data to segment their customers and provide the right kinds of products, services and brand communication.”

Technology will continue to drive this trend, according to José Neves, founder and CEO of online retailer Farfetch:

“Customization will be the next revolution in luxury. We wanted to find a way of offering luxury and bespoke products to an audience that’s increasingly knowledgeable about style and quality.”

Deloitte’s research shows that the labels who don’t end up using such elements risk losing revenue and customer loyalty. “Brands are transforming how they interact with current and future customers to provide personalized brand experiences that make people feel special,” says Smulders.

Luxury brands are being forced to take notice of the number of consumers willing to spend extra money to customize clothes, and they must begin to explore the on-demand aspect of personalization.

Gucci teaming up with street-style legend Dapper Dan

Harlem’s tailor Dapper Dan was one of modern menswear’s founding fathers. He has spent most of the ‘80s remixing high-fashion pieces for athletes and celebrities, taking many offers from the likes of Gucci and Louis Vuitton and making something different for them. But now Dapper Dan and Gucci are teaming up and are opening an atelier together.

Dapper Dan’s Boutique (the original) was shut down back in 1992, due to the fact of the issues from his stylish, yet still illegal, tweaking and reshaping of other brand designs. The new Harlem atelier- a 4,700 square foot brownstone, is very different from the original when Dap started designing in the ‘80s. now, he will be making custom, one of a kind designs for clients using Gucci raw materials, fabrics, prints, embroidered patches, and hardware. The space will only be open by appointments starting January 2018.

Dapper Dan was one of the few people back in the ‘80s, he was around before anybody else was around to be able to intersect couture and culture. Back then, this didn’t go over so well with the big fashion house names, but now that Gucci is embracing him and his designs, it proves as a very good sign for the fashion world.

Gucci and Dapper Dan are also looking to launch a Gucci x Dapper Dan capsule that will be a part of Gucci’s fall 2018 collection, and will be available in Gucci stores globally.

Harry Styles and Zayn Malik choose different directions in men’s fashion

Harry Styles and Zayn Malik were both once part of the famous boy band “One Direction” and although they spent much time together, the two seem very different in both music and fashion.

Harry Styles has recently been wearing exclusively Gucci according to “Esquire”, and Zayn Malik is new designer and face of Versace’s Zayn X Versus. Styles wardrobe consists of vibrant floral Gucci suits which contrasts drastically with Malik’s lifelong style of black leather and earth tones.


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Zayn Malik has said he never felt he fit into the One Direction image and Donatella Versace didn’t either. When Donatella met Harry Styles and Zayn Malik years ago, she said it was only Zayn Malik who caught her attention. According to the “New York Times”, Malik was the perfect fit for Versus.


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Donatella said, “I was not exactly a fan of that band. But then I met him [Zayn Malik] again when he started to date Gigi, who I work with all the time. And he impressed me very much — he was so mature, so thoughtful, treated her like such a gentleman. They are very nice young people, a lovely couple, in fact. And then he told me how much he loved fashion. It was then I knew he was the right face for what I had in mind.”

Zayn Malik’s Versus collection came out last summer and it was a hit and right around that time was when Harry styles bought a full wardrobe of Gucci then proceeded to go on a world tour. While Harry Styles and Zayn Malik both have very different styles, there has been a couple of times where they both seemed to match but which is not quite often.

Both Zayn Malik and Harry Styles fashion styles just give a glimpse into the men’s fashion world and how diverse it can be. This gives hope to most men which gives them a sense of freedom and aren’t bound to any one certain style.

The Top Shoes Every Dapper Gentleman Should Own

Are you ever thinking about how you can upgrade your shoe game? Well do not worry about a thing because there are numerous shoes that are essential to a man’s wardrobe. The average American man only owns twelve pairs of shoes. If you had to choose the top twelve what would they possibly be? This is the answer to all of your questions with the top twelve shoes you need to purchase to upgrade your style to a whole other level.

The first type of shoe that is needed is a pair of brogues. These shoes are considered a workhorse shoe that can almost coordinate with anything. These pair very well with jeans and suits!

Image via Flickr/Soul 2 Amor

For certain occasions, these shoes can be worn to range from formal events to business meetings that relatively possess conservative business attire. The best recommendation for purchasing a quality pair of brogues would be at us.burberry.com. Black Cap-Toe Oxfords are the second essential shoe that resembles quality for dressier occasions. The best occasion to wear these at is during a suit and tie event. You can shop for these at matchesfashion.com to buy a pair of oxfords by Ami.

The next shoe is the perfect dress boot for the suited and booted attire. This tends to appear less formal but has a modern casual style. Lanvin features the remarkable Grained Leather Chelsea boot, which you can buy today at matchesfashion.com. Another top shoe to own is a casual boot. These shoes are a main essential to have when the weather is harsh or if you are just in the mood to have a slick street style vibe for the day. Go on and buy a pair of Dr. Martens at drmartens.com to purchase the Vintage 1460 Boot! The last boot of the collection of twelve that you need is the desert boot. This is the type of boot that is not considered a sneaker or a dress shoe. It provides proper and casual attire for multiple occasions. The Oakwood Suede Desert Boot can definitely be for an everyday outfit. Follow the link to add to your collection clarkusa.com.

The plain-toe derbies are the type of shoe that you need for a mildly formal/casual occasion. This shoe is not overbearingly dressy but not simply casual. Honestly the best place to buy a pair of plain-toe derbies is from Dsquared2’s Missionary Lace-Ups at dsquared2.com.

Image via Common.Wikipedia/Graeme Bartlett

Penny Loafers allows you to have a classy and sophisticated type of shoe that shows a sense of luxury of a young dapper gentleman when bought by a high-end fashion brand such as GUCCI. So buy a pair today at gucci.com so you can stay GUCCI and look fly!

A minimalist sneaker is perfect when worn as a neutral color, which will coordinate with everything for occasions such as the office, the bar, weekend events, etc. Buy the Achilles Low Gummy sneakers by Common Projects at endclothing.com. Another sneaker would be the technical sneaker that is wonderful for any daily tasks such as running errands. The Gel Lyte III by Asics endclothing.com is a great pair of sneakers to throw on to do your everyday duties. Lastly, a classic throwback sneaker has to be in your collection. Obviously these are needed for all the right reasons so buy the Old Skoll Vans at vans.com to rock your throwbacks!

Image via Common.Wikipedia.org/simplyykelly

The espadrilles are a classier look and upgraded style other than wearing a simple pair of flip flops. Try the espadrilles in black canvas by Saint Laurent ysl.com. To wrap up all of the essentials, the most needed would probably be a pair of house slippers. It is perfect for lounge wear with a simple style that allows you to unwind at the end of a long day and stay comfortable once taking off one of the eleven pair of shoes listed above. Try a pair from L.L Bean at llbean.com.

Hopefully this helpful shoe game collection resolves any issue for your next purchase!

The Men of Gucci

It’s a Mad Men palette infused with a 21st century dash of leather, fur, and shorter jackets. The Fall 2014 Gucci Menswear Collection is all simplistic, clean lines, with every once in a while a new zipper appearing on a motorcycle jacket.

To the casual observer, the latest of Gucci menswear may seem the slightest bit too prim, or maybe too simple after all. However, a closer look at the details in every ensemble cause the eye to realize its mistake. The craftsmanship is Haute Couture; every pleat exact and collar crisp. The pieces themselves are incredibly well shaped to a very lean form, with the outerwear providing the bulk, although there isn’t much bulk overall. Pants are slim fitting and the jackets mostly wool, with variations of the pea coat and blazer occurring most frequently. Either double, or single breasted, the two kinds of jackets veer from the young entrepreneur to the older, more experienced businessman.

Leather was an outstanding feature for Gucci; from a single large pocket on a navy boat-neck sweater, to a subdued collar on a double-breasted belted pea coat, to a full, powerful, motorcycle jacket. This was the material that stood out against the otherwise fairly neutral color scheme. Gucci went for black, grays, beiges, watered down blues, and pale, brownish pinks. Unsurprisingly, the looks were revealed to be sophisticated and charming, not old or tired.

Gucci’s Fall 2014 Menswear Collection was chic yet understated. It was a perfect tribute to easy, accessible, and stylish, menswear.


Item of the day: Gucci Round Vintage Inspired Sunglasses



 Round Vintage inspired bio-based sunglasses


The new shades from Gucci  will make your warmer days much brighter. These round vintage inspired bio based sunglasses come in neon colors like yellow and orange. These shades have 100% UVA protection and the lenses are either grey or brown depending on the frame you choose. Neon  has been trending for the season and that is why these Gucci shades are so in the moment. These trendy and stylish shades can work for any outfit that you put on: denim or linen shorts paired with a t-shirt. Gucci sunglasses are always on trend and classic. Gucci gets more innovative with design elements and the creation is more like a work of art than an accessory. So embrace your sexy side and feel sophisticated in these new editions, and it is not being cocky to be confident with your appearance! Price: $245.00 Click here to purchase

Men fashionable bags spotted on the runway during Milan fashion week fall/winter 2014 collection

Bags are necessary accessories to any man’s wardrobe.  These are some of the fashionable bags from the runway during Milan fashion week fall/winter 2014 collection.  Which one is your favorite?

Men shoes on the runway during Milan fashion week Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

Ever heard the saying, “the shoes maketh  a man” ? And so it does make your outfit look even better. We already know women love shoes, and yes the fashionmister loves his shoes too. A well polished dazzling shoe can get you that job, attract attention or perhaps get you a compliment. Women are always checking you out , starting from your shoes, so put your best shoes forward. Here are few of the men shoes for the fashion conscious man, the fashionMR., for work, dinner or just a casual outing we spotted on the runway during Milan fashion week Fall/Winter 2014 Collection:  Give us your thoughts on your favorite.