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H&M falling out of favor

H&M has been on a downhill tumble both financially and in the public’s eye since the racial ad and following events. It was clearly evident in Hennes & Mauritz Ab’s recent annual report, and it’ll worsen in the following months if H&M continues down this slippery slope. In the recent review of the latest financial results, Karl-Johan Persson, CEO of H&M’s parent company, commented:

“The weakness was in H&M’s physical stores where the changes in customer behavior are being felt most strongly and footfall has reduced with more sales online. In addition, some imbalances in certain aspects of the H&M brand’s assortment and composition also contributed to this weaker result.”

With more disappointment to follow, the company has announced it will close 170 stores, their largest number since 1998; however, they also will be opening 390 new ones. The company did not state which stores will be closing but they did hint that they are located within their major market, which the U.S. and Germany fall under.

Consumers, however, aren’t reading the financial reports but rather reading the look of H&M’s messy brick and mortar stores. Some believe that part of the reason H&M is struggling is their lack of keeping up with the fashion scene. Michael Dart, co-author of “Retail’s Seismic Shift,” elaborated:

“Consumers have felt that H&M has been somewhat drab and not on trend as much as competitors. With slower supply chain (unlike super-fast Zara), they have not responded as quickly to rapid shifts in taste and increasing fragmentation in the consumer market with many more small segments. As a result, they have had more markdowns, promotions and less inspiration for the consumer. It’s a formula for sagging results.”

The problem could lie with other factors, but for the time being it is safe to say H&M is on the come down after many years of successful fast fashion.

H&M is calling its newest brand “paradise” for discount treasure hunters

H&M’s newest brand collection will be on sale from the start. After the Swedish company’s plunge in profits for six years, the company announced that it will soon offer a new off-price marketplace called Afound.

H&M describes the new outlet as a “style- and deal-hunting paradise” that will begin selling discounted clothes and lifestyle items from H&M group’s own labels, which also include offshoots such as COS and Cheap Monday, as well as outside labels. The first Afound store will open up in Stockholm, Sweden in 2018, along with a new website.

H&M is entering a profitable category. According to Euromonitor, the global off-price market grew more than 30% between the years 2012 and 2017, going up to $62 billion. The U.S. owns the biggest share with 80% of the total.

Considering that big retailers such as Nordstrom have had much success in the discount business, H&M’s move is different from the mega brand because it is a fashion brand selling clothes from other brands.  H&M has yet to state what other brands will be sold alongside theirs or if they are planning on buying overstock and out-out-season items directly from the brands.

The company surely needs a boost of some kind to pick up its declining growth. H&M took too long to build its e-commerce and has realized it has way too many brick and mortar stores. It has also been outmatched in speed by digital competitors such as ASOS, BooHoo and longtime rival company Zara, thus leaving H&M stores filled with unwanted clothes.

Off-price retail, meanwhile, has shown an increasing attractiveness over the years. “Coincidentally enough, it looks very similar to the same reasons that people shop online too,” Tim Barrett, a retail analyst at market research provider Euromonitor, wrote.

H&M closes stores in South Africa after racial ad protest

The big label brand H&M has temporarily closed several stores in South Africa this past Saturday after several protests erupted over an image in its online store that many critics and celebrities said was racist.

The ad was an image of an African American child wearing a hooded sweatshirt with a printed slogan on it that said, “coolest monkey in the jungle.” There were two other sweatshirts that were jungle themed but modeled by white children.

Saturday protesters were representatives of the second-largest opposition party, Economic Freedom Fighters, outside H&M locations all over South Africa.

Videos that turned up over the protests showed people either marching outside or through the store. There were other videos that showed people knocking mannequins over, overturning racks and scattering clothes.

“Out of concern for the safety of our employees and customers we have temporarily closed all stores in the area,” H&M said in an emailed statement on Saturday.

“None of our staff or customers have been injured. We continue to monitor the situation closely and will open the stores as soon as the situation is safe again. We strongly believe that racism and bias in any shape or form, deliberate or accidental, are simply unacceptable. We stress that our wonderful store staff had nothing to do with our poorly judged product and image.”

Julius Malema, the leader of the party, said in a speech on Saturday, “we make no apology about what the fighters did today against that store called H&M,” and said that targeting the stores was “just the beginning.”

“Every shop that undermines black people must be attended to,” he added. “It must be shut down. It must be closed.”

Malema believed that, despite the apology from H&M and the fact that they are no longer selling the shirt, the matter needs to be taken seriously.

“We cannot allow the humiliation of black people to continue,” he said. “No one should make jokes about the dignity of black people.”

The Weeknd cut ties with H&M over racial ad

Canadian RnB singer and Toronto native, The Weeknd, recently cut ties with the Sweden-based retail brand H&M after the company featured an ad that pictured a child of African American descent dressed in a sweatshirt that read “coolest monkey in the jungle.”

The artist partnered with the international brand for its 2017 Spring Icons Collection and even modeled some of its apparel.

On Monday, The Weeknd tweeted that he was “shocked and embarrassed” and “will not be working with @hm anymore” along with a photo of the racial ad.

By the next morning, the tweet had over 103,000 retweets and 230,000 favorites.

“We completely understand and agree with his reaction to the image. We are deeply sorry that the picture was taken and we also regret the actual print,” H&M said in a statement. “We will continue the discussion with The Weeknd and his team separately.”

The ad reached almost everyone with other celebrities chiming in on what had occurred. Lebron James posted an edited version of the ad on his Instagram that showed it in a more positive perspective, along with a compelling caption.

H&M had used the photo online to sell the hoodie in the United Kingdom. The brand then removed the photo, and the hoodie can no longer be purchased. The company said that it will “look into [their] internal routines to avoid such situations in the future.”

The Fashion industry is going green

The textile industry is debatably the second most polluting factor behind oil. When so many people purchasing clothes more often than a couple of decades ago there has been a huge concern on how ethical the clothes are being made, and it could be causing a huge problem.

Some major fashion labels are looking to change that. H&M and the company that runs Lee, Vans, Timberland, and The North Face are trying to force a change in the multimillion market. They say the push against this major challenge comes from the companies and not the consumers or regulators. This means learning about the importance of sustainable fashion is a big part of the job now.

“We want to make fashion sustainable and sustainability fashionable,” H&M Group’s Vanessa Rothschild told a reporter at a side event at the UN climate conference in Bonn, Germany.

Elin Larsson, from Swedish company Filippa K, says they’re slowly starting to see a move toward values-based consumption as more and more consumers are starting to question where their clothing is coming from.

Ways companies are trying to reduce pollution is by energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy. A big part of what the companies are trying to do is wanting to move towards a source of more sustainable fabrics and even encourage better agricultural practices.

As of right now, to make around one kilogram of cotton fabric it takes 3000 liters of water and one kilogram of chemicals. While doing so it also produces 16 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions and half a kilogram of other harmful waste.

American company VF international, the big corporation in charge of 25 of the biggest brands, buys about one percent of the world’s cotton.

Because of this sole reason, agriculture is one of the central topics on the green plan for some of its brands like Timberland, who is looking to only use sustainably farmed cotton by 2020. VF and H&M are also investing into innovation. Their sustainability directors both learned during a panel of discussion that they were looking into new technology. The new technology they are looking into would create fabrics from carbon dioxide emissions or would get rid of carbon dioxide emissions in the air.

“Can you believe that we’re able to actually make products out of CO2 emissions? It’s very exciting!” VF’s Anna Maria Rugarli said.

Enrica Arena, the creator of a startup which has come up with a way to turn orange peels and pith from juice factories fabrics, has teamed up with Salvatore Ferragamo and she says that every week a new big label brand wants to work with them.

Even with new ways to create a greener earth the big named companies still say it is expensive in order to act responsibly and sustainably.

“In order to create the change we want to see, it needs to be more expensive to make the bad choices because that’s not the case today.” Larsson said.

“We need the support from politicians … because we cannot count on frontrunners for sustainability in business or voluntary actions to create the change.”

“Fashion will be disrupted as well soon by those companies … who really combine social, environmental and ethical terms into their operations to produce goods that don’t only sell for a good profit but are good for the planet,” Alexander Meyer zum Felde said, a sustainability expert with the Boston Consulting Group.

Zum Felde believes that fashion industries are moving in the right direction but they need to do more. He warns that fashion is a prime candidate for digital disruption, following the major changes happening to the energy, automotive, and chemical industries.

ERDEM x H&M takes a step away from fast fashion

Erdem Moralioglu, a world-renowned London designer, has tried his hand at making a collaboration with retail giant H&M. But with Moralioglu’s collection seeming different than most collaboration among other designers and brands.

When designers tag team with brands to create a collaboration line, they don’t really hold up to the expectations many people thought they would. With a lot of the collaborations seeming like a knock-off of the designer’s original line and seemingly being priced higher than normal clothes at the brand’s stores, Erdem Moralioglu decided to finally change the ongoing cycle.

Erdem Moralioglu created a London-based label which was founded in 2005. Moralioglu graduated from Royal College of Art began his career interning for Vivienne Westwood and Diane von Furstenberg. His portfolio has blown up in the past couple years, thanks to his famous fans who often wear his signature floral prints. The group of fans includes: Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Kristen Dunst, Kate Bosworth, Kate Mara, and Meghan Markle.

“When you hear about these collaborations, it’s often something that’s ‘a lesser version of’,” he says.

“It was about creating pieces that have a permanence to them and doing the opposite of something that feels like ‘fast fashion’.”

Moralioglu, who is now 40 years old, has created an accessible and affordable line with one of the leading fast fashion brands in the world. But unlike most fast fashion, his collection is filled with timeless silhouettes, luxe fabrics and superb tailoring to make his clothes last years. Moralioglu has said that he believes his pieces from this collection can be worn for 10 to 20 years and are adaptable enough to be mix and matched.

Moralioglu’s new collection even something he usually isn’t known to do, menswear. The menswear collection will include T-shirts, hoodies, a backpack, and sneakers engraved with his name. Moralioglu’s says his collection with H&M is his cure to disposable fashion. Moralioglu is most notably known for his ultra-feminine dresses and bold floral prints.

“Creating these pieces that have an odd classicism to them is almost disruptive to the idea of ‘Let’s consume it, let’s buy it, let’s wear it for a bit and let’s discard it,'” he says.

Moralioglu has said in an interview with straitstimes.com, he got his inspiration for the collection from a music video for a 1990 Pet Shop Boys song, Being Boring, that he first saw in high school.

The video is set “in this old English country house with young people inhabiting it – girls in bias-cut dresses wearing sneakers and boys in tuxedos with T-shirts. And there was something so democratic and inclusive about this idea of formal and informal and having something that would be amazing for someone who’s 16 or 75,” he adds.

The designer also took inspiration from his childhood memories, in which his time was split between Montreal, Canada, and Birmingham, England.

“I wanted to work with Harris tweed in Scotland and create a perfect tweed suit, and have the jacket sold separately from the trousers so a man could wear it almost like a jean jacket or as part of a suit.”

The designer says he did this collection the same way as he does with his main line. He starts with “the idea of character and narrative” for inspiration then he pays incredible detail the workmanship. Ms Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M’s creative advisor believes the line has the capacity to stay around a while and even reveals the company has learned a couple things from working alongside Moralioglu.

“His clothes have longevity. These are precious things you can save in the wardrobe and take out over and over again,” Ms. Johansson says.

Beat the Summer Heat in Style – Affordable Fashion Ensemble

With the weather permitting, it is still very much possible to flourish your fashion fiend addiction under 90 degree weather. Paying attention to the material your clothes are made of is fundamental when hitting extreme temperatures. Light linens, easy breathing fabrics as polyester or cotton to keep cool. Here are some summer saves while updating your closet.

G-Star RAW 2 Pack V-Neck Tees -$35

via revolveclothing.com
via revolveclothing.com

Simple and casual, and classic v-neck shirts will always be in style. You can wear them with almost anything. You receive two shirts in this bundle with over 19 different colors to chose from. G-Star makes these shirts with a polyester and cotton blend, guaranteed to help keep cool. Other alternatives can be found at an abundance of stores like H&M, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Macy’s or Tjmaxx.

Zara Faux Leather Combination T-Shirt With Seams-$22.99

via Zara.com
via Zara.com

This Faux Leather shirt is good to add flare to your wardrobe. Dark colors tend to track more heat to your body in the sunlight so at night this is a great fit.The best part about leather is that is is guaranteed to always look good on you.

H&M Short-Sleeved Denim Shirt- $19.95

via hm.com
via hm.com

Denim is fun but heavy, but this shirt is actually a denim printed shirt made out 100% cotton. It has a distressed pattern to it giving off a retro vibe.

Club Monaco 10 ½” Jackson Short- $69.50

via clubmonaco.com
via clubmonaco.com

These cotton shorts come in two calm colors of navy and red. Designed for warm weather, these shorts are flexible to the occasion. Pair these with boats shoes, Vans, Converse or Puma Sneakers.

Bonobos -Straight Leg Washed Cotton Chinos -$43.98

via nordstrom.com
via nordstrom.com


For a business casual look, straight leg chinos are a great investment. They are even on sale now at Nordstrom in 9 different shades. These pants are also light and 100% cotton. You can find alternatives at Zaras, Macys, and Revolve Clothing.

H&M Chino Shorts- $19.95

via hm.com
via hm.com

These cotton shorts are a classic straight cut. They are meant to go slightly above the knee and are available in nine vibrant colors. These shorts are great for color blocking with a graphic tee or tank.

Cole Haan -‘Grant Mto’ Driving Shoe-$87.98

via nordstrom.com
via nordstrom.com

This half leather and suede shoe is on on sale right now for 50% off at Nordstrom. It also comes in three different shades. A versetile shoe can be worn for different occasions. Reviews about the shoe express “..Very comfortable, like walking on air!!!!”

Topman Suede Gibson Shoes.-$70.00

via topman.com
via topman.com

These casual brown shoes, detailed with beige stitching is a great way to seal an outfit. It is a 100% leather and is accompanied with a rubber sole. Some pastel linen trousers, cuffed at the bottom and a white v-neck would go really smooth with these shoes.

Adidas Ciero Sneaker- $75

via urbanoutfitters.com
via urbanoutfitters.com

Turn your day outfit around with these low cut Adidas. These comfortable sneakers are classics and are go to’s for many men. The red stripes give a pop of color on the simple suede beige sneaker. With hints of lime green on the back and front logos, the lightweight rubber sole finishes off the design. You can find this shoe online at Urban Outfitters.

Puma Super Classic Suede Sneaker- $59

via urbanoutfitters.com
via urbanoutfitters.com

Another sneaker alternative is this Classic Suede Puma Sneaker. The lightweight soles are great for everyday wear. Available in red, blue, black,and gray. You can find these at Urban Outfitters or Pumas offical website.



Lanvin Men’s RTW Spring 2015

Lucas Ossendrijver, head of the Lanvin ready-to-wear brand, said, “Men don’t change every season, even every year. What changes is their lifestyle.” This year’s RTW Spring collection is a celebration of equal part elegance and individuality. His ensembles push the professional approach of suits, yet they stay loose and move with the body, accentuating exquisite materials that are naturally high-priced.

A theme of fluidity seems to flow through most of the pieces in this collection; a thin belt often barely keeps a loose but smooth vest or button-down inline, stanchioned by slim but freely flowing dress pants. Later, close-cut jackets are offset by an unhinged vest and an eye-jarring collared shirt beneath it. The outfits that accompany his white pea coats and jackets scream authority and know-how. Moreover, the king of the lot is the ivory jacket with sharp flipped-up black leather cuffs to compliment a generously cut black leather collar. Oh, and the black ascot over a silky slick button-down is a nice bonus.

Lanvin’s new collection enables men to find a look that’s all their own without sacrificing a shred of quality or professionalism. Many looks exhibit the feeling of energy and urgency, instead of conventional rigidness and conformity.

Lanvin was the guest designer for H&M’s 2010 Winter Collection. In 2013, Lanvin became the official tailor of Arsenal FC, a London-based soccer club. Lucas Ossendrijver has been the head of men’s-ready-to-wear clothing since 2006.


David Beckham Launches New Swim line with H&M

The football [soccer] icon, David Beckham is back at modeling and he is  the face of his own H&M’s men’s swim line this summer.

This man is no stranger for being in the limelight for his modeling, being the face of many ad campaigns from Armani to his own line. In the 2000’s, David Beckham became the man to sell the underwear, and women appreciated every second!

The smaller line of swimwear for H&M, was unveiled in London this past week and was definitely the party to attend with everyone from Ellie Goulding to Liam Payne from One Direction in attendance.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, the line has everything from solid to variations of color for board shorts, swim shorts, and trunks ranging from $25 to $34. It’s definitely a small price to pay to be rocking the fashion forward Beckham’s line. For the curious fashionMR., the line goes on sale May 22nd! Beckham is hoping to have the line be classics for men.