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Iconic sons stormed the runway for Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana once again has decided to embrace the new models of the future on Saturday in Milan as many kin of famous Hollywood stars took the runway for the big brand.

The youngest son of RnB artist and entrepreneur P Diddy was joined by offspring from actors James Marsden, Daniel Day-Lewis, Pierce Brosnan and Jude Law. Both the sons of model Pamela Anderson joined as well, following in her footsteps.

All these figures were the face for Dolce & Gabbana’s new approach to the millennials at the Fall/Winter 2018 showcase.

Diddy’s 19-year-old son, Christian, made his debut for D&G in June last year and has been in two more shows since.

Gabriel can thank his father, Daniel Day-Lewis, for his good looks that have given him a name in the fashion world. He shares the Oscar-winning actor’s bold eyebrows and good bone structure, but he distances himself from his father with his collection of tattoos that could barely be seen from underneath the sleeves of a jacket.

Pamela Anderson’s kids have both made names for themselves in the fashion world, making their mother proud. Dylan, 20, is already the face of fashion brand Saint Laurent, while Brandon, 21, has previous experience working with Dolce & Gabbana.

Paris Brosnan, 16, is an established actor who signed to Next Models and is the youngest son to James Bond after Pierce.

Harry Styles reveals his fashion inspiration

Ever since Harry Styles left his One Direction is fashion sense went from boy-band clothes to rocking the highest end in suits. Harry Styles unique fashion sense makes him stand out among other popular artists with his non-conforming outfits. But when we see Harry Styles we assume his fashion inspiration comes from rock stars or other stand out artist way before his time.

In a recent interview with “Entertainment Tonight”, Harry Styles admitted who his secret inspiration was. The interview was recorded in Shanghai before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. With the recent interview, Harry Styles shocked the world when he told us who he truly looked up when it comes to fashion. Proving everyone who assumed that his outlandish outfits came from rock stars or even iconic figures like Prince or David Bowie.

“I think both music and fashion, [my] main influence was probably Shania Twain,” he said. “Yeah, I think she’s amazing.”


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Shania Twain is an iconic performer in her own way. She is known for her famous hit songs like “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” and “That Don’t Impress Me Much”. Twain is known for wearing strange outfits like long leopard print jackets, full sparkly cat suits, and matching wide-leg pants and crop tops. Twain embraces her own fashion sense and never fails to impress with something new out of her wardrobe all the time. Taking this into account, it’s no surprise Styles takes after her so much with his own unique suits and outfits.