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Brooks Brothers Says No Sweat to Their Spring Collection

Brooks Brothers, oh you fancy, huh?

The brand just released its spring Golden Fleece collection and their stepping up their luxe game. In photos released to WWD, we see upscale sport coats and suit jackets coming in a variety of solids and subtle plaid patterns. The tailored coats are deconstructed so they feel “light as a feather.”

We know the thought of wool could make anyone sweat in this recent summer heat, but Brooks Brothers is offering lightweight, Merino wool sweaters with 15.5 microns. Real talk, it’ll be like wearing your favorite worn-in tee.

Brooks Brothers is also putting some added sport into their coats as they introduce a mix media bomber jacket in a suede design, yet nylon sleeves. Another coat is waterproof with its double-faced fabrics.

Brooks Brothers’ chief merchandising officer, Lou Amendola, explains, “We’re updating classic basics and adding performance.”

And their not messing around. The mainline collection will feature polos with Supima cotton beginning in the spring. Then, their BrooksCool collection will bring tailored clothing in breathable crease-defying and water-resisting fabrics.

These series of collections come this spring will appeal to the modern on-the-go man. A dapper man who laughs in the face of rain, sweat, wrinkles and the fear of being underdressed.

Courtesy Photos via WWD

Leather Brands You Should Know

The leather accessory is a staple item in the male wardrobe. You probably even have a piece of leather on you right now. Known for its style, robustness, texture and the iconic smell, it adds a unique flavor to many outfits. There are also fans who live and die by this iconic animal skin. Made into different types of accessories (boots, bracelets, wallets and jackets to name a few), the leather fabric remains a timeless fabric that ages well with frequent wears. So if you’re looking to add some leather to your setups, you’ll be happy to know that there is a laundry list of brands to choose from. And if you’re feeling patriotic, you’re in luck. There are many American brands that manufacture their products right here in the US. So, consider these brands.


Ports 1961- Milan Men’s Fall/Winter 2014-15 review

When the entire collection features spread collar white shirts underneath jackets and sweaters while sitting over mock necks and turtle necks, the thoughts that come to mind were prep school and after work street wear. Having the backpacks and various tote bags did help that cause. Though not everyone wears a backpack anymore, it’s now about the messenger and the tote bag that is around the arm and not the back. The preparatory school and street wear look was the highlighted in a collection of suits and overcoats on top of hooded sweatshirts of various fabrics and colors. Grays and purples were the two main colors on display being used in items such as full length coats and with zippers on the bags. Velvet also had a shine in the collection as a black crew neck sweater with besom zipper pockets. There was also a unique but understated item in the show, a gray charcoal two piece suit. What made it a little different from the rest of the suits is that it had no jacket pockets. Instead there were two suit style flap pockets on the hips of the pants giving the suit a modern cargo style look. The collection was otherwise filled with overcoats, raincoats and the in-between hooded rain cape that was worn over a double breasted suit. The colors that really stood out were the purples and the burgundies. Those are subtle dark colors but they are noticeable because they are not your basic grays, blues, and blacks. They are a dark version of red which is a very bright and outspoken color. The burgundy coat that stood out was a leather high street coat with fur lapels, collar, and inner lining accented by wrist epaulets. Being preppy and modern at the same time is a good thing. You can go and fit in anywhere and nobody can say anything negative because you’re in style no matter the situation. That’s what the Ports 1961 collection is all about, being comfortable and stylish in any and every situation.

The Unstructured Jacket

The intersection between dress and casual can be so fragile and delicate as to give the modern man fits.  We live, without doubt, in a casual age, but a man never wants to appear sloppy.  The Italians have been living lives of relaxed elegance for centuries; it stands to reason, therefore, that they would grant the rest of the world a solution to the problem of looking one’s best while still appearing informal.  Allow us to suggest the unstructured jacket, pioneered by the Italians and conquering the world of menswear since  and before Spring/Summer 2010.

As its name suggests, an unstructured sport coat comes without the darts, ribbing, padding, or any other element that might give the jacket a defined shape, and that might, in turn, attempt to shape the torso of its wearer.  Its construction is more akin to a shirt than a typical sport coat, lending it a loose and casual air perfect for situations when too much formality would be paradoxically informal.  The unstructured jacket is most in its element during the warmer months, especially because most unstructured jackets are unlined, making them thin layers of formality that do not cause their wearers to roast in the hot summer sun.

In spite of this, the sophisticated gentleman can enjoy the casual elegance of an unstructured jacket all year round if he so chooses; their lightness makes them an ideal layer between a sweater and a coat when the weather turns cold.  The great triumph of the unstructured sport coat is that, for all its comfort and looseness, it is still a sport coat, a jacket that lends at least a hint of formality to whatever attire it accompanies.  It can take a man from sloth to luxury in the simplest of gestures, all without the hint of sartorial exertion.