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Justin Timberlake’s favorite new shoes

Justin Timberlake has had a couple of style eras over the course of his career. When he was a part of ‘NSYNC, he was rocking the blond curly hair and all denim-everything trend. When he went solo, he took some of Pharrell’s skate sensibilities and took it into his own form by rocking beanies, graphic tees, baggy jeans, and sweatbands. Around 2006 though he was rocking a 3-piece YSL suits with sneakers. Then turned around and made a song about his admiration of Tom Ford suits.


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But after the suit & tie era ended Justin Timberlake has been spotted sporting an everyman kind of casual look. But besides this Justin Timberlake has taken a liking into the Visvim FBT’s, a sneaker that has a rich sneakerhead history because of the price tag and the number of predominant names they have been seen on.

The shoe is a type of sneaker-moccasin hybrid that is considered to be Visvim’s signature product, the show debuted a year after Visvim’s launch in 2000. The sneakers were inspired by a pair of shoes worn on the cover of an album by the Fun Boy Trio and over the years has had many different models that come in suede, full grain leathers, and corduroy. Timberlake favorite pair so far has been the classic brown suede pair.

The FBT’s are nowhere near cheap, the shoes usually range from $600-$800 retail. The pair Timberlake rocks are currently going for around $600, the pair he wears are a little different from other versions of FBT’s because of a small red bead on one of the ties that connect the suede collar to the shoe’s proper upper. No one is exactly sure what brought Justin Timberlake to the coveted shoes but he could of have drawn inspiration from the likes of Eric Clapton, John Mayer, and Kanye West, who have been seen wearing the shoes.


Pop star Justin Timberlake has teamed up with Milan-based English-bred designer, Neil Barrett to create a new wardrobe to kick off the second leg of his 20/20 Experience World Tour. The designer helped create new costumes for the singer himself, his band, and his dancers. The line reflects what both Barrett and Timberlake embody—modern cuts and sleek, tailored fits that combine elements from both informal street wear and formalwear. Barrett is known for his dark, modern cuts and lines, and this signature look is seen in JT’s tour collection.

Timberlake has donned Barrett’s designs in various music videos, such as “4 Minutes” by Madonna and his own “Take Back The Night.” He’s also sported the designer’s looks during his Legends of Summer 2013 Tour and at the 2013 MTV VMA’s. He rocked the new look on May 23 at his Abu Dhabi show at the Du Arena. JT looked positively handsome, simple and sleek in his various short sleeve patterned button downs and slouchy black pants. The singer even wore—and pulled off– a stylish fedora. Damn! The star looks sexy in just about everything, and this new collection is no exception. View few images of JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE’S WORLD TOUR: ALL DRESSED UP IN NEIL BARRETT !

The seasons hair styles and trends

Every season, different haircuts become the new it cut. This year it’s the Pompadour style that is back with celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, and Ryan Gosling all showing off the sleek backed style. Now that spring is here and summer is right around the corner, new haircuts will be plentiful for the next couple of months. Everyone will want to look as groomed as possible and be as hot as the upcoming season. So here is a rundown of the most common haircut trends these seasons.

Modern Pompadour – This is the new trend this year. Sleeked back haircut with volume making the person look more professional, serious and mature. A lot of stars are currently styling their hair this way and all thanks to JT (Justin Timberlake) for not only bringing sexy back but bringing the modern pompadour back as well.

Crew Cut – A short hairstyle with just a little length on top so you can style it in any direction. You won’t be spiking the hair up because it is short after all. But with the little length on top and some product in the hair, it can be a clean professional look for the office and the summer heat.

The Right Haircut – This is a pretty simple and classic look, you simply apply product to your hair and comb it up and back from the hair line over to one side. It’s not a comb over because you aren’t trying to hide any baldness, it’s a very simple classic look that works for almost anyone if the hair is not a buzz cut and has some length.

Spiked – This style had been around for decades, long before Hollywood got a taste of it. Rockers styles their hair this way before and now it evolved into basically hundreds of versions. There is the short spiked, long, spiked, bed head spiked, even so kids and dogs are being named spike. This is still a favorite style of teens and younger generation because it gives them some attitude. A shorter spiked hair is more versatile than a longer style because it can fir both work and play. Different variations of the spiked haircut do include faux-hawks which were made popular by David Beckham. Had extremely short hair on the sides and some length on top. While the modern renditions feature extra hair on the sides and a little less attitude with styling.

Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience hairstyle
Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience hairstyle