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Lanvin Men’s RTW Spring 2015

Lucas Ossendrijver, head of the Lanvin ready-to-wear brand, said, “Men don’t change every season, even every year. What changes is their lifestyle.” This year’s RTW Spring collection is a celebration of equal part elegance and individuality. His ensembles push the professional approach of suits, yet they stay loose and move with the body, accentuating exquisite materials that are naturally high-priced.

A theme of fluidity seems to flow through most of the pieces in this collection; a thin belt often barely keeps a loose but smooth vest or button-down inline, stanchioned by slim but freely flowing dress pants. Later, close-cut jackets are offset by an unhinged vest and an eye-jarring collared shirt beneath it. The outfits that accompany his white pea coats and jackets scream authority and know-how. Moreover, the king of the lot is the ivory jacket with sharp flipped-up black leather cuffs to compliment a generously cut black leather collar. Oh, and the black ascot over a silky slick button-down is a nice bonus.

Lanvin’s new collection enables men to find a look that’s all their own without sacrificing a shred of quality or professionalism. Many looks exhibit the feeling of energy and urgency, instead of conventional rigidness and conformity.

Lanvin was the guest designer for H&M’s 2010 Winter Collection. In 2013, Lanvin became the official tailor of Arsenal FC, a London-based soccer club. Lucas Ossendrijver has been the head of men’s-ready-to-wear clothing since 2006.


Lanvin shows fall/winter 2014 Collection

There aren’t enough words to describe this collection by Lanvin. It’s really numerous collections in one season. It starts off with long wool coats with jigger snap buttons, and small but intense details like a zip off neck collar. You have the same style navy coat with a faux fur hood. A lot of items even meshed together especially the navy and light blue mesh sweater, with a green two piece two snap button suit with narrow notch lapels. Instead of the belt, there was a tightly wrapped piece of loose fabric in its place. If you don’t have to be professional this could definitely work for casual Fridays, and definitely for happy hour. The collection then shifts to a more striped feel. Suits with blue, and pink chalk stripes. Paired with contrasting navy blue and pink tops. The final part of the collection is what I call the museum phase. It uses simple grays and blacks, but inside all those colors are prints from different fabrics like leather and satin. Taking a gray short sleeve snap button up shirt and applying a satin gray sideways facing mask by stitching it onto the shirt and double stitching the sleeve. Having that attention to details and varying fabrics. In the end it’s all about color blocking. Pairing pink with navy, hunter green with browns, and light greens and grays. Colors and collars are two words that I kept coming to mind over and over again.