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Displays So Good, It’ll Make Your Eyes Bleed

LG setup shop in a second floor studio in the Flatiron District (NYC) for a presentation and demo of their OLED displays. Media and executives congregated in a small showroom with four TVs; two LGs, and two Samsungs.

A brief presentation at the start of the event showcased the progression of LG TVs and its current state. Making comparisons between standard LED and OLED, the LG executive emphasized the importance of OLED technology in TV’s future. The presentation touched up on the progress they were making in regards to releasing newer and larger models.


The difference between standard LED and OLED were pretty obvious. LG’s OLED displayed richer colors with increased vibrancy and saturation. Objects on display seemed sharper and more life-like than the, soon to be antiquated, LED displays. A LG rep even held up a real strawberry to give a better comparison with the one on the screen. On the Samsung side, the colors were flat with a good amount of glare. The LG displays fared well in direct sunlight and against the overhead lights.

To show the difference between the curved OLED TV’s field of view to a standard LED, triangular mats were placed in front of each display symbolizing what you’d see.

It would have been better to see a side-by-side comparison with Samsung’s curved OLED displays. But, we had to settle for their LED lineup. Regardless, in terms of picture quality, design, weight and more importantly price, LG was the winner.


The retail prices for Samsung’s OLED displays are at least two-times more expensive. Coming in at just over $3,000, the LG OLED displays are quite a bargain over their Samsung counterparts.


Are we ready for Y4K? The TV trend!

Are we ready for Y4K? Not on the calendar, the TV revolution. Just when you were so excited about your new LCD and Plasma HD screen, brought it home, set it up, turned on your favorite channel and saw a commercial for an LED TV. Slimmer with a better motion refresh rate. So now things were faster, less blurry and clearer. “Damn” were probably the nice words that came out of your mouth followed by a look at the return policy to see if you can get your money back and buy the newest TV out right now. Well that’s how fast technology moves these days, you buy the hottest item in the store, bring it home and something newer just came out or is being tested.

With TV’s it’s no different, Samsung, along with Sony, Sharp and LG, some of the leading TV brands are constantly innovating the modern HD TV’s, making them better, faster and more fun. What started with Plasma screens, became slimmer LCD screens, then evolved into lighter, slimmer, with better quality LED screens. Going from the high tech 720P resolution, to a 1080i, then to 1080P what we now know as full HD. How fast a picture changes on the device also became faster and clearer. Started with a 60hz rate, then doubled to 120hz on most LCD TV’s and now the norm is a 240hz rate which shows almost no blurs or distortions with fast moving scenes. The latest craze now are the 3D TV’s. Every major company has them even though most broadcasts aren’t in 3D yet. Movies are, but not the basic channels that we watch. So what is the hype? It’s the fact that it’s the newest model, something everyone wants, to be at the forefront of any new trend.

Are we ready for 4K TV’s yet? Netflix is getting there with House of Cards Season 2 set to stream in 4K, and YouTube is making it possible for 4K videos to be streamed as well. What about everyone else? The TV’s are still highly priced being at $2,999.99 for the Sony 55 inch XBR model and go as high as $39,999.99 for the Samsung 85 inch frameless behemoth. Being ready is one thing, are we prepared for what can eventually come next? An 8K TV that Japan is developing and is pushing to broadcast during the 2020 Olympics is the next step TV evolution and it seems to be hatching as we speak.

Making technology smarter through wireless & Bluetooth

Why are wires and basic necessary items so hated? Everything from telephones to headphones are now wireless and employ the latest in Bluetooth and Smart technology. Yes, Beats by Dre are wireless too now. Even though those bright red cables are the attraction sometimes it’s easier without them. Most of your home is wireless, and if it isn’t it soon will be. Watching TV from your computer required an HDMI cable connected to both. Now for only $35 Chromecast by Google lets you watch what you have on your phone, tablet, or laptop wirelessly on your TV. No need to find the right wires and ports anymore. Just plug once and play always.

Everything is now connected through Bluetooth or a mobile app to make life a lot simpler and easier. Connect it once and set it up. Then it will automatically connect when in range. That goes for your house, car, and personal technology. People nowadays can operate most of their house with a smartphone and a perfect example of that is the Kevo by Kwikset. A deadbolt door lock that works with your smartphone without having to use an actual key when entering and leaving the house. We also now have smart appliances like the ones LG produces for the home that include washers, dryers, ovens, and a fridge. Our lives are built around the phrase “Smart”. Smart phones, smart keys, smart gear, smart cars. But is relying on all this technology in the end so smart? It is the trend that is leading the world and its industries. Who knows how smart this technology and trend can actually get, or will it one day make up our daily routines for us?



Google announces new Android Wear – Wearable gear by Google

With the ever increasing popularity of smart phones, smart technology and technology that is readily available at our fingertips with these new smart watches that information is going to be available on our wrists. Powered by Google and the Android brand will let you have easy access to whatever you might need throughout your day without having to even take out your phone anymore. You will be able to get the weather, directions, find places, and even respond to text messages just by using your voice. You might say that is already available on mobile phones and it is. The main difference is that your phone does not need to come out of your pocket anymore. The technology is based on the same functions as your phone’s Google Now and Google cards features. Where based on your previous searches and inputs Google gives you updated information about what you might like and where you might need to go. All that will be required are two simple words. “OK Google” then either ask your question if looking for information like “where is the nearest flower shop?” Or say a command like send a text, or reply.


Google announces new Android Wear - Wearable gear by Google
via Android Wear – Wearable gear by Google

LG is partnering with Google to bring you the new Android wear which is scheduled for a Q2 2014 release. The G watch is the common square version of a smart watch and will include functions that will enable the consumer to call for taxis, make reservations and also have their tasks updated. Pretty much allowing them to use the Google functions without their phone making the technology at the fingertips much easier.

A newer version is also in the works by Motorola as well. It will be called the “Moto 360” which is set to arrive in the summer of 2014. There aren’t many details about it yet but the main feature is that it will look and feel like an actual watch. It will have the iconic round bezel with traditional hour, minute and seconds hands. Also featuring a leather band which can be interchangeable if necessary, will be water resistant and have gesture support “with just a twist of the wrist you can see who’s emailing or calling, what time your next meeting is or a friend’s latest social post.” One of the unique functions of the watch is that no matter how you wear it, whether it’s on the left hand or right hand, it is orientation free and that the screen will self-adjust to the relative viewpoint. Like most products it will run on the Android OS and by saying “Ok Google” followed by the phrase of choosing will enable it to function as you wish. LG’s Moto 360 concept is marketing itself with the slogan “It’s Time” and yes it is, it’s definitely time.