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Coolest Ugly Xmas Sweaters You Can Buy

So the season for egg nogs, festive storefront decorations, Rudolph’s red nose adorned in front of car and truck grills and ugly Christmas sweater parties. And finding the best sweater to standout can be just as stressful as finding clever costumes over Halloween. Well that’s what we’re here for; to find you the most whimsical and festive ugly sweater; just don’t expect affordable prices. Disclaimer: Some of the items below may be “geek-tastic”.

via tipsyelves
via tipsyelves

If you’re still confused about where “lemon-flavored” snow comes from, this sweater clearly explains it through threads. In this depiction of Saint Nick, gifts aren’t the only things that he delivers, so be careful and think before you try some fallen snow. ($74.95)

This next ugly sweater deserves to be on the list due to its creative design. Made with two halves of a stuffed reindeer on the front and back of the sweater, the 3D Ugly Christmas Sweater is a bit of a celebrity. With appearances on Live! with Kelly and Michael, it’s a cute and clever way to impress your friends and family. ($59.99)

via Yellow Bulldog
via Yellow Bulldog

If you’re a product of the 90s, this next sweater should be a pleasant trip down memory lane; if you choose to buy one. Adorned with the two iconic Street Fighter characters, Ken and Ryu, this ugly Christmas sweater is tastefully put together. So if the attendance at the party consists of geeks and nerds, the Street Fighter sweater is sure to turn heads. ($44)


Being part of the “United States of Wu”, this next sweater really hits home. But being a fan, it’s going to be tough choosing between the Ugly Sweater Party and a night with your best headphone and favorite Wu-Tang tracks. ($79.99)


The most famous transforming automaton is back; this time in the form of a sweater design! Adorned on the front of this sweater is Optimus Prime; coupled with subtle Autobot logos found on the chest and sleeves. ($79.99)