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Strangest Items Adorned with the LV Monogram

So it looks like another strange item will be getting the LV pattern treatment. Louis Vuitton along with famed designer Karl Lagerfeld will be celebrating the iconic monogram by releasing a collection of outlandishly expensive luggage and accessories. Along with the collection, all made in the same pattern, LV will also be showcasing a $175,000 monogram punching bag. The package will include punching bag and matching case. So here at FashionMR, we decided to celebrate the famous monogram pattern in our own way; by scouring the Internet for the strangest items bedazzled with the LV pattern.

For the full story and info on all the items and the inspiration behind the new LV collection (not the odd LV items), check it out at Harper’s Bazaar.

Caputo & Co SS2015 Collection

New York based designer Alex Caputo shows off his Spring/Summer 2015 collection at his Hell’s Kitchen studio. Inspired by a recent trip to the island of Bali, Alex provides a tropical flavor full of blues, greens and yellows. The collection consists of a variety of unisex bracelets, belts, bags and other accessories. For this season’s bags, the designer uses strong, waxed canvas coupled with Vachetta leather; known for pleasing patina after some use. They come in messenger, tote and luggage styles; all with South American/Balinese influences. A notable design in this year’s collection is the unique zig-zag pattern; made to symbolize a body of water. The patterns can be found in blue, green, yellow and orange hues throughout Alex’s tote bags, bracelets and belts. Set to land February 2015, find them at Caputo & Co, Barneys, J.Crew, Nordstrom and other retailers.


Luxury Travels High

While it is the season to head to hot spots such as Mykonos and Ibiza, it calls for changing time zones in style.

Topping the list with its classical charm, the Goyard Palace trunk is the must have personalized accessory this season. With its exceptional heritage, Goyard is a drawn inspiration that stands uniquely amongst other fleeting trends. Goyard labels itself as a timeless design that will appeal to customers looking for uncompromising exclusivity, unparalleled craftsmanship and aesthetic refinement.

Goyard offers four distinct product lines:

• Travel goods: Goyard provides travelers with all the accessories needed for a stylish getaway such as; trunks, hard-sided luggage, trolley cases, vanity cases, hat cases or weekender bags.

• For men and women: Goyard offers a large choice of handbags, tote bags, pouches, briefcases and clutches with an equally large range of matching accessories: wallets, change purses, diary and check-book covers, and business-card holders.

• Personalized orders: Goyard personalizes trunks and luggage. Each piece is unique and entirely hand-made, just like in the 19th century.

• Pet accessories: The « Chic du Chien » line was launched in the late 19th century by Edmond Goyard. It features collars, leashes, bowls and dishes for pets, and is sold exclusively at the Chic du Chien boutique, 352, rue Saint-Honoré in Paris.

The long-lasting sustainability of Goyard products is a plus since the line doesn’t change every season.

via facebook/goyard
via facebook/goyard