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GQ Creative Director Jim Moore stepping down

Jim Moore, the longstanding editor for GQ, will be transitioning into the role of creative director r-at-large following a long series of departures from the Condé Nast men’s title. The longtime Condé Nast editor is finally stepping away from the legacy publisher.

GQ’s creative director Jim Moore established the magazine as being the go-to style guide for American men for over four decades. He held the creative director position since 1998. Will Welch, who is the editor-in-chief of GQ’s quarterly, will be taking over in January of 2018.


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Just like Vogue’s creative director, Grace Coddington, reduced her role at the magazine in January 2016 while still being able to maintain an office and a large commitment to the publisher, Moore will take the title of creative director-at-large and will still be an active contributor to the magazine’s pages and some projects. The details of Moore’s future contract is still being under discussion.

“[Editor-in-chief Jim Nelson] has been a big advocate for me, so he wants me around and he wants my hand on every issue going forward,” Moore tells Business of Fashion, explaining that the difference will now be that his involvement will vary from project to project. “One of my favorite things is being an ambassador for the magazine. That’s a really important part of what I want to continue, the video series — teaching is really important for me.”

At Condé Nast, the responsibilities of the creative director-at-large role will vary from title to title. At the same time, the publication will be able to cut costs as the print industry continues to struggle to adapt to a more digitally focused media environment. This past November, Condé Nast announced that GQ would reduce its issues from 12 to 11 and lay off around 80 people across the company. During this cost cut, GQ lost high profile positions in the Condé Nast department, including the executive digital director and fashion director.

Moore says the new arrangement worked for him and GQ. ““I’m sure when you get slightly pushed out of the nest, it’s a wobbly feeling — especially for me, it’s been my life for four decades,” he said. “I’m really excited about staying connected to this but looking out there for other projects.”

“I don’t know any one person who’s had more effect on the way men dress in America,” says Nelson. “Jim’s is an almost mythic influence. When we threw an anniversary party several years back where Kanye West performed live on stage, even Kanye rapped about the talent and legend of Jim Moore.”

Title to replace Men’s FASHION magazine

Saint Joseph Communications, Media Group in Toronto has recently launched their new magazine, Title. Title is set to replace Men’s FASHION magazine this coming November where it’s first official issue will come out. The new Canadian based magazine is set to focus on men who are educated, affluent and creative, who also are between the ages of 28 to 50. The magazine plans to write about men’s style and fashion and is going to publish across all platforms from print to digital.

When asked about the purpose of Title, Editor in chief, Greg Hudson says, “it’s hard to define exactly what it means to be a man today. And so, reaching men can be tough. Our objective is to create a voice for Title that readers relate to. That voice is one that’s smart, funny, addictive and, uncannily similar to their own”. Title in a sense will offer readers an in-depth look at men’s fashion with engaging, relatable, and credible content.

Jacqueline Loch, vice president of Women’s Brand at Saint Joseph Communication, had released a statement about Title. she says, “We strategically designed the Title brand to feature high-quality multi-platform content that will resonate with our readers. Like our strategy with FASHION, Title will also focus on innovations in technology and editorial integrations to provide quality content that delivers for our advertising partners and engages audiences across all our platforms”.

The cover for the first ever Title magazine will showcase one of the most fashionable RnB artist, Miguel. The inaugural issue will feature interviews with the likes of Mad Men’s Matthew Weiner and writer Sean Avery. It is also said that in the Winter 2018 issue there will be a seasonal style shoot shot by, world-renowned photographer Matt Barnes.

Title is set to publish three issues each year for Fall, Winter, and Spring respectively. The first print edition of Title is planned to launch alongside with the Winter 2018 issue of FASHION. The Title webpage is currently up (http://thetitlemag.com) that displays this short excerpt, “Welcome to Title. For men who like reading magazines aimed at men. Come back for the hottest takes on style, culture, sports and all the clickable cool stuff. No offense to your dog (who is great, by the way), but we’re basically going to be your new best friend.”

The Title webpage will begin uploading digital content starting November 14, 2017. Loch says, “the launch of Title is part of our ongoing strategic plan to position our media brands as the most competitive in the market and to target the luxury consumer”. Beginning with the Winter 2018 issue, Title will be mailed to some select subscribers of FASHION, Toronto Life, across Canada. Title will also be available at certain Shopper Drug Marts bundled with FASHION. As we wait for the first issue of Title to be released you can keep up to date with news and announcements at their other social media platforms. Facebook (facebook.com/thetitlemag), Twitter (@thetitlemag), and Instagram (@thetitlemag).