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Embracing The New Men’s Wear : Meggings

The term megging that literally translates to “Men’s leggings” has been redefined. While trying to imagine men’s leggings, a sense of discomfort might not be a surprise to many. The traditional meggings come obnoxiously tight and unflattering, but like mentioned before meggings have found a new route.

Do you have 25 dollars?

If so, you can find them here and go ahead, buy yourself the trendiest Topman meggings.

via TopMan
via TopMan

The grey meggings are combined with shorts, giving your casual style a street chic inspiration. Celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kanye West have had a taste of the innovated meggings and you’re next on the list. The meggings can be worn with simply an oversized T-shirt or sweatshirt, but if you like to mix and match with styles, address a fitted black leather jacket that will take the look to an edgier level.

When in meggings you can wear whatever type of shoes that fit your taste, and that is another reason why you should own at least one pair of meggings. Whether you opt for Converse or high top sneakers, you are always in the right zone.