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Kanye West Cries Front Row At Virgil Abloh’s First Louis Vuitton Show

This most recent Louis Vuitton fashion show at Men’s Paris Fashion Week was a monumental one in terms of the hype building up around the show regarding Virgil Abloh, creator of Off-White, and his first collection as the head artistic director of Louis Vuitton. This was a monumental moment in fashion itself as Virgil is the first African American artistic director of the famous Paris fashion house and one of the few to be a leading influence at the level he is at. What Virgil has been able to accomplish in what seems like just a couple years time from his beginnings with his brand Pyrex Vision to Off-White to his collection with Nike it seems that Virgil has almost reached the pinnacle. To Virgil Abloh though I believe he cares more about just spreading the culture that he was brought up into this industry in.

Virgil Abloh and Kanye West have known each other and have been close creative partners since the early 2000s. Virgil has worked on a lot of different projects with Kanye before ultimately breaking off to step out of Kanye’s shadow, not necessarily creatively but Virgil wanted to make a name for himself. Virgil did this by creating his brand Pyrex Vision back in 2012 which was his first venture into the world of high fashion. Pyrex Vision consisted mostly of screen printing onto Champion blanks and old Ralph Lauren flannels, not exactly revolutionary, but Virgil was able to charge upwards of 500 dollars for the pieces and they would sell. Virgil eventually folded the brand and started Off-White with a crew of Italian streetwear aficionados. Off-White would pick up right where Pyrex Vision left off charging astronomical prices for mostly screen printed streetwear. But Off-White would grow into a Nike collaboration and establish it as one of the most sought-after brands in streetwear today. This would ultimately be Virgil’s foot in the door when it came to breaking into the world of high fashion houses like Louis Vuitton.

Now during Men’s Paris Fashion Week everyone patiently waiting to see what Virgil would do with his introductory show as the artistic director of Louis Vuitton. Virgil showcased to the world and to everyone in attendance a beautiful gradient painted pavement runway outdoors in a garden in Paris. Virgil really delivered when it came to the overall presentation of the environment around the garments. But the garments and accessories were nothing like Louis Vuitton has ever had before from transparent gradient rainbow luggage to ceramic white chains draped over the models and as straps for the luggage. After having various streetwear icons and celebrities from the likes of Kid Cudi, Playboi Carti, Blondey McCoy and A$AP Nast you can really tell that this show was all about the culture that Virgil Abloh came from. That is why Kanye, seated front row, when Virgil walked out at the end got so emotional. Kanye was able to see one of his very close friends and collaborators not only ascend to the pinnacle of fashion for African Americans today but was able to be a part of it with his new album being played during the show. Kanye has been skeptical of Virgil leaving his side and branching out in becoming one of today’s fashion moguls but he’s finally been able to come to terms with it in this most recent embrace at the end of Virgil’s very first show as the artistic director of Louis Vuitton.

Rare Sneakers Take the Forefront at Milan Men’s Fashion Week

It’s no secret that when it comes to men’s fashion today footwear, especially sneakers, have a huge impact on the culture today. From designers like Virgil Abloh reimagining ten of Nike’s classic sneakers, which many of them eclipse the thousand dollar price range on the second-hand market, to him becoming the head artistic director to Louis Vuitton, the two worlds are merging. The world of rare sneakers and streetwear coming side by side to become just as coveted as high-end designer clothing just proves how much the culture is shifting. This change has been made clear in many recent fashion weeks by just observing what the crowd and models are wearing on their feet. This most recent Milan Men’s Fashion Week was no different for you could have seen a plethora of rare sought after sneakers on the feet of attendees and models.

This most recent Milan Men’s Fashion Week you were able to witness not just sought after sneakers from brands like Nike and Adidas but also from designer brands like Louis Vuitton and Dior. The fact that you are able to see designers like Raf Simons and Alexander Wang collaborating on sneakers with Adidas just shows that fashion is bridging the gap between the street and the high end. But also with high-end designer brands coming out with stylish almost sport-inspired sneakers like the Louis Vuitton Archlight, you can really observe the true influence of sneakers on fashion.

Sneakers in fashion today is something that doesn’t just bring together fans of streetwear and fans of high-end fashion but brings together two different generations of those who enjoy fashion. You see many important designers and artists today you have a strong connection to Jordan Brand and their classic retro sneakers. You can see the artistic director of Dior Kim Jones constantly in exclusive Jordans not just from his friend Virgil Abloh but rare collabs like the Jordan Fragment One. You may also see the inspiration that Jordan has had on other designers for their own sneakers. You can see this inspiration in many forms whether it is Yves Saint Laurent’s high-top court sneaker that takes many cues from the Jordan One shape and classic colorways to Fear of God’s Jerry Lorenzo taking many similar points of inspiration into his Basketball sneaker.

Whether many in the world of high fashion want to believe it or not the culture is shifting. It is shifting in a way that displays subcultures like sneakerheads taking a major lead when it comes to their inspiration on the world of fashion. Whether it be that these old school sneakerheads are the ones that are influencing high fashion today or that high fashion designers are just taking cues from this culture who has people lining up every week for a pair of shoes just based on their exclusivity. There is something satisfying to many if you have a pair of shoes that the person next to you on the street wasn’t able to acquire not because of the price tag but because you simply worked harder and you can see this at this most recent Milan Men’s Fashion Week and you will see it at many fashion weeks to come.

So Trendy Men’s Shoes Are Memes Now?

When many people think of a meme you’ll usually think of some kind of online trend or joke that becomes adopted by multiple different subcultures and is used in their own way to portray their own joke or message. Overtime with the internet becoming more and more accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds memes today has become somewhat of this watered down joke that dies out within almost a month of its relevance. Memes often go to die in a few places whether it’s the Yodel kid appearing on the Ellen show or your mother or father oversaturating their Facebook page with memes they really don’t understand. Now apparently there is a new category of a meme within the menswear community, this meme just consists of wearing a shoe that is considered by most within the world of fashion as trendy. It doesn’t just consist of shoes through a few garments also fall into this category according to popular menswear subreddits and online blogs. With the use of the word meme to describe certain garments and products it just raises the argument are trends just memes within the world of fashion?

With certain shoes being regarded as memes today for menswear communities it opens the discussion as to how these shoes achieved their meme status. Most of these shoes are just menswear staples that any man should have in their closet as opposed to something of a meme that comes and goes. You have classic men’s shoes like the Adidas Stan Smith being referred to as the ‘Meme’ Smiths and Clark’s Desert Boots being thrust into this category of a meme as if they are loud out there shoes that will not be relevant in a few months. These are shoes that have been around for many years and may have recently become a little more popular than they were maybe 20 years ago but that is no reason to classify the shoes as memes. Sometimes when a shoe or garment isn’t as popular and widespread but it is a quality product that can apply to many different peoples wardrobes all it needs is that reintroduction into the mainstream in order to boost its popularity and make many realize that this is something they need in their closet. Now, this doesn’t mean meme to me even though it has gained popularity because the Stan Smith is something every man needs in their wardrobe which is a white leather sneaker and the Desert Boot falls into the same exact category of something every man can use to sophisticate any outfit without doing too much. This may scream meme too many online menswear communities but these are simply just efforts by the average man to make more fashion conscious decisions when it comes to their footwear and to overall become introduced to fashion as a whole, which is a good thing.

With all this recent change of popular shoes achieving this new found ‘meme-dom’ it raises the argument is there an equivalent within women’s fashion? Women’s fashion is mostly regarded as being centered around developing somewhat of a personal style not relying on a few key items within their closet to achieve their ‘unique’ look. I personally disagree with this and if you are going to talk about menswear having its own memes womenswear definitely has its own memes. From riding boots, the white Converse Chuck Taylor and the ever so hated ‘spartan’ sandal women’s footwear definitely has its own memes just the online discussion isn’t as great, but they are there. That doesn’t mean those are memes either these are just products that a lot of women purchase because they are popular and reliable for them. I don’t think online communities should be describing different shoes as memes but you can’t stop the discussion from happening and you can’t stop more and more men from buying these shoes, so the discussion on what is and is not a meme within menswear will continue.

Kanye Allegedly Ripping Off Another Artist for Yeezy Supermoon Ads

Instagram account Diet Prada is an account that specializes in pointing out the not so coincidental copying that goes on in the world of fashion today. As we all know there is no problem with drawing inspiration from someone whether it be their design, runway setup, or just the overall theme of a collection. But there is a very clear difference between pulling inspiration from something or someone and blatantly stealing an idea and crediting it as your own. Diet Prada since their first post in 2014 calling out Raf Simons for using designs very similar to Prada, hence the name, has been diligent to point out those who do not give credit where it is due.

In Diet Prada’s most recent claim they are accusing Kanye West of taking the ideas of photographer Minissi and a series of photographs she took in 2015 that explored identity and the wanted of oneself to reconnect with their own body, a very deep subject. I believe what Diet Prada feels what Mr. West is most guilty of is the fact that he drew inspiration from this very deep emotional photo shoot and turned it into a not safe for work sneaker advertisement. Myself, similarly to Diet Prada see it as a little distasteful considering the subject matter of the original photographs.

This would not be the first time though that Diet Prada has made claims against not just Kanye West but the West family in general. In July of 2017 Diet Prada accused Kim Kardashian West of very blatantly using the designs of Comme Des Garcon designer Rei Kawakubo and Vetements designer Demna Gvasalia for children’s pieces for Kim’s brand The Kids Supply. Kim said that the pieces were being made as an homage to the designers and that the pieces would be named after them, clearing the air about the whole copycatting fiasco. But Diet Prada was not done there also accusing Kim of ripping off the makeup done on Beyonce for a Flaunt magazine cover for Kim’s makeup collection, which Kim did not address. The last claim Diet Prada made against the West’s though was when Kanye in May tweeted sketches that appeared to be taken directly from ex-Nike designer Tony Spackman just with his name for the sketches photoshopped off the top of the sketch. This was another accusation that Kanye would not address.

With these most recent accusations made by Diet Prada against Kanye West, many are left unsurprised by his actions. Many without real ears to the ground in this industry and this culture believe that Kanye West is a very original one of a kind thinker when it comes to his ideas. What many don’t know is that Kanye West just like all of us draws inspiration from the things he hears and sees around him in his day to day life. The only problem with what he’s doing right now is by not giving credit to this original photographer, if that is where he drew the inspiration from, he is disrespecting the whole entire series of photographs she did and the message behind them. The fact that he recreated them as a way for him to sell sneakers too just adds salt to the wound.

All-Purpose Beachwear Paves Way for Growing Company

With the nice weather now prevalent all around the United States, and summer officially just a few days away, beach season is officially here. Be it an actual beach, a lake, a river, a pool, or hot tub, swimming is now a plausible way to cool down. Often, swimwear has been seen to hold the sole function of wearing to the beach or pool to catch some sun. Once the fun is done, people quickly rush to change out of the impractical and regularly ugly attire.

Onia, a swimwear company started by Carl Cunow and Nathan Romano, aims to deconstruct the label against beach wardrobe. Much like yoga pants went from being a workout-only piece of clothing to a staple of women’s fashion, Onia hopes that beachwear can soon be used for much more than tanning and swimming.

Started in 2013, Romano and Cunow set out to create swimwear that served more than one purpose. Originally focused on men’s swim trunks, the duo dreamed of creating shorts that could obviously not only be used at the beach but also as casual, everyday shorts and athletic shorts. In essence, they wanted to create shorts for men that could be used in just about every situation without compromising on style. In a previous interview with Fortune, Romano stated that “this is how we started Onia and, since our launch, we have fully developed into a men’s and women’s swim and ready-to-wear brand, and all of our products have been launched based on the same core philosophy that we started with — fit, fabric and function.”

Since the company’s inception, they have expanded their market from solely men’s swimwear. They delved into the women’s swimwear market, which has obvious limitations in comparison to the men’s. Onia also began producing shirts, shoes, dresses, and pants with the same core values in mind.

While they do not expect their customers to go out and swim in shoes, pants, and dresses, they hope that their product yields a practical, stylish and comfortable outcome. Many other swimwear and surf companies are starting to follow this trend too.

Brands like RVCA and Billabong have been staples of the swimwear and surf industry for years. While they have made shorts, flip-flops, etc… before Onia became a company, these items tended to have a distinct style that did not mesh well outside of beach towns. Now, however, brands like these are aiming to implement a more practical product into their collection in order to expand their potential influence.

As Onia continues to grow at an exponential rate—100% growth online in the first quarter of 2018—so might their practices. In providing customers with a unique, multi-purpose wardrobe, the owners of Onia have in a sense created their own market and audience. They are now looking to expand their influence both online and in-stores based on their “long game” method of business. Co-founder Carl Cunow states “we care about trends, but we care a lot more about timeless design. I think there is a place for fast fashion, but that is not our customer”.

Unlike many other companies that seem to simply be chasing the latest trends and hits, Onia wants to make quality clothes that will last throughout whatever the freshest style may be. It is refreshing to see a company that originally marketed itself for all-purpose swimwear evolve into something much more. In an ever-changing market where companies rise and fall rapidly and fashion changes overnight, Onia plans it’s success on timeless, practical pieces of clothing. Surely other companies will begin to follow the same “underground” model that Onia has created if their success continues.

Original ideas focused on quality over quantity appear to be paying large dividends for Onia. I know I myself would appreciate a classic pair of swim trunks that can double as athletic shorts or daily wear.

Fashion Nova Men’s Collection Disappoints

In an ever-growing competitive fashion market, it is easy for companies to be left behind if they do not provide consumers with an inspiring or desirable look. Particularly in men’s fashion, it becomes easy for companies to get lazy and complacent. Fashion Nova is the latest company to fall victim to this shortcoming, as consumers and fashion experts alike were left underwhelmed with their latest men’s collection.

With a generally more limited frame-of-work than women’s fashion, men’s fashion designers often have to go above and beyond to ensure that they do not blend in with other generic types of menswear. Fashion Nova is known for their women’s clothing filled with crazy patterns and two-piece sets. Their male audience also wanted the Nova collection to be a complimentary reflection of their female counterparts—with extravagant patterns du jour. Instead of catering to the wants of the guys that support them, they went in an entirely different direction and released a relatively basic, and perhaps cringy, collection of menswear.

Twitter users took problem with two particular T-shirts with “Meme Lord” and “Tag me in memes so I know it’s real,” imprinted on the front. Instead of providing the audience with unique and trendy patterns, Nova decided to release shirts that could have been made by a seventh-grader with a home printer.

While the line obviously had some decent and wearable articles of clothing, the line as a whole left a lot to be desired. Considering Fashion Nova hyped up the line in advance, it was fair for their fans to have high expectations. High expectations can lead to severe disappointment when the company fails to reach the mark. Fashion Nova built its name creating edgy, interesting pieces for women, so it was a let-down for most that expected the company to do something similar with their men’s clothing.

In a market saturated by a plethora of companies chasing the same look, it appears as though the latest Nova Fashion Men’s collection will be lost in the crowd. Though a few laughs were to be had from the ridiculously childish set of tees about memes, the collection as a whole does not seem to bring anything new or worthwhile to the table. Several pieces can be seen as complete rip-offs from other companies, such as the belt that steals Off-White’s style, color and pattern.

A lack of creativity like this annoyed, or at least disappointed, an audience that expected so much more. The styles that have been released by Fashion Nova, excluding the direct rip-offs of several streetwear brands, are comparable to those sold at stores like H&M, Forever 21, and Rue21. Unlike Fashion Nova, however, these companies already have a solid male audience already in place and shoppers know what to expect from them. Another drawback is that Fashion Nova has a bit higher price point than any of these stores, but not nearly as bad as brands like Off-White and A Bathing Ape.

Consumers have every right to be critical of an underwhelming release from a company they expected much more out of. This is not to say that the whole collection is garbage, however. Joggers, jackets and jeans are hard to butcher, so Fashion Nova does deserve credit where it’s due. It also makes sense for customers to buy similar styles to the big name brands at a lower price. The fact that some of the styles seem childish and many others bring absolutely nothing new or noteworthy to the table is what angers consumers the most.

The collection does have its positives, but the market is already filled with so many similar styles that it’s becoming hard to tell who even makes what anymore. Eventually, as style moves on and the trends change, many companies, like Fashion Nova, will be left out if they do not offer something different from the others. At the very least, a focus on quality and low pricing would help to boost their support if they choose not to innovate new or unique styles.


Men Are the Biggest Spenders in Online Shopping

When it comes to online shopping, something we all do, myself like many others I’m sure peruses the internet all day looking at the newest fashion, technology, and products to just look and nothing more than that. Online shopping is centered around being able to have anything you want at your doorstep in few days but now with programs like Amazon Prime practically the next day. One thing many might not realize is that according to a study done by the University of Pennsylvania that men are in fact the biggest spenders when it comes to online shopping. This has nothing to do with the fact that men have more money to online shop or that they shop more it mostly just comes down to the fact that men love the convenience of not having to physically go to a store, look through all the products and just generally not really know what they are buying. For men who shop online for big money items, they are able to read reviews and look through thousands of options for finally coming to the grand decision of what they are going to buy. This introduces a whole new kind of opportunity to create a luxury online shopping location catered towards men.

Of course, you are going to have high fashion brands have their own websites like Louis Vuitton or Gucci who have perfected their online shopping experience to be catered to those who are in the market for a luxury product, but how can this be expanded upon. Websites all over the internet like Grailed and StockX have popped up not for just the teenager who wants to buy or sell Supreme online but for men who have or want high-end designer clothing and expensive sneakers and have a marketplace for them. Grailed especially is catered towards designer clothing but also features sneakers. The average teenage sneakerhead isn’t usually going to be interested in Margiela, Raf Simons or Rick Owens but Grailed creates a stage for the more established financially well-off men’s fashion connoisseur to be able to purchase and sell these products that come with a serious price tag, with many products reaching over one thousand dollars. Where StockX comes into the equation is not necessarily in securing men as the majority demographic in spending at least one thousand dollars on the internet but it creates something totally different. StockX allows the slightly older sneakerhead who most likely has a better job and maybe a family to be able to buy the sneakers he wants, guaranteed legit, at a fair market price and he doesn’t have to meet up with some teenager to purchase them. I believe over time the older sneakerhead will use StockX for most of his transactions and he could easily eclipse over a thousand dollars spent on sneakers just on that website alone.

With premium men’s online shopping popping up more and more every day on the internet and the fact that the average man just doesn’t prefer the experience of walking into a physical store to shop it’s no surprise that men’s retail locations are going to decline sooner rather than later. While many men who are seriously interested in fashion and almost the artistry that goes into the displays and aesthetic of a retail store many men do not share these views. There will always be a premium men’s shopping experience in fashion-forward cities like New York and Los Angeles, but for the average man who just enjoys sitting in his home to make his more major purchases, the internet will continue to deliver that to him and to his doorstep.

The Importance of Men’s Body Positivity

As body positivity for women continues to expand every day for women on the internet, in stores and just in everyday conversation the conversation hasn’t necessarily shifted towards talking about body positivity for men. While more and more plus sized women break into the world of fashion and modeling the landscape is still not set for plus sized men to make their push into the forefront. When it comes to covers of magazines and runway shows this most recent New York Fashion Week incorporated a decent amount of plus-sized women’s models the men were somewhat nonexistent with only about one being featured for Asos. Asos already has a section of their website dedicated to plus-sized men and women and are taking strides in giving them fashionable options without shaming them for their bodies.

The importance of men’s body positivity when it comes to fashion is that in the fashion you want clothes that will fit cleanly and look good overall different types of body types, because you are marketing not just to people who are into fashion that are thin. A lot of people personally struggle with coming to terms that the fashion they may love and admire may not be something they can never wear. When you create a collection or a product most designers want whoever appreciates their art and image to be able to purchase and wear their product. This isn’t always the case though when it comes to high fashion designers who mostly model their clothes not just after women that are far thinner and taller than the average woman but for men that have unachievable body standards. For men, I feel it comes in a much different light than for women but male models usually consist of two different body types lean and muscular or just very thin. This becomes an issue for plus sized men when they are online and in-store shopping because they see a product on the rack or on a website and immediately know that this garment will not drape over their body the way the designer intended it to.

The whole stigma that comes with being plus sized in the world today is one that can be very degrading for people. It is something that will affect one’s confidence and the way they try to portray themselves too the world and the least they deserve is to feel confident and comfortable in the clothes they wear. The responsibility of promotion of a positive outlook on plus-sized men and women comes on that of the designers, magazines and clothing companies to find a niche for these people who still definitely have a huge voice and impact on the world of fashion. What companies like Asos providing fashion-forward options and opportunities to not just plus sized women but men even including them in their fashion week runways is something a lot of companies should take notes from. It’s going to take the effort of not just one company to change the outlook on plus-sized men in fashion and just body positivity for men in general, but I think with the trend of body positivity when it comes to women things are moving in the right direction.

RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan on the Return of Wu-Wear

When it comes to the world of fashion music is one of the biggest influences when it comes not just to people’s personal style but for the direction, fashion is moving in. One of the largest impacts that music has had on fashion was the rise of hip-hop. You can go all the way back to rappers like Slick Rick and Big Daddy popularizing over the top gold chains that were literally things only your favorite rappers could wear to groups like the Wu-Tang Clan popularizing Clarks Wallabees and Ralph Lauren’s Polo Snow Beach collection. Groups like the Wu-Tang Clan didn’t start dressing like this because of their new found money from rising through the ranks of the music industry they dressed like that because it was how they always dressed. There is something different in terms of the connection between the musician and his audience when the person listening is able to reflect how they connect with the culture. They are able to portray this in what they wear and when it is easily attainable for the listener that bond grows even stronger.

There were band tees dating back to the late 60s and early 70s that allowed a fan of a certain musical group or act to show their friends that they attending a show or went to a certain stop on the tour, but nothing that just showed that they were down with the group and the movement they were starting. Wu-Wear, the clothing line started by RZA and many other members of the Wu-Tang Clan, revolutionized this idea and perfected it in a way that would inspire many other rappers and groups to follow suit. Wu-Wear was started in 1995 after the success of the Wu-Tang Clan’s debut album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). The clothing line was carried at stores all over the country and was a huge source of income for the entire Wu-Tang Clan, even allowing them to open their own separate retail locations in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Norfolk. Wu-Wear allowed the fans of the Wu-Tang Clan and just those that followed street fashion and street culture to get down with the Wu-Tang Clan’s movement and show their support for the group out of Staten Island. Although Wu-Wear folded in 2008 it has left a huge impact on the culture surrounding hip-hop designed and inspired clothing lines.

Today with the resurgence of 90’s hip-hop culture into the mainstream it’s only right for the return of Wu-Wear but marketed in a way that nobody would’ve expected, it’s being promoted through an event at Barney’s. The fact that Wu-Wear is coming back in a fresh new way at Barney’s, with updated designs and the focus of not just promoting the group but being on trend while still being able to respect its origins is incredible. This just goes to show you that the rich culture associated with hip-hop and rap music has ascended more than just music. Hip-hop today is regarded as one of if not the most popular genre of music today and it shows with everything around us. Barney’s which is a luxury department store that no one, not even RZA, would’ve imagined his Wu-Wear line rolling out a ten-piece collection exclusively for them is just another mark of how hip-hop music and fashion today really go hand in hand. This gives many older hip-hop heads a chance to reminisce on the early days of the Wu-Tang Clan and can cop and rock a piece of the new Wu-Wear while still allowing the younger generation to get introduced to the Wu-Tang Clan in a whole new way.

Rimowa Collaborates With Virgil Abloh’s Off-White

Virgil Abloh’s Off-White is one of the hottest brands making noise is not just in the space of fashion but accessories and now with talks of a potential Ikea collaboration, furniture. Off-White’s latest collaboration comes in the form of a premium luggage collection with world-renowned luxury luggage company Rimowa. This is a big step in the right direction for both companies.

Off-White who is coming off a stellar 2017 and 2018 with one of the biggest streetwear collaborations of the last year with its ‘The Ten’ collection with Nike. Off-White in the last year has grown immensely from their use of safety tape designs for their belts and the use of black and white striped printing on the back of their garments. They are currently one of the hottest brands within streetwear with everyone just waiting to see what Virgil Abloh will do next with his brand and if it will take a back seat after recently being appointed men’s artistic director of Louis Vuitton. With Virgil making strides not just for the world of streetwear in high fashion but for African Americans within high fashion many are watching his every move to see what he will do next to impact the culture he has been able to grow so quickly in.

Luxury luggage company Rimowa is also making huge strides in its collaborations with streetwear with this most recent Off-White collection of luggage and packing bags with Virgil’s signature words with quotations around them in the Helvetica font. Rimowa in the last year has cemented itself as the go-to luggage brand of streetwear aficionados. The way Rimowa has been able to accomplish this feat in a world where people care about having all aspects of their lifestyle fit their personal clothing style is through, obviously collaborations. Over the past year, they have collaborated with Los Angeles streetwear label Anti Social Social Club on a collection consisting of their Essential suitcase and apparel including a t-shirt, hoodie and a hat all emblazoned with the Rimowa logo. Their next even more hyped collaboration within the world of streetwear was their much anticipated with possibly the biggest streetwear brand in the world today, New York City’s very own Supreme. The collection with Supreme consisted of two different suitcases one traditionally sized suitcase with the signature Supreme box logo all over the suitcase in a black and red colorway and a carry-on suitcase with the same design. Both of these collaborations for Rimowa sold out within seconds of both their online and in-store releases, with the Supreme collaboration selling for prices of around 5,000 dollars on the second-hand market.

With both of these collaborations working out probably beyond Rimowa’s expectations naturally, their next step would be to join forces with another streetwear giant just to further establish themselves as the premier luggage brand to fans of street fashion and culture. I don’t think their collaboration with Off-White will be able to attain the same hype and buzz as their collaboration with Supreme. But having already seen the impact a collaboration with Off-White could have on the overall success of a brand and it’s products I think Rimowa is definitely headed in the right direction.

The product that Off-White and Rimowa are releasing is an interesting take on the average person’s perception of what personal luggage would be. The carry-on luggage is composed of a transparent polycarbonate that allows anyone that might see your luggage to see exactly what you have within your suitcase. This offers a new commentary on the lack of privacy that people face in society today from government surveillance and the overexposure of people’s personal lives on social media.

The Hottest New Items to Purchase Right Now

As the seasons transition, we find ourselves scrounging for the next best items to own to wear proudly and continue to be the most stylish guy. Below you will find a list of items that you need to purchase for this autumn.

First is the off-white shade Wrangler Wild Wash Vintage Design T-shirt. This shirt is perfect for street wear! It is a simple graphic T that you obviously need so follow the link Wrangler.com. Another is the River Island Mid Blue Faded Ripped Jimmy Slim Tapered Jeans. Oh man… that is one long name for a pair of jeans! Anyway, these jeans resemble a 90s style fit with a white washed look. It features multiple rips as well. Here is the link to purchase a pair RiverIsland.com. The Primark Camouflage Backpack features the next century camouflage at a reasonable price. Follow the link Primark.com to retrieve your newest backpack!

Next is the H&M Nylon Bomber Jacket. This is the perfect jacket to transition throughout the season. It is a very lightweight jacket; so follow the link H&M.com to purchase your jacket for the 2017 Fall. The collaboration of RNLI X Finisterie features items that include fisherman knits, beanies, and waterproof jackets. The positive affect happens when you purchase an item. 10 percent of the sales are donated to charity!

Image via Flickr/ Daniel Pimley

The Fimex MKI Aluminum Watch is the next best thing to own this season. This watch is the reinterpretation of the Mik-W-46374B TimeX from 1982. It features a military aesthetic with a sleeker and slimmer band. Here is the link to purchase one for you End.com. Another pair of jeans to own would be the G-Star Raw Motac 3D Slim Jeans. These jeans were specifically constructed for mobility and comfort. It features 3D ribbed panels along the calf and back of the knee. To own a pair here is the link g-star.com.

Obviously, shoes need to be purchased for this upcoming season. The Adidas Originals EQT Support Boost 93/17 has the most ground breaking contemporary design to date! Here is the link Adidas.com to purchase a pair for you. You already know that you will not be disappointed in this wise purchase. The MKI Miyuki Zoku Pink Printed Cotton Top is another shirt to buy. It has a very updated design that runs up the sleeves. Here is the link harveynichols.com.

To carry all of this stuff you are about to purchase you need a stylish bag. The Sandqvisk Apollo Backpack that has a sleek style for durability and practicality. Here is the link sandqvick.net so you can carry all of the necessities! Again, you can never have enough shirts so the Beams Plus Camp-Collar Printed Shirt will be a great purchase. This shirt resembles a 80s theme by the print-blocking technique pattern throughout the shirt. Here is the link to buy it mrporter.com.

Topman featured black checked jogger pants. These joggers are extremely fashion forward that are as comfortable as ever! Here is the link Topman.com to keep looking stylish but comfortable as ever! Lastly everyone just needs to purchase the Boohoo Man Nasa Cap. Everyone needs a hat… so there is the excuse to buy it boohooman.com!

These are some of the top essentials to own right now especially during the change in the seasons. Hopefully, you find some of these products to fit your personality and can represent your style!

Dress Code 101: The New Rules to Know

The typical dress attire has changed in multiple aspects. These helpful tips will allow you to update your formal attire to be the best-dressed man! Numerous dress code rules that were established throughout previous decades are vanishing or loosening right in front of our own eyes. This allows each man to create easier and more appropriate outfits for dressier occasions. As street wear, sportswear, and gender fluidity continue to rise across numerous collections, it becomes known within the mainstream fashion.

One of the dress codes that have changed revolves around coordination and color appropriation. The old dress code consisted of different shades of grey, navy, and black. The new revamped style allows men to coordinate with layers of different colors and patterns. In this new generation of style code, a tie has become optional as well. A simple T-shirt and jeans can be just as appropriate for the office for certain occasions.

In the olden days, wedding suits were known to be a plain solid dark color. By bringing color into the man’s wedding attire, this allows character and sensibility. The combination of styles, silhouettes, and ascents are now a factor within the fashion of men at weddings.

Remember the good old nightclub days, when you had to wear black dress shoes? Well, those days are gone! Now, a simple white tennis shoe is appropriate for the nightclub or evening event scenery. This shoe allows a versatile array of options as it can coordinate with countless outfits.

Back in the day, crew necks were for the day to keep casual attire, as collared shirts were worn to evening events to resemble formal attire. In the 21st Century, a contemporary-casual is the norm that allows men to create multiple combinations, which can be worn during the day or night for any occasion. Basic necessities consist of tailored trousers, plain crew neck T-shirt, loopback sweatshirt, sneakers, and a casual bomber jacket.

Gender fluidity continues to influence multiple brands, which is a major step in the fashion industry this decade. Recent trends that have crossed over into men’s fashion have consisted of embroidery, looser trousers, sliders, and round sunglasses.

Jogger pants in the past were known to be worn only around the house, to do errands, or go to the gym. Now, they can revamp an entire outfit by adding street style to the pieces. Adidas and Louis Vuitton have partnered with Supreme to work on luxury sportswear items that can be worn during any casual occasion.

Hopefully these helpful new rules allow you to revamp your style into the 21st Century!

The Top Men’s Fashion Releases to Know!

Releases have been dropping like crazy throughout the men’s fashion industry. These are the top brands that you do not want to miss out on!

Recently, Stüssy released the collaboration for the Stüssy X Dover Street Market T-shirt Retrospective Collection. This collection became available on August 25th. These fashion brands decided to collaborate to re-release nine T-shirts from past Stüssy collections. The collection includes three exclusive graphic T-Shirts, which will be partnered with IPEA. Key logos are represented throughout the collection such as the signature crown and eight ball. This collection can be purchased at DMS locations and stussy.com.

Next is the Everlane Denim Collection, which will be released on September 7th. This Demin collection prices at $68. This affordable denim line is for men and women, which will feature indigo and black options. Pre-order a pair today everlane.com.

The Noah Fall/Winter 2017 Collection already available to purchase! You are able to buy pieces from this collection at noahny.com. This New York based brand features pieces inspired by different social issues. One of the pieces is the Rose T-shirt, which is inspired from the city of New York. Another example is The Scuba Diver tee to show the shift in weather patterns and the issues revolving around rising sea levels. The collection has various tees, hoodies, pants, and a custom German Moleskin pea coat made with 100% Scottish wool. This collection price ranges from $48-$648, so go find your favorite pieces throughout the collection.

Another collaboration is between Raf Simons and Fred Perry. The Raf Simons and Fred Perry collection continues to take archive pieces and represent them throughout another season. An example would be the classic polo, which takes on the oversized fit look. Other pieces such as T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts, button-ups, crewnecks, and jackets that feature a boxier silhouette. You can buy pieces from the collection at fredperry.com.

Lastly, is the release of the House of Marley Positive Vibration 2 Wireless Headphones, which is available now. The House of Marley has released the second line of headphones from the Positive Vibrations product line. Recycled materials produce the Positive Vibration 2 headphones. These materials consist of aluminum alloy, plastic, and fabric. The reason these headphones are special is due to the features they include. These features include a 12-hour battery life, built-in microphone, and Bluetooth system. The headphones cost $80 and are available at thehouseofmarley.com.

If you are going to Dress like a Dapper Gentleman, You have to Smell like one too!

Throughout the past couple of years, Oud fragrances have made a global impact on society. By dominating the market, oud fragrances have taken the form of “liquid gold” since it is one of the rarest and most expensive components used in luxury fragrances. An oud fragrance is best worn during an evening event or when you want to make an impact!

Featured Image via Pexels/Terje Sollie

Authentic ouds are known as “big” meaning they consist of intense smells that allows you to use less of the product. In this case, less is more so you are not overpowering every person around you. If you are looking for a scent that is extremely powerful, then try Oud Alif by Shay & Blue, Ermenegildo Zagna Indonesia Oud, Armani/Prive Oud Royal, or Creed Royal-Oud.

An accessible Oud fragrance scent allows it to be a less overpowering, which allows it to be less noticeable from the people around you. Specific brands that are known for Oud fragrances with a less intense aroma are Tom Ford or Comme des Garçons. If you want to try a fragrance with a less intense smell, try Tom Ford’s Oud Wood or Spicy Tobacco Oud. Other brands to try are Comme des Garçons Wonderoud, John Varvatos Oud, and Boss Body Oud.

Now there are other ouds that are phenomenal but have a weird mix of scents. One example would be Tom Ford’s Private Blend Oud Minérale. This scent is the combination of smoked wood that resembles warmth with a hint of salty marine like fragrance. Another example is the Acqua Di Parma Colonia Intensa Oud due to the mix of lemon and wood. This creates a rich and fresh scent leaving behind a hint of smoked citrus. Other fresh ouds consist of Jo Malone’s Oud and Bergamot.

To beyond the realm of fragrances! We find ourselves searching for other useful oud products, which are available. If you are addicted to using oud fragrances you can purchase the Carsons Apothecary Oud Beard Oil. If you happen to not have a beard, well… now is the perfect time to grow one!

Other products are mainly household items. Since everyone likes their home to feel warming and inviting, you want to have a nice scent that will make your guests want to come back as soon as possible. So purchase an Oud candle. Some examples would be the Timothy Dunn Oud candle or the Acqua Di Parma Heavyweight Colonia Cube candle. Incenses can be purchased as well. A few great products would be the Bakhoor Insense or the Tom Dixon London Scented Diffuser.

Hopefully you make the right choice to purchase one of these rich and inviting scents to allow you to become a better-rounded dapper gentleman!

Are You Ready for Fall? Well, here are the Best Boots to Own!

Finally! The leaves are about to change, the wind will become a bit brisk, and everything is going to be pumpkin spice flavored. It is time for you to get new boots for this fall season. Well, lucky for you all the best boots have been listed for this 2017 fall season!

The first boot to buy is the chukka. This boot is known as the desert boot as well. Chukka boots are one of the best forms of casual footwear that can resemble class. The 2017 fall colors, for this boot, would fit into the traditional earth tones or the purely bold colors. Tod’s offers one of the best chukka/desert boots, and it can be purchased at Tods.com for only $545.

Next is the brogue boot. You know how the brogue was one of the best shoes for a man to own during this past spring/summer season? Well, vamp up your style with the brogue boot. This boot is a great transition from the summer footwear you have been wearing, to the essential fall footwear needed due to weather changes. It will appear extremely similar to the ordinary brogue shoe but a bit taller. To buy a quality pair of brogue boots you can purchase a leather brogue boot at Burberry.com.

From season to season, the Chelsea boot continues to rise in popularity through multiple fashion trends. This is another boot that transitions from summer to fall with an effortless style and a fashionable look that can be worn with numerous outfits. It can be worn in a formal or informal event. For this fall season, the most popular color is the army green in suede. To purchase the Wyatt 30 Chelsea Boot by Saint Laurent for $945 follow the link ysl.com.

The lace-up boot allows you to have an edgy vibe to your 2017 fall boot collection. This boot has a Rock n’ Roll sense, but resembles the same feel as the Chelsea boot. It tends to be much dressier than a combat boot, and can be worn in a wide range of preferable attire for numerous occasions. Outfits can range from suit and tie or to casual jeans. If wearing jeans with the Balenciaga lace-up leather ankle boot try wearing black or white jeans to make it a statement piece! You can purchase these boots at matchesfashion.com.

As popular fashion trends continue to revolve around the 90s, the combat boot is a staple to this 2017 fall fashion season. To embrace a punk-rock moment, try the Dr. Martens Vintage 1460 8-Hole boots in Oxblood Quilon drmartens.com.

Hopefull, these five boots can help complete your 2017 fall boot collection! Who knows what is in store for the 2017 winter footwear trends!

The Top Shoes Every Dapper Gentleman Should Own

Are you ever thinking about how you can upgrade your shoe game? Well do not worry about a thing because there are numerous shoes that are essential to a man’s wardrobe. The average American man only owns twelve pairs of shoes. If you had to choose the top twelve what would they possibly be? This is the answer to all of your questions with the top twelve shoes you need to purchase to upgrade your style to a whole other level.

The first type of shoe that is needed is a pair of brogues. These shoes are considered a workhorse shoe that can almost coordinate with anything. These pair very well with jeans and suits!

Image via Flickr/Soul 2 Amor

For certain occasions, these shoes can be worn to range from formal events to business meetings that relatively possess conservative business attire. The best recommendation for purchasing a quality pair of brogues would be at us.burberry.com. Black Cap-Toe Oxfords are the second essential shoe that resembles quality for dressier occasions. The best occasion to wear these at is during a suit and tie event. You can shop for these at matchesfashion.com to buy a pair of oxfords by Ami.

The next shoe is the perfect dress boot for the suited and booted attire. This tends to appear less formal but has a modern casual style. Lanvin features the remarkable Grained Leather Chelsea boot, which you can buy today at matchesfashion.com. Another top shoe to own is a casual boot. These shoes are a main essential to have when the weather is harsh or if you are just in the mood to have a slick street style vibe for the day. Go on and buy a pair of Dr. Martens at drmartens.com to purchase the Vintage 1460 Boot! The last boot of the collection of twelve that you need is the desert boot. This is the type of boot that is not considered a sneaker or a dress shoe. It provides proper and casual attire for multiple occasions. The Oakwood Suede Desert Boot can definitely be for an everyday outfit. Follow the link to add to your collection clarkusa.com.

The plain-toe derbies are the type of shoe that you need for a mildly formal/casual occasion. This shoe is not overbearingly dressy but not simply casual. Honestly the best place to buy a pair of plain-toe derbies is from Dsquared2’s Missionary Lace-Ups at dsquared2.com.

Image via Common.Wikipedia/Graeme Bartlett

Penny Loafers allows you to have a classy and sophisticated type of shoe that shows a sense of luxury of a young dapper gentleman when bought by a high-end fashion brand such as GUCCI. So buy a pair today at gucci.com so you can stay GUCCI and look fly!

A minimalist sneaker is perfect when worn as a neutral color, which will coordinate with everything for occasions such as the office, the bar, weekend events, etc. Buy the Achilles Low Gummy sneakers by Common Projects at endclothing.com. Another sneaker would be the technical sneaker that is wonderful for any daily tasks such as running errands. The Gel Lyte III by Asics endclothing.com is a great pair of sneakers to throw on to do your everyday duties. Lastly, a classic throwback sneaker has to be in your collection. Obviously these are needed for all the right reasons so buy the Old Skoll Vans at vans.com to rock your throwbacks!

Image via Common.Wikipedia.org/simplyykelly

The espadrilles are a classier look and upgraded style other than wearing a simple pair of flip flops. Try the espadrilles in black canvas by Saint Laurent ysl.com. To wrap up all of the essentials, the most needed would probably be a pair of house slippers. It is perfect for lounge wear with a simple style that allows you to unwind at the end of a long day and stay comfortable once taking off one of the eleven pair of shoes listed above. Try a pair from L.L Bean at llbean.com.

Hopefully this helpful shoe game collection resolves any issue for your next purchase!

The 90s Fila Brand Called… And They Are Back!

For quite some time now, multiple brands have been finding their influence for recent fashion trends throughout numerous achieves of collections especially from the 90s. From Tommy Hilfiger to GAP, the 90s style is just beginning its comeback!

Recently the Fila Brand decided to collaborate with Barneys New York for the inspirational 90s fashion collection. The collection features a total of eight different pieces ranging from $95 to $165. Within the collection, the brand resembles some of the staple pieces from the 90s such as a half-zip jacket, long-sleeve jacket, and a redesigned 90s tennis shoe. This collection revamped the 90s style trends with updated shapes, fabrics, and colors.

The Fila brand updated signature colors from navy to black to pair with multiple pieces in the collection to detail a luxe laid-back style that resembles Barneys Department Store as well. This collection is an exclusively featured collaboration at the Barneys Department Store and is part of the BNY Solo Series Collection. The BNY Solo Collection is a project of collaborations sold at the department store. Other exclusive collaborations that Barneys Department Store has been involved in the past with consists of multiple limited edition series such as Stan Smith, Filling Pieces, and Vans.

Some of the favorite pieces from the collection consist of the Striped Cotton Polo Shirt, the Original Tennis Leather Sneaker, the Colorblocked Track Jacket, the Tricot Half-Zip Pullover, and the Tricot Basketball Shorts. Most of the exclusively favorite pieces resemble three main colors of black, white, and red. Most of which feature the solid colors and stripes. All of these phenomenal 90s fashion favorites can be yours by buying them exclusively at Barneys.com for a limited time only! So what are you waiting for? Go buy the essentials to be the 90s kid you once were and rock it like it is 1999!

Quality Suit Styling Tricks That Work like a Charm!

Ever wonder how to look like a dapper gentleman while being noticed by the people around you for your sleek and sophisticated style? Well with a few helpful styling tips, you can dress to impress by adding a few minor details to your daily suit style. By contributing these tricks you will vamp up your look to a whole other level!

The Sci-fi actor, Dane Dehaan, is currently traveling around the globe promoting his upcoming film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. His helpful hints throughout his wardrobe for the red carpet events upscale any suit for any occasion. The first helpful trick has deals with any bold pattern shirt. Wearing a bold color or design button down shows great quality and resembles a modern feel. Bold and saturated coloring allows you to become more noticeable. Key advice to this wardrobe tip is that a tie is not always necessary due to the print, color, or design that you are wearing. It may appear as overbearing or not match in sequence of the entire outfit. By wearing a saturated color dress shirt, you have the opportunity to be noticed by many as well. This approach allows you to come off in a more modest way. The best colors to wear to try the saturated color scheme would be greys, light blues, bright greens, and other jewel tones. Lastly, the trick that is most subtle is the contrast collar shirt approach. This fashion trend is best known from the notorious Karl Lagerfeld. A contrasting collar is more known as a “Statement Collar.” These collars can feature embroidery or mismatched colors. This style appears best when wearing an all black dress shirt. Bolow is an example designed by Givenchy featuring the statement collar. But it today at MatchesFashion.com and it can be yours!

These helpful styling tricks for your next classy outing will make you appear as the most luxury gentleman in the crowd being noticed by anyone and everyone. Try adding other quality items to your appearance such as a watch to upscale the look even more!







Image via MatchesFashion.com

Key Representation Throughout Men’s NYFW SS 2018

During the past month, the men’s NYFW for the Spring/Summer 2018 Collections have been breaking the fashion industry by storm with the quality and meaning behind multiple of the collections.

The HEAD OF STATE designer, Taofeek Abijako, particularly left critics astounded by his designs throughout his SS ’18 collection. He managed to create a social impact through cultural designs and concepts behind the collection of the season. The theme revolved around the colonialism in West Africa. The inspiration for this concept came from multiple African contemporary photographers and artists. Some of the influencers of the designs consist of Clic Clac Baby, Malick Sidibe, and Samuel Fosso. The HEAD OF STATE SS ’18 season collection wanted to capture how normality in society has returned in West Africa through multiple efforts but wanted to feature an elegance and soulful manner that represented the birth of all nations throughout West Africa. This collection mainly revolved around multiple different aspects, which this collection was known for during men’s NYFW. It included skillful color blocking throughout the designs and the pairing of a new sense of street style. As this collection has includes a wonderful representation of multiple cultures and nations the fashion industry has to wonder what is coming next from Taofeek Abijako’s HEAD OF STATE brand.

Raun Larose featured a different design throughout the SS ’18 collection. This collection’s inspiration revolved around the 1980s. The representation for this seasons designs was to show how technology on the mass cultural ideal influences society. Raun Larose wanted this season to symbolize multiple themes throughout the collection. The apparent themes were to show a romanticized, nerdy, and extremely exaggerated collection in the modern era. Some articles of clothing that revolved around the 80s featured oversized jackets and pants in multiple unique shapes. Progressive fabrics were used to symbolize the increasing artificiality and virtual reality of society. Inorganic materials were used to give the collection a retro-futuristic feeling. An artist named Jose Chunà designed stripes for the collection to reference towards a computer screen about to crash. This collections main theory is to question the future and where society is headed within technology.

Another brand that took a different approach to the fashion industry is C2H4. For the SS ’18 NYFW, this brand’s feature collection was called “Zero Gravity.” The designer’s vision was for chemists on Mars. This was to resemble a laboratory work wear collection for chemists in the year 2082. Feature pieces included laboratory coats, utility vests, and multifunctional anorak. Bottoms consisted of technical sweatpants, pocketed cargo pants, and side-strap track pants. This collection wanted to represent saturated and monochromatic color schemes to boost certain colors such as multiple blues, reds, and urban yellows.

Futuristic Adidas Sneakers, is it a Look at the Future?

Adidas recently dropped the new and improved sneaker, which is a part of the NMD sneaker family designs. The new Adidas NMD City Sock 2 is 1 of the 8 most popular sneakers of the 2017 summer trends. Within the NMD sneaker family, multiple designs have been made such as the Original NMD R1 or the Pharrell NMD Hu Series. Although, this sneaker is nothing like what the Adidas brand has dropped in recent history.

This City Sock design has a futuristic look and includes multiple features like never before! This sneaker feature zero shoelaces. Yes, you read that right… zero shoelaces! The laceless shoe features a horizontal stitch for a 22nd Century boost in the design. By having zero laces, the sneaker is extremely convenient and comfortable. The molded supports of the design will be found on the inner surface of the shoe, which is a signature stable within the NMD sneaker family. Another feature includes a cheetah print design that tends to zigzag across the shoe. This design is unique due to the visual effects. The grey and black cheetah print has a feature now known as “Shadow Knit.” This feature allows people to see different shades, dark to light, throughout the design as the shoes turns based on the amount of visible light.

The reviews of the Adidas NMD City Sock 2 shows absolute positive feedback regarding the sneakers design and wide base. For a limited time only Adidas is featuring the sneaker for only $180. This sneaker will knock your “socks” off by the multiple colors and complex design that is perfect for any type of style trends, especially for the everyday street style. So what are you waiting for… go buy your 22nd Century futuristic NMD City Sock 2 sneaker while supplies last at Adidas.com.

5 Looks from NYFW: Men’s Any Guy Can Pull Off

In July, months before ladies’ fashions graced New York Fashion Week, the first ever NYFW: Men’s took place. Many of the shows were met with rave reviews, proving that American menswear designers mean serious business. Since womenswear has been getting a lot of press lately, it so seems only fair to look back at some of the great men’s pieces that swept the runway this summer. You’ll be surprised at how many of these looks you can wear every day.

1. Wearing One Color Head to Toe

Image via Imaxtree
Image via Imaxtree

Shirts and pants in the same color were big on the runway. Maybe it’s because wearing one color makes you longer and leaner. You can channel the same look by pairing your favorite dark jeans with a navy shirt. The black, fringe-like necklace is completely optional.

2. Mixing It Up With a Printed Sweater

Image via Imaxtree
Image via Imaxtree

Solid colors are your safe haven; we get it. But stepping outside your comfort zone every once in a while is a good thing. Dip your feet into the waters of printed sweaters by pairing one with a neutral pant.

3. Adding a Pop of Color.

Image via Imaxtree
Image via Imaxtree

You’ve probably heard your wife or girlfriend say, “I’m wearing too much black. I need some color.” The same rule applies to men. Mix up your standard suit by pairing it with a bright coral button-down. Wear a yellow t-shirt with your jeans instead of the usual white.

4. Wearing a Trench Coat

Image via Imaxtree
Image via Imaxtree

A long, long time ago, a trench coat hung in every man’s closet. When fashion etiquette started to relax and become more informal, the trench coat slowly left men’s wardrobes. Thankfully, however, more and more men are embracing a more tailored, formal look, and the trench coat is slowly gaining momentum again.  Wear a trench with anything from a button-down and jeans to a suit.

5. Investing in a Leather Jacket

Image via Imaxtree
Image via Imaxtree

Indiana Jones and Marlon Brando wore one, and even Tom Cruise wore one in “Top Gun”: a leather jacket. Though the leather jacket has been synonymous with cool, bad boy style, few men actually wear them in real life. You can easily pair a black, classic leather jacket with your more formal outfits, or pair a brown, vintage one with jeans for a more relaxed feel.

On Trend Hair Styles For Men

More recently, men have been trying new ways to wear their hair. Men test new products to try and achieve a new style they have seen and get different haircuts to try out new looks. Men are getting adventurous when it comes to their hair, and it is appreciated. Here are some of the more popular hair styles men have been wearing.

via hairdesign.com
via hairdesign.com

A textured cut that is slicked to the side has become very popular. This look and cut works the best on guys with pretty thick hair. Men, there is finally a way to tame that thick head of hair of yours. To achieve this look, you can start with a texturizing spray. These are things you can get at the drugstore. If you want more control over the look, blow dry your hair into the shape you want. Then place the hair as you see fit on the sides and front. Don’t be afraid to use a light hairspray to keep the hold of the look. Thick hair likes to do what it wants so the hairspray will help fight that.

via flavorwire.com
via flavorwire.com

A more James Dean look has remained popular for years and with good reason. It is similar to the first but with more volume. Add a white t-shirt and some jeans to look like the classic bad boy. To achieve this look, blow dry the wet hair and use a brush to achieve the volume you want and the control you need to style it. Now take your pomade and slick the sides and the front up for slightly more volume. If you want to feel like a 50’s greaser, you can use a little comb to sweep the side and front to where they need to be. Add some hairspray for hold, and you can meet up with Pony-boy and the gang.

via "Thrift Shop"
via “Thrift Shop”

A look that has become more notable since Macklemore has hit the scene is long on the top with shaved sides. This is a very versatile haircut for men because they can slick their hair back or to the sides and be able to make it volumized on the top. For slicking back pomade will be your friend. It isn’t as heavy as regular gel and has a more natural finish. For the volumized look, a volumizing mousse to start is always very helpful. After adding the volumizing mousse, blow dry and brush through the hair to achieve that really volumized look you want. Then try to round the hair at the crown of your head, add a little hairspray and there you are, as fly as Macklemore.

Guys a little product never hurt anyone. They are your friends, and they will help you achieve the looks you want. There is no shame in the hair styling game, especially when you look so good.

Men’s Suits: Where to Buy Them and how They Should Fit

It isn’t a secret that a man in a suit is probably one of the sexiest things ever. Need evidence? Watch Mad Men and see how good a suit can really look on a man. Or even just look at pictures of David Beckham on the red carpet. The defense rests. So guys, are you on the hunt for a new suit to start looking a little more dapper in your life? Or maybe you need one for the new job? Suits can get pretty expensive as Barney from How I Met Your Mother expressed, but they are a good investment.

Where can you get a great suit? You might want to visit a tailor of some sort if you can afford one. If you want something more on the reasonably priced side, JCPenny’s can be a good way to start. This way you can start to see how suits fit and how to wear them. It also helps you decide what types of styles you like when it comes to your suit. Do you prefer the three-piece suit with the vest or just the suit jacket, pants, and shirt?

When you have moved on from JCPenny’s and can afford a nicer suit, there is always Macy’s and Express. Both have great options for suits. Macy’s is home to many different designers, so there are more choices to explore. Express has nicer clothes as well, just not a large variety of suits.

Once you start wearing suits you have to be sure that you’re wearing your suit correctly — especially when you first start out and aren’t entirely sure how it is supposed to fit. When trying on shirts, relax your arms at your sides to see if the shirt fits. If it covers your wrist but still remains above your thumb, that is usually the right fit. When it comes to the shoulder, the shirt should be lined up with the end of your shoulder. (This might be difficult to tell on your own, so ask a sales associate, and they will help you.) Don’t be shy when it comes to asking for help when it comes to suits, guys; it can be difficult to figure out by yourself.

When it comes to pants you want a straight back and a small crease in the front. Ill-fitting pants are the absolute worst because you spend most of your day adjusting.

When it comes to jackets, they really depend on your body type. Trying on different types of jackets is a long journey, but trying on different styles is worth the time.

Suits take time and patience to figure out; they are more complicated than men usually think. A well-fitting suit can bring confidence, and honestly, who doesn’t want that? In no time, you’ll start adopting that coveted Mad Men sense of fashion!

Men’s Wedding Attire

Wedding season is quickly approaching, and it is time to start thinking about where you are going to get a suit. Guys, it may be the bride’s day, but she wants you to look your best. This is one of the few times that you get to dress to the nines. When it comes to tuxedos, the best option is to rent. Buying a tuxedo will cost you an arm, a leg, and probably your soul if you want any accessories as well. However, if you are not in the wedding party, you won’t have to worry about this, so a great suit will work instead.

This is the time to wear a cool suit with a vest. Vests have a more formal feel than a suit that just has the jacket and pants. It will look like you put forth some extra effort, which the bride will appreciate, especially if the wedding has a formal dress code. Now, the question is, where does one get a nice suit for this wedding and the many weddings to come? You don’t want to buy something that will cost you the same price as your rent or bills. When looking for a nice suit, remember that your bills are far more important.

JCPenney is not necessarily the route you really want to go for a more formal suit. Buying one really great suit is probably the best option seeing as you can get a lot of use out of it. A man can wear the same suit to every event, and no one says anything, so go buy one! Maybe buy two if you can afford it!


Express: Jacket $198; Pants $88

Express is usually a place where you can get a pretty affordable suit, and they have suits specifically for formal events.


Macy’s: Kenneth Cole Suit $300

Macy’s is also a great place to get a pretty nice suit for a more affordable price. If you are the type of guy who needs to try on a suit before purchasing, then Express or Macy’s is the place to go.


Men’s USA: Dark Grey Wool Blend 3 Button Suit $139

If you want to get an entire three piece suit for less than $300, then check out the website Men’s USA. If you know your measurements pretty well, then purchasing a suit online could always be an option. Men’s USA has pretty low prices and has a guarantee on the quality of their suits;. Men’s USA has a three piece suit that is only $139, which is incredibly low for this type of suit.

There are always cheaper options around, but you still want to look your best. Now, you are ready for wedding season. All you have to do is practice your dance moves. The robot is always a crowd-pleaser!

A Wain That’ll Put the Real Wayne to Shame

Wain, pronounced the same as the cape crusader/ trust fund baby Bruce Wayne, isn’t your average run of the mill architect in a black suit. He’s a murse carrying, suit wearing, pocket square flaunting professional that’ll put the real Mr. Wayne to shame. Whether he’s spending a night out on the town or surveying a New York building, you can bet your ass he’s doing it in style and class. One can say that he’s a heroine in his own right; a fashion heroine upholding the idea that men can look damn fine too.


Christopher Wain is one out of many embracing the idea that men can be snazzy, chic, elegant and sophisticated. From top to bottom, the first thing you’ll notice is his hair. Adding several inches to his height (5 1/2’’ to be exact), it is his trademark. To achieve the Tower of Babel that is his hair, Chris uses potent Japanese wax, ample amounts of hair spray and overall patience.

“It does take quite a bit of work. The secret is to blow dry the beast, have it fully dry and shape your hair before you even add any product.”

The process doesn’t end here.

“I use a Japanese wax to create the style I’m looking to achieve for the day, then finish it off with a strong hair spray my hair stylist recommended.”

These two pieces tame the doo pretty well. It towers above his scalp and combats gale force winds, humidity and sweat filled days.


His sense of style harks back to his adolescent days of first dates, pimple taming and SATs. When asked about the origin of his style, he recollects calmly.

“I decided to recreate my image in my junior year of high school, so I took a few chances and took control of my style.”  

Chris would slightly shiver at the sight of his former self, but he shows no remorse for the way he used to dress himself.

“When I wore those clothes, it felt right, so I have no regrets.”

Leaving that part of fashion history behind, his current style is an evolution, years in the making (But, more on that later).


Working in New York City, Chris draws inspiration from styles he sees on the street. This is his way of keeping his style fresh and different. But no outfit is complete without a splash of his own character and flair. And every outfit is over the top. So, Chris easily stands out in a field that embraces casual, comfortable and often loose fitting clothing. He tackles fashion mediocrity with a collection of setups rich in detail, color and swag. But, Chris has one important ground rule:

“Once you’re dressed, you’ve got to embrace your outfit. The biggest part of style is confidence. If you own up to your fashion choices for the day, you’ll be fine.”

Chris also draws inspiration and confidence from the soccer and fashion extraordinaire David Beckham. Keeping a close eye on his outfits on the red carpet, magazine spreads and TV appearances Chris emulates a lot of his style. But it doesn’t end there. As a strong believer of evolving his own fashion, he doesn’t shy away from recent trends.


He struts his goods in a grey H&M suit. The black vest and pants, also from H&M, creates a bit of contrast to the entire ensemble. Chris blends in with the style savvy, cobblestone laden streets of Hell’s Kitchen. Even on a day when the temperature continues to climb, he tries to fight the beads of sweat forming on his forehead. And despite the heat, he showcases his love for detail with a heavy focus on fitment.

“I definitely pay much more attention to details, in particular, the fit of all of my clothes. Without the right fit, the articles of clothing don’t work as well.”


As the interview came to a close, Chris provided some knowledge for men just getting into fashion. And much like the view he had throughout the interview, he closed it by emphasizing it some more.

“Most people think that fashion starts and ends with the clothes that you wear. You couldn’t be any more wrong! Fashion is all about confidence, being bold and staying true to yourself.”

That’ll do Mr. Wain, that’ll do.



Dat Hoang: Fly In So Many Ways

Showcasing different outfits for different occasions, Dat Hoang starts his posts by asking how his audience is doing. “Hope you guys are having a good week” or “Hope everyone is doing great” are just a few of the pleasantries Dat uses before displaying his many outfits. And along with each post, he provides detailed descriptions for each item in his setup.

Dat makes good use of contrasting colors in this setup. Wearing a tan coat over a maroon suit is the key to this look. From there, he rocks a watch from Daniel Wellington, a Burberry tie and shades from Dharma Eyewear to add to the finer details of this look.

In this next look, Dat goes seasonal with a coat over suit setup; avoids the bright colors of the spring/summer. However, he adds variety by throwing some patterns into the mix. The patterns on the tie as well as the scarf help in completing the look.

This next rather dapper gem comes all the way from Instagram. Rocking a “time-machine” of a look, Dat is seen wearing a gray coat over a navy suit and black slacks. And in order to add flavor to the entire setup, he throws in a polka dot tie.

Dat is the real deal folks. With almost daily updates, each setup has a strong attention to detail. So, if you’re looking for sartorial inspiration or something simple and casual, you won’t be disappointed visiting his site.



Sit Down with Steven Onoja

He walked out of the elevator with a suit slung over his shoulder and a tan Herschel rucksack full of clothes fit for a sit-down with the president himself. Much like the closing remark in a previous email conversation, he was prepared for anything.

The office now dim and devoid of employees, Steven Onoja exchanged small talk; giving us a brief recap of his earlier escapades. He opened his neatly packed bag and emptied the surrounding area with several different articles of clothing. Quite overwhelmed with the amount of clothing and the level of preparedness, we left it up to him to decide which outfit to choose. After a quick trip to the bathroom and a ride down the elevator, Steven was out in his environment; the streets, avenues and boulevards of the Big Bad City.

steveO_2014-8 copy

He walks through the streets with a sense of dignity and confidence that is the direct result of the clothes he wears. Wandering eyes of passersby stay fixated to the various outfits and accessories that seem to act as a second skin, but more on that later.

Steven was always ready and willing to pose and talk style and fashion. Whether it was from years of experience and a plethora of shoots, his ability to keep the poses organic and natural was second nature and done almost on cue.

“Can we try this shot here?” 

“Where? here?” as he walks over and strikes a pose near a red brick wall. 


It was almost uncanny how casual and comfortable Steven really was but he made the urban environment part of him; part of his identity.

Of Nigerian descent, Steven is just one of a growing number of fashion bloggers trying to make his mark in a scene that is already flooded with quality and seasoned bloggers. But, he isn’t too concerned about his competition. Steven is simply enjoying the moment while developing his sense of style. Drawing inspiration and attention from his walks down Bedford Avenue over in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, he shows his creative side through the various photoshoots showcased in his blog stevenonoja.com. Stemming from a childhood love of art, Steven now uses himself as a canvas and his clothes like the colors on a palette.


Being in fashion blogging for over three years, Steven is quite humble. When asked about his competition, he responds by saying:

“My competition is my inspiration,” while taking a sip of his coke.

“They are more of an inspiration to me to do better. I want to work with people better than me and try to better myself working with them.”

Drawing inspiration from his competitors, Steven’s style is clean, discreet with a good balance of colors and patterns. There isn’t always a hat on his noggin, but it’s a common piece to his diverse collection of outfits. Coupled with a navy suit, blue tie and a white spread collar shirt, his attire is never devoid of accessories. The Tie clip, rings and a pair of shades clipped to his front suit pocket sums up the flair he adds to his outfit; that’s before you get to his leather monk strap shoes.

steveO_2014-2 copy

He puts great emphasis on the shoe game. It’s the starting point of his outfit and what Steven believes to be what people look at first when judging an outfit. The monk strap shoe isn’t the pair he started out with, but it’s a product of his style’s evolution. Days of wearing worn out shoes riddled with holes is behind him, Steven’s sense of style now deserves a pair of shoes that scream class and sophistication; and he shows it.

The next step in Steven’s style evolution is mixing dapper and street fashion. He plans to pair the two in hopes of further solidifying his personal sense of style. The signature fedora is first on the chopping block; soon to be replaced with some other form of head gear.


Photos by Ashley Zucker

Meet Eggo: The Most Inspiring & Well ‘Dappered’ Trumpet Man

In a quiet corner of Central Park’s east side (77th and 5th avenue), Eganam Segbefia quietly unzips his trumpet case. A short distance away, children play in close proximity to their mothers and nannies. Eganam, better known as “Eggo”, prepares for a two hour performance with the trees and benches as an audience. Hoping to fill those benches, he begins to warm up with a few interruptions from locals that know him by name. And standing right next to his portable speakers are the words “Inspiration without Perspiration is Hallucination”. Eggo is the “Dapper Trumpet Man”.


Sandwiched between two park benches, he lets out a calm tune. Feeling a bit of confidence, Eggo presses the keys on his trumpet and lets out a series of notes that can be heard throughout the area. A nanny with a stroller makes her way to a nearby bench, sits down and says to the baby, “Just three songs ok?”


The baby murmurs a few barely audible sounds muffled by her pacifier. Another nanny, a familiar face, walks over and greets Eggo. With a big smile, he exchanges pleasantries and bends over to greet the baby smiling in the stroller. A high five and a few smiles later, he plays “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. The baby smiles and claps his hands in delight, inspiring Eggo to play more. With one hand on the trumpet keys, he waves at the happy child.

Three friends dressed for a casual sit-down make their way to the corner bench. They don’t engage in conversation, but listen as Eggo continues playing one tune after another. He then closes his eyes as if to lose himself in the moment. The tunes carry him off to a state of bliss seldom experienced by non-musicians. His trumpet sways up and down and side-to-side without a care in the world. Eggo returns to reality with the arrival of some usuals. He gingerly rests the trumpet on the stand and greets the babies and their nannies. This goes on for two hours with a brief intermission in between.


Sometimes it is difficult to tell if he truly lives up to the name “dapper”. Eggo’s outfit often changes depending on the music and the setting he is playing in.

“When I wear a full on suit I like to think of a classical jazz club or a real controlled setting; like a ballroom or a black tie event.”


But in the company of mothers, nannies and babies, Eggo is the “Comfortable, Unassuming Trumpet Man”. Keeping his style relatable and more approachable, he sticks to superhero graphic tees and outfits that’ll keep his audience happy.


He cleans up rather well. Towards the end of his first two hour performance, Eggo gives up the converse and polo shirt for something more chic. In a matter of what seems like seconds, he changes into a black shirt and grey coat to match the pants. Instead of the black converse, he slips into a pair of red, rubber loafers adorned with black tassels. Using the trumpet to complement the look, he poses for the camera much like a seasoned model. But, there is no “pretend bone” in his body. When asked to pose as if to play the trumpet, Eggo puts his lips to the mouthpiece and lets out a tune; making heads turn. On top of a boulder in the middle of Central Park, he mounts his trumpet, points it to the sky and lets out a lengthy tune like a bugler.


Our photo stroll takes us to the Mall. Standing near the Naumburg Bandshell, Eggo hears a familiar tune; something that sounds much like a saxaphone. Following the music we come upon an old man and his sax. He walks over to him and stands next to him for a great photo opportunity. After firing off a few frames, he starts listening to the tune. Within a few brief moments, Eggo is playing next to the sax man. Much like a seasoned pro, begins to jam paying no attention to the photographer, his now stuffy outfit or his current surroundings. It’s just him, the trumpet and the tune coming out of the man’s sax; nothing else.


Fresh Looks by Mike Q

Photographer and style blogger, Mike Quyen shows off his classy looks on his site, Quyenmike. Predominately sartorial in style, Mike’s outfits are tastefully framed and edited. He applies his photographic prowess to provide unique and rather clever shots that make you not only love the outfit, but respect the image as well. Mostly shot on outdoors on the streets, it’s very common to look at an image and wonder how it was taken. Often when the images are this creative, it is easy to get distracted from the most important part of each photo; the outfit. But, the outstanding outfits in his collection make it difficult not to pay attention to them.


Here is a clear example of a shot that can get the viewer distracted; especially with the beautiful image of the Eiffel Tower in the background. Mike combats this with his stylish set. With a black suit and a matching suitcase, he adds a bit of contrast with an overcoat by Marsay. Mike completes the look with a necklace and ring by Topman.

mikeq2_fashionMRIt’s images like this one that makes Mike Q standout from the rest. While most style bloggers are busy taking unoriginal and rather played out “walking across the street” shot, he breaks boundaries by applying a creative touch to what was already an amazing shot/outfit.


Yeah, yeah levitation photography is nothing new. But, Mike takes it up a notch by adding a touch of his own style; stylishly and photographically. For this look, he makes use of a light colored jean jacket and matching jeans to provide a more casual/urban setup. Mike then finishes up the look with a casual shoes from Clarks.

Photo Credit: All Images by Mike Quyen


“Jon the Gold” Strikes Gold

Hailing from Antwerp, Belgium, Jonathan Zegbe is the founder of “Jon the Gold” and a purveyor of clean, chic and à la mode looks. And from sartorial to dapper, he showcases it all in properly framed images. Jon prides himself in displaying his fashion prowess, and it shows. The looks on his site go beyond the predominately sartorial looks. Casual and urban looks are also commonplace throughout the archive of images. And he doesn’t shy away from edgy or risky ensembles, but embraces them; “striking gold” every time.


Franko Dean: Fresh to Death

A self-proclaimed socialite and menswear blogger, Franko Dean provides his followers with a classy mix of outfits ranging from sartorial to urban. But Franko provides a bit more than you’re usual style blogger. Along with the collection of ensembles showcased on his site, he provides videos for some of the outfits; can see the setup through still images and in action. And unlike most bloggers in this field, he actually provides text and translations in Spanish; in order to reach a broader audience.

For this setup, Franko goes casual with this navy blazer, denim setup. There is also a clear attention to detail. The bright red tie in a dominantly navy style, adds a bit of contrast; with the mustache tie clip to complete the look.
via Franko Dean
via Franko Dean

As stated earlier, Franco isn’t afraid to mix it up and go urban. In this look, he’s doing exactly that with jeans and a jean vest. Overall it is a clean and simple setup that prevents the outfit from looking to “busy” to the eyes.

via Franko Dean
via Franko Dean

In this video, he gets a bit edgy with a black leather shirt and denim. This look has a more post-modern vibe in comparison to his other outfits. It is definitely a bold move from some of his other ensembles.

A photo posted by Franko Dean (@frankodean) on

Franco shows his sartorial prowess with this clean setup. With a pair of Ray Van Clubmasters, semi-spread collar, camo tie, vest and tapered slacks, he goes completely dapper; paired with brown loafers to finish off the look. This ensemble is a “win” on so many levels.



Importance of Contrasting Colors

With winter fast approaching, the bright spring/summer colors are neatly stored away in the closet. On the streets, it’s rare to see the same bright colors. Instead the streets are covered with darker shades of navy, brown, black and gray. If you’re conforming to the colors of the season, you’re simply wearing “street camouflage”. The darker hues of the season while safe, prevent you from making a statement. And if you’re here reading this, then you’re most likely looking for ways to be noticed fashionably.

Breaking the habit of wearing seasonal colors is a rather difficult one. It’s a vicious cycle that rears its ugly head year after year. And if you have trouble dealing with change, taking the step towards brighter colors might be even harder. But this isn’t a call to completely remove seasonal colors from your wardrobe. Those colors should always remain as a staple in every fall/winter ensemble. What I’m suggesting is to mix some bright spring/summer like colors.

via Imaxtree
via Imaxtree

So how do you go about adding some color to your setups? Start by turning to your accessories. You can quickly add some bright colors by choosing them when picking out your hats, pocket squares, ties, and socks. So instead of matching your beanie with your shirt or jacket, try a color that adds a bit of contrast to the rest of the outfit. Always being in plain sight, a bright colored hat is more than likely to get noticed first.

via GQ
via GQ

With a wide range of colors, patterns and designs, choosing a bright colored tie or bow is another simple way to add a splash of color. Forget about matching it to your pocket square or jacket, and your “street camouflage” of an outfit will thank you for your boldness. Also, try patterns that you’ve never thought to include like paisley, gingham or chambray.

via Malfordoflondon
via Malfordoflondon

Much like ties, you have a large collection of patterns, colors and designs when picking a pocket square. It is also a cheap and cheerful way to add some “pazazz” to your attire. Just fold it, insert it into your front pocket and watch as eyes from passersby gravitate towards your left chest.

via the Dapper Duo
via the Dapper Duo

It seems like slacks are getting shorter every season and as they start climbing past your ankles, it leaves that area of your legs exposed to nature. So to prevent that polar vortex from finding its way up through your tapered and shortened slacks, you can easily cover it with colorful socks. Another point of emphasis when others are checking out your style starts below the ankles. So, spice it up with bright colored patterns and styles.

Be careful! As a general rule, you want to keep your outfits simple and minimalistic. So choose only one brightly colored accessory per setup. Adding too many colors with multiple different accessories will just make your ensemble busy and distracting. You want to wow others by staying clean without trying too hard.


Leather Brands You Should Know

The leather accessory is a staple item in the male wardrobe. You probably even have a piece of leather on you right now. Known for its style, robustness, texture and the iconic smell, it adds a unique flavor to many outfits. There are also fans who live and die by this iconic animal skin. Made into different types of accessories (boots, bracelets, wallets and jackets to name a few), the leather fabric remains a timeless fabric that ages well with frequent wears. So if you’re looking to add some leather to your setups, you’ll be happy to know that there is a laundry list of brands to choose from. And if you’re feeling patriotic, you’re in luck. There are many American brands that manufacture their products right here in the US. So, consider these brands.


5 Cars, 5 Outfits

The team here at FashionMR love vintage cars. Whether it’s European, Japanese or American, if it’s in stick and has a mean “vroom,” we’re hooked; not to mention the fact that cars of a certain vintage have more love and soul. We also believe that a nice outfit should be complimented by an equally nice car. It’s no secret that a beautiful vintage car is like one expensive, steel and rubber fashion accessory. A shiny ride is that missing piece in any outfit that will help facilitate the turning of heads as you cruise or burn rubber down the street; a vintage car even more. So, lets play a little game and match five outfits we love with five classic cars we lust after.


1. Turtleneck, Blazer and Slacks x Ferrari Daytona

(via Gant)
(via classicdriver)
(via classicdriver)


2. Check Blazer and Green Slacks x Lamborghini Miura

(via jamesnord)
(via jamesnord)
(via Erik Fuller)
(via Erik Fuller)


3. Double Breasted Herringbone Suit x Jaguar MkII

(via Gant)
(via Gant)
(via Berthold Werner)


4. Cream Fedora, Navy Shirt and Denim x Fiat 500

(via mugenstyle/tumblr)
(via mugenstyle/tumblr)
(via The Hamster Factor/Flickr)
(via The Hamster Factor/Flickr)


5. Double Breasted Vest and Matching Pants x Porsche 356 “The Outlaw”

(via bohemianparis)
(via bohemianparis)
(via Michael Bugler)
(via Michael Bugler)


We’re always open to suggestions. Feel free to include your car and an outfit setup of your own in the comments below!


Gingham Shirts by Twillory

Whether you’re a cubicle creature, a king of the hill or a window office executive, a nice clean shirt is a staple in your wardrobe. In the meeting room, a sit-down with clients or social gatherings, a form fitting shirt could make or break any situation. And even if you are stylishly oblivious, you might’ve noticed that the shirt pattern that looks oddly familiar to a traditional picnic table cover is trending. Because of this, the shirt game is saturated with brands that carry this style. First off, if you’ve been calling it the “picnic table pattern”, lets start off by calling the shirt design by its rightful name, “gingham”.



Twillory follows this same design trend with a collection of gingham shirts; with spread and button-down collar options (for more info on collars). Made in five colors, all the shirts ooze quality and an attention to detail. Any brand can stitch similar fabrics together and sell it for competitive prices. But the gingham shirts from Twillory, give the feeling that you are getting more than what you paid for.


The fabric is hardy yet smooth and it feels like the shirt can handle many washes and battles with the iron. At a 120 cloth count, it is tightly woven. Also, the cuffs provide an extra bit of adjustability with another set of buttons. Up front, the shirt is adorned with mother of pearl buttons; commonly found in high-end shirts. And remember that “attention to detail” feel mentioned earlier, well the spread collars come with steel collar stays.


For $79, it is rather affordable for what it offers. But, be sure to know your measurements. An individual with a small body frame might find a medium, loose fitting for a tailored fit. Find them at Twillory.


Nick Graham SS 2015: A Cornucopia of Color

In his posh second floor studio overlooking Bryant Park, designer Nick Graham, creator of Joe Boxer, showcased his upcoming collection of shirts and ties. While all of NYC was enjoying an unusually warm fall, the tables, shelves and hangers inside the studio were adorned with colorful apparel; giving a spring/summer vibe. With this season in mind, Nick developed styles and patterns synonymous with that time of the year. Shirts in different shades of green, blue, yellow, red, gingham and pinstripe patterns were just a few of the items on display. But the event wasn’t all about shirts. The line also showcased bows and ties, in the similar eccentric yet tame designs; funky lobsters, red camo and crossbones to name a few.

The collection is sold as single pieces as well as sets; tie and shirt. Tastefully prepared, they are catered to the consumer who needs a little boost picking colors to match. Style Kits are priced at $99, shirts alone for $69 and bows and ties for $59. You can find the new line at Macy’s or at Nick Graham.

A Suits Best Friend: The Coat

If you live in an area with seasons, you are probably picking up all the signs of winter by now; the chilly mornings, leaves changing color, pumpkin spiced latte at Starbucks and increased coat presence out on the streets. This is the time to think coats or a form of covering for that thin suit you’re wearing. Some of the choices are pretty obvious, but it doesn’t hurt to get a refresher course on a few warm and chic coat choices.

First up, is the traditional overcoat. Classic in design, it is a safe choice for keeping warm and adding layers to your outfit. Commonly found in cashmere and wool, the latter is recommended over the other. The cashmere material is soft to the touch and quite warm, however it isn’t as durable as the wool and rather unappealing when it starts to show wear. If you plan on keeping your overcoat for a prolonged period of time, go with the wool.

via laurence fellows
via laurence fellows


Made popular by navy sailors, the classic peacoat is a chic choice for a jacket. Worn over a suit, it provides that extra bit of layering and color. Also found in cashmere and wool, the traditional peacoat has large lapels, two adjacent column of buttons and two vertical pockets on opposite sides.

via streetstyleseconds.com
via streetstyleseconds.com


Worn over the suit, the downvest provides a casual look that is gaining in popularity. Worn over a navy blazer, a brown vest adds a subtle splash of color that is perfect for the fall/winter season.

via tommyton/tumblr
via tommyton/tumblr


Duffle Coat
With its often cone shaped buckles adorning the front of this jacket, the Duffle Coat is a rather popular choice. But when worn over the coat, it offers that extra bit of warmth, comfort and chic styling. Much like the overcoat and the peacoat, it is an almost timeless design that simply works every fall/winter.

via epaulet
via epaulet


Now this next one isn’t a jacket per se, but it plays a similar role. If you’re thinking of upping your dapper level, a cape over a suit is the answer. Functional and stylish, the cape is sure to turn heads and make an impression for any occasion.

via thethreef.com
via thethreef.com



The Return of the Doctor’s Bag

The doctor’s carryall, physician’s saddle bag or the classic medicine bag was the accessory of choice for traveling doctors as far back as the American Civil War. Commonly made of leather, it held all the essentials needed to perform any basic on-the-field procedure. The physician’s saddle bag, made famous by pop culture, had a rectangular bottom with a tapered top and a set of handles attached to both sides of the opening. A wide, rectangular metal frame around the opening allowed for easy access to the interior compartments. And one or a set of leather straps held both sides of the clamp to fasten it together.

Used more as a tool and less like a fashion accessory, the bag’s rise to fashion fame was due to it’s appearance in movies and TV. Characters like Mary Poppins were seen carrying a floral medicine (or carpet) bag throughout the movie. The gun wielding, tough-as-nails Granny Clampett from the 1962 sitcom “Beverly Hills Hillbillies”, also had one nearby.

via Walt Disney Productions
via Walt Disney Productions


The purse like appearance of the medicine bag and its debut on the big screen made it an easy transition from a doctor’s essential accessory to a women’s purse of choice.

via BillyKirt.com
via BillyKirt.com

Now that murses are more accepted by men, the physician’s bag is fitting in among the other designs. Brands like BillyKirk and Wood & Faulk provide classy and modern designs. Using waterproof, durable canvas and leather, these two brands offer high quality, hand-made goods manufactured here in the USA.

via woodandfaulk
via woodandfaulk



Tumblr Tuesday: Sartorial Inspiration

When looking for sartorial inspiration, you have many different sources. From Pinterest to Instagram, the list goes on. Instagram alone has 139,484 posts under #sartorial. And the amount of sites and images dedicated to the sartorial lifestyle are blossoming on Tumblr as well. With its minimalistic and often ad-free environment, Tumblr is an easy choice to get your sartorial fix. Depending on the site, the images are larger as well. So in honor of Tumblr Tuesday, I present to you the top sartorial Tumblrs.

1. Put This On

via Tumblr/PutThisOn
via Tumblr/PutThisOn

If you’re a frequent browser on Tumblr, it’s no secret that the site is a source for images. Taken from sites and photographers all over the Internet, text based Tumblrs aren’t as common as the image based ones. So, it is quite refreshing to see blogs with wads of text in them. This is where, “Put This On” excels. The writer provide readers with insightful, image rich posts in a digital environment that often focuses on images.

2. Beyond Fabric

via tumblr/Beyond Fabric
via tumblr/Beyond Fabric

Much like the other sites on the list, “Beyond Fabric” is very sartorial heavy. But unlike the other sites, there is a greater focus on the lifestyle of a sartorialist. With a healthy mix of text and images, Beyond Fabric gives readers a taste of what it means to completely immerse oneself in this culture. So, you’ll see some vintage cars, bikes and environments.

3. Your Style Men

via Tumblr/Your Style Men
via Tumblr/Your Style Men

“Your Style Men,” is another one of those sites that offer a collection of sartorially rich content. Organized in a grid-like pattern, the layout efficiently packs content per loaded page. The images are rather choosy. If you’re looking to be inspired sartorially, this is a site worthy of taking up space in your favorites list.

4. Aggressively Sartorial

via Tumblr/Aggressibely Sartorial
via Tumblr/Aggressibely Sartorial

Another great website, “Aggressively Sartorial” follows a minimalistic formula. The options to like, share, reblog or zoom are cleverly hidden only to be revealed when moving the cursor over the image. The site is set to continuously load past content, so you get more photographic goodness before having to wait for new images to load.

5. Sartorial Mens Style

via Tumblr/Sartorial Men's Style
via Tumblr/Sartorial Men’s Style

This last one deserves high marks for content and layout. The layout provides viewers with a minimalistic view, quite common on Tumblr. And by sharing one decently sized image per post, readers can focus on one special image at a time. It’s an image packed blog that definitely warrants a look.

It’s Not You, It’s the Collar

Being just under your neck, the shirt collar plays a major role in the look and feel of your outfit. The right one can give you a splash of class and sophistication, and the wrong one can make you seem tacky, tasteless and rather lazy. Shirt collars come in a variety of colors, styles and shapes. It can be a daunting task to choose the right one for your collection of outfits. While I can’t help you pick the right collar for you, I can make you a bit more knowledgeable when choosing your next one.

Spread/Cutaway Collar

Via Enzovaccari
Via Enzovaccari

This type of collar design is continuously growing in popularity. Finding its way to more and more suit setups, the Spread is trending. The traditional Spread, unlike the popular and traditional point collar, has collar points that rest further apart from each other. This allows the wearers to try diverse and often thicker tie knots like the eldredge and trinity. But beware men with round faces, this type of collar is known to further accentuate the face.

Point Collar

Via Brooks Brothers
Via Brooks Brothers

While traditional in style, it is a timeless style that remains a safe choice amongst the more eccentric and trending designs. This collar comes in at different styles as well. The button down point collar is no different from the traditional except that it has a button at the tip of the collar point. This allows you to fasten it to the shirt itself. The second style is the narrow point collar. In this design, the collar points are taller and closer together, making it suitable for skinny ties. It is also the right design for men with rounded faces. The narrow point collar gives the illusion that the head is slimmer than it actually looks.

Club Collar

Via Manuel Racim
Via Manuel Racim

The Club or Eton Collar harks back to a time when suits and derby hats were common place. A product of the early 20th century, the Club has rounded collar points and work well with traditional ties coupled with a collar pin. However, it is more on the snappy side of collars, so it may not work for wearers who are looking for a more discreet yet stylish look. Sorry men with round, curvy faces, this is also not a style for you. Much like the spread, it gives off the same undesirable look.

Wing Collar

Via DuchampLondon
Via DuchampLondon

Traditionally found on tuxedo shirts, the Wing or Wing Tip collar is finding its way onto more traditional shirts. However, it is still a style meant for a gala or a black tie event. Often worn with a cut-away coat and a bow tie, the collar points are tucked behind the bow. If you are a fan of bow ties and like to make a statement everywhere you go, the Wing Tip should be something right up your alley.

Via StylingMode

Mandarin Collar
While the Mandarin is on the more eccentric spectrum of collar designs, it is worth mentioning due to its rarity and unique design. Taken from Imperial China, the Mandarin seems like something a bond villain would wear. But, it is also a design worn by tux wearers. For the more attention conscious man, make sure you couple a Mandarin with a matching Mandarin Collar coat to complete the look.

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Best Dressed Bond Villains

My love affair with the international man of mystery started with GoldenEye. Enjoying replays of the movie and basement matches on the N64, this infatuation continued throughout college where I spent hours watching every Bond film from Dr. No to Skyfall. And in every film, Bond’s mannerisms and suits were a common sight. But, to the pimple faced pre-20s self it was just another star in a suit. It was the car chase scenes and fist fights in lethal situations that tickled my fancy, the rest was irrelevant.

But, spending time in the fashion industry changes you. Your taste and eye for the finer side of men’s fashion turns your attention to the outfits the character’s wear.

While re-watching some of the more memorable movies in the Bond lineup, I turned my attention away from Bond and took a look at what the baddies wore. My research resulted in a collection of villains with a variety of selective and rather dynamic outfits that added that extra bit of menace. Some of the villains’ outfits were colorful and unassuming and others were dark and forceful. And this attraction for evil outfits started with the most pleasant yet menacing baddie of them all, Tiago Rodriguez; better known as Raol Silva.

Played by Javier Bardem in the most recent Bond film, Skyfall, Silva is a heavily damaged ex-Mi6 agent with a taste for revenge. Best known for his sinister monologues and conversations with Bond and M, Silva’s getups compliment his blond hair. In the server room scene where Bond is tied to a chair, he is sporting a brown checkered shirt worn under a solid brown vest, matching pants and brown shoes. To complete the look, he wears a khaki coat over it all. The coat has sloping shoulders, two buttons in the front and four buttons on the sleeves; providing a modern look for a modern villain.

via Columbia Pictures
via Columbia Pictures


Le Chiffre
Next on the list of best dressed villains is the scared, poker face Le Chiffre, played by Mads Mikkelsen in the movie Casino Royale. He is usually seen in a black shirt and black suit; fitting of his intimidating and sinister appearance throughout the film. The look is rather simple and devoid of any flair or color, but it deserves high marks for how well it emphasizes his outward appearance.

via Columbia Pictures
via Columbia Pictures


Francisco Scaramanga 
Made famous by Christopher Lee in the film Man with the Golden Gun, Scaramanga plays an high-priced assassin with a love for cool, southern outfits. Sporting a calm demeanor, his white suit seen throughout the film seems a bit dated. It has three buttons in the front (all buttoned), a shorter and wider lapel, loose sleeves and is longer than most coats. Even though the look may be tacky, it adds that extra bit of flair and swagger to Lee’s character.

via Eon Productions
via Eon Productions


Franz Sanchez 
Seen in the film License to Kill, Sanchez (Robert Davi), is a leader of a powerful drug cartel with a strong grip on the fictional Republic of Isthmus. Reminiscent of Al Pacino’s character in Scarface, this cigar smoking drug lord is seen wearing light summer colors. White and light navy suits are common in Sanchez’s wardrobe. His light colored outfits and smooth mannerisms make him the perfect villain from South America.

via Eon Productions
via Eon Productions


Dr. Julius No 
The first villain in the Bond series, Dr. Julius No is part of the mysterious group known as Spectre. Portrayed by Joesph Wiseman, he is often seen wearing a white Mandarin shirt and matching coat. Born from German and Chinese parents, the Mandarin outfit plays a key part in showcasing the Chinese side of his two part ethnicity. His hands crossed behind his back, Dr. No, along with his Mandarin suit, gives the appearance that he is wise beyond his years.

via Eon Productions
via Eon Productions



Pitti Uomo

It is truly heaven on earth at Pitti Uomo, the world’s most important platform for menswear. Pitti Uomo is a biannual trade show in Florence, Italy, where buyers, retailers, editors, and the fashion-exposed men of the world gather together to stroll the cobblestoned Italian streets to view the latest menswear collections. Think many, many gorgeous men, looking their most dapper, all congregating in the alleyways and piazzas of Florence. Think the best, most stylish menswear in the world.

From impeccably crafted blazers, to pastels, to pocket squares, ties, and bowties, Pitti Uomo is Mecca. It is also a launching pad for the future of men’s fashion. For inspiration and unveiling a collection, Pitti Uomo is the place to be for designers, retailers, and those who can’t help but adore a man in a great outfit.








72 Hours to Shop in NYC

Whether you’re in NYC for business or pleasure, not having the time to enjoy the sites or shop is a point of concern. And in a city full of boutiques and pop-up shops, a brief search of local men’s fashion shops can turn into a time consuming endeavor. You can choose to go down the list and visit every brick-and-mortar spanning all five NYC boroughs. This can be a worthwhile endeavor, but far from rational. So whether your stay is 24 hours or 72 hours, take the time to visit one if not all the shops mentioned below.

By Robert James

M-S: 10Am-8PM
Sun: 10AM-6PM
74 Orchard St., New York, NY 10002

Even at first glance, Robert James’s work screams passion and quality. Located in NYC’s Lower East Side, By Robert James is a boutique shop that offers a vintage 70’s flair to the stylish gent. Designed just upstairs from the store and manufactured locally, the store carries items ranging from shirts, jackets, pants and even bespoke services.

Fine and Dandy
M, W-S: 12PM-8PM
Tues: Closed
Sun: 1PM-8PM
445 West 49th Street, NYC 10019

Located in Hell’s Kitchen, Fine and Dandy carries a comprehensive collection of dapper accessories. If you’re shopping for ties, pocket squares or socks, it can be found in this store. Keeping to the vintage theme of the store, Fine and Dandy sells vintage memorabilia and accessories from board games, greeting cards, to flasks.

fineanddandy_fashionmr(Photo Credit: Donna Alberico/NYTimes)

Billy Reid
M-S: 11AM-8PM
Sun: 11AM-7PM
54 Bond St., New York, NY 10012

Making his mark in the fashion world as early as 1998, Billy Reid designs and sells goods for male and female customers. With a splash of southern styling, his collection ranges from formal wear to more casual outfits like chinos and polos.

billyreid_fashionmr(via billyreid)

Brooklyn Tailors
Mon: Closed
T-F: 12PM-7PM
Sat: 12PM-6PM
Sun: 12PM-5PM
358 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY 11211 

Established in 2007, founders Daniel and Brenna Lewis are taking a piece of the dapper style cake. Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the shop offers bespoke services as well as made to order items ranging from formal and casual suits to shirts and shoes; making it a one-stop-shop for all formal men’s wear.

bklyntailors_fashionmr(via brooklyntailors)

Brooklyn Circus
Mon: Closed
T-S: 12PM-7PM
150 Nevins St., Brooklyn, NY 11217

Founded by graphic designer Ouigi Theodore, Brooklyn Circus provides outfits for the classy, urban gentleman. Along with a healthy mix of vintage stylings, this boutique shop offers a diverse collection of hats, shirts, jackets and shoes. And much like the other shops in this collection, the consumer is welcomed with a vintage motif that extends all the way outside. So, it’s highly recommended that you go for the products and stay for the ambience.

bkylncircus_fashionmr(via brooklyncircus)