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Everything You Need to Know About Cutting Men’s Hair

Let’s face it, haircuts can get expensive. Especially for guys who keep their hair really short with either an undercut or just a buzzcut. It doesn’t look bad when it grows out a little, but it isn’t how you want it to look. Maybe considering cutting your own hair? Well thankfully the website Buzzcut Guide exists. It is a blog dedicated to helping men keep their hair, or lack of hair, looking good. 

The guide starts with what type of tools you will need to accomplish this task. As you would imagine you will need clippers with different guards and blades, scissors, and a comb. These are the essentials to what you’re going to need to cut your hair, and of course something to cover your clothes and mirrors. There are also some other tools that are optional, but for beginners this may be enough for the time being.

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Your next step is pretty simple and will be the easiest part of this whole experience. Just pick the haircut you want. Maybe you want to be more like a punk rock king and get a mohawk, or if you want to be more on trend, then a really cool undercut is the way, or you can just get rid of all your hair with a buzzcut.


Now the actual cutting. Before you take your clippers to your head you should become acquainted with your clippers and the different types of blades and guards you have. This will just make your life so much easier when you start cutting. When it comes to the actual cutting the general rule of thumb is to cut in the opposite direction of your hair growth. If you’re not sure which direction your hair grows, you can figure it out by just running your hands through your hair.


Once you have cut the longer hairs, change your guards for the shorter hairs. Then once you have the general shape and look you want, you can move to the sides and the back. Buzzcut Guide suggests to do one side and then the other instead of going around the whole head like barbers do. This is to keep the sides even and to keep you from forgetting what you did on the other side.


Now the daunting task of doing the back of your head. Buzzcut Guide suggests to either have someone else to do it or at least fix it, but Buzzcut Guide has also come up with another technique.


“Anyway, the best technique I invented was to lay my left hand (I’m a righty) horizontally on the back of my head to prevent myself from cutting too high or unevenly. Then simply drag clippers through hair until you hit the edge of your hand and use the ‘simple fading technique’ (read “Fading” chapter of this guide) to blur out the transition.”

Look you did the hardest part! Buzzcut Guide goes into more detail about fixing the top and how to fade. You can checkout the post and look so fly people will want you to cut their hair.