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What to Look For at the 2016 North American International Auto Show

The world is set to be inundated with global debuts from the world’s leading automotive companies, thanks to the 2016 North American International Auto Show. Opening its doors on January 16th to the public (January 11th for the press), the Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan will be packed to the brim with the best minds in the automobile industry, showing off what you can look forward to in the future. The show will continue until January 24th, when the public will no longer be allowed entrance.


Marking its 28th year running, the NAIAS (North American International Auto Show) will be sure to generate a considerable amount of buzz. The show’s slogan, “All roads lead to Detroit” should tell you everything you need to know about the importance of this convention. It is set to have over 750 innovative designs on exhibit, with many surprises to come.



English: The in the Cobo Center station of the...
English: The in the Cobo Center station of the People Mover in , . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Next year’s show will boast more than 70% new booths and altered locations for participating companies in the building, so even frequent visitors should find the show to have a different feeling compared to previous years. An important note to make is that the Cobo Center has completed its $280 million renovations, so expect a very high tech and flashy atmosphere. The current plans for the event include: a Technology Showcase providing looks at breakthrough innovations, the Eyes on Design Awards where the best cars of the year are celebrated, an Education Day where minds of all ages are welcomed to further engage in lessons and tours, the annual Auto Show Shuffle where entrants can race on foot through Detroit, and the Michelin Challenge Design Competition where teams submit scale models and renderings in a highly competitive academic contest.


Charitable patrons will be able to purchase tickets to the January 15th Charity Preview for $400 per ticket (of which $390 is tax deductible). Those who attend this preview will have access to an extremely exclusive formal event in the name of raising money for charity.


You can be sure to expect all the most important car manufacturers to have a presence, including: Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Ford and Mercedes-Benz, to name a few. Chairman of the 2016 NAIAS, Paul Sabatini, has said that the number of unveilings at this show will be similar to previous years, of which 90% will be global debuts. With only a few scant weeks left until the show opens, workers at the center are hard at work getting the building ready. It is only a matter of time before we get to see all of the plans that are being kept under wraps.


English: Panorama Stitch of Cobo Center during...
English: Panorama Stitch of Cobo Center during 2011 North American International Auto Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Lexus RC-F Sport – the next chapter in luxury coupes!

Lexus just unveiled its new sport coupe. The new RC 350 F Sport. It features a 5 liter V8 engine boasting a whopping 450 horsepower under the hood. Kind of a not so hidden secret. Mostly it just looks mean and aggressive. Right up front is its unique mesh grill looking like an angry and pissed off automobile that just wants to tear the roads apart. It can surely do that with its 19 inch mesh alloy wheels. The interior instrument panel is the Lexus modern centerpiece. Featuring a moving center ring to give a race car feel to the drive, and with 450HP, racing is what you will be tempted to do.

The interior of the car is inspired by their LF-A  supercar, which in it’s own right has a 4.8L V10 engine giving off 562 horsepower and a futuristic racecar feel and design. This is their ultra-exclusive street legal super coupe that is a direct competitor to the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche.

The RCF model will be competing for market share with other high end sports coupes, only this ride should be much more fun and comfortable. Lexus is known for having smooth rides, and why not? Having 450hp beneath your feet should be not only exhilarating and enjoyable, it should be comfortable enough to drive cross country and not regret the trip.

Maserati strikes U.S. luxury car market!

Jumping into the mass luxury automobile market is Maserati. Considered one of the fine Italian supercars and imports, it has begun to take a chunk out of the high end sedan and sports coupe markets in the U.S. Still predominantly controlled by Mercedes-Benz and BMW, Maserati with its Quattroporte, a full sized sedan and the Ghibli, a midsized sedan now gives an extra ultra-luxury option to whomever feels the need to own an Italian automobile that has its own status symbol.

Its new marketing campaign is named “Absolute Opposite of Ordinary” and celebrates the launch of the new Ghibli model with a special Quattroporte Zegna Limited Edition, it’s the perfect way to unveil the luxury effect of its product line.

Their 2014 SuperBowl XLVIII commercial started the TV campaign titling it “Now we Strike.” Their current model line features four models that include The Quattroporte, the Ghibli, The Gran Tourismo – their sports coupe model and the Gran Tourismo Convertible. The MSRP prices are in the ranges of $67,000 – $147,500 depending on the model chosen.

This is comparable to the majority of the high end luxury car brands, with the only difference being that this one is Italian and is more of an exclusive brand that will surely grab everyone’s attention. Tons of people already own the Mercedes-Benz S Class sedan, the SL sports coupe or the BMW 7-Series sedan or the 6-series coupe which now also features a sedan version. But saying and driving a Maserati is a little different. It’s the difference between playing on a sports team, and being the captain of one.

The future S-Class: The 2015 S-Class Coupe

Mercedes-Benz just pushed another envelope over the edge of excitement and exhilaration by introducing their 2015 S-Class Coupe, a two-door sporty model of their flagship S-Class sedan. Why take a perfect car and “Coupe” it up? Because that’s what the people want. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class continues to be the world’s best-selling luxury sedans. According to Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, in February, 6,985 units of the sedan were sold around the world, more than twice as much as in the same month of the previous year. The same occurred for their E-Class model. What started as a four-door sedan eventually transitioned into also being a coupe, a convertible, as well as a wagon version. As any great company does, you meet the market’s demand and as any breakthrough company does also, if there isn’t any demand, then you go ahead and create the demand and the market yourself.

The S-Class Coupe which premiered at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show is being called by Mercedes-Benz “an aesthetic, exclusive high-end coupe” and “the dream car that was just a dream, until now.” The car will come powered by a 4MATIC 4.7L V8 Bi-turbo engine producing 449 horsepower. It will also include driving features like the world’s first active curve tilting which enables the car to lean into bends and curves like a motorcyclist or skier, thus reducing the lateral acceleration on the passengers and driver so they sit more firmly and comfortably throughout the ride, which is part of the MAGIC BODY CONTROL, the first “suspension with eyes.” It works by scanning the road and if the scan detects unevenness, it slightly adjusts the active suspension to deal with the road condition. “You almost glide over the road, as if you are on a flying carpet” explains Stefan Cytrynski the project manager who is responsible for the feature.

According to their press release, “sensual purity as an expression of modern luxury – this was the focus for the designers, and the design philosophy of Mercedes-Benz. The aim is to create clear contours and smooth surfaces that showcase high tech while radiating emotional appeal. Mercedes-Benz creates a bridge between modernity and avant-garde, between tradition and progressivism.” The cars exterior will feature the long hood with a dropping line and the iconic three-pointed star and one louvre on the grill. The headlights will be full-LED headlamps and include a unique optional addition of having 47 Swarovski crystals. The taillights will come with two horizontal rows of LED lights and look similar to their most expensive model the SLR and the SLS coupe.

The interior will feature an array of state or the art luxury and technological options while at the same time embody the ultimate in luxury by utilizing some of the best leather and craftsmanship known in the car industry. Having options that include Nappa designo leather with diamond backstitching patterns gives both a sporty look and a luxury feel to the car and the design. The high-tech dashboard will also have a two-part wide-screen display placed in what they call a “hovering” position in front of the trim surface. As an option a heads up display is available and will bring all the important information to the driver’s direct field by projection the vehicle speed, navigation instructions, and any important driver assistance system messages onto the windshield on an 8 inch by 3 inch virtual display appearing to float around 6 feet away above the hood. To add to the technology factor, the interior includes a touchpad that operates the head-unit and as on a smartphone the touchpad allows it to be operated using finger gestures while also being able to handwrite letters, number and special characters using one of the head-units languages. Combining both luxury and technology one of the more unique features of both the interior and the exterior is the “MAGIC SKY CONTROL” panorama roof. This new roof allows the user to switch the transparency from light to dark, so when light the roof is almost completely transparent giving an open-air experience and when dark less than one percent of light comes through. Adding a touch of elegance to the interior there are is also an ambient lighting feature that includes seven different colors of LED ambient lights that you can choose from. Not at the dealership when you purchase the car, but when you finally drive it home, you can have it light up in any of the colors, and switch it whenever you feel and are in the mood for something different. It’s not your basic beige and dimmed cream, you have the options of red, violet, teal and others to decide between wherever you decide to go. Pair that with their Burmester 3D surround sound system and you will have the ride of your life every time you decide to drive.

The new 2015 S-Class Coupe will be a welcoming addition to the flagship S-Class sedan line that is already considered one of the most luxurious vehicles in the world. It will be another option for consumers to choose when deciding on their next dream car. This car is a dream car, taking the luxury from the class leading S-Class, and adding a sporty feel by making it a coupe. You have to wonder if this is just the beginning of a Coupe revolution for the masses. Coupes are becoming sedans, but more so than not sedans are transforming into coupes. An S-550 sedan features options like a reclining passenger seat, so you can be driven around in comfort and style, but with this new coupe version set to hit the market, you will want to jump into the driver’s seat yourself and never get out.