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Iconic sons stormed the runway for Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana once again has decided to embrace the new models of the future on Saturday in Milan as many kin of famous Hollywood stars took the runway for the big brand.

The youngest son of RnB artist and entrepreneur P Diddy was joined by offspring from actors James Marsden, Daniel Day-Lewis, Pierce Brosnan and Jude Law. Both the sons of model Pamela Anderson joined as well, following in her footsteps.

All these figures were the face for Dolce & Gabbana’s new approach to the millennials at the Fall/Winter 2018 showcase.

Diddy’s 19-year-old son, Christian, made his debut for D&G in June last year and has been in two more shows since.

Gabriel can thank his father, Daniel Day-Lewis, for his good looks that have given him a name in the fashion world. He shares the Oscar-winning actor’s bold eyebrows and good bone structure, but he distances himself from his father with his collection of tattoos that could barely be seen from underneath the sleeves of a jacket.

Pamela Anderson’s kids have both made names for themselves in the fashion world, making their mother proud. Dylan, 20, is already the face of fashion brand Saint Laurent, while Brandon, 21, has previous experience working with Dolce & Gabbana.

Paris Brosnan, 16, is an established actor who signed to Next Models and is the youngest son to James Bond after Pierce.

Giuseppe Zanotti’s Fall 2018 filled with unique sneakers

Giuseppe Zanotti’s Fall 2018 collection was presented on the first day of Milan Men’s Fashion Week, and the versatility of the shoe collection was spectacular. The collection wouldn’t have been a full Zanotti collection without including something out of the ordinary, and this season it was in the form of a rainbow sneaker.

“I love black, but these sneakers will be delivered in June,” the designer told FN. “There’s no more winter and summer, so it reflects that.”

Each part of the shoe was hand-decorated with a different color. “This final result is more emotional than when it’s done via an industrial process,” Zanotti noted. “It costs nearly 40 percent more, but it’s 300 percent more beautiful.”

The shoe is unlike the rest of the collection because it drew inspiration from streetwear, sport, biker, combat and rock ’n’ roll. “It’s a new interpretation of our black universe, using our codes along with memories from my own generation,” the designer said.

Other shoes included biker style mid-calf boots where the top part could be removed, turning the shoes into ankle boots. “There’s a zipper just like on a biker jacket, so you can transform them into a combat boot,” according to the designer.

Another shoe in the collection was a black velvet runner shoe where part of the sole was made out of metallic gold. “It’s a super-thin coating done by a special machine they use for cars; it’s a molecular spray with charged particles.”

There were also sneakers and loafers that came in a chunkier sock-style upper but with removable soles. “I took the idea of the sock from the world of sport and 1960s tennis players,” he explained. “You can take them off and wash them in the washing machine.”

Dolce & Gabbana’s show catches eyes at Milan Fashion Week

Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana put on an extravagant cat walk show on Saturday with a regal-inspired men’s range, and it even featured some high-profile names from social media.

The show, titled “King’s Angels,” featured tailored suits and patterned lapels with gold embroidery and happened underneath a huge crown.

The Italian powerhouse has turned to millennials as their target market and used a number of promising names to show off its latest collection at Milan Men’s Fashion Week.

Internet icons like Kevin Chaplin, grandson of Charlie; Dylan Jagger Lee, son of Pamela Anderson and drummer Tommy Lee; Paris Brosnan, son of actor Pierce; and Christian Combs, son of P. Diddy, were all on the catwalk.

They were also joined by Neel Visser, who has 2.7 million Instagram followers, Vine star Cameron Dallas and musician Austin Mahone.

The Italian designer Giorgio Armani, 83, already showed off a collection for his Emporio Armani streetwear brand with a full unisex show.

Jimmy Choos makes royally attractive men’s shoes

Jimmy Choo Creative Director Sandra Choi showed the new 2018 men’s collection on the first day of Milan Men’s Fashion Week. The collection was very unique to past Jimmy Choo collections. Sandra Choi was able to give a little insight on her inspiration for the collection:

“We looked at royalty and how they dressed, 16th-century dukes in feathers and organzas and pleats and draped pearls. They could do that to assert their authority. But at the same time, we’re living now in 2018, so let’s just pull it back a bit. Jimmy Choo is not afraid to load up, but it’s about knowing where to put things, what finish to use, what details to pick out.”

Choi took elements from past history but turned it into a more approachable and relatable model for the market. A highlight of the collection was the Baldwyn, a boot-sneaker hybrid. The shoe featured a translucent rubber outsole that was set under a more classically shaped rubber midsole, and the upper half was lizard-print calf leather and tortoiseshell patent.

“For me, the over-arching theme at Jimmy Choo is always about glamour,” said Choi, adding that when it comes to men’s, she tends to be more careful when she makes decisions. “The key is to know where the limit is.”

Mackintosh Men’s RTW Spring 2016

Mackintosh, the Scottish based and influenced menswear brand debuted its fashion for the first time in Milan this past week. 

The collection focused on outerwear, specifically longer and mid-length jackets. The colors ranged from orange, to turquoise, to beige, and even a murky yellow. The one exception was a long beige poncho with an elongated collar and buttons slanted up the side. 

Of the new prints was one called Liberty, which was overblown and printed over one of the longer coats.

Each of the coats were paired with straight leg pants; shades in black or tan. 

Mackintosh recently collaborated with the Japanese brand, Hyke, and created a selection of military looks in dark colors. 

Ermanno Scervino Shows During Milan Men’s Fashion Week – Fall/Winter 2014-15

via theskinnybeep.com
via theskinnybeep.com

Multi-functionality describes was what was shown here by having an individual pattern and fabric being used with various designs and outerwear. That concept embodied the different materials that included wool, leather, fur and the luxurious yet under-utilized velvet. Each design, pattern and material usually had three different versions to show its multi-functionality with different styles. The show opened with a gingham pattern that featured white gingham wool trousers with a gingham shirt, tie and a gray and black gingham wool double breasted pea coat. Flowing with the multi-function theme that same patterns was also worn in a two piece wool suit with the same colors and pattern combination and a leather weekender bag that included the gingham pattern and design. Prince of Wales patterns were also used in various pea coats, scarfs and fedoras displaying the pattern’s versatility. However, designs and patterns weren’t the only cross-functional pieces in this collection. Colors and fabrics were also used in variations to show options for materials. Blue was a widely used color that varied from navy to royal and used as both the prime color and accented trims.

via www.theskinnybeep.com
via www.theskinnybeep.com

Blue puffer jackets walked down the runway with black fur linings and with royal blue wool lining as well. Including jackets that were reversible, so depending on where you were going and the weather that day. For the elegant look, it would be the blue wool as the outer shell and if it rains then reverse it and have the royal blue nylon on the outside to stay dry. Blue was also used as an accent trim with a houndstooth cardigan. The cardigan had the blue outline trim that also featured a horizontal stripe at the base paired with a blue and gray wool scarf. Leather made a crucial appearance being made into leather pants that were paired with royal blue wool blazers, pea coats and in their own set of double breasted coats that also included a motorcycle jacket. The most luxurious material of the night was shown at the end because the best is always saved for last. That material was velvet. Used in a two piece suit with both single and double breasted renditions, an overcoat and trouser combination and the best of all when velvet is always a hit, with a velvet shawl collar tuxedo combination featuring silk lapels. The show ended with all the models wearing capes of the previously shown designs and fabrics. Even further expanding the collections versatility, style and functionality which showed how a single material and color can be transformed into the needed style. Ermanno Scervino is someone you should definitely look out for.



7 Destinations Every FashionMister Must Visit

Traveling is one thing that should for sure be on your list of goals for a lifetime. Explore the fabrics of the world and roam the streets where some of the most legendary designers have walked. Here are some places you should consider traveling to next!

7. Tokyo, Japan

via flickr/aNto
via flickr/aNto

Japan unleashes fashion at its wildest. Platform shoes to people dressed as anime characters. Fashion is not just clothes in Japan, but a whole new way to transform yourself. In Japan your outfit isn’t complete unless you hair is as funky as your wardrobe. Have you checked out clothing lines like Bathing Ape and COMME des GARÇONS?

6. Berlin, Germany

via flickr/Mariano Mantel
via flickr/Mariano Mantel

Street wear is big in Germany. Edgy patterns and color blocking are a must here. Germany, in fact, houses two of the biggest sneaker brands; Adidas and PUMA.


5. Barcelona, Spain

via flickr/Moyan Brenn
via flickr/Moyan Brenn

Balenciaga sunglasses, Why not? Enjoy the warm weather and beaches in Spain.


4. Rome /Milan, Italy

via flickr/Moyan Brenn
via flickr/Moyan Brenn

These historic cities are one of the most crucial places to visit! Italy is known for having some of the best shoe designers in the world. This is Sightseeing fashion heaven filled with designers such as Versace, Valentino, and Moschino.


3. London, England

via flickr/Anirudh Koul
via flickr/Anirudh Koul

A Burberry trench for the fall is a fashion essential for the London fog. Drive around London and pick up a pair of some Alexander McQueen shoes while you are there. Filled with dapper tailored suits and known for their beloved desire of hats. Do you remember Pharrell’s infamous Vivienne Westwood Hat?


2. Paris, France

via flickr/Moyan Brenn
via flickr/Moyan Brenn

Discover the history of popular fashion houses such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermes. Walk around this fashion savvy city in your adored Red Bottoms soaking in the Parisian culture. Souvenirs? A great gift for your fashionista girlfriend would be a pair of these handcrafted shoes . Isn’t this a fashionMr Dream come true?


1. New York City/ Los Angeles, USA

via flickr/drpavloff
via flickr/drpavloff

“New York, New York.” The Big apple is ranked as the number one city on the fashion capital list. Be sure to grab yourself a cup of coffee from Starbucks, because this overly populated city will have you on your feet and waiting for a yellow taxi. The city contains 5 boroughs that each contains a selected trend of fashion.

via flickr/Neil Kremer
via flickr/Neil Kremer

They say “California girl are unforgetable” so add LA to the top of your list as well. Ranked right beside New York City, LA has produced some of the most iconic fashion movies and TV shows. The legendary Alfred Hitchock loved to bounce back & forth from LA to NY filming some of his classics. Plus, I’m sure you’d love to shop down Rodeo Drive !



Antonio Marras at Milan Men’s Fashion Week

via uomo-moderno.com
via uomo-moderno.com

An ode to fine tailoring, master sewing techniques and a tribute to his father was how this show started for Antonio Marras. The collection was filled with mixing fabrics and subtle colors into singular pieces with touches on modern design and flare.

The collection started with a white polka dot pattern on a deep navy suit combination and followed by a white shirt with a print of his father in a pinstripe suit. That was the start of the tribute from the son, which was shortly after followed by a double breasted coat that featured two different color block and fabric combinations with the chest and sleeves.

The tailoring was so detailed that on that piece it was possible to see the stitch line as one fabric changing to the other. Further showing fine design techniques was a jersey cardigan which transitioned from a gray color to a charcoal blue plaid pattern.

Turtle neck sweaters had various designs and patterns including rugby stripes both in regular and cropped versions of the same design while Fair Isle patterns in sweaters brought some history back into the collection with a traditional feel.

The tribute didn’t stop there because almost every design had some sort of pattern, fabric combination, print or modernization of a classic design from the past. That included having suit pants conceptualized from a sporty fabric held up by drawstrings instead of belts. An original makeover for a design that has been the norm since it can be remembered.

Two pieces stood out because of the fabric combinations with one of them being a cropped leather motorcycle jacket that had pinstripe suit sleeves. However, the most intriguing item from this collection was a double breasted jacket that included three different materials. With a felt fabric going to a glen plaid wool and ending with a white shearling.

The ultimate homage didn’t come from the clothing though in this show, it came when all the tailors sitting behind their sewing machines stood up and put on their still torn and unfinished blazers and walked out down the runway. A fitting end to a tribute collection from son to father.

via uomo-moderno.com
via uomo-moderno.com