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Rare Sneakers Take the Forefront at Milan Men’s Fashion Week

It’s no secret that when it comes to men’s fashion today footwear, especially sneakers, have a huge impact on the culture today. From designers like Virgil Abloh reimagining ten of Nike’s classic sneakers, which many of them eclipse the thousand dollar price range on the second-hand market, to him becoming the head artistic director to Louis Vuitton, the two worlds are merging. The world of rare sneakers and streetwear coming side by side to become just as coveted as high-end designer clothing just proves how much the culture is shifting. This change has been made clear in many recent fashion weeks by just observing what the crowd and models are wearing on their feet. This most recent Milan Men’s Fashion Week was no different for you could have seen a plethora of rare sought after sneakers on the feet of attendees and models.

This most recent Milan Men’s Fashion Week you were able to witness not just sought after sneakers from brands like Nike and Adidas but also from designer brands like Louis Vuitton and Dior. The fact that you are able to see designers like Raf Simons and Alexander Wang collaborating on sneakers with Adidas just shows that fashion is bridging the gap between the street and the high end. But also with high-end designer brands coming out with stylish almost sport-inspired sneakers like the Louis Vuitton Archlight, you can really observe the true influence of sneakers on fashion.

Sneakers in fashion today is something that doesn’t just bring together fans of streetwear and fans of high-end fashion but brings together two different generations of those who enjoy fashion. You see many important designers and artists today you have a strong connection to Jordan Brand and their classic retro sneakers. You can see the artistic director of Dior Kim Jones constantly in exclusive Jordans not just from his friend Virgil Abloh but rare collabs like the Jordan Fragment One. You may also see the inspiration that Jordan has had on other designers for their own sneakers. You can see this inspiration in many forms whether it is Yves Saint Laurent’s high-top court sneaker that takes many cues from the Jordan One shape and classic colorways to Fear of God’s Jerry Lorenzo taking many similar points of inspiration into his Basketball sneaker.

Whether many in the world of high fashion want to believe it or not the culture is shifting. It is shifting in a way that displays subcultures like sneakerheads taking a major lead when it comes to their inspiration on the world of fashion. Whether it be that these old school sneakerheads are the ones that are influencing high fashion today or that high fashion designers are just taking cues from this culture who has people lining up every week for a pair of shoes just based on their exclusivity. There is something satisfying to many if you have a pair of shoes that the person next to you on the street wasn’t able to acquire not because of the price tag but because you simply worked harder and you can see this at this most recent Milan Men’s Fashion Week and you will see it at many fashion weeks to come.

Giuseppe Zanotti’s Fall 2018 filled with unique sneakers

Giuseppe Zanotti’s Fall 2018 collection was presented on the first day of Milan Men’s Fashion Week, and the versatility of the shoe collection was spectacular. The collection wouldn’t have been a full Zanotti collection without including something out of the ordinary, and this season it was in the form of a rainbow sneaker.

“I love black, but these sneakers will be delivered in June,” the designer told FN. “There’s no more winter and summer, so it reflects that.”

Each part of the shoe was hand-decorated with a different color. “This final result is more emotional than when it’s done via an industrial process,” Zanotti noted. “It costs nearly 40 percent more, but it’s 300 percent more beautiful.”

The shoe is unlike the rest of the collection because it drew inspiration from streetwear, sport, biker, combat and rock ’n’ roll. “It’s a new interpretation of our black universe, using our codes along with memories from my own generation,” the designer said.

Other shoes included biker style mid-calf boots where the top part could be removed, turning the shoes into ankle boots. “There’s a zipper just like on a biker jacket, so you can transform them into a combat boot,” according to the designer.

Another shoe in the collection was a black velvet runner shoe where part of the sole was made out of metallic gold. “It’s a super-thin coating done by a special machine they use for cars; it’s a molecular spray with charged particles.”

There were also sneakers and loafers that came in a chunkier sock-style upper but with removable soles. “I took the idea of the sock from the world of sport and 1960s tennis players,” he explained. “You can take them off and wash them in the washing machine.”

Dolce & Gabbana’s show catches eyes at Milan Fashion Week

Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana put on an extravagant cat walk show on Saturday with a regal-inspired men’s range, and it even featured some high-profile names from social media.

The show, titled “King’s Angels,” featured tailored suits and patterned lapels with gold embroidery and happened underneath a huge crown.

The Italian powerhouse has turned to millennials as their target market and used a number of promising names to show off its latest collection at Milan Men’s Fashion Week.

Internet icons like Kevin Chaplin, grandson of Charlie; Dylan Jagger Lee, son of Pamela Anderson and drummer Tommy Lee; Paris Brosnan, son of actor Pierce; and Christian Combs, son of P. Diddy, were all on the catwalk.

They were also joined by Neel Visser, who has 2.7 million Instagram followers, Vine star Cameron Dallas and musician Austin Mahone.

The Italian designer Giorgio Armani, 83, already showed off a collection for his Emporio Armani streetwear brand with a full unisex show.

Tommy Hilfiger taking his “see now, buy now” show to Milan

Tommy Hilfiger is going on the road again, but this time he’s turning in his big-budget London set for a different scene farther southwest. On Tuesday, the American designer has announced his plans to bring his “see now, buy now” Spring 2018 runway show to Milan on February 25, at the end of Milan Fashion Week. Just like past seasons, the “TommyNow” show will include both women’s and men’s looks, as well as introducing his fourth Tommy x GIgi collaboration with stunning model Gigi Hadid.

“My vision for TommyNow was to create a global platform that we could take on tour to bring our show experience to new audiences around the world,” said Hilfiger in a statement. “It’s about the fusion of fashion, entertainment and pop culture with experiences, performances and inspiring interactions that are designed around our consumers. As one of the fashion capitals of the world, Milan is the perfect place to celebrate our next TommyNow show.”

Although the Spring 2018 venue has not been named yet, the brand will more than likely secure a space at no expense, and continuing to uphold their theme that’s as over the top as their previous seasons such as, “Tommy Pier” in New York, “Tommyland” in Los Angeles and “Rock Circus” in London. The London show took place at the Roundhouse, a famous concert venue that’s hosted many famous acts like Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix.

Just like the brands “see now, buy now” title states, all the men’s and women’s runway items will be instantly available in more than 70 countries across the label’s website, select wholesale partners, social media and a shoppable livestream, as well as their image recognition comer app called “TommyNow Snap”. The app includes augmented reality features to shop the runway, and has Facebook messenger bots called TMY.GRL and TMY.BOY.

Russell Westbrook Steps Out at Milan Fashion Week

Oklahoma City Thunder’s basketball player, Russell Westbrook has always loved fashion and is seen as one of the most fashionable professional athletes. He even made GQ’s Most Stylish Men Alive this year. As Vanity Fair’s correspondent at Milan’s Fashion Week and apart of his daily diary, Westbrook wrote,

“This is the best Ferragamo collection I have seen thus far. It’s going in a young direction [for] the line and taking inspiration from the 50s era—using the old incorporated with the new.”


Westbrook was seen wearing one of his collaboration long sleeve t-shirts with Barneys New York. This line has over thirty pieces of clothing (including t shirts, tanks, sweatpants) as well as shoes, bags, and wallets. This collection came out earlier this year, the second of partnerships between Westbrook and Barneys New York.



Photos via: Westbrook XO Barneys New York

Iceberg – Milan Men’s Fall/Winter 2014-15 Review

Inspired by the Batman and Bruce Wayne alter egos, this collection had all the looks needed to be both a crime fighter to a playboy billionaire. The colors that were used in this collection are both formal and on the contemporary side. Using blacks, grays, blues, reds, and creams they created a modern feel with classic designs. We get to see the mix between Bruce Wayne and Batman with a gray neoprene and cotton Shetland style crew neck sweater which had a Two-Face inspired design that included Batman with a distorted Bruce Wayne face print. For Batman’s look there were various sporty style jackets and overcoats made with neoprene fabric giving him the comfort and ease to switch into his Dark Knight suit when needed. But in-case there was no need, those coats had dual silver zippers to give him a sense of style when not fighting crime. The Bruce Wayne counterpart on the other hand is a billionaire playboy with a distinct sense of style. He wears classic and timeless articles of clothing made from luxury fabrics. His style would include clothes like a gray two piece Prince of Wales pattern suit and various mohair sweaters.

The sweaters in this collection are what any modern classic style should incorporate. A colored mohair sweater with a pattern to distinguish it from all the other stale colored items. An essential part of being an individual and showing your style. This was done by having a teal mohair turtleneck sweater with red stripe patterns to exemplify the trendy side of luxury. The same can also be said for the red turtleneck mohair sweater with navy blue stripe patterns. What made the collection different was that most of the designs that had the Prince of Wales patterns had parts of the pattern stretched out diagonally and distorted to give a 3D feel to the clothing. That feeling was also felt because whenever that color theme and pattern hit the runway the background video screen had that same pattern visualized by the music’s changing amplitude patterns. Combining classic design patterns with music is a unique approach when redesigning clothes with amplitude spikes stretching across and distorting the pattern to create a new look. One might have to look for a bit longer to realize what was happening with the design but as it is said “a picture is worth a thousand words” which still might not be enough to appreciate this unique design.

Ports 1961- Milan Men’s Fall/Winter 2014-15 review

When the entire collection features spread collar white shirts underneath jackets and sweaters while sitting over mock necks and turtle necks, the thoughts that come to mind were prep school and after work street wear. Having the backpacks and various tote bags did help that cause. Though not everyone wears a backpack anymore, it’s now about the messenger and the tote bag that is around the arm and not the back. The preparatory school and street wear look was the highlighted in a collection of suits and overcoats on top of hooded sweatshirts of various fabrics and colors. Grays and purples were the two main colors on display being used in items such as full length coats and with zippers on the bags. Velvet also had a shine in the collection as a black crew neck sweater with besom zipper pockets. There was also a unique but understated item in the show, a gray charcoal two piece suit. What made it a little different from the rest of the suits is that it had no jacket pockets. Instead there were two suit style flap pockets on the hips of the pants giving the suit a modern cargo style look. The collection was otherwise filled with overcoats, raincoats and the in-between hooded rain cape that was worn over a double breasted suit. The colors that really stood out were the purples and the burgundies. Those are subtle dark colors but they are noticeable because they are not your basic grays, blues, and blacks. They are a dark version of red which is a very bright and outspoken color. The burgundy coat that stood out was a leather high street coat with fur lapels, collar, and inner lining accented by wrist epaulets. Being preppy and modern at the same time is a good thing. You can go and fit in anywhere and nobody can say anything negative because you’re in style no matter the situation. That’s what the Ports 1961 collection is all about, being comfortable and stylish in any and every situation.

Givenchy – Men’s Paris Fall/Winter 2014/15 Review

You see the inspiration behind the design front and center. The pink international basketball court inside a round fence. So the first thought is where is the ball? Then the models start walking out about a minute after the music starts and you find the basketball which you were searching for. It isn’t rolling around, or tucked away in some corner, it’s everywhere. The Givenchy designs are about basketball. From the fabrics used to the colors and patterns of the clothing, basketball is on his mind and now on everyone else’s. There aren’t any skinny pants here. Everything is loose fitted and relaxed. The materials are more sports related and are high quality sports attire. Loose fitted trousers with over-sized color blocked pocket appliques was what was noticeable right away and throughout the show. The colors fabrics and designs were all basketball related in some way. Even on a black leather pants and jacket combination the pants had brown basketball colored leather color blocked pocket appliques. Sticking with those colors there were numerous single rugby stripe appliques both to the biceps of shirts, sweaters and on the backs of various coats ranging from pea coats to puffer jackets. However bringing the true inspiration of basketball to the collection was that numerous pants, shirts and jackets had actual basketball prints on the sides and front and center. There were also abstract colors and design prints throughout the collection and they still reverted back to the basketball theme because either the colors were or it was an item like an abstract print tank top.

Givenchy also used fur in various ways throughout the collection and of course the fur was of brown and orange shades which by now we know reminds us of basketball. The fur pieces were used in various ways also including being wrapped around the neck resembling a towel, and a grey fur tank top with an orange, white and black outline. Everything here reminds us of basketball and that it is an international game. Nothing says that more than being an inspiration to a seasonal collection. This was best shown with a basketball print polo shirt with a mesh sweater made out of basketball netting nylon. That’s wearing what you love, and the love of basketball was the inspiration from the beginning.

Philipp Plein – Milan Men’s FW Fall/Winter 2014-15

Ladies your stallions are waiting and strutting their stuff in the Philipp Plein collection in Milan. The show starts off with two cowboys on horses involved in a gunfight. Then the show’s ponies start walking down the runway wearing everyday cowboy attire that includes leather pants, jackets and the Stetson hat which itself is a cowboy staple. Each model had some form of leather by wearing leather pants or jacket and if neither of those occurred then they were holding a leather saddle. Most of the collection was black with varied fabrics and designs. A major staple in the styles was crocodile and snake skin leathers where they were used in variations of black motorcycle jackets with the suede version having an asymmetrical zipper, and the black leather version having four crocodile zippered utility patch pocket sections stitched onto the jacket. Showing that even when using the same color you can have contrast with materials and designs.

Another variation of the western cowboy look was the black quilted leather overcoat with a red plaid inner collar and a fur outer collar. A cowboy isn’t a cowboy though without a pair of jeans. Distressed, torn, or faded, the jeans are what made the collection work as well. Imagine a cowboy with sweatpants, there isn’t one around because they all are wearing either jeans or leather pants. Finally adding some style and flare to the western cowboy theme and look we saw a collection of single button blazers with besom pockets and contrasting lapels. One was a satin lapel, while another pair of lapels had a reptilian skin design. However the most noticeable piece was a black blazer with satin besom pockets with the entire blazer having an onyx gem contrasting outline. If that isn’t enough, the stitched skull and crossbones logo under the right pocket tells everyone that it’s a wild west out there. That was also very evident by the duel to close out the show.

TOM REBL – Milan Men’s FW Fall/Winter 2014-15

Showing what can be done with animal skins, prints, colors and fabrics is exactly what Tom Rebl showed us in Milan. He started off with white designs purifying the audience with god like perspective designs then transitioned into dark colors and fabrics before lighting up the runway again in a transitional black to white suit and going back to the dark colors and a warrior mentality. Nothing starts off a great show like snakeskin leather with a fur collar. A white and gray snakeskin leather moto jacket with an extra-long white to gray fur collar with an asymmetrical zipper design that is. Showing how combining various fabrics and animal skins can work wonders together. That was then followed by a white asymmetrical mock neck blazer with an asymmetrical vent on the back. His use of other snakeskin prints for his bronze two piece suit made from leather is just as unique. Even though bronze is considered a thirds place color, the longer you look at it, the more it feels like gold. Transitioning from leather to fur then back to leather and then to a green stitched and patterned hunter green cotton turtleneck crochet sweater with four different rugby style patterns and two horizontal stripes of metal loops on the chest is was the next look right before an actual transition suit. The transitional suit started with a shawl collared blazer with black shoulders and faded out to an off white waist and then faded back to black below the knees of the pants. It had a spray painted design feel to it which made it very urban chic.

Some blazers even had vent appliques which were a different approach to the modern blazer, but the most unique aspect of the show was the warrior section at the end. A satchel style pair of chain links held a black heart shaped canteen and a black vest made up of about one hundred individual pieces of leather all connected and held together by same chain link piercings resembling stitches and portraying a medieval knight’s armor with modern style. King Arthur’s round table would not dream of this style during their celebrations but if King Arthur tried it Queen Guinevere would have approved.