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Luxury Travels High

While it is the season to head to hot spots such as Mykonos and Ibiza, it calls for changing time zones in style.

Topping the list with its classical charm, the Goyard Palace trunk is the must have personalized accessory this season. With its exceptional heritage, Goyard is a drawn inspiration that stands uniquely amongst other fleeting trends. Goyard labels itself as a timeless design that will appeal to customers looking for uncompromising exclusivity, unparalleled craftsmanship and aesthetic refinement.

Goyard offers four distinct product lines:

• Travel goods: Goyard provides travelers with all the accessories needed for a stylish getaway such as; trunks, hard-sided luggage, trolley cases, vanity cases, hat cases or weekender bags.

• For men and women: Goyard offers a large choice of handbags, tote bags, pouches, briefcases and clutches with an equally large range of matching accessories: wallets, change purses, diary and check-book covers, and business-card holders.

• Personalized orders: Goyard personalizes trunks and luggage. Each piece is unique and entirely hand-made, just like in the 19th century.

• Pet accessories: The « Chic du Chien » line was launched in the late 19th century by Edmond Goyard. It features collars, leashes, bowls and dishes for pets, and is sold exclusively at the Chic du Chien boutique, 352, rue Saint-Honoré in Paris.

The long-lasting sustainability of Goyard products is a plus since the line doesn’t change every season.

via facebook/goyard
via facebook/goyard



Best Fashion Apps for Men

It can be difficult to stay fashionable whilst having other obligations and hobbies. Venturing into a store with the objective of getting one particular item can lead to hours of searching only to find that your desired item is sold out, or if you do find it, to leave feeling like you spent way more than you should have. With more and more stores providing online shopping it is easier to avoid hectic stores and shop from the comfort of your home or office. However, just as you would spend grueling hours combing shops for the right shirt, so can you be burdened with searching through thousands of selections in hundreds of online stores. That is, until the most recent shift in fashion, from physical stores, to online ones, and now to apps.

Shopping via app is growing more and more popular because of its convenience. There are apps that allow users to view a specific item while seeing similar things at rivaling prices. Some apps alert you through email upon the arrival or restocking of an item that interests you. Apps such as Cool Guy (not in U.S currency), Jack Threads, Mod Man and Frank and Oak are only a few that have been getting good reviews from app users all over. Some stores like Mr Porter and Givenchy Men have also set roots in the growing field of app retail.

via Apple
via Apple

Cool Guy which is targeted towards European men of style allows for its users to browse from a decent selection of clothing and accessories. After selecting they have the option of adding an item to their closet and then arranging it with other items for different looks. Overall, it’s a great app to have because it minimizes the time needed for creating outfits and packing for holidays. Similarly, Jack Threads allows users to view brand name items at reduced prices. They update their inventory everyday at 12 pm and offer description of each item so the shoppers know exactly what they are getting.

via Apple
via Apple




Item of the day: Dsquared Mask Print Espadrilles

Move over TOMS!  These Dsquared mask print espadrilles are just the shoe for your summer wardrobe. Summer is all about comfort and being free. It’s time to give your sneakers a rest. These artsy espadrilles are  made in Italy and they add humor,  vibrant hues, and patterns to your ensemble.  Pair these with chinos, shorts, denims, linen, and t-shirts. Not many people like Espadrilles, but here is something new and different to consider for purchase for Spring/Summer Fashion. Price 253.61 Buy Here