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Quality Suit Styling Tricks That Work like a Charm!

Ever wonder how to look like a dapper gentleman while being noticed by the people around you for your sleek and sophisticated style? Well with a few helpful styling tips, you can dress to impress by adding a few minor details to your daily suit style. By contributing these tricks you will vamp up your look to a whole other level!

The Sci-fi actor, Dane Dehaan, is currently traveling around the globe promoting his upcoming film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. His helpful hints throughout his wardrobe for the red carpet events upscale any suit for any occasion. The first helpful trick has deals with any bold pattern shirt. Wearing a bold color or design button down shows great quality and resembles a modern feel. Bold and saturated coloring allows you to become more noticeable. Key advice to this wardrobe tip is that a tie is not always necessary due to the print, color, or design that you are wearing. It may appear as overbearing or not match in sequence of the entire outfit. By wearing a saturated color dress shirt, you have the opportunity to be noticed by many as well. This approach allows you to come off in a more modest way. The best colors to wear to try the saturated color scheme would be greys, light blues, bright greens, and other jewel tones. Lastly, the trick that is most subtle is the contrast collar shirt approach. This fashion trend is best known from the notorious Karl Lagerfeld. A contrasting collar is more known as a “Statement Collar.” These collars can feature embroidery or mismatched colors. This style appears best when wearing an all black dress shirt. Bolow is an example designed by Givenchy featuring the statement collar. But it today at MatchesFashion.com and it can be yours!

These helpful styling tricks for your next classy outing will make you appear as the most luxury gentleman in the crowd being noticed by anyone and everyone. Try adding other quality items to your appearance such as a watch to upscale the look even more!







Image via MatchesFashion.com

5 Places You Should Add To Your Summer List!

1. 230 Fifth

via 230-Fifth
via 230-Fifth

2. Sugar Factory American Brasserie (New York, Las Vegas Paris & Las Vegas Towns Square , San Diego , Brooklyn *Coming Soon*)

You might as well call this place candy land.

With four locations, you can spot some of the hottest celebs drinking one of their signature candy infused goblets. They have over 10 different signature chocolate martinis.

Their menu ranges from breakfast, brunch and dinner. Options from waffles, crepes, pancakes all the way to chicken tenders. Having a birthday soon?

Make a reservation at Sugar Factory and get a packaged deal with their party menu.

3. LIV night club (Miami)

via Liv Night Club
via Liv Night Club

“Your momma used to live at the church on Sunday
You just go to LIV after church on Sunday”

Yes, Rapper Drake said it and it really is true; LIV is the place to be on Sunday.

LIV is considered one of the most popular clubs at Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, Florida. They are known for having the hottest DJ’s and GoGo Dancers. Beware, this place is pretty pricey! Other than that, you are guaranteed to be partying with A-List celebs, athletes, and socialites.

Are you ready to Party?

4.1 Oak (Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, South Hampton *coming soon* )

via 1 Oak NYC
via 1 Oak NYC

5. Hudson River Café and Lounge (New York)

via Hudson Cafe and Lounge
via Hudson Cafe and Lounge