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Kanye West Cries Front Row At Virgil Abloh’s First Louis Vuitton Show

This most recent Louis Vuitton fashion show at Men’s Paris Fashion Week was a monumental one in terms of the hype building up around the show regarding Virgil Abloh, creator of Off-White, and his first collection as the head artistic director of Louis Vuitton. This was a monumental moment in fashion itself as Virgil is the first African American artistic director of the famous Paris fashion house and one of the few to be a leading influence at the level he is at. What Virgil has been able to accomplish in what seems like just a couple years time from his beginnings with his brand Pyrex Vision to Off-White to his collection with Nike it seems that Virgil has almost reached the pinnacle. To Virgil Abloh though I believe he cares more about just spreading the culture that he was brought up into this industry in.

Virgil Abloh and Kanye West have known each other and have been close creative partners since the early 2000s. Virgil has worked on a lot of different projects with Kanye before ultimately breaking off to step out of Kanye’s shadow, not necessarily creatively but Virgil wanted to make a name for himself. Virgil did this by creating his brand Pyrex Vision back in 2012 which was his first venture into the world of high fashion. Pyrex Vision consisted mostly of screen printing onto Champion blanks and old Ralph Lauren flannels, not exactly revolutionary, but Virgil was able to charge upwards of 500 dollars for the pieces and they would sell. Virgil eventually folded the brand and started Off-White with a crew of Italian streetwear aficionados. Off-White would pick up right where Pyrex Vision left off charging astronomical prices for mostly screen printed streetwear. But Off-White would grow into a Nike collaboration and establish it as one of the most sought-after brands in streetwear today. This would ultimately be Virgil’s foot in the door when it came to breaking into the world of high fashion houses like Louis Vuitton.

Now during Men’s Paris Fashion Week everyone patiently waiting to see what Virgil would do with his introductory show as the artistic director of Louis Vuitton. Virgil showcased to the world and to everyone in attendance a beautiful gradient painted pavement runway outdoors in a garden in Paris. Virgil really delivered when it came to the overall presentation of the environment around the garments. But the garments and accessories were nothing like Louis Vuitton has ever had before from transparent gradient rainbow luggage to ceramic white chains draped over the models and as straps for the luggage. After having various streetwear icons and celebrities from the likes of Kid Cudi, Playboi Carti, Blondey McCoy and A$AP Nast you can really tell that this show was all about the culture that Virgil Abloh came from. That is why Kanye, seated front row, when Virgil walked out at the end got so emotional. Kanye was able to see one of his very close friends and collaborators not only ascend to the pinnacle of fashion for African Americans today but was able to be a part of it with his new album being played during the show. Kanye has been skeptical of Virgil leaving his side and branching out in becoming one of today’s fashion moguls but he’s finally been able to come to terms with it in this most recent embrace at the end of Virgil’s very first show as the artistic director of Louis Vuitton.

Paris Fashion Museum gets new director

Director of the Palias Galliera for the last eight years, Olivier Saillard turned the city of Paris’s fashion museum into a must visit event, thanks to ideas from performance pieces by Tilda Swinton to the very first Azzedine Alaïa retrospective in the city. The fashion community was hit with a curveball when he decided to step down and quit in January to become the director of J.M. Weston, the French luxury men’s shoe company.

The person who took his place was the relatively unknown Spaniard named Miren Arzalluz, a political historian and who has honed her curating skills for eight years as the head of the Cristóbal Balenciaga Foundation in Getaria, Spain. She ultimately pursued the new job because “this job was really going back to my thing.”

“I studied history, worked at a British think tank, earned my master’s in comparative politics at the London School of Economics. It was just after 9/11. The world was in such turmoil. I started going to the Victoria & Albert Museum for fashion exhibitions. Then I remember walking into the National Portrait Gallery bookshop and seeing a whole section on fashion history. It was a revelation. When you study history, it’s to be a social or political historian. But fashion? That was something that I had never dreamt of. I went to the Courtauld Institute of Art in Somerset House for a master’s in history of dress, and fell in love with the subject. I thought: “Oh, this is what I want to do.””

Fashion designer thinks outside the box

Jun Takahashi may or may not have discovered a solution for fashion. Takahashi has managed to create a collection that merges streetwear with athleisure and luxury. His Fall 2018 collection for Undercover is a major example of what many design houses should aspire to do.

The designer showed Undercover in a big white tent with clear plastic walls in the center of Paris. His fashion was in the very middle of things and not bouncing around the edges. Takahashi took much inspiration from college, as that is a time for experimentation.

Takahashi has figured out a way to blend all the elements of street style, comfort, youthfulness, nonchalance and cool, and he turned them into clothes that can be related to by anyone. He didn’t do too much and chose establishment over rebelliousness but synchronized the two in such a way that it worked out for the better.

Simone Porte Jacquemus set to launch men’s line

Simon Porte Jacquemus has finally revealed his new professional challenge that he has been hinting at on his social media: the launch of his very own menswear line.

The designer announced the news at his Paris fall show by taking a bow in a sweatshirt that read “New Job L’Homme Jacquemus” at his women’s ready-to-wear show.

He won’t be presenting his first creations until Paris men’s fashion week in June, and it has yet to be determined if he will have a show or a presentation for the line.

“I see the Jacquemus man as I see the Jacquemus woman: it’s a sincere story,” Jacquemus told WWD:

“I didn’t do men’s until now because I didn’t feel the need to do men’s and I couldn’t imagine it. I fell in love and I started to imagine that the Jacquemus man exists. I did Jacquemus women’s for my mother, and while I’m not saying that the men’s collection will be all about my boyfriends, it will still always be a love story.”

The designer has used social media as the main outlet for communications since he launched his brand in 2009 after dropping out of fashion school due to his mother’s death (Jacquemus is her maiden name).

Since then, Jacquemus has become one of the most talented young designers on the Paris stage.

Jacquemus has predicted that adding a men’s line would change the mood of the brand. “This is going to change Jacquemus a little in the sense that it’s much more forward-looking, because there is a lot of melancholy in the women’s collections, for obvious reasons,” he said.

Designer label Preen launches collection

Preen, the catwalk label designed by the husband and wife duo Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi and worn by the Duchess of Cambridge and Gwyneth Paltrow, has finally launched a collection which has quickly become London fashion week’s most affordable collection. Prices start at 65 p.

Preen’s collection only has around 6 styles or pieces. It is made in the shape of a postage stamp as a six-stamp collection celebrating 20 years of the brand.

The first-class stamp features the red Finella dress which was worn by the duchess on a royal tour of Canada. The “Power Dress” that first made the label well-known is shown on another stamp.

Preen left the super tight bandage dress behind about a decade ago and has ushered in new calf-length hemlines and looser fabric that have dominated modern fashion aesthetics.

Massimo Dutti holds fashion show in Paris

Massimo Dutti held its second-ever fashion show in Paris, sending a very much Texan-like men’s and women’s spring collection down a sandy runway at the Palais de Tokyo.

“For a fashion player, it’s essential to be in Paris, it’s essential to be in France,” said Jean-Jacques Salaün, the director of French operations of the brand’s parent company, Inditex.

The brand was able to pull off a see-now-buy-now collection by projecting images from the show on its internet site. The label has also planned on doing the same projection style on screens in brick and mortar stores.

Men’s outfits in the collection were trim and dressy, featuring lots of suits. The colors for the men’s collection ranged from a dark olive green to light browns and ivory. Most of the models carried a small bag tucked under a wrist.

The most wearable trends from men’s fashion month

Every season there are styles that are meant to be outspoken and bold, but this is not the attire we expect to see on an everyday person. We’re here for the most wearable ongoing trends of this coming season.


The fact that plaid was everywhere in the AW18 show in Paris indicates that you should be wearing it this autumn. Balenciaga had long plaid overcoats and patchwork plaid streetwear.

Corduroy Trousers

Corduroy trousers were the worst thing as a child, but lately, designers can’t get enough of them. During the Milan show, there were hundreds of versions of corduroy on the runway. Even streetwear brands like Palm Angels were getting in on the corduroy action.


Leather has always and will always be around, but this year it was a sight to see, ranging from knights and armor inspired leather at Les Hommes to the luxury leather at Berluti. Leather was worked into jackets, pants and even on some shirts. There was also a smaller theme of leather paneling and detailing among the lines.


Proportion was a big thing for all designers, and this year we saw tons of new ways to shape clothes to make a statement. The biggest trend for this was oversized coats outerwear and knitwear. Oversized might be the way to go next winter.

Russian fashion designer gets backlash for privately using n-word

This year at Paris Fashion Week, Russian-born influencer Miroslava Duma posted a photo of a note from fashion designer Ulyana Surgeenko.

An excerpt of the note read, “To my n—-s in Paris,” which Duma posted on Snapchat. Sergeenko then sent out an apology on her Instagram:

“I woke up this morning with my phone full of insulting messages, ‘you deserve the worst in your life,’ ‘die white trash,’ and so on,” Sergeenko wrote. “I was born in a small town in East Kazakhstan, my daughter is half-Armenian, I have never divided people on white or Black. Kanye West is one of my favorite musicians, and NP is one of my most favorite songs. And yes, we call each other the N-word sometimes when we want to believe we are just as cool as the guys who sing it. I am deeply sorry to anyone I may have offended. Mira is a dear friend and even the fact that she so naively posted my private card to her on her social means that we meant nothing wrong and didn’t realize the consequences. I have certainly learned my lesson and I am grateful for it. There is enough anger in the world out there, please, can we stop it here? [heart emoji]”

The news shows ignorance among the fashion industry, according to Matthew Schneier, a New York Times reporter. It is “quite possibly the worst apology for casual racism.”

“I actually prefer that these people air their unvarnished feelings, so the world will know,” Schneier added on Twitter. “But I am always surprised that they continue to pay tens of thousands of dollars a month to high-end PR firms who can’t save them from themselves before, during or after these idiocies.”

Ralph & Russo present a fairytale for Paris Fashion Week

The simple aesthetic of Ralph & Russo, the only extant British haute couture house, can apparently be put into elegant dresses. The house capped off their show with an off-white duchess satin gown with a draped bodice, long train encrusted with leaves of Swarovski crystals and a lace veil embroidered with silk petals.

Ralph & Russo is the only brand that dedicates itself to the grand British couture tradition of Hardy Amies and Norman Hartnell. These two designers moved from Australia and London, where their business has existed as one of British fashion’s biggest brands since it opened back in 2007. The brand is now an employer of more than 400 people, with a townhouse in Mayfair for fittings and a large atelier where the embroidery department consists of 30 people.

Most of their clients expected fairytale-esque designs, and that is exactly what they got during their Paris fashion show. The show was filled with frothy mint organza, blush pink silk gaza and ice blue Chantilly lace.

The show was filled with extraordinary outfits and outshone others. It gave names like Vertigo, Psychose and Illusion, but one silhouette that stood out was the one Grazia Chiuri made for Dior. The slim balletic torso with the simple, functional elegance of a leotard gives way to a soft, A-line midi-length hem. The silhouette took forms of long belted coats, blouses, skirts and lingerie-style gowns.

Thigh-high Ugg debuted on Y/Project’s runway

Just when the ugly footwear trend finally slowed down, another shoe appeared on a runway. Yesterday, at Paris Fashion Week Men’s, Y/Project revealed a new collaboration with Ugg. Glenn Martens, the label’s creative director, took his signature exaggerated layers and revamped the Uggs.

There were three versions worn by both men and women. There was a black pair turned into rippling cuissardes and a tan pair with more gargantuan proportions. The height was an attempt to enhance the Ugg’s comfort level.

“Putting on Uggs is like putting your foot in a warm pot of butter, and I thought why not elevate that and immerse your full legs!” wrote Martens. “So we decided to design an Ugg boot that climbs up to the crotch and covers the whole leg.”

The Ugg felt like it was going in a new direction for the California label that has been known to turn everyday items into bizarre and runway-ready pieces. This was a new and creative direction for the California brand’s Paris runway debut.

Paris extends men’s fashion week to six days in 2018

Paris is now extending its Men’s Fashion Week from five days in January to six days, starting in 2018. The schedule change was made among the increase of big fashion designers leaving the New York show in order to find bigger stages. This year, the menswear shows will start on Tuesday, January 16 adding a numerous amount of new arrivals, and will be ending in January 21, according to the schedule released by French fashion’s governing party, Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode.

The opening day for Paris Men’s Fashion Week brings will have three new additions, Palomo Spain, Parisian label Nïuku, and GmbH collective. Dunhill London is also set to present its newest collection in Paris this season on the final day of men’s fashion week.

A big missing name is the French capital brand Balenciaga, the brand has decided to skip out on menswear and is going to stage a coed show for both menswear and womenswear in March, during Paris’s womenswear Fashion Week.  Vetements is currently on the way in on the list for Paris Men’s Fashion Week. The label has yet to be currently featured on the official schedule.

Paris Men’s Fashion Week: Provisional schedule

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

17:00 ― Palomo Spain

18:00 ― Nïuku

19:00 ― Namacheko

20:00 ― GmbH

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

10:00 ― Julien David

11:00 ― Off-White

12:00 ― Facetasm

13:30 ― Icosae

14:30 ― Lemaire

15:30 ― Y/Project

16:30 ― Walter Van Beirendonck

18:00 ― Haider Ackermann

19:00 ― OAMC

20:00 ― Valentino


Thursday, January 18, 2018


10:00 ― AMI Alexandre Mattiussi

11:00 ― Issey Miyake Men

12:30 ― Rick Owens

13:30 ― Angus Chiang

14:30 ― Louis Vuitton

15:30 ― Sean Suen

16:30 ― Boris Bidjan Saberi

17:30 ― Yohji Yamamoto

19:00 ― Dries van Noten

20:00 ― Pigalle Paris


Friday, January 19, 2018


10:00 ― Junya Watanabe Man

11:00 ― Maison Margiela

12:00 ― Ann Demeulemeester

13:00 ― Juun J.

14:00 ― Acne Studios

15:00 ― Hed Mayner

16:00 ― Cerruti 1881

17:00 ― Comme des Garçons Homme Plus

18:00 ― Alexander McQueen

20:00 ― Berluti


Saturday, January 20, 2018


10:00 ― Sacai

11:00 ― Etudes

12:00 ― Avoc

13:00 ― Thom Browne

14:00 ― Andrea Crews

15:00 ― Dior Homme

16:00 ― Wooyoungmi

17:00 ― Balmain Homme

18:00 ― Henrik Vibskov

19:00 ― White Mountaineering

20:00 ― Hermès


Sunday, January 21, 2018


10:00 ― Officine Générale

11:00 ― Lanvin

12:00 ― Agnès b.

13:00 ― Sankuanz

14:00 ― Rynshu

15:00 ― Enfants Riches Déprimés

16:00 ― Paul Smith

17:00 ― Christian Dada

18:00 – Dunhill London

19:00 ― To be confirmed

20:00 ― Kenzo ― AFP-Relaxnews

Vetements to join Paris Men’s Fashion Week

Demna Gvasalia is continuing to surprise the Paris fashion calendar and has decided to experiment with new runway timetables for his Vetements brand.

WWD has been the first to confirm that Vetements plans to stage its next coed show, for the fall 2018 season on January 19th during Men’s Fashion Week in Paris. The details about the timing and venue could not be learned.

In the past, Vetements has shown their men’s and women’s collection together during the couture show, but last season the label skipped the runway in favor of doing a showroom presentation.

The brand Vetements was founded in Paris back in 2014, now the company has launched itself onto the fashion scene with bold shows. A couple of the shows have been hosted in the most bizarre places like the basement darkrooms of a seedy gay club, and a shabby Chinese restaurant. These types of location have helped spread the streetwear trend and brought forth a breaking approach to fashion based on garments rather than the seasonal themes.

Last year the brand made an official switch from its show from the ready-to-wear schedule into the couture week, then soon after a guest member of the Chambre Syndicale de la haute Couture, forged a path that American brands such as Proenza Schouler and Rodarte followed. Men’ Fashion Week in Paris is scheduled to run from January 17 to 21.

Balenciaga combines men’s and women’s on one runway

Balenciaga Creative Director Demna Gvasalia announced this past Tuesday that the newest collection will be showing the men’s and women’s collection together for the first time, adding to the growing list of dual-gender runways.

Gvasalia has rust relaunched Balenciaga’s menswear business last June, and so far, has shown three new collections as part of Men’s Fashion Week in Paris. Suggesting the menswear collections have been well-received, the label has announced that it will start launching men’s pre-collections, beginning with a pre-fall range to be shown in January.

A handful of other luxury brands have begun showing their men’s and women’s collections together in their recent seasons including Kenzo, Burberry, Calvin Klein, and Gucci. Gucci and Balenciaga are both owned by Kering. When Gucci announced its plans for gender unification, the New York Times has reported that Kering was using Gucci as a “test case”, saying it would apply the concept to their other brands if it was successful.

The Gvasalia label has already had a lot of success this year alone, especially after they were named as the top brand during Q3 by the Lyst Index partnership with the Business of Fashion.

The brand is set to present the menswear and womenswear together during Paris Fashion Week in March 2018.

Are You Bananas for Bernhard Willhelm’s 2016 Ready To Wear Collection?

There is no doubt that the inspiration for Bernhard Willhelm’s latest collection was bananas. There were fabric bananas hanging from various pieces as well as embroidered bananas and painted bananas. You name it; it was probably in his collection.

Willhelm played with boundaries this year in terms of Ready To Wear. It’s a playful collection that is vibrant and questionable and encourages consumers to wear something out of the ordinary. The looks are far from what we would see out on the streets today, which to some isn’t exactly what Ready To Wear collections should be about. The only stylish trend in the collection was the socks and sandals that many of Willhelm’s models were wearing. But the sandals and socks that were chosen weren’t exactly something that a consumer would see in store today.

On the plus side, though, Bernhard Willhelm did play with more feminine pieces on a male. It’s a nice change that more and more designers are doing. Willhelm clearly pushed boundaries, which is a huge compliment because some designers still can’t figure out how to do that.

Just where will this collection take society? Only time will tell us that. Until then, I’m sure the hipsters will be all over this collection. It fits them perfectly in terms of fashion aesthetics. Maybe they can teach the rest of society how to make this flattering for all figures and consumers alike.

berhnard 25 berhnard 59 bernhard 1

Images via bernhardwillhelm.com

Saint Laurent Spring 2016 Menswear Collection

Saint Laurent’s Heidi Slimane rocked the end of Paris Fashion with a surfer styled collection with a hint of contemporary notes. There were over 60 looks in the complete collection, giving critics as well as fans much to admire, and of course critic. 

The collection was entitled, Surf Sound, “A Tribute to Contemporary Californian Surf Music Culture.” The Southern Californian artist, Billy Al Bengston, was an inspiration for the collection, as he was associated with SoCal motorcycle culture in the 60s. 

The models strut down the runway to a soundtrack specially made for the show, composed by Cole and Max Becker and recorded by the band, Swimmers, in Oakland, California. 

There were lots of stars in the audience; Selma Hayek Pinault, Jane Birkin, Betty Catroux, as well as Johnny Hallyday. Pierce Brosnan was in attendance as his son Dylan walked in the show. 

Many of the looks were completed with Kurt Cobain-esque white sunglasses in tow, others with trucker hats. 

The night ended with YSL logo shaped confetti falling from the ceiling; all in all, a successful night for Saint Laurent. 

7 Destinations Every FashionMister Must Visit

Traveling is one thing that should for sure be on your list of goals for a lifetime. Explore the fabrics of the world and roam the streets where some of the most legendary designers have walked. Here are some places you should consider traveling to next!

7. Tokyo, Japan

via flickr/aNto
via flickr/aNto

Japan unleashes fashion at its wildest. Platform shoes to people dressed as anime characters. Fashion is not just clothes in Japan, but a whole new way to transform yourself. In Japan your outfit isn’t complete unless you hair is as funky as your wardrobe. Have you checked out clothing lines like Bathing Ape and COMME des GARÇONS?

6. Berlin, Germany

via flickr/Mariano Mantel
via flickr/Mariano Mantel

Street wear is big in Germany. Edgy patterns and color blocking are a must here. Germany, in fact, houses two of the biggest sneaker brands; Adidas and PUMA.


5. Barcelona, Spain

via flickr/Moyan Brenn
via flickr/Moyan Brenn

Balenciaga sunglasses, Why not? Enjoy the warm weather and beaches in Spain.


4. Rome /Milan, Italy

via flickr/Moyan Brenn
via flickr/Moyan Brenn

These historic cities are one of the most crucial places to visit! Italy is known for having some of the best shoe designers in the world. This is Sightseeing fashion heaven filled with designers such as Versace, Valentino, and Moschino.


3. London, England

via flickr/Anirudh Koul
via flickr/Anirudh Koul

A Burberry trench for the fall is a fashion essential for the London fog. Drive around London and pick up a pair of some Alexander McQueen shoes while you are there. Filled with dapper tailored suits and known for their beloved desire of hats. Do you remember Pharrell’s infamous Vivienne Westwood Hat?


2. Paris, France

via flickr/Moyan Brenn
via flickr/Moyan Brenn

Discover the history of popular fashion houses such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermes. Walk around this fashion savvy city in your adored Red Bottoms soaking in the Parisian culture. Souvenirs? A great gift for your fashionista girlfriend would be a pair of these handcrafted shoes . Isn’t this a fashionMr Dream come true?


1. New York City/ Los Angeles, USA

via flickr/drpavloff
via flickr/drpavloff

“New York, New York.” The Big apple is ranked as the number one city on the fashion capital list. Be sure to grab yourself a cup of coffee from Starbucks, because this overly populated city will have you on your feet and waiting for a yellow taxi. The city contains 5 boroughs that each contains a selected trend of fashion.

via flickr/Neil Kremer
via flickr/Neil Kremer

They say “California girl are unforgetable” so add LA to the top of your list as well. Ranked right beside New York City, LA has produced some of the most iconic fashion movies and TV shows. The legendary Alfred Hitchock loved to bounce back & forth from LA to NY filming some of his classics. Plus, I’m sure you’d love to shop down Rodeo Drive !



Thom Browne Spring 2015 Inspired by Tron

Attending a Thom Browne show is an experience. It is not just the clothes that attendees admire as they strut down the runway, but it is the story that Browne puts behind each show he organizes. For his spring 2015 menswear collection, Browne was inspired by the movie ‘Tron.’

In Paris, 20 models donning plastic masks stood in rows of five. They were wearing gray tailored suits as they silently waited for the show to commence. As the show began, two guardsmen marched out in wool-suit armor. According to the New York Times, after the guards followed the models, who were split into two groups, those wearing puffy jackets and trousers, and those strutting sharper, spikier shoulders.

Browne staged a competition. The competition was between man and machine.

Browne commented, “It would be too easy for us to use Star Wars.”

Every show that Thom Browne puts on is just that. A show. Besides the beautifully crafted suits, there is always a deeper message that Browne hopes the audience takes with them. Many of the shows give off a haunting vibe, as if the set is something that you could imagine in your worst nightmare.

Although Browne has said, “they all lose in the end. That makes man a two-time loser.”



Photos: Murs

Damir Doma show Fall/Winter 2014 during Paris Fashion Week

Fabric blocking and patterns come together in this collection. Wool and nylon make an overcoat that is a very modern take on a timeless classic. Having a four button design takes you back some years and then using nylon as the main sleeve fabric moves you to the future some years too.  Redesigning the notch lapel was a great touch, by folding over the collar with the extra wool exposed gives the notch lapel a new and third dimension that isn’t seen in today’s suits or coats. Another design concept is the loose thread stitching of the pants and jackets, by doing that it seem as if the items aren’t fully sewn. It’s just loose extra material that adds dimension. A lot of the designs also give the impression of being in a forest because of the stitching patterns that resemble tree barks. The various textures and fabrics that are compiled are true experiments and futuristic designs. But coming next season the future will be here.

Dries Van Noten shows Fall/Winter 2014 during Paris Fashion Week

Bold describes this collection and no other word should come close.  Bold pink, then purple, then blue, after that yellow and finally mellows out to hunter green and gray tones. Some patterns belong in “Tron” while others are just the ones that your teenage child would love to have. Dye and acid washed shirts with pants, both in pink and purple. The most basic crew neck purple sweater had gray horizontal dye stripes patterns. Can’t wear that to the office any more, but it would definitely look great with a gray pair of pants or jeans during the weekend. This collection surely turns neck, and the one piece that will turn the most necks is the item that will keep your own neck warm. The scarf, made from various dyed furs like yellow, blue, gray and hunter green, it’s as if a fox tail was around your neck. Now that would be a great story for the weekend.

Tillmann Lauterbach shows Fall/Winter 2014 during Paris Fashion Week

 His collection should be classified as a notch above the rest. Well not a notch as in a class, but in regards to lapels. Using various coats ranging from Mac (Macintosh) to bomber jackets that feature white shearlings on the outside as opposed to the norm. His collection is full of color, and void of color at the same time if that’s possible. His white, gray and black color blocked leather jacket with wide notch lapels really makes it easy when choosing what color jacket to wear. Just choose that one and chances are it will coordinate with anything you have on. His sweaters are unique too, having a grey wool sweater with black color spots bleeding through also having a horizontal wool knit pattern around the neck and sleeves. Well if you aren’t one that likes to be in those gray areas, how about a black wool, with blue leather sleeve sport jacket. However, the most unique piece that walked down the runway was a gray, black and white horizontally patterned and color blocked faux suede anorak, with a rolled up second outer layer that was held together by a yellow metal and cable knit belt in the back. Something to almost end the show with a wow factor.

Raf Simons & Sterling Ruby shows Fall/Winter 2014 during Paris Fashion Week

 This one is just a complete “you have to see it to love it philosophy.”  The items here look like an art project, but the debate is by whom? First it feels as a journey through a punk rock culture with sweaters being made from a single knit fabric then having more than three other knit design patches sewn onto it creating the variation in colors and depth. It’s a collaboration or art in its most simplistic form. The coats in this collection are the epitome of originality and simplicity. With a plain trench coat being redesigned by adding sewing patches of various fabrics and materials like velour, multiple knitted colored fabrics all in distressed cut forms shows the imagination for simple yet unique design. It then becomes a psychedelic feel with the colors and patterns changing to more of a dyed design style using galaxy and planet prints in the coats and t-shirts. Ending with an art show or colors and patterns on wool canvases, by using the overcoats and adding various geometric style patterns of colored tape, sewing in various fabrics and adding prints of pictures. That once plain and basic wool coat, became a masterpiece of color and fabric blocking art.