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Issey Miyake Debuts His New Scent During NYFW

A melange of all things sensual and alluring, Issey Miyake introduces a seductive cologne during New York Fashion Week entitled “Nuit D’Issey”. A mix of all things necessary in a fragrance, Miyake seems to have hit the perfect balance between light and dark. The light bergamot gives off a very sweet and citrus aroma which is backed with just a hint of black pepper giving a unique pinch to the users nose. But given that light cologne wears off quite easily, Miyake gives the fragrance a firm background of black woods and vetiver, giving the cologne a strong woody essence, effectively allowing the user to have the scent attached to him throughout the day.

The presentation of the cologne is striking as well, given that the bottle was designed and modeled with the help of visual artist Ryan Hopkinson. Together, Miyake and Hopkinson capture the elements of night. The bottle has quite a smokey gradient to it, reminiscent to that of the moonlight, while the box has a similar dual tone.

But the cologne itself is not perfect, nor can it be. The idea of perfection is one that men chase but can never catch up to, and with that being said Miyake has come quite close to having an ideal, well rounded scent that anyone and everyone can enjoy, giving it the status that is a step towards perfection. If I had to give a rating to the scent, it would be a solid 8/10. On my recommendation, I feel that this is a perfect cologne for a working man. After running around all day for Fashion Week, one would imagine that they would need a spritz of cologne before they begin attending the after parties, but I find that while wearing “Nuit D’Issey”, I do not need to apply that second air. The cologne stays strong through a rough day and would fit the criteria for any professional, boss, or boyfriend that has little time for themselves. It would be a great gift considering that it is well worth the money you pay for a cologne.

via Nuit D'Issey
via Nuit D’Issey