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Givenchy’s School Backpack

From the tribal complexions of Spring/Summer 2014, to influences from the Bauhaus art school, the graphic collection presented by Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy is the product of combined diverse inspirations. Tisci’s executions reveal a raw, street vibe to the collection, portraying the gang/thug style. The label’s Fall/Winter 2014-2015 pre-collection encompasses a bold mix of urban culture and features.

The Black Abstract Portrait Backpack is the latest Givenchy accessory that is being admired widely. With its multicolor mural with an ethnic street vibe vibrant stamp, the backpack surely defines the urban look.

Givenchy has had major success with the line of backpacks that include: Madonna Backpack, Givenchy Black & Yellow, Givenchy Airplane Backpack, and Givenchy Black Bambi Print Backpack.

via ssense.com
via ssense.com


Bags From the Rising Sun

Land of the Rising Sun, Nihon, Nippon, Japon or what ever you like to call it, export more than just Playstations, Toyotas and Cameras. Unless you’ve been living in complete isolation, it’s no secret that this small island nation is at the forefront of Asian fashion. Brands like A Bathing Ape, Uniqlo, and Yohji Yamamoto are making their mark on the American fashion scene, and the market is ripe for more Japanese designed goods. Dedicated fans of Japanese couture continue to salivate over new collections from brands like Comme des Garçons and Visvim. Lines wrap around stores with most big releases and consumers don’t shy away from the outlandish amount of cash-money needed to buy them. And it’s not just the clothes that fans go gaga over, it’s the accessories, especially bags, that draw a significant amount of attention; notably high-end brands like Headporter.

master-piece (MSPC)
Price: $100-$600

bagsarticle_fashionmr_002(via master-piece)

Established in 2012, these fairly small accessory makers pride themselves on designing and manufacturing simple, stylish, unique and quality bags. masterpiece has a growing collection of bags ranging from casual totes to rugged rucksacks. Handmade near Osaka, Japan, every gear in their collection oozes quality.

North Face Purple Label
Price: $50-$200

bagsarticle_fashionmr(via nanamica)

While not quite Japanese, North Face Purple Label is a branch of North Face established in collaboration with a active lifestyle brand Nanamica. For this reason many of their collections are manufactured in limited quantities and often difficult to find outside of Japan (there is a small collection at Rakuten Global however). With an eye-catching twist on the original logo, many of their items are designed using unconventional patterns and colors; giving it unique look.

Hobo Bags
Price: $100-$400

bagsarticle_fashionmr_002(via Hobo)

Inspired by the Depression era wanderer, Hobo (not to be confused with the US bag maker Hobo International) is a Tokyo bag maker that provides a collection of practical, unique and stylish bags. Their collection ranges from totes to fannypacks and even wrist swag. Much like North Face Purple Label, it is rather difficult to buy outside of Japan without a proxy.

Bag ‘n’ Noun
Price: $5-$200

Bag ‘n’ Noun offers a large variety of wears from messenger bags to wallets. Many of the bags use earthy, springtone colors to be worn in all kinds of settings. While somewhat obscure, Bag ‘n’ Noun can actually be found outside of Japan (notably in European online shops); you just have to do some searching.

Arai Tent
Price: $100-$300

bagsarticle_fashionmr_004(via arai tent)

With about 40 years of manufacturing and design under their belt, Arai Tent is a seller of high-end camping equipment. Rugged and durable outdoor equipment is their bread and butter. The brand offers everything from hiking bags to boots; all designed with a minimalistic theme. Arai Tent also makes formal to casual totes, rucksacks and daypacks  in the Persimmon collection.