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The Importance of Men’s Body Positivity

As body positivity for women continues to expand every day for women on the internet, in stores and just in everyday conversation the conversation hasn’t necessarily shifted towards talking about body positivity for men. While more and more plus sized women break into the world of fashion and modeling the landscape is still not set for plus sized men to make their push into the forefront. When it comes to covers of magazines and runway shows this most recent New York Fashion Week incorporated a decent amount of plus-sized women’s models the men were somewhat nonexistent with only about one being featured for Asos. Asos already has a section of their website dedicated to plus-sized men and women and are taking strides in giving them fashionable options without shaming them for their bodies.

The importance of men’s body positivity when it comes to fashion is that in the fashion you want clothes that will fit cleanly and look good overall different types of body types, because you are marketing not just to people who are into fashion that are thin. A lot of people personally struggle with coming to terms that the fashion they may love and admire may not be something they can never wear. When you create a collection or a product most designers want whoever appreciates their art and image to be able to purchase and wear their product. This isn’t always the case though when it comes to high fashion designers who mostly model their clothes not just after women that are far thinner and taller than the average woman but for men that have unachievable body standards. For men, I feel it comes in a much different light than for women but male models usually consist of two different body types lean and muscular or just very thin. This becomes an issue for plus sized men when they are online and in-store shopping because they see a product on the rack or on a website and immediately know that this garment will not drape over their body the way the designer intended it to.

The whole stigma that comes with being plus sized in the world today is one that can be very degrading for people. It is something that will affect one’s confidence and the way they try to portray themselves too the world and the least they deserve is to feel confident and comfortable in the clothes they wear. The responsibility of promotion of a positive outlook on plus-sized men and women comes on that of the designers, magazines and clothing companies to find a niche for these people who still definitely have a huge voice and impact on the world of fashion. What companies like Asos providing fashion-forward options and opportunities to not just plus sized women but men even including them in their fashion week runways is something a lot of companies should take notes from. It’s going to take the effort of not just one company to change the outlook on plus-sized men in fashion and just body positivity for men in general, but I think with the trend of body positivity when it comes to women things are moving in the right direction.

Models carry own heads for Gucci show

It’s a given that fashion insiders have long been jaded about the fashion week festivities. Most can say they’ve seen it all or notice it’s been done before, but that can’t be said about Gucci’s most recent fashion show.

Gucci’s show, besides the grandparent’s clothes, was unique and different. The show featured a couple of models carrying their own severed heads down the runway.  There has been no clear indication as to why and how they decided to add this to the show, but it sure did draw a lot of attention.

The show even included a model carrying a baby dragon down the runway, for which we still don’t know the reason. Nonetheless, the show was creatively put together and you can give much credit to Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele.

Tommy Hilfiger taking his “see now, buy now” show to Milan

Tommy Hilfiger is going on the road again, but this time he’s turning in his big-budget London set for a different scene farther southwest. On Tuesday, the American designer has announced his plans to bring his “see now, buy now” Spring 2018 runway show to Milan on February 25, at the end of Milan Fashion Week. Just like past seasons, the “TommyNow” show will include both women’s and men’s looks, as well as introducing his fourth Tommy x GIgi collaboration with stunning model Gigi Hadid.

“My vision for TommyNow was to create a global platform that we could take on tour to bring our show experience to new audiences around the world,” said Hilfiger in a statement. “It’s about the fusion of fashion, entertainment and pop culture with experiences, performances and inspiring interactions that are designed around our consumers. As one of the fashion capitals of the world, Milan is the perfect place to celebrate our next TommyNow show.”

Although the Spring 2018 venue has not been named yet, the brand will more than likely secure a space at no expense, and continuing to uphold their theme that’s as over the top as their previous seasons such as, “Tommy Pier” in New York, “Tommyland” in Los Angeles and “Rock Circus” in London. The London show took place at the Roundhouse, a famous concert venue that’s hosted many famous acts like Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix.

Just like the brands “see now, buy now” title states, all the men’s and women’s runway items will be instantly available in more than 70 countries across the label’s website, select wholesale partners, social media and a shoppable livestream, as well as their image recognition comer app called “TommyNow Snap”. The app includes augmented reality features to shop the runway, and has Facebook messenger bots called TMY.GRL and TMY.BOY.

Balenciaga combines men’s and women’s on one runway

Balenciaga Creative Director Demna Gvasalia announced this past Tuesday that the newest collection will be showing the men’s and women’s collection together for the first time, adding to the growing list of dual-gender runways.

Gvasalia has rust relaunched Balenciaga’s menswear business last June, and so far, has shown three new collections as part of Men’s Fashion Week in Paris. Suggesting the menswear collections have been well-received, the label has announced that it will start launching men’s pre-collections, beginning with a pre-fall range to be shown in January.

A handful of other luxury brands have begun showing their men’s and women’s collections together in their recent seasons including Kenzo, Burberry, Calvin Klein, and Gucci. Gucci and Balenciaga are both owned by Kering. When Gucci announced its plans for gender unification, the New York Times has reported that Kering was using Gucci as a “test case”, saying it would apply the concept to their other brands if it was successful.

The Gvasalia label has already had a lot of success this year alone, especially after they were named as the top brand during Q3 by the Lyst Index partnership with the Business of Fashion.

The brand is set to present the menswear and womenswear together during Paris Fashion Week in March 2018.

Yoshio Kubo Men’s Spring 2017 Collection

More subdued, definitely. Boring? Think again. Yoshio Kubo introduces his 2017 spring collection three months before Tokyo’s Fashion Week. And in keeping with his new no-fuss-no-muss ideology, the Japanese designer also set the runway adjacent to the city’s rugby stadium.

Accompanying the cheers and banter from the stands was Kubo’s live percussionist. The models made their way down the minimalist runway.

Yoshio Kubo is known for a more theatrical, avant-garde runway show. Yet, this collection aired a simpler silhouette. Streamlined collarless coats matched slightly harem dress pants. A satin bomber jacket with hawk motifs was paired with loose-fitting trousers, matching the jacket’s sheen. A bright yellow, hooded trench introduced a pop of color to the collection. A vibrant orange and black pattern took the form of tees and oversized shorts.

Woven fringe applique updated an otherwise simple sweatshirt and tee. Each piece was designed with a subtle, yet entirely innovative twist. You could genuinely see Kubo reign in his theatrical tendencies and avant-garde mentality in one of his most ready-to-wear collections yet.

“I think I had been doing well [at designing clothes] with a lot of prints and that were flashy, but in order to put more of myself out there I started thinking maybe I should make a different kind of clothes,” Kubo tells WWD.

The designer continues, “So maybe people will think this collection is more simple, but I was thinking from the beginning about [incorporating] interesting details and I started from that concept.”

Photos by Yukie Miyazak via WWD

Maison Margiela’s Men’s RTW Spring 2016 For the Modern Man

Maison Margiela’s Men’s RTW Spring 2016 evokes royalty. With both ancient and futuristic essence, the spring line of menswear celebrates the classic yet fashion-forward man. The menswear seen in the collection is for the dapper, non-conformist man on the go. Pieces like light rust-colored trench coats, monotone glittered suits, leather buckled vests, and sheer muscle-tee like tops with graphic detailing stand out amongst the more conventional menswear collections.

The models rock studded boots and Birkenstock-like Roman sandals — a refreshing blend of seemingly timeless Western looks. The overall looks have a slight feminine feel, and each item of clothing could be transitional between genders. Rich coppers, onyxes, navies, beiges, and cornflower blues make their way throughout the collection — very atypical for a spring look, but it most definitely works.


The brand posted an image of their Spring 2016 models to Twitter:


Raf Simons Men’s RTW Spring 2016

It’s a wonder most of the models were able to get down the runway untroubled at the Raf Simons Men’s RTW Spring 2016 show. Making their way down the runway, their vision was impeded by checkered scarves, sending some of them tripping off the catwalk onto the concrete floor below. While it might not have been the greatest idea to obstruct his model’s vision, Raf Simons presented a very youthful and energetic collection.

From the oversized macs decorated with grommets in geometric formations to the oversized grommet-studded nylon rucksacks dragged from heavy chains over the shoulder, there was a punk inspired feel to the lineup. However, there was also a return to the normalcy of typical Raf Simons wear in the rest of the collection. Shrunken sweater vests helped exaggerate the oversized pants, and tailored jackets were seen as lean or slightly oversized in sturdy woolens. 

The image of a model’s head draped in a scarf is quite haunting, making this collection stand out by a mile from many of the other shows this season. 

Z Zegna Men’s RTW Spring 2016

Blue was a common thread in Z Zegna’s Men’s RTW Spring 2016 lineup. Creative directors, Paul Surridge and Murray Scallon, showcased their line on the runway with pieces that were sporty and held high-tech elements. 

Tailored pants and loose fitting shorts walked down the runway, mostly in muted colors, some of the pieces in repetitive patterns. They were paired with fitted jackets and plain tee-shirts. 

Outerwear’s finest piece was a blue and white waterproof anorak. It was cinched around the waist with a belt and paired with Bermuda pants. The ensemble did not end there – it was topped off with a PVC hooded zippered jacket with black details. This gave off a graphic vibe to the outfit, making it stand out from the rest of the collection. 

While most of the lineup consisted of blues, black, and white hues, orange as well as a muted red were featured in a few of the pieces. It was not an overwhelming amount of color, but it popped in just the right amount to make the collection lively and fun. 

This lineup proved to be a great success for Z Zegna; each of the pieces were very wearable for any occasion.

Opening Ceremony Wants to Have Play on the Runway

After broadening there collaborative portfolio with a capsule collection based on the protagonist in Spike Jonze’s film, Her. Opening Ceremony is at it again and is planning on staging a one-act play in place of a traditional catwalk show this season.

Directed by Oscar-winning director and screenwriter, Spike Jonze, and written by Hollywood favorite, Jonah Hill, the plot and title are still in the stages of finalization.

“We were really excited about him writing an original script and seeing how this would take shape,” said Humberto Leon, co-founder of Opening Ceremony, reported WWD.

The project marks the third time that Opening Ceremony and Jonze have collaborated. Aside from the collaboration on Her, back in 2009 Opening Ceremony and Jonze did the same for his film Where The Wild Things Are.

Opening Ceremony is aiming to open its curtains for the act on September 7th.

via facebook.com/openingceremony
via facebook.com/openingceremony



Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 at Paris

After the departure of Stefano Pilati in 2012, Hedi Slimane was appointed the Creative Director with one thing in mind, to reinvent the brand image. Along with designing a ready-to-wear line that flew off the shelves, Slimane shocked the world by changing the brand’s iconic name, Yves Saint Laurent, to the modern Saint Laurent. And this year, Slimane has once again set the fashion world ablaze with the Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 15 collection. Inspiration this year comes from the eccentric dress code of the hippies mixed with the modern silhouette of Slimane’s designs. All in all, this line is definitely something to watch out for next summer.

Check out the pictures here.

La Perla Men’s Collection Slated For Pitto Uomo

When people think of La Perla, they think of luxury lingerie for women. La Perla is an italian clothing company that specializes in women’s lingerie, like corsets and lace panties. Well apparently, under new ownership, the company has decided to relaunch a version of their menswear label at Pitto Uomo in Florence on June 19th.

Emiliano Rinaldi, the company’s creative director has been given the task of completing the project. Rinaldi released that the collection is “inspired by the submarine world.” The designs in the collection will have a lounge wear feel, but will also have beachwear. In the past, La perla had designed mostly fine t-shirts for men and “hasn’t ever been reminiscent of sportswear” says Suzy Biszant, La Perla’s CEO of North America.

There will be cameos of jellyfish, giant oysters, fish and sea horses. Sounds like a bad school trip to the Aquarium, so why are we so interested. 2014 has been the year of the selfie explosion, and with that being said guys have been taking more pictures of themselves in their tighty whities  than ever before. Now would be the time that a luxury lingerie company might make their move to gain attention of the FashionMister by releasing more luxury loungewear for men.

There will be a runway collection and a main collection. The collections will be reaching La Perla boutiques Spring 2015.