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Finish Line agrees to $558M sale to JD Sports Fashion

Finish Line has agreed to sell itself to a United Kingdom-based sportswear company that was trying to get a foot in the US. Finish Line has made the move to try and save its slumping apparel line.

JD Sports Fashion has reached a deal to take over the Indianapolis-based Finish Line for around $558 million. Finish Line has 556 stores, as well as branded floor space in 375 Macy’s locations. The company has around 13,000 employees.

Finish Line has been struggling for some time in the declining mall foot traffic. Sales at stores open at least a year have gone down 7.9% in the company’s fourth quarter, Finish Line has stated Monday.

The environment was “more challenging than we expected,” CEO Sam Sato said in a statement.

JD Sports Fashion and Finish Line will now combine into “”a leading global, premium, a multichannel retailer of sports, fashion and outdoor brands who embraces the latest online and in-store digital technology,” Finish Line said in a statement.

“Less Is More” – Athletic Apparel

Whether you heard it here first or on the news, it was bound to come out. The athletic apparel industry has thousands of companies around the globe that sell thousands of products. There is a new one out there though worth mentioning: Ten Thousand.

“Nothing more than everything you need” is the company’s motto. They only sell two “essential” products: Foundation Shirt and Foundation Shorts. The shirt comes in black, grey, or navy while the shorts only come in black.

The shirt is made from a “custom integration of merino wool and synthetic fibers.” It is meant to be as flexible as the wearer may need. It is moisture-wicking and the company claims that it blocks odors. I’m not sure about you, but I personally will be waiting for the reviews about that. I have a “desire” , need for the odor blocking shirt to say the least.

The foundation shorts are made of “next generation fabrics,” and there is even an option for a built-in liner, which offers more comfort and convenience. The best part about the shorts is that there are side pockets that are zippered! It is hard to come by a pair of athletic shorts that are fashionable, trendy, and possess pockets, let alone zippered ones.

This company is quite unique not only in the two products they developed but also in what they do and want their consumers to take part in. They have opened up their product development process to not just the investors, but to everyone. They plan to share every new sketch, concept and idea right on their website. Ten Thousand is simply asking that in return the consumer gives the company their honest feedback along the way. Their company has set a goal to “create the best performance apparel possible, tailored to real training needs.”

Will they be able to take on the big companies like Adidas group or Nike? Only time will tell. How long they will take consumer feedback is another question. Until then though, I will personally be giving my feedback and watching this company closely. They have the right ideas in their company mission statement. As a potential consumer, I hope that concept stays.

Foundation Shorts, $48 - $55. Available at tenthousand.cc
Foundation Shorts, $48 – $55. Available at tenthousand.cc
Foundation shirt, $45. Available at tenthousand.cc
Foundation shirt, $45. Available at tenthousand.cc

Image via tenthousand.cc

Men in Suits Doing Crazy Things

Who says you can’t skydive in a suit? How about surfing? These men are breaking conventional norms and indulging in their favorite activities without worrying about damaging their suit. And why the hell not! They’re only pieces of fabric elegantly sown together. You buy them to wear them and sometimes you want to feel elegant and dignified while jumping off airplanes, swimming with sharks or fighting lions in a pit. Disclaimer: If you have a die hard passion for suits, you might feel a bit squeamish about the abuse these suits get.

Athletes Take It All Off For ESPN Annual Body Issue!

Athletes gone wild! Or so it looks like with this years ESPN’s Body Issue. Starting in 2009, ESPN decided to combat the decline of their subscribers and release something fresh and new, and what’s better than racy photos of some of the worlds most elite athletes. After the release of the original issue, featuring many famous athletes like Lolo Jones, Ryan Lochte, and Manny Pacquiao, ESPN tried to rival the readership of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition. The strategy was quite the success with readership up 35% giving the company a pretty fair profit and giving these sometimes misrepresented athletes a very new appeal to the public. Go ahead and pick up a copy of this years edition over here.

Venus Williams via espn


Do You Really Know Lebron James?

Lebron James is a FashionMR. You may know him for his astounding NBA career, some know him for his debacle this NBA season, others know him as the rookie who was compared to Michael Jordan his first year of play. But do you really know Lebron James?

Via Kingjames Instagram
Via Kingjames Instagram

Little known about Lebron James is that he was born to a 16 year old mother, who had to give James up to an adoptive family when he was only nine years old. His adopted father, a basketball coach, began to show James the ropes and teach the young James how to play ball. From that day, James was on the top of every single league, finishing high school with a nearly perfect record and having been named Ohio’s Mr. Basketball.

Via Kingjames instagram
Via Kingjames instagram

But his basketball career is just one aspect of his very successful endeavours. Little does everyone know, James is also the owner of the Miami boutique, UNKNWN. Which is ironic because this fact is basically unknown to the public and that the store stocks premium Nike shoes, but also stocks classic, and fashionable goods from 3.1 Phillip Lim, A.P.C, and Band of Outsiders. Keep in mind, James donates a good portion of the sales from his store to go into his foundation that he started, called the LeBron James Family Foundation.

Radiant visuals of the stores interior Via Gallavant.com
Radiant visuals of the stores interior
Via Gallavant.com

James has also been the first black man to grace the cover of Vogue, all the while being the third man to actually appear on the cover. The cover was quite controversial considering the fact that it resembled King Kong advertisements. Controversy aside James has also gave a charitable amount to elect Barack Obama into office and has sat and joked around with Michelle Obama.

Via whitehouse.gov
Via whitehouse.gov

All in all, James is not only a renaissance man, he is a fashionMister. If you are looking for more information and history on one of the greatest players in the history of basketball, take a look at the documentary More Than a Game by Kristopher Belman.