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Prada makes new Velcro sneaker

2017 was a year filled with big luxury brands creating the ugliest shoes that became a hot trend. Balenciaga with the sock sneakers and huge sole shoes took over for the most part with other brands not far behind. The longtime company Prada decided to kick start 2018 in similar fashion by releasing their new Cloudbust Sneakers in a very un-Prada-like way.

Prada’s new spring 2018 menswear collection is a mix of virtual reality and actual reality, and the Cloudbust silhouette fits both perfectly. The upper part of the shoe closely resembles what running shoes look like with a touch of luxury. The shoe has leather panels, a Prada logo and a multi-piece sole that gives the shoe an astronomical feel to it. Its two tone colorway (black and a dark red) also contributes.

Prada has been able to create staple pieces for a season, in the past, and the Velcro shoes might be the newest staple yet– the shoe has already been spotted on the feet of artist A$AP Rocky. This signals a significant indication that the shoes will cause a major wave in the fashion world. The shoes are available on Prada’s website for $695.

Key Representation Throughout Men’s NYFW SS 2018

During the past month, the men’s NYFW for the Spring/Summer 2018 Collections have been breaking the fashion industry by storm with the quality and meaning behind multiple of the collections.

The HEAD OF STATE designer, Taofeek Abijako, particularly left critics astounded by his designs throughout his SS ’18 collection. He managed to create a social impact through cultural designs and concepts behind the collection of the season. The theme revolved around the colonialism in West Africa. The inspiration for this concept came from multiple African contemporary photographers and artists. Some of the influencers of the designs consist of Clic Clac Baby, Malick Sidibe, and Samuel Fosso. The HEAD OF STATE SS ’18 season collection wanted to capture how normality in society has returned in West Africa through multiple efforts but wanted to feature an elegance and soulful manner that represented the birth of all nations throughout West Africa. This collection mainly revolved around multiple different aspects, which this collection was known for during men’s NYFW. It included skillful color blocking throughout the designs and the pairing of a new sense of street style. As this collection has includes a wonderful representation of multiple cultures and nations the fashion industry has to wonder what is coming next from Taofeek Abijako’s HEAD OF STATE brand.

Raun Larose featured a different design throughout the SS ’18 collection. This collection’s inspiration revolved around the 1980s. The representation for this seasons designs was to show how technology on the mass cultural ideal influences society. Raun Larose wanted this season to symbolize multiple themes throughout the collection. The apparent themes were to show a romanticized, nerdy, and extremely exaggerated collection in the modern era. Some articles of clothing that revolved around the 80s featured oversized jackets and pants in multiple unique shapes. Progressive fabrics were used to symbolize the increasing artificiality and virtual reality of society. Inorganic materials were used to give the collection a retro-futuristic feeling. An artist named Jose Chunà designed stripes for the collection to reference towards a computer screen about to crash. This collections main theory is to question the future and where society is headed within technology.

Another brand that took a different approach to the fashion industry is C2H4. For the SS ’18 NYFW, this brand’s feature collection was called “Zero Gravity.” The designer’s vision was for chemists on Mars. This was to resemble a laboratory work wear collection for chemists in the year 2082. Feature pieces included laboratory coats, utility vests, and multifunctional anorak. Bottoms consisted of technical sweatpants, pocketed cargo pants, and side-strap track pants. This collection wanted to represent saturated and monochromatic color schemes to boost certain colors such as multiple blues, reds, and urban yellows.

Brooks Brothers Says No Sweat to Their Spring Collection

Brooks Brothers, oh you fancy, huh?

The brand just released its spring Golden Fleece collection and their stepping up their luxe game. In photos released to WWD, we see upscale sport coats and suit jackets coming in a variety of solids and subtle plaid patterns. The tailored coats are deconstructed so they feel “light as a feather.”

We know the thought of wool could make anyone sweat in this recent summer heat, but Brooks Brothers is offering lightweight, Merino wool sweaters with 15.5 microns. Real talk, it’ll be like wearing your favorite worn-in tee.

Brooks Brothers is also putting some added sport into their coats as they introduce a mix media bomber jacket in a suede design, yet nylon sleeves. Another coat is waterproof with its double-faced fabrics.

Brooks Brothers’ chief merchandising officer, Lou Amendola, explains, “We’re updating classic basics and adding performance.”

And their not messing around. The mainline collection will feature polos with Supima cotton beginning in the spring. Then, their BrooksCool collection will bring tailored clothing in breathable crease-defying and water-resisting fabrics.

These series of collections come this spring will appeal to the modern on-the-go man. A dapper man who laughs in the face of rain, sweat, wrinkles and the fear of being underdressed.

Courtesy Photos via WWD

Rag & Bone Spring 2016 Menswear

Crisp whites and muted neutrals made a stand at Rag & Bone’s Spring 2016 Menswear presentation. The models defied gravity in the parkour themed shots while tumbling and jumping throughout the city.

The designers, David Neville and Marcus Wainwright, decided that parkour was the theme to be for this year. The entire collection was inspired by the flying aerialists and put into reality by using flyweight materials, such as ultra fine nylon or perforated mesh. Many of the clothes were shown static, on stick-figure mannequins.

These types of materials were used for sporty styles like button-downs as well as a heavy-duty jersey within an overcoat. The details in the pieces included straps and flaps so that they would pick up a breeze and give off the sense of motion through air.

Again, using parkour as an influence, the trousers had a tapered silhouette. There were no baggy pants in sight, because as imagined, no one jumping through the air would want to trip over their pant leg. The collection truly is authentic to the parkour lifestyle; Neville and Wainwright did in fact road test their clothes on real parkourists.

While attendees did not get to see the parkour live in action, a video was featured at the presentation showing the best of the road test.

Courtesy of Rag & Bone

Upgrade your wardrobe for Spring and Summer

Spring has sprung and we are ready to put away our ultra-warm winter coats, our thermals, and anything else that resembles an Eskimo. Ready to upgrade our spring and summer wardrobes. Shopping sales are happening everywhere, new collections are hitting the stores and we are getting ready to buy. So how do you  go about upgrading your style for the spring and summer? Think simple. Getting dressed is not rocket science, it’s more of a creative art. Just like every single one of your junior, and high school teachers once said, “K.I.S.S.”

Think of winter as a supreme pizza. All the toppings for a nice hearty meal, and spring should be a fresh gourmet salad. Enough to satisfy, but not enough to last throughout winter. Summer should then be a cup of frozen yogurt. Not a complete meal, but it’s the perfect refreshment.

Start by deciding what and how you want to wear it. For example take a pair of pants, a sweater and Chelsea boots that you wore all winter. The easiest way to upgrade what you have is to downsize what you wear. No more heavy dark colors, but start to brighten up your look just a little. Take off a top layer or two.

Spring – Now for the spring, replace the pants with Chino’s, the sweater with a thin cardigan and the boots with some oxfords or loafers. Have a few brighter looking shirts to wear on a daily basis because spring is in the air, relax a little, loosen up and for the summer think of just a slice or two.

Summer –Here is where if you’re not heading to work you can wear almost anything. With the sun blazing down on your face and neck, comfort is the number one priority. Tight fitting clothes will be the end of you, and using that term loosely. You must have some loose and airy linen clothing with light shoes. Slippers, boat shoes, whatever fits and feels comfortable. If you choose to wear a long sleeve shirt, roll up the sleeves. But have shorts, lot’s of shorts and even more t-shirts for the hot days ahead.



Dyed Denim: Beyond Blue Jeans

The designer denim craze that has so gripped the world of fashion has transformed the way we think of jeans.  What used to be workwear has been dressed up, shaped up, prettied up, and thrust into the spotlight as a wardrobe staple on par with the navy blazer- indeed, jeans and a blazer are now recognized as an excellent evening staple, a state that used to be considered heresy.  In the rush to upscale blue jeans, however, there is one option that is sometimes overlooked: who said jeans have to be blue?

Denim can take on many garment dyes; indeed, as cotton, it is highly suitable to a broad range of colors.  We therefore recommend that you go beyond blue.  An easy way to start is with a pair of white jeans, a great substitute for white chinos in the Spring and Summer.  If you don’t want stark white, consider an off-white pair like the ‘wheat’ color sold by J. Crew.

There’s more to dyed denim than white, however.  Denim most enjoys dyes of bold, dark colors, such as black, gray, and even burgundy.  At the same time, it can take the lighter shades, such as the aforementioned white and even khaki or stone.  If you have the resources, don’t hesitate to experiment with different colors of denim.  Treat these jeans like a pair of colored chinos or corduroys, but with the added edge of their rough exterior.  Pair them with a scratchy tweed sport coat, a marled sweater, and some desert boots, and you have the perfect outfit to spend a night out on the town with.  Or you can go hiking, if you feel so inclined.  You are wearing jeans.