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Suitsupply celebrates same sex love in new campaign

Suitsupply, a men’s tailoring brand founded in 2000 by Fokke de Jong in Amsterdam, has shown off its new imagery for their Spring/Summer 2018 campaign which put the spotlight on gay couples.

The campaign is set to display in over 100 stores across 22 countries and is also currently at the front of their website, which Jong has said could have a negative impact on the business where LGBTQ people are not accepted:

“The attraction between people is an important part of fashion advertising. A campaign featuring the attraction between men was long overdue and particularly relevant for our brand.”

The new collection is available in stores and online. It features linen cotton blended suits, checked jackets, lightweight bombers, and it brings new colors into the mix.

Hugo Boss is redefining suits

Last February, Hugo Boss held its first ever menswear show since 2008. This is a sign that the label, which is mostly known for its suits, is looking for a way to redefine the brand in the menswear section. Hugo Boss will now be a regular during fashion weeks.

The brand’s move also hints at the change menswear as a whole has undergone over the past years. The change is that most millennials are not wearing suit as much as the eras before them. They opt for a more casual look everyday with khakis at work.

With the current men staying away from most suits, menswear brands have had to come up with clever strategies to stay on top of the fashion world, and no other brand has done a better job so far than Ingo Wilts’ new Hugo Boss. Wilts was in Dubai last month for the reopening of the Hugo Boss store at Mall of the Emirates. He spent some time talking to Khaleej Times in a brief interview. Here are the key takeaways:

How has Hugo Boss managed to stay on top of its fashion game for so long?

Wilts: We are known worldwide for our tailoring DNA and the suit is our key product. Hence, we are constantly working on the development, redefining and modernising our products to offer timeless modern pieces to fulfill our customer’s needs. With our fashion show collections, we additionally show our more fashion-forward fashion expertise.

Hugo Boss is all about the suit, but perhaps the modern man is not wearing the suit as much as he used to. How has this affected your label?

Wilts: Boss is about more than the perfect suit. We’ve immersed ourselves to taking a new approach to design, with a more fashion-forward result to fulfill customer needs. The suit will always remain a key product for us, but it is cut and styled in a modern way. Along with the suit, our product range also includes sophisticated casual looks that can easily be combined with our business and evening wear to provide solutions for all wearing occasions.

How have you reinvented the suit to make it fit into the workplace of now?

Wilts: We see a general trend towards athleisure and have also adapted the Boss codes of tailoring and fine quality to a very relaxed way in many pieces of our collections. Suiting has never been so relaxed with oversized or double breasted suits styled with sneakers and a cashmere sweater instead of a shirt and tie.

Men’s suits company Indochino discovers how millennials like to buy suits

Showrooms, for the most part, have just been used for cars and appliances, but as of late have found a new product. On Monday, the Canadian-based online men’s clothing company Indochino has announced it will open its 19th showroom on December 14th at the Mall of America in Minnesota. Indochino has also said it will be doubling down on the concept with at least 18 more showrooms to be introduced in 2018 in cities like Austin, Nashville, and Atlanta with even more showrooms to open in Los Angeles and New York. Philadelphia as well already holds a couple of stores.

With e-commerce becoming increasingly embedded in physical stores, the showroom concept has gained a surprising amount of traction among the apparel industry. The showroom format, which has been used by big named men’s fashion brand Bonobos to eyewear from Warby Parker, shows how the suits are currently being sold, especially to the millennial age group. Indochino’s showrooms are operational by appointments only and instead of carrying inventory, they present around 100 different fabric panels and shirt samples. Mannequins in the stores showcase the top suits. The customers who enter the store then act as the designer who are assisted by a salesperson, also known as the Style Guide, who inputs the fabric and customizations.  Once the options and customizations have been selected, customers are then measured and the finished suits and shirts are shipped to their homes.

Along with more showrooms, Indochino chief executive officer Drew Green has addressed that the retailer company is cutting down their delivery times for an ordered suit from four weeks to three.

‘Showrooming’ is a great way to introduce an online-only brand to consumers,” said Christa Hart, senior managing director at FTI Consulting. “The downside is that it still has some of the negatives associated with online today. It lacks the immediate gratification we want from impulse purchases and may not be ‘quick’ enough for last-minute procrastinators.”

Green has said the showroom concept works the best because Indochino pays less rent and has less overhead, which reduces the costs for the customers as well. Most the suits start around $399.

“Showrooms actually require less space than a regular store, as we don’t hold any inventory,” Green said. “We have refined our approach to retail expansion over the past couple years, to the point that our showrooms are able to be self-sustaining, and can pay back in under a year.”

“Our showroom philosophy is to guide every customer from start to finish to help them achieve the perfect fit,” he said.

“The proliferation of the showrooming concept shows how retailers are adjusting to the new retail landscape,” said Jacob Cooper at MSC Retail, which handled the transaction to bring men’s fashion retailer Bonobos to 1519 Walnut Street. “Next-day shipping options allow retailers to save money on high-rent brick-and-mortar occupancy costs by shrinking their footprints.”

“Customers can then simply try a product, like apparel or electronics, without having to carry them around for the rest of the day,” he said. “Millennials want to be as efficient as possible, which means a `get-in, get-out’ attitude to shopping.”

Harry Styles reveals his fashion inspiration

Ever since Harry Styles left his One Direction is fashion sense went from boy-band clothes to rocking the highest end in suits. Harry Styles unique fashion sense makes him stand out among other popular artists with his non-conforming outfits. But when we see Harry Styles we assume his fashion inspiration comes from rock stars or other stand out artist way before his time.

In a recent interview with “Entertainment Tonight”, Harry Styles admitted who his secret inspiration was. The interview was recorded in Shanghai before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. With the recent interview, Harry Styles shocked the world when he told us who he truly looked up when it comes to fashion. Proving everyone who assumed that his outlandish outfits came from rock stars or even iconic figures like Prince or David Bowie.

“I think both music and fashion, [my] main influence was probably Shania Twain,” he said. “Yeah, I think she’s amazing.”


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Shania Twain is an iconic performer in her own way. She is known for her famous hit songs like “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” and “That Don’t Impress Me Much”. Twain is known for wearing strange outfits like long leopard print jackets, full sparkly cat suits, and matching wide-leg pants and crop tops. Twain embraces her own fashion sense and never fails to impress with something new out of her wardrobe all the time. Taking this into account, it’s no surprise Styles takes after her so much with his own unique suits and outfits.

Paul Feig teams up with J. Crew

Paul Feig has decided to take matters into his own hands to disturb the “tyranny of casual”. The famous director/producer behind the movies Bridesmaids and the newest Ghostbusters, is known for wearing suits to set every day and decided to have his own line tailored by J. Crew.

The suits, shirts, and accessories will be resembling J. Crew’s basics style with a touch of Feig’s showman style. ““This line is all about taking a great suit, then putting your personality into it,” he says. “There’s something playful about it that says, ‘I’m in control of this look.’”

Feig describes himself as a “wrinkle chaser”. He is willing to visit a tailor up to five times just to get it exactly how he likes it. Even if you yourself aren’t a tailoring maniac it will be helpful to know that all of J. Crew’s stores offer tailoring services. Feig’s collection has recently just dropped.

The difference between Feig’s suits than regular bland suits is that his suits are filled with fine details that boost the suits with personality.

“Suits have stood for bad things over the years, either an authoritarian figure or somebody you’d have to get through to get what you want, like the guy who’s gonna approve your loan at a bank,” he said in an interview with Men’s Journal. “I just want to tear that down and make the suit not such a taboo for guys anymore.”

The collection will have tons of colors to choose from but none of the colors are too bright to drive you away. Feig, who is a lover of double-breasted suits, worked with J. Crew to create one-and-a-half-breasted suits that don’t look dull unbuttoned. The suits are also tailored in a way that lets the underneath vest show through without any hassle.

“They can be a bit of a handful sometimes, because if you don’t have it buttoned, there’s so much extra fabric that flaps out,” he said.

The biggest crime I think you can commit—and crime is a strong word—the biggest laziness you can commit is to just not have a style. To just dress so that you’re not getting arrested when you walk out on the street,” he said. “You are a canvas walking around in this world. Why not paint something nice?”

Dress Code 101: The New Rules to Know

The typical dress attire has changed in multiple aspects. These helpful tips will allow you to update your formal attire to be the best-dressed man! Numerous dress code rules that were established throughout previous decades are vanishing or loosening right in front of our own eyes. This allows each man to create easier and more appropriate outfits for dressier occasions. As street wear, sportswear, and gender fluidity continue to rise across numerous collections, it becomes known within the mainstream fashion.

One of the dress codes that have changed revolves around coordination and color appropriation. The old dress code consisted of different shades of grey, navy, and black. The new revamped style allows men to coordinate with layers of different colors and patterns. In this new generation of style code, a tie has become optional as well. A simple T-shirt and jeans can be just as appropriate for the office for certain occasions.

In the olden days, wedding suits were known to be a plain solid dark color. By bringing color into the man’s wedding attire, this allows character and sensibility. The combination of styles, silhouettes, and ascents are now a factor within the fashion of men at weddings.

Remember the good old nightclub days, when you had to wear black dress shoes? Well, those days are gone! Now, a simple white tennis shoe is appropriate for the nightclub or evening event scenery. This shoe allows a versatile array of options as it can coordinate with countless outfits.

Back in the day, crew necks were for the day to keep casual attire, as collared shirts were worn to evening events to resemble formal attire. In the 21st Century, a contemporary-casual is the norm that allows men to create multiple combinations, which can be worn during the day or night for any occasion. Basic necessities consist of tailored trousers, plain crew neck T-shirt, loopback sweatshirt, sneakers, and a casual bomber jacket.

Gender fluidity continues to influence multiple brands, which is a major step in the fashion industry this decade. Recent trends that have crossed over into men’s fashion have consisted of embroidery, looser trousers, sliders, and round sunglasses.

Jogger pants in the past were known to be worn only around the house, to do errands, or go to the gym. Now, they can revamp an entire outfit by adding street style to the pieces. Adidas and Louis Vuitton have partnered with Supreme to work on luxury sportswear items that can be worn during any casual occasion.

Hopefully these helpful new rules allow you to revamp your style into the 21st Century!

Quality Suit Styling Tricks That Work like a Charm!

Ever wonder how to look like a dapper gentleman while being noticed by the people around you for your sleek and sophisticated style? Well with a few helpful styling tips, you can dress to impress by adding a few minor details to your daily suit style. By contributing these tricks you will vamp up your look to a whole other level!

The Sci-fi actor, Dane Dehaan, is currently traveling around the globe promoting his upcoming film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. His helpful hints throughout his wardrobe for the red carpet events upscale any suit for any occasion. The first helpful trick has deals with any bold pattern shirt. Wearing a bold color or design button down shows great quality and resembles a modern feel. Bold and saturated coloring allows you to become more noticeable. Key advice to this wardrobe tip is that a tie is not always necessary due to the print, color, or design that you are wearing. It may appear as overbearing or not match in sequence of the entire outfit. By wearing a saturated color dress shirt, you have the opportunity to be noticed by many as well. This approach allows you to come off in a more modest way. The best colors to wear to try the saturated color scheme would be greys, light blues, bright greens, and other jewel tones. Lastly, the trick that is most subtle is the contrast collar shirt approach. This fashion trend is best known from the notorious Karl Lagerfeld. A contrasting collar is more known as a “Statement Collar.” These collars can feature embroidery or mismatched colors. This style appears best when wearing an all black dress shirt. Bolow is an example designed by Givenchy featuring the statement collar. But it today at MatchesFashion.com and it can be yours!

These helpful styling tricks for your next classy outing will make you appear as the most luxury gentleman in the crowd being noticed by anyone and everyone. Try adding other quality items to your appearance such as a watch to upscale the look even more!







Image via MatchesFashion.com

Men in Suits Doing Crazy Things

Who says you can’t skydive in a suit? How about surfing? These men are breaking conventional norms and indulging in their favorite activities without worrying about damaging their suit. And why the hell not! They’re only pieces of fabric elegantly sown together. You buy them to wear them and sometimes you want to feel elegant and dignified while jumping off airplanes, swimming with sharks or fighting lions in a pit. Disclaimer: If you have a die hard passion for suits, you might feel a bit squeamish about the abuse these suits get.

Best Dressed Bond Villains

My love affair with the international man of mystery started with GoldenEye. Enjoying replays of the movie and basement matches on the N64, this infatuation continued throughout college where I spent hours watching every Bond film from Dr. No to Skyfall. And in every film, Bond’s mannerisms and suits were a common sight. But, to the pimple faced pre-20s self it was just another star in a suit. It was the car chase scenes and fist fights in lethal situations that tickled my fancy, the rest was irrelevant.

But, spending time in the fashion industry changes you. Your taste and eye for the finer side of men’s fashion turns your attention to the outfits the character’s wear.

While re-watching some of the more memorable movies in the Bond lineup, I turned my attention away from Bond and took a look at what the baddies wore. My research resulted in a collection of villains with a variety of selective and rather dynamic outfits that added that extra bit of menace. Some of the villains’ outfits were colorful and unassuming and others were dark and forceful. And this attraction for evil outfits started with the most pleasant yet menacing baddie of them all, Tiago Rodriguez; better known as Raol Silva.

Played by Javier Bardem in the most recent Bond film, Skyfall, Silva is a heavily damaged ex-Mi6 agent with a taste for revenge. Best known for his sinister monologues and conversations with Bond and M, Silva’s getups compliment his blond hair. In the server room scene where Bond is tied to a chair, he is sporting a brown checkered shirt worn under a solid brown vest, matching pants and brown shoes. To complete the look, he wears a khaki coat over it all. The coat has sloping shoulders, two buttons in the front and four buttons on the sleeves; providing a modern look for a modern villain.

via Columbia Pictures
via Columbia Pictures


Le Chiffre
Next on the list of best dressed villains is the scared, poker face Le Chiffre, played by Mads Mikkelsen in the movie Casino Royale. He is usually seen in a black shirt and black suit; fitting of his intimidating and sinister appearance throughout the film. The look is rather simple and devoid of any flair or color, but it deserves high marks for how well it emphasizes his outward appearance.

via Columbia Pictures
via Columbia Pictures


Francisco Scaramanga 
Made famous by Christopher Lee in the film Man with the Golden Gun, Scaramanga plays an high-priced assassin with a love for cool, southern outfits. Sporting a calm demeanor, his white suit seen throughout the film seems a bit dated. It has three buttons in the front (all buttoned), a shorter and wider lapel, loose sleeves and is longer than most coats. Even though the look may be tacky, it adds that extra bit of flair and swagger to Lee’s character.

via Eon Productions
via Eon Productions


Franz Sanchez 
Seen in the film License to Kill, Sanchez (Robert Davi), is a leader of a powerful drug cartel with a strong grip on the fictional Republic of Isthmus. Reminiscent of Al Pacino’s character in Scarface, this cigar smoking drug lord is seen wearing light summer colors. White and light navy suits are common in Sanchez’s wardrobe. His light colored outfits and smooth mannerisms make him the perfect villain from South America.

via Eon Productions
via Eon Productions


Dr. Julius No 
The first villain in the Bond series, Dr. Julius No is part of the mysterious group known as Spectre. Portrayed by Joesph Wiseman, he is often seen wearing a white Mandarin shirt and matching coat. Born from German and Chinese parents, the Mandarin outfit plays a key part in showcasing the Chinese side of his two part ethnicity. His hands crossed behind his back, Dr. No, along with his Mandarin suit, gives the appearance that he is wise beyond his years.

via Eon Productions
via Eon Productions



Best Fashion Apps for Men

It can be difficult to stay fashionable whilst having other obligations and hobbies. Venturing into a store with the objective of getting one particular item can lead to hours of searching only to find that your desired item is sold out, or if you do find it, to leave feeling like you spent way more than you should have. With more and more stores providing online shopping it is easier to avoid hectic stores and shop from the comfort of your home or office. However, just as you would spend grueling hours combing shops for the right shirt, so can you be burdened with searching through thousands of selections in hundreds of online stores. That is, until the most recent shift in fashion, from physical stores, to online ones, and now to apps.

Shopping via app is growing more and more popular because of its convenience. There are apps that allow users to view a specific item while seeing similar things at rivaling prices. Some apps alert you through email upon the arrival or restocking of an item that interests you. Apps such as Cool Guy (not in U.S currency), Jack Threads, Mod Man and Frank and Oak are only a few that have been getting good reviews from app users all over. Some stores like Mr Porter and Givenchy Men have also set roots in the growing field of app retail.

via Apple
via Apple

Cool Guy which is targeted towards European men of style allows for its users to browse from a decent selection of clothing and accessories. After selecting they have the option of adding an item to their closet and then arranging it with other items for different looks. Overall, it’s a great app to have because it minimizes the time needed for creating outfits and packing for holidays. Similarly, Jack Threads allows users to view brand name items at reduced prices. They update their inventory everyday at 12 pm and offer description of each item so the shoppers know exactly what they are getting.

via Apple
via Apple




72 Hours to Shop in NYC

Whether you’re in NYC for business or pleasure, not having the time to enjoy the sites or shop is a point of concern. And in a city full of boutiques and pop-up shops, a brief search of local men’s fashion shops can turn into a time consuming endeavor. You can choose to go down the list and visit every brick-and-mortar spanning all five NYC boroughs. This can be a worthwhile endeavor, but far from rational. So whether your stay is 24 hours or 72 hours, take the time to visit one if not all the shops mentioned below.

By Robert James

M-S: 10Am-8PM
Sun: 10AM-6PM
74 Orchard St., New York, NY 10002

Even at first glance, Robert James’s work screams passion and quality. Located in NYC’s Lower East Side, By Robert James is a boutique shop that offers a vintage 70’s flair to the stylish gent. Designed just upstairs from the store and manufactured locally, the store carries items ranging from shirts, jackets, pants and even bespoke services.

Fine and Dandy
M, W-S: 12PM-8PM
Tues: Closed
Sun: 1PM-8PM
445 West 49th Street, NYC 10019

Located in Hell’s Kitchen, Fine and Dandy carries a comprehensive collection of dapper accessories. If you’re shopping for ties, pocket squares or socks, it can be found in this store. Keeping to the vintage theme of the store, Fine and Dandy sells vintage memorabilia and accessories from board games, greeting cards, to flasks.

fineanddandy_fashionmr(Photo Credit: Donna Alberico/NYTimes)

Billy Reid
M-S: 11AM-8PM
Sun: 11AM-7PM
54 Bond St., New York, NY 10012

Making his mark in the fashion world as early as 1998, Billy Reid designs and sells goods for male and female customers. With a splash of southern styling, his collection ranges from formal wear to more casual outfits like chinos and polos.

billyreid_fashionmr(via billyreid)

Brooklyn Tailors
Mon: Closed
T-F: 12PM-7PM
Sat: 12PM-6PM
Sun: 12PM-5PM
358 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY 11211 

Established in 2007, founders Daniel and Brenna Lewis are taking a piece of the dapper style cake. Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the shop offers bespoke services as well as made to order items ranging from formal and casual suits to shirts and shoes; making it a one-stop-shop for all formal men’s wear.

bklyntailors_fashionmr(via brooklyntailors)

Brooklyn Circus
Mon: Closed
T-S: 12PM-7PM
150 Nevins St., Brooklyn, NY 11217

Founded by graphic designer Ouigi Theodore, Brooklyn Circus provides outfits for the classy, urban gentleman. Along with a healthy mix of vintage stylings, this boutique shop offers a diverse collection of hats, shirts, jackets and shoes. And much like the other shops in this collection, the consumer is welcomed with a vintage motif that extends all the way outside. So, it’s highly recommended that you go for the products and stay for the ambience.

bkylncircus_fashionmr(via brooklyncircus)