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Dat Hoang: Fly In So Many Ways

Showcasing different outfits for different occasions, Dat Hoang starts his posts by asking how his audience is doing. “Hope you guys are having a good week” or “Hope everyone is doing great” are just a few of the pleasantries Dat uses before displaying his many outfits. And along with each post, he provides detailed descriptions for each item in his setup.

Dat makes good use of contrasting colors in this setup. Wearing a tan coat over a maroon suit is the key to this look. From there, he rocks a watch from Daniel Wellington, a Burberry tie and shades from Dharma Eyewear to add to the finer details of this look.

In this next look, Dat goes seasonal with a coat over suit setup; avoids the bright colors of the spring/summer. However, he adds variety by throwing some patterns into the mix. The patterns on the tie as well as the scarf help in completing the look.

This next rather dapper gem comes all the way from Instagram. Rocking a “time-machine” of a look, Dat is seen wearing a gray coat over a navy suit and black slacks. And in order to add flavor to the entire setup, he throws in a polka dot tie.

Dat is the real deal folks. With almost daily updates, each setup has a strong attention to detail. So, if you’re looking for sartorial inspiration or something simple and casual, you won’t be disappointed visiting his site.



Men in Suits Doing Crazy Things

Who says you can’t skydive in a suit? How about surfing? These men are breaking conventional norms and indulging in their favorite activities without worrying about damaging their suit. And why the hell not! They’re only pieces of fabric elegantly sown together. You buy them to wear them and sometimes you want to feel elegant and dignified while jumping off airplanes, swimming with sharks or fighting lions in a pit. Disclaimer: If you have a die hard passion for suits, you might feel a bit squeamish about the abuse these suits get.

Tumblr Tuesday: Sartorial Inspiration

When looking for sartorial inspiration, you have many different sources. From Pinterest to Instagram, the list goes on. Instagram alone has 139,484 posts under #sartorial. And the amount of sites and images dedicated to the sartorial lifestyle are blossoming on Tumblr as well. With its minimalistic and often ad-free environment, Tumblr is an easy choice to get your sartorial fix. Depending on the site, the images are larger as well. So in honor of Tumblr Tuesday, I present to you the top sartorial Tumblrs.

1. Put This On

via Tumblr/PutThisOn
via Tumblr/PutThisOn

If you’re a frequent browser on Tumblr, it’s no secret that the site is a source for images. Taken from sites and photographers all over the Internet, text based Tumblrs aren’t as common as the image based ones. So, it is quite refreshing to see blogs with wads of text in them. This is where, “Put This On” excels. The writer provide readers with insightful, image rich posts in a digital environment that often focuses on images.

2. Beyond Fabric

via tumblr/Beyond Fabric
via tumblr/Beyond Fabric

Much like the other sites on the list, “Beyond Fabric” is very sartorial heavy. But unlike the other sites, there is a greater focus on the lifestyle of a sartorialist. With a healthy mix of text and images, Beyond Fabric gives readers a taste of what it means to completely immerse oneself in this culture. So, you’ll see some vintage cars, bikes and environments.

3. Your Style Men

via Tumblr/Your Style Men
via Tumblr/Your Style Men

“Your Style Men,” is another one of those sites that offer a collection of sartorially rich content. Organized in a grid-like pattern, the layout efficiently packs content per loaded page. The images are rather choosy. If you’re looking to be inspired sartorially, this is a site worthy of taking up space in your favorites list.

4. Aggressively Sartorial

via Tumblr/Aggressibely Sartorial
via Tumblr/Aggressibely Sartorial

Another great website, “Aggressively Sartorial” follows a minimalistic formula. The options to like, share, reblog or zoom are cleverly hidden only to be revealed when moving the cursor over the image. The site is set to continuously load past content, so you get more photographic goodness before having to wait for new images to load.

5. Sartorial Mens Style

via Tumblr/Sartorial Men's Style
via Tumblr/Sartorial Men’s Style

This last one deserves high marks for content and layout. The layout provides viewers with a minimalistic view, quite common on Tumblr. And by sharing one decently sized image per post, readers can focus on one special image at a time. It’s an image packed blog that definitely warrants a look.