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Target to launch mens line

Target has recently geared up and is prepared to launch a men’s apparel line. Target has always been geared towards women because they make up 55 percent of the chain’s core customers. Target has decided to make this move in order to boost their revenue which has taken a substantial hit in recent months over a misguided food move, a hacker attack, and the competition Amazon.com Inc has been bringing.

“Target has always had this fashion-forward reputation for women — why not for men?” said Candace Corlett, president of WSL Strategic Retail in New York. “They’ve had men’s clothes before, but I don’t remember any of it being interesting. What have they been waiting for?”

the retailer has unveiled Goodfellow & co., a line of stylish everyday shirts, pants and shoes. The brand has prices way cheaper than J. Crew while their styles are up to par with fast fashion companies like H&M. More than 80 percent of the assortment is also available in big and tall sizes.

Target is beginning to reach out to men with ads in GQ magazine and during televised football and baseball games. They are hoping to lure guys like Andrew Hart,23, an analyst in Dallas, who shops at stores like J. Crew and Banana Republic and said he “would never buy clothes at Target,” damning it as “both less stylish and lower quality.” So far, the Goodfellow brand has had a positive impact on Target with sales more than 10 percent than previous Target men’s offering.

“The market has changed and so has the guest,” said Tritton, who joined Target in 2016 from high-end department store Nordstrom Inc. “More men are purchasing clothes and they are more discerning. So it was time for us to do something new.”

“These men grew up very differently from their fathers,” Corlett said. “Their moms had jobs and if they needed new jeans, they went and bought them. They are shoppers and they are getting married to women who expect them to be shoppers.”

The store is still said to be aiming towards the women since they do make up the majority of their sales but they are definitely making a bigger push towards menswear. Target has also said they are aiming to come out with an additional adult beverage that go beyond craft beer, more specifically tequila or Bourbon.