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Amazon’s new platform hints at the future of fashion

Amazon recently patented a product that hints toward the future and how people will soon be getting dressed. This past Tuesday, the tech mogul was granted a patent for a sort of reality mirror, which could ultimately project virtual clothing onto your reflection. It would also be capable of putting you inside a virtual scene like a beach or restaurant– something to match the outfit with the occasion.

The technology combines the use of mirrors, lights, projectors, displays and cameras to create an image on the display, according to the patent.

“These visual displays can be used to alter scenes as perceived by users, for example, by adding objects to the scene that do not actually exist,” the patent states.

It is still unclear if Amazon would use their own clothing line for virtual clothing, but it’s a possibility given how this new program could be a way for Amazon to sell apparel. In the past couple of years, the company has produced several in-house fashion labels such as James & Erin women’s clothing and Franklin & Freeman men’s dress shoes.

The smart mirror would be an unusual move for the tech giant. It could serve as a helpful extension for its newest product Echo Look ($200). This device is designed to be a style assistant to help a person figure out what to wear. It has a voice-controlled camera that takes pictures of the customer in different types of outfits that works through an app.

Other retailers are also using the concept of a smart mirror in brick and mortar stores. Rebecca Minkoff’s connected store concept has mirrors built inside that have integrated touchscreens, allowing the customers to search for looks, colors and different sizes. Nordstrom has also test types of smart mirrors in their fitting rooms.

Ralph Lauren Hops on the Wearable Tech Train

Being the sponsor of the ball girls and boys at the U.S Open, Ralph Lauren found the perfect event to surround its latest invention, the Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirts with biometric tracking capabilities with present/potential consumers and the media.
The U.S. Open marked the debut of the Polo Tech “smartshirt,” a snug black nylon compression shirt, through some ball boys. None of the players will be wearing the shirt and the availability of the shirt in the market will not be present till next year.
NCAA singles champion Marcos Giron stated that he would be wearing it during his practice sessions for the U.S. Open. In addition, Ralph Lauren launched a video for the latest piece with the ultimate futuristic fee.
The price point of the “smart shirt” has not been released yet, but given the price of some relating tech inspired pieces the assumption between is $ 150 to $ 250.

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New Samsung Galaxy NotePro – 12.2 inches!

First there were laptops that were portable, then came the Kindle and e-readers. Soon after the IPad emerged, and to compete, Samsung developed the Galaxy tablet. The battle raged on for years between the tablets market always one upping each other. Becoming bigger, brighter, and faster than before. Now Samsung has pulled ahead again with its new Galaxy Note Pro. The newest version in Samsung’s arsenal will feature a 12.2 inch screen with a 4 million pixel display and an enhanced multi-window viewing ability. Now you can view four screens at once without having to toggle between apps. So you can watch your favorite show while live tweeting about it. You can book your vacation while looking at the reviews and watching videos while planning your trip itinerary all at once. And you though multi-tasking wouldn’t be fun.

Just because bigger and brighter isn’t the only thing we like, the NotePro also comes with Samsung’s S Pen, the tablets own stylus. Powered by the new Android 4.4 KitKat OS is what makes the NotePro go, for work and play. It’s built for speed, for business, for fun and for anything in between so whether you or your kids are using it, everyone will have a heck of a time.

The 12.2 inch screen is the size of some ultra-books, all while being lighter and more portable. With its on screen keyboard and S Pen, there is no need for anything else. Type, write, scribble, or just draw, it can all be done on your lap.

How big, bright and powerful can these tablets get, before they aren’t tablets anymore? How much more can they evolve to make the user experience more productive and enjoyable at the same time? We will just have to see what comes out next.