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Dress Code 101: The New Rules to Know

The typical dress attire has changed in multiple aspects. These helpful tips will allow you to update your formal attire to be the best-dressed man! Numerous dress code rules that were established throughout previous decades are vanishing or loosening right in front of our own eyes. This allows each man to create easier and more appropriate outfits for dressier occasions. As street wear, sportswear, and gender fluidity continue to rise across numerous collections, it becomes known within the mainstream fashion.

One of the dress codes that have changed revolves around coordination and color appropriation. The old dress code consisted of different shades of grey, navy, and black. The new revamped style allows men to coordinate with layers of different colors and patterns. In this new generation of style code, a tie has become optional as well. A simple T-shirt and jeans can be just as appropriate for the office for certain occasions.

In the olden days, wedding suits were known to be a plain solid dark color. By bringing color into the man’s wedding attire, this allows character and sensibility. The combination of styles, silhouettes, and ascents are now a factor within the fashion of men at weddings.

Remember the good old nightclub days, when you had to wear black dress shoes? Well, those days are gone! Now, a simple white tennis shoe is appropriate for the nightclub or evening event scenery. This shoe allows a versatile array of options as it can coordinate with countless outfits.

Back in the day, crew necks were for the day to keep casual attire, as collared shirts were worn to evening events to resemble formal attire. In the 21st Century, a contemporary-casual is the norm that allows men to create multiple combinations, which can be worn during the day or night for any occasion. Basic necessities consist of tailored trousers, plain crew neck T-shirt, loopback sweatshirt, sneakers, and a casual bomber jacket.

Gender fluidity continues to influence multiple brands, which is a major step in the fashion industry this decade. Recent trends that have crossed over into men’s fashion have consisted of embroidery, looser trousers, sliders, and round sunglasses.

Jogger pants in the past were known to be worn only around the house, to do errands, or go to the gym. Now, they can revamp an entire outfit by adding street style to the pieces. Adidas and Louis Vuitton have partnered with Supreme to work on luxury sportswear items that can be worn during any casual occasion.

Hopefully these helpful new rules allow you to revamp your style into the 21st Century!

The Top Shoes Every Dapper Gentleman Should Own

Are you ever thinking about how you can upgrade your shoe game? Well do not worry about a thing because there are numerous shoes that are essential to a man’s wardrobe. The average American man only owns twelve pairs of shoes. If you had to choose the top twelve what would they possibly be? This is the answer to all of your questions with the top twelve shoes you need to purchase to upgrade your style to a whole other level.

The first type of shoe that is needed is a pair of brogues. These shoes are considered a workhorse shoe that can almost coordinate with anything. These pair very well with jeans and suits!

Image via Flickr/Soul 2 Amor

For certain occasions, these shoes can be worn to range from formal events to business meetings that relatively possess conservative business attire. The best recommendation for purchasing a quality pair of brogues would be at us.burberry.com. Black Cap-Toe Oxfords are the second essential shoe that resembles quality for dressier occasions. The best occasion to wear these at is during a suit and tie event. You can shop for these at matchesfashion.com to buy a pair of oxfords by Ami.

The next shoe is the perfect dress boot for the suited and booted attire. This tends to appear less formal but has a modern casual style. Lanvin features the remarkable Grained Leather Chelsea boot, which you can buy today at matchesfashion.com. Another top shoe to own is a casual boot. These shoes are a main essential to have when the weather is harsh or if you are just in the mood to have a slick street style vibe for the day. Go on and buy a pair of Dr. Martens at drmartens.com to purchase the Vintage 1460 Boot! The last boot of the collection of twelve that you need is the desert boot. This is the type of boot that is not considered a sneaker or a dress shoe. It provides proper and casual attire for multiple occasions. The Oakwood Suede Desert Boot can definitely be for an everyday outfit. Follow the link to add to your collection clarkusa.com.

The plain-toe derbies are the type of shoe that you need for a mildly formal/casual occasion. This shoe is not overbearingly dressy but not simply casual. Honestly the best place to buy a pair of plain-toe derbies is from Dsquared2’s Missionary Lace-Ups at dsquared2.com.

Image via Common.Wikipedia/Graeme Bartlett

Penny Loafers allows you to have a classy and sophisticated type of shoe that shows a sense of luxury of a young dapper gentleman when bought by a high-end fashion brand such as GUCCI. So buy a pair today at gucci.com so you can stay GUCCI and look fly!

A minimalist sneaker is perfect when worn as a neutral color, which will coordinate with everything for occasions such as the office, the bar, weekend events, etc. Buy the Achilles Low Gummy sneakers by Common Projects at endclothing.com. Another sneaker would be the technical sneaker that is wonderful for any daily tasks such as running errands. The Gel Lyte III by Asics endclothing.com is a great pair of sneakers to throw on to do your everyday duties. Lastly, a classic throwback sneaker has to be in your collection. Obviously these are needed for all the right reasons so buy the Old Skoll Vans at vans.com to rock your throwbacks!

Image via Common.Wikipedia.org/simplyykelly

The espadrilles are a classier look and upgraded style other than wearing a simple pair of flip flops. Try the espadrilles in black canvas by Saint Laurent ysl.com. To wrap up all of the essentials, the most needed would probably be a pair of house slippers. It is perfect for lounge wear with a simple style that allows you to unwind at the end of a long day and stay comfortable once taking off one of the eleven pair of shoes listed above. Try a pair from L.L Bean at llbean.com.

Hopefully this helpful shoe game collection resolves any issue for your next purchase!

Quality Suit Styling Tricks That Work like a Charm!

Ever wonder how to look like a dapper gentleman while being noticed by the people around you for your sleek and sophisticated style? Well with a few helpful styling tips, you can dress to impress by adding a few minor details to your daily suit style. By contributing these tricks you will vamp up your look to a whole other level!

The Sci-fi actor, Dane Dehaan, is currently traveling around the globe promoting his upcoming film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. His helpful hints throughout his wardrobe for the red carpet events upscale any suit for any occasion. The first helpful trick has deals with any bold pattern shirt. Wearing a bold color or design button down shows great quality and resembles a modern feel. Bold and saturated coloring allows you to become more noticeable. Key advice to this wardrobe tip is that a tie is not always necessary due to the print, color, or design that you are wearing. It may appear as overbearing or not match in sequence of the entire outfit. By wearing a saturated color dress shirt, you have the opportunity to be noticed by many as well. This approach allows you to come off in a more modest way. The best colors to wear to try the saturated color scheme would be greys, light blues, bright greens, and other jewel tones. Lastly, the trick that is most subtle is the contrast collar shirt approach. This fashion trend is best known from the notorious Karl Lagerfeld. A contrasting collar is more known as a “Statement Collar.” These collars can feature embroidery or mismatched colors. This style appears best when wearing an all black dress shirt. Bolow is an example designed by Givenchy featuring the statement collar. But it today at MatchesFashion.com and it can be yours!

These helpful styling tricks for your next classy outing will make you appear as the most luxury gentleman in the crowd being noticed by anyone and everyone. Try adding other quality items to your appearance such as a watch to upscale the look even more!







Image via MatchesFashion.com

Kenzo Printed Derby Shoes

This season a lot of art influences have gone  into design aesthetics. Kenzo black printed derby shoes feature: a round toe, lace-up front fastening, white doodle print, and blue white rubber sole with low block hole. With these Kenzo shoes you can be a part of the art and fashion world. FashionMisters,  the season has begun and it is full of color and creativity, walk down the streets of New York City in your Kenzo printed derby shoes. Paired with trousers, drop crotch, denim, chinos, and shirts. Price: $631.00 buy here

Uniform Wares : The 302 Series

Watches are always a great piece to compliment any outfit. Brand Uniform Wares 302 series chronograph stainless steel wristwatch  is the accessory to have in your arsenal.  In Jet Black, this minimalist watch is beautifully crafted with a black lacquered dial and a mineral crystal lens. This watch can be paired with Alexander McQueen’s Skull Low-Top Sneakers, a pair of relaxed denim, and a Givenchy t-shirt. Men’s watches are an essential item to have from season to season and leather wrist watches seem to be trending a lot in men’s fashion. This watch is  clean cut and perfect for every FashionMISTER.

Price: $1,000
Buy Here:







Christian Louboutin Rantus Orlato Men’s Flat

If you are looking for a summer must have this season, then Christian Louboutin’s new line is a must. The Rantus Orlato men’s suede multicolored flats are a fan favorite. These kicks are perfect for this current season. Christian Louboutin has been emphasizing  color and pattern within his latest line. Fans feel that certain pieces this season are innovative and functional.

The color spectrum in this line reminds many of candy. If you already have a sweet tooth, you might as well show it off in your closet and save yourself the cavities.  Besides, it’s always better to be sweet than sour.

Price: 845.00 buy here




Item of the day: Dsquared Mask Print Espadrilles

Move over TOMS!  These Dsquared mask print espadrilles are just the shoe for your summer wardrobe. Summer is all about comfort and being free. It’s time to give your sneakers a rest. These artsy espadrilles are  made in Italy and they add humor,  vibrant hues, and patterns to your ensemble.  Pair these with chinos, shorts, denims, linen, and t-shirts. Not many people like Espadrilles, but here is something new and different to consider for purchase for Spring/Summer Fashion. Price 253.61 Buy Here

Saint Laurent : Baby cat print sneakers


Baby Cat-Print Sneakers 

Fashionmisters, what prints are you gravitating to this season?  The season’s hot pick of the week would have to be Saint Laurent baby cat print sneakers, very trendy black and white canvas with white leather trim linings gold brand stamp off, and lace-ups also comes with spare laces. Luxury truly at its best. Trade your vans for these baby cat print sneakers. Kicks the summer off right  in Saint Laurent; easy to slip on, sleek, trendy, leather  textured.

Saint Laurent baby cat-print sneakers have been seen worn by some of the trendy celebrities such as Dwayne Wade, Kanye West, and Usher. Pairing the sneakers with: over rolls, joggers, denim, and shirts, – add some pop by also paring it with Michael Kors Large Runaway Watch as Rihanna would Say “Oh Naa Naa”!! You know the rest. Price : Price: $395



Leather and Suede Sandal by Lavin


Show your feet off this summer in luxury sandals walking like a fashion gladiator. LAVIN leather and suede sandal adds a great compliment to your outfit. Two colors mix so well given you so many options to style with.

Closure on the back of the sandals in white with suede lining insteps adds pure classic, about the toe area of the shoe beige leather done in a block form gives volume to the sandal visual appearance, studding going all over the lower part in gold, “ Its magical delicious”. How do feel about these sandals? Want to step into summer the right way? Well look no further, your sandal has  just arrived.   Price $945  Shop here.


Christian Louboutin Dada Flat Loafers soft on the feet…

Spring/Sumer 2014 is all about Gentleman looking stylish and dapper. Trade in your black and put some beige on your feet. These Spring/Summer Collection of Christian Louboutin Dada Flat Loafers are Mans’ best friend. Step with your best foot forward. Swathed in a luxe calf finished with studded tassels. Designed for the dapper gentleman or better yet, the fashionmister. Loafers are excellent shoes to put on when you don’t feel like wearing shoes with laces.

Walk the Christian Louboutin beat, you feel like “A Million Bucks” or at least with confidence out the roof. What makes the Dada loafers so unique is the fact that they can be worn for any event and or occasion. Wearing them with trousers or jeans rolled so your color-blocked socks can also be a show-off piece. People hear you coming, they notice you, in these Dada Flat Loafers. First, spotting the signature Christian Louboutin red soles. Secondly, the softness of color that the shoe has from the tassels to the soles. FashionMisters, get ready for a classy summer day. Price: $895.00  – Click here to buy!

Alexander McQueen: Leather Covered Skull Backpack

Alexander McQueen Pre Autumn/Winter 2014 Leather Covered Skull Backpack, with a studded skull in the front, adjustable strap with metal latch. The bag is cotton lined features sleekness with soft leather. Backpack done in luxury that will have you run to class, work, social events, and this bag will do all the talking for you. As people feel the fiber content they will see that it’s not just any backpack. Alexander McQueen Backpack is elegant and a great conversational piece.  Price: $2, 295.00 – Check out some details and shop for the bag here