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2014 Tribeca Film Festival is almost here !

Robert De Niro’s post 9/11 community combining film festival, the “Tribeca Film Festival” which is presented by AT&T will take place from April 16 – 27, 2014. It will be the 13th Annual event and the festival is not like any other major movie screening either. It’s a combination of Comic Con, a movie premiere, and panel discussions rolled into one. Anyone and everyone who has a love for film and the industry comes here to support. Including fans and regular movie goers, with Hollywood actors and actresses being involved as well.

This year the festival will again feature the Heineken “Green Room Sessions.” According to the TFF website “after each show, audiences will have the unique opportunity to mingle and talk with the creative people (directors, actors, producers and assorted crew members) behind the film in a venue near the theater.” You just have to bring your ticket stub from the corresponding screening and a valid ID. After all, it is sponsored by Heineken, so there will be beer there and you have to be 21 to be there too.

If you want to meet the major A-list celebrities then you will have to check out the “Tribeca Talks” series which is sponsored by HBO, Barnes & Noble and will feature discussions with director Ron Howard, Lee Daniels, Alec Baldwin, and Michael Douglas among many others. The program includes in-depth discussions with those various panelists so you will hear how they achieved their films, and what made everything happened among other behind the scenes type events.

April 21-26, 2014 will be part of the “Tribeca Innovation Week.” It will be a place for gamers, coders, hackers, screenwriters, futurists, directors, financiers and anyone who has a story to tell. One of the included events will be the “Disruptive Innovation Awards”. “Tribeca Film Festival and the Disruptor Foundation in association with Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen, father of disruptive innovation theory, presents its Fifth Annual Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards to recognize disruptors and disruption of major consequence across a broad section of traditional and non-traditional domains.” This event will take place on Friday April 25th at 11:00am, in the NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts.

One of the more unique concepts is the “Tribeca Hacks” event where according to the TFF website “for two days during the Tribeca Film Festival, established filmmakers will unite with innovative technologists and designers to imagine and invent new possibilities for storytelling in an increasingly mobile world. Join the participants and other Festival VIPs at an exclusive finale party to glimpse the future imagined via these groundbreaking creative collaborations.”

The best part of the event which of course is saved for last and towards the end of the festival. It’s called “Film For All Friday” and according to the festival’s press center “The 2014 Tribeca Film Festival (TFF) announces that AT&T, the new presenting sponsor, has created FILM FOR ALL FRIDAY – where individual tickets to all film screenings on Friday, April 25 will be FREE.” So go ahead and catch a movie, or take in the whole eleven day event. No matter how you do it, come out and support the local film community.