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Tyler the Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw brings out the best flower child vibes

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Tyler the Creator has started his sixth annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival this past weekend and it has brought out the best fashion for the flower child era. The carnival takes at Exposition Park in southern Los Angeles.

Thanks to the two-day events mixed lineup including the likes of, Migos, Lana Del Rey, Kelela, and Roy Ayers, the festival has attracted people from all kinds of spectrums. One thing was for sure, the event had the same style as past years. The event still brought people with bold, bright, and brash clothes and accessories.  Concertgoers were decked out in the usual flower headbands, tie-dye t-shirts and more.

In a recent article on vogue.com they went around the event and interviewed some of the goers on what they thought about the new flower child era. In this article, we took some of the best quotes to show those who are still curious about the new trend and event itself.

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Malcolm Squire, fermentation engineering lab tech

“I grew up in Iowa and I’m currently living in South San Francisco. I moved out there about three years ago. I like it up there, it’s a very accepting place to live. Coming out there and seeing people be so open with their daily style—I appreciate all of the diversity. I actually take photos, too. One of the things I like to do on my commute is to take photos with a disposable camera. You just get so many good ideas from seeing how other people dress. I feel like the concept of the flower child has definitely evolved. It’s definitely not what it was back then”.

TyJaye Capell, musician

“Green is definitely one of my favorite colors. Even Tyler said it, this color feels lucky. I feel like a fucking leprechaun when I wear green all the time. Tyler encourages people wearing bright colors, passing around love and joy. Without him, I know most of these kids wouldn’t be out here. There aren’t many artists who promote just being yourself. Not even afraid to be homosexual. Kids have that outlet. Tyler is that person. Through him, they can bond together. Tyler is just as important as Kanye was the generation before”.

Mohammed, student at University of San Francisco

“I’m originally from Saudi Arabia. I go to school at the University of San Francisco. I’ve been in California for about a year. The style in Saudi Arabia is pretty conservative. Usually, boys wear a thobe—a long all-white or all-black dress for boys. Since I’ve been here, I’ve gotten to embrace color in my personal style. I have more freedom. I can wear earrings. They’re not really allowed in Saudi Arabia, but here, I can do me”.

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As you can tell from these excerpts, Tyler the Creator and his colorful carnival has given many people from different areas of society to express themselves in their own unique way. Tyler even incorporates the flower child trend in his new collaboration with Converse called Golf Le Fleur*.

To see the photos and other concert goer’s quotes visit, https://www.vogue.com/article/camp-flog-gnaw-carnival-2017-best-street-style-portraits