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A Classy Flashlight?

You’re eyes are not fooling you. That is a piece of leather wrapped around the flashlight’s grip. Made with standard American cowhide and powered by two D cell batteries, the design is quintessentially vintage. The looks hark back to the early days of flashlight design. But while playing tribute to an old look, it provides a modern touch. The torch uses LED bulbs for illumination instead of incandescent bulbs; allowing for longer battery life. With the three batteries, you can expect 20 hours of use. So if vintage is your thing, out looking for a gift for someone who does, or just wants to add to a future costume, this is right up your alley. ($45)


Item of the day: Gucci Round Vintage Inspired Sunglasses



 Round Vintage inspired bio-based sunglasses


The new shades from Gucci  will make your warmer days much brighter. These round vintage inspired bio based sunglasses come in neon colors like yellow and orange. These shades have 100% UVA protection and the lenses are either grey or brown depending on the frame you choose. Neon  has been trending for the season and that is why these Gucci shades are so in the moment. These trendy and stylish shades can work for any outfit that you put on: denim or linen shorts paired with a t-shirt. Gucci sunglasses are always on trend and classic. Gucci gets more innovative with design elements and the creation is more like a work of art than an accessory. So embrace your sexy side and feel sophisticated in these new editions, and it is not being cocky to be confident with your appearance! Price: $245.00 Click here to purchase

Pepsi – from soda to fashion and beyond!

When we think of Pepsi, what comes to mind? Probably cola, soda, maybe the Superbowl, even sporting events and sponsorship’s. But is fashion and clothing anywhere in that ballpark? Well it should be, because Pepsi on its website does sell its own vintage clothing for both men, women, and also novelty items such as cups and shot glasses. Also home décor items such as lamp shades, tin and wooden signs. So you can decorate your space with the soda you love. As long as they aren’t selling or auctioning off tattoo’s or child naming rights it’s all fine.

But now Pepsi ventured forth into the fashion industry with their Pepsi capsule collection. The capsule collection will feature 60 pieces, such as men’s T-shirts, zip-up jackets, swim trunks, headphones, baseball caps, sweatshirts, leather sneakers, slippers and skateboards.

Collaborating with fashion and technology brands that include: Bang & Olufsen, Original Penguin, Shut, Gents, Goodlife and Del Toro to launch a “Live for Now” capsule collection on May 21 at 15 select Bloomingdale’s stores and e-commerce sites. The only guideline Pepsi really had for the designers, according to WWD, was that all pieces of the collection had to display Pepsi’s red, white and blue color palette.

So it will be interesting to see how each company interprets the Pepsi brand and image when the only direction they have to go by is using the red, white and blue colors in their designs. This is surely the epitome of originality. “You have free range, just use our brand’s colors.” Sure sounds like a great and creative project to have waiting for you on your desk Monday morning.