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Vivienne Westwood apologizes for stealing t-shirt

The popular British fashion house recently posted on their Instagram account apologizing for stealing the graphics of two young designers.

Vivienne Westwood has based T-shirts in its Fall 2018 collection on the creations of two young designers, named Louise Gray and Rottingdean Bazaar.

The London house, which took Anthony Knight to court in 2012 for trademark and copyright infringement for copying some of Westwood’s famous punk orb logos and slogans, posted the following apology followed by the image of the original Rottingdean Bazaar T-shirt and the copied design side by side.

Vivienne Westwood collection stands out at London Fashion Week Men’s

Vivienne Westwood and Craig Green were two of the best names on Monday’s schedule, also known as the last day of London fashion week men’s. This meant a guaranteed show for the best British creatives.

A normal Vivienne Westwood show is always different from the rest of the fashion week, and her latest collection was no different. To begin with, there was no fashion show, but there was a two-minute and 45-second video that was shot mostly at night or backstage that starred character models, Westwood, an EU flag and sandbags.

Westwood’s theme this year was military style. The message the models kept repeating was “don’t get killed.” The 76 year old designer always manages to put beautiful pieces behind her slogans. The collection put military history with texture and focused more on the color. Westwood’s iconic princess coat was unisex for this collection in big camouflage print, tweed and undyed wool.

The whole collection consisted of belted coats, loose trousers, two-piece suits and draped gowns. Westwood promoted unisex styling for reasons that have to do with helping with the environment.

“You all know what I’m up to – I use fashion as a vehicle for activism to stop climate change and mass extinction of life on Earth,” she said.

Vivienne Westwood shows during Milan Men’s Fashion Week – Fall/Winter 2014/15

Her concepts and designs always bring out a thought provoking look. During Milan’s Men’s fashion week it was a fight against fracking. According to her “**Attention** Fracking is the Big Fight. In England we must all challenge the irresponsible behaviour of our governments who are trying to force fracking upon us with no consideration of alternatives. The public must be informed. One thing is sure: At this point in time we must think before we rush into further action to fracture our Earth.” This might explain her inspiration for various designs that include a chemical theme. Her collection was also very edgy and colorful with various design patterns and prints. Her use of color block patterns, striped and mosaic designs gave a contemporary feel to traditional suit designs and colors. Her fracking inspired designs might be connected to the first couple of looks and towards the end of the show as well. It included a black leather and padded motorcycle jacket with pants combination followed by a gray tracksuit with dual zippers on the sweatshirt and zippers on each of the legs. Which potentially might have resembled a fashionable version of a bio-hazard suit. Another version of that might be the gold tracksuit, showing a different version of the same idea.

The collection also consisted of classic tailored suits in both gray and purple tones with modern flare. Her version of the gray suit had a charcoal color block design both on the blazer and pants. Other suits in the collection consisted of mosaic and tribal style prints, with one having a cropped blazer, while another was loose fitting and had a double breasted style blazer containing a single row of buttons. As modern looks go, this show did not disappoint in the end with an over-sized quilted jumper sweatshirt paired with mesh sweatpants for the ultra-comfortable street wear look. Her inspiration and cause was visible throughout the collection which included a quilted cardigan with a ’Vegetable Oye’ patch. It was worn over a light blue printed tee with multiple designs that included a propaganda tape, Merry Xmas ornaments and phrases that encourage discussion and debate about the world’s problems. A statement was made with this collection both in the fashion industry and with the social community to inspire thought, discussion and debate. Ultimately fashion gives us that avenue for voicing our inspirations without even saying a word.