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A collection that simplifies getting dressed

Over the course of years, Christine Cenentera, the stylist and fashion director of Vogue Australia, found that she has been constantly been the go-to for fashion advice. She would be bothered by her sisters over a well-tailored black blazer that didn’t cost half a paycheck and even get asked by friends over the basic simple wardrobe necessities.

“You’re always asked these questions,” she says. “And often I find it difficult to send them places that are reasonable — middle-ground but really well-made pieces.”

Her and her longtime partner for over 10 years, Australian designer Josh Goot, they have decided to come up with a solution. The solution being Wardrobe NYC, an edited collection of high-quality basics for both men and women, which launched today on Thursday, December 7.

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The full collection features only 16 pieces, 8 for men and women respectfully. The bae for what Goot and Cenentera feel is supposed to replicate a simple, unimpeachable wardrobe that is possible for almost everyone to wear from all different professions and fields. The collection can appeal to people that range from different personal styles, ages and body types. Many of the pieces in the collection are cut nicely and range from all different sizes, their men’s T-shirt runs from a small up to 3XL. The men’s collection has an assortment of necessary wardrobe pieces like a roomy overcoat, a two-button blazer, a T-shirt, a pair of loose-fitting trousers and a hoodie. For the women, there is a big coat, a white collarless shirt, black leggings, and an A-line skirt. All the pieces in the collection are either black or white, a palette that Goot explains as “democratic” and “solutions-based”. The collection is filled with all the things you would enjoy wearing almost every day of the week and can match perfectly with almost everything else that’s already sitting in your closet.

The collection is entirely produced in Italy and can only be bought from the brand’s website. For both the men and women, the entire eight-piece wardrobe collection cost $3,000. There is also an available four-piece “core” wardrobe which cost $1,500. this four-piece wardrobe consists of a blazer, a button-down, a T-shirt, and a skirt for the women. For the men, it includes a blazer, a button-down, T-shirt and trousers. None of the items from the collection are available to be purchased separately.

The reason to pare down the items shows how this collection is trying to separate from the norm of other designer collections. This collection wants to change from fast-fashion clothing, where pieces are produced in bulk and for cheap prices.

“What we’re trying to say is, this is less, and it’s really well done, and it will last you a really long time, and it will never go out of style,” Goot says. “These pieces are forever. What’s so great and different about working this way is that it’s not about the excess production, or the excess styles that everyone designs in conventional models. It’s also people’s time.”

You can shop the collection at Wardrobe.NYC